DM-Camris' SECOND DARKNESS Part 1 and 2: Children of the Void (Inactive)

Game Master Camris

A star has fallen and the rush is on! While the crimelords of Riddleport race to be the first to claim the mysterious skymetal, dark works are afoot at the crash site on the island of Devil's Elbow...

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Post here for out of game discussion.

Male Dwarf Rogue* 2

Woohoo! Thanks for the opportunity! Just need to work out gear/items and I'm good to go.

Male Half-Elf Ranger Level 2

Do you guys know of a way for me to know what the available campaign traits are ?

That is other than owning the players guide?

Male Dwarf Rogue* 2
Eros Tristil wrote:

Do you guys know of a way for me to know what the available campaign traits are ?

That is other than owning the players guide?

not sure if it's kosher..but if you want I can

e-mail you a PDF of the players guide...just give me an address...FYI..they are not the best traits haha...


Hey, going for a rogue. Still getting the sheet put together, but will most likely take the looking for work trait as well as most likely a combat related trait that makes sense for the background I give him.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

It'll take me a day or two since I have a final tomorrow. Will have him ready soon.

The Exchange

Doing the DOT thing.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

How hard is it to find an avatar image of a pointy-eared man who's actually smiling? I never noticed it before, but elves in the published artwork seem to be a dark and brooding (or maybe just angry) lot!

EDIT: Character mostly done, fluff and equipment to follow.

Level 2 Hit Points:1d8 ⇒ 3

So... 'average +1' is 5.5, so is that a 5 or a 6?

Male Dwarf Rogue* 2

Level 2 HP 1d8 ⇒ 7

Bor's ready to go.

Male Half-Elf Ranger Level 2

Don't worry about it Bor. Since the traits aren't that good, I will just use the standard ones.

my hp roll for 2nd level turned out to be:

1d10 ⇒ 8

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Right-o, copied in the background fluff and brought some fancy gear. Quite a bit of stuff's from the Adventurer's Armoury - hope that's okay?

Bear in mind I won't have a copy of the Advanced Player's Guide until late next week at the earliest.

I have the Adventurer's Armoury too, so that's OK.

For hitpoints, round up any fractions.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Cool, thanks. Hit points now updated.

His 'parade armour' by the way, is for the imaginary 'elven forest kingdom' he is 'heir to, if not for the prejudice of his grandfather, the king, against his half-human nature' - the trappings match his signet ring too. I.e. he's full of it (but the ladies of the court love such romantic tales, don'tcha' know...)! So, I doubt he'll ever get the +2 Diplomacy and Intimidate bonus against people from that country for wearing it ('cos he made the country up) but it just seemed more in keeping for Darcy than simple studded leather. ;)

Male Human Wizard 8

Finishing up background and equipment

Male Human Cleric 3

For some reason, I can't edit Maelorn's Profile (I have an email into Customer Service), so I've posted a sheet for him temporarily here.

Roll for Lvl 2 HP is 1d8 ⇒ 6, so it looks like I'll take that.

Note that the spell selection is a current default...I expect it will change once things get hairy :)

Looking at backgrounds so far, it looks like Eros & Maelorn are long-time Riddleport residents (Darcy as well...but not as Darcy), and Bors is a current resident for at least the last year or so.

It's possible (fairly likely in Bors' case) that Maelorn would know one or more of you and vice-versa, no? It certainly would make things simpler in drawing the group together...

Male Human Wizard 8

Level 2 roll 1d6 ⇒ 6

OK I think he's ready. Should be an interesting, if somewhat abrasive character.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Made a small change to Darcy's second favoured class (from Fighter to Rogue - dipping in for some Sneak Attack and Evasion at some point could match how I picture his swashbuckling style).

With the professions of Maelorn and Darcy's respective mothers the two could know each other - although Darcy's 14 years older than Maelorn, so he could treat him as a 'kid brother'... as long as the kid keeps his mouth shut about the whole 'real background' bit... ;)

Darcy DeWinter wrote:
With the professions of Maelorn and Darcy's respective mothers the two could know each other - although Darcy's 14 years older than Maelorn, so he could treat him as a 'kid brother'... as long as the kid keeps his mouth shut about the whole 'real background' bit... ;)

Whether Maelorn knows depends on how long ago Darcy made his identity change and how long he disappeared to do it. I suspect that Maelorn will work it out eventually if he doesn't knowright out of the gate.

Male Half-Elf Ranger Level 2

I think Eros does know "Fixit" and probably "George", but since Bor has only been in Riddleport for a year or so Eros probably doesn't know him.

It has been a number of years since Eros has been back to Riddleport. The last time was when he was on leave while in the military. He went into the whorehouse and what do you know, he ran into fixit's mother! Boy that took the lust right out of him! She gave him a mighty tongue lashing, and embarrassed him something awful. All the other scumbags in the joint were making fun of him, so Eros stormed off and drowned himself in some sleazy bar a few blocks away.

Fixit probably heard about this one way or another.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Oh yes, Darcy remembers that dreadful cad Eros quiet well - having been bullied by him when they were both children! Then there was that incident when they both tried to woo the same daughter of a local baker... Yes - one had hoped that such a ruffian was lost to the wilds forever, but ho-hum... ;)

If Eros approves, natch.

Male Human (Varisian) Inquisitor 2

Alex should be more or less good to go. He's not from Riddleport originally but he makes friends easily and is looking for allies, so it would make sense for him to join any group.

Hit points for level 2:1d8 ⇒ 5

Alexandru Trefilidis:

You are eligible for the Human +2 bonus to any one stat.

Eros Tristil:

You are 5 points too high in stats, you have to cut down to 20 points in stats plus the half-elf bonus.

So how is everyone coming?

Male Human Cleric 3
DM-Camris wrote:
So how is everyone coming?

Did you have any problems viewing the sheet I posted? Aside from the fact that I still can't edit my profiles, Maelorn is complete.

Using that one link, I am able to see Maelorn no problem.

OK, looks like

Alexandru Trefilidis- Inquisitor
Darcy DeWinter- Bard
Eros Tristil- Ranger
Zane Argentus- Wizard
Bor- Rogue

seem to be about ready.

Borden Alhurst remains unstatted.

Have you all decided if you know each other? At this point you are not an adventuring company.

We will begin at the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall, where the grand gambling event known as "Cheat the Devil and Take his Gold" looks to be poised to bring the game hall back in business after a long decline.

Will you be attending separately?

Male Human Wizard 8

Zane will definitely be on his own. A diversion from a day's study.

Male Human Cleric 3

Maelorn will be there, keeping an uncharacteristically hard eye out for fiendish influence. He'll be attending alone, but will have acknowledged those he's acquainted with via a friendly nod.

Male Human (Varisian) Inquisitor 2

Alexandu will be there alone, and doesn't know any of the others beforehand.

Male Dwarf Rogue* 2

Bor will be attending alone as well.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Darcy will be, if possible, ingratiating himself with whatever 'fellow' nobles or other persons of high status (and wealth!) may be attending, telling entertaining anecdotes and the like and generally worming his way into their good graces. His preference is (naturally) pretty young noblewomen, but this is his 'job' so he's not fussy (and probably quite good when targeting the wealthy widow types!). If this is too low-class for any of wealth or breeding to attend, he'll simply be doing his best to charm whatever pretty girls are present, and generally be the life of the party.

If Eros agrees that the characters know each other from their youth, then Darcy will in all likelyhood be trying to avoid the guy... or at least not volunteering the fact they're aquainted.

Male Human Cleric 3

Huzzah! Profile editing is finally working for me. I'll get character information migrated to the Profile this evening.

Male Half-Elf Ranger Level 2

I adjusted my Dex down to 16, so that should bring me in line with 20 points. I also made all corredsonding adjustments to attack rolls, reflex saves etc.

When Eros enters the Gold Goblin Gambling hall, he immediately recognizes Maelorn, and shoves his way over to him not caring about who he has to shove out of his way to get there as quickly as possible.

"Maelorn! my lad!! it has been ages! I havn't seen you since you were barely out of diapers! Come lad lets belly up to the bar and talk about the good old days! I'm buying"

Eros also does knows Darcy. Apparently they had a colorful past consisting of bullying and fighting over women. Unfortunately, Eros hasn't noticed Darcy yet since he is mixing with the rich folk, and since Eros is currently distracted by Maelorn.

Male Human Cleric 3

Maelorn's sheet is now available on the profile.

Eros: I'm going to hold off responding until we have an IC thread.

Riddleport Rumors

In a city where everyone watches for new opportunities to turn
a profit, no news remains a secret for long. Here are but a few
of the rumors currently making the rounds in Riddleport.

The Shadow in the Sky: A strange, persistent, dark cloud
recently appeared in the sky above the City of Cyphers. Some
people say it was caused by the Order of Cyphers meddling
with the Cyphergate, while others believe it’s a storm being
cooked up by Gozreh or some overly moral deity to wipe
Riddleport off the map. It’s the big news in town and everybody
seems to have their own explanation.

Carnivore Carnage: Several Shadde-Quah wavecutters recently
washed up on the rocks near the Riddleport Light, their
hulls covered in dozens of gashes from teeth and claws. Sailors
fear some new predator in the Varisian Gulf or an unseasonable
migration of local bunyips.

The Devil and His Gold: The washed-up crime boss Saul
Vancaskerkin recently renovated the Gold Goblin Gambling
Hall and has a massive gaming tournament planned called
“Cheat the Devil and Take His Gold.” While this might just be
a publicity stunt, some say the swindler sold his soul to some
fiend and is using the tournament as a way to raise the money
to buy it back.

Lost Below: Milon Chath, a cleric of Desna, left to explore
several caverns in the nearby Calphiak Mountains more than
a week ago and has yet to return. Several Varisians fear the
priest has become lost in the labyrinthine caves said to riddle
the endless depths below the mountains.

Siren Song: A band of smugglers recently tried to set up
a base at Devil’s Elbow, an island just south of Riddleport’s
harbor, but they’ve gone missing. Most blame Virashi, the
famed siren of the haunted island, for the disappearance

Zane Argentus:

I meant to ask, are you a Cyphermage? It's not clear in your background.

Male Human Wizard 8

Wasn't in the original plan but if it works better for the character I'll bite. I'll take a look at Cyphermage.

Looks like we're as ready as we're going to get. It appears that dathom's Borden Almhurst is the first casualty. (Lowers head in prayer).

I'll kick the party off tonight.

(Looks you all in the eye.)

And may Demogorgon have mercy on your souls...

Male Human Wizard 8

Cool, may be quiet next couple of days though, I'm moving Friday

And here we go. Follow the LINK.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

So... are we waiting for Zane to finish moving and post, or did my singing scare everyone off already? ;)

Male Half-Elf Ranger Level 2

Lol Darcy!

You sing very well. Its too bad I have to play the bully, or else I would be your biggest fan!

Sorry man. Brutal heat stopped me cold last night; plus I just got the APG. I should manage something after work today though.

Male Half-elf Bard 2
You sing very well. Its too bad I have to play the bully, or else I would be your biggest fan!

Cheers! I'm looking forward to the Eros / Darcy interaction... I can picture a guy like Darcy quickly getting insufferable if there was no-one in the group to puncture his false exterior once in a while.

Sorry man. Brutal heat stopped me cold last night; plus I just got the APG. I should manage something after work today though.

No probs - was just wandering at the plan was all. :)

Sovereign Court


I hope that you are not personally offended by the aggressiveness of Eros. I maybe getting into character a little too much. It's all meant to be in the spirit of fun. It's just that with these kinds of things one thing tends to lead to another.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

No probs - but please note that interactive skills, like Intimidate, only work on NPCs. As a PC I get to chose Darcy's actions. This is a very good thing (otherwise Darcy could effectively 'mind-control' a group of 2nd level PCs as he has +12 to both Bluff and Intimidate).

Besides - I'm pretty sure Darcy didn't just stand there and give Eros the 1 minute of conversation he'd need to use Intimidate to change someone's attitude.

Male Half-elf Bard 2

Anyone else notice we haven't seen the alledged 'prize money' yet? I smell a con here...

You're standing on it.

Descriptive post wrote: a short man climbs to the central podium, ... and stands before the gold, chain-shrouded chest ...
"... win back not only your soul but all of his gold as well.” He says this last as he pats the large chest before which he stands...

Male Half-elf Bard 2

But we haven't seen the chest opened yet, right? But hey, I'm just (what is it the Americans call it..?) 'spitballing' here, just taking stabs in the dark as it were... :)

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