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DM Kludde wrote:
chameleon12 wrote:
Hi, just checking in if I signed in OK, didn't try here before.
Yes, your name shows up, you're all good. I'll notify you here when the game starts, probably towards the end of the week.

Thank you, will try to update everything and be ready, hope that won't miss it.

The gameplay thread for 6-01 has been set up!

Could the following players please go to the above link directly:

phaeton_nz (Volitare)
Frozen Frost (Iron-59 Felicis)
Ilmakis (Mizzrym')
chameleon12 (uri)


I'll be starting soon a game of SF Bounty B4: Poacher's Prize. Recruitment thread can be found here

Hello Everybody! It's recruitment Fourthday!

- GM Valen is running oldie 1-12 Ashes of Discovery, and it looks like there is still a seat free. [Tier 1-4]
- GM Redelia's game B4 Poacher's Prize looks like it's going to be absolutely crackling with energy [Tier 1, repeatable]
- GM Kludde will be returning to Kortus IV for family matters in 6-10 Death of Kortus IV (Table II) [Tier 9-12]

Also, GM Redelia has announced the GM school this week. Watch this thread for more info!

Enter now to win a Dirindi plushie*

*Digital delivery only

GM Valen wrote:

Now opening recruitment for SFS #1-12 Ashes of Discovery made in response to a player's request. This table is for a Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-4 and has the Repeatable and Starship Scenario Tags.

Anticipated Start Date: December 5, 2023 or once I have four players, whichever is later.

Seats have been reserved for the PCs of the following:

The above three players with reserve seats and any others interested in this run, should read the information and follow the instruction in the table's Recruitment Thread.

The following Starfinder agents are directed to report to the Lorespire Station for an audience with Guidance:

Celebryn Edasseril
Gold-Flecked Black
Kalhoun, Tac Officer
Vega Capella
Hesroi Zhou
Rover Yi

You each log your arrival here.

For any who believe they may have missed their shuttle to Absalom Station (Qstor, perhaps?), feel free to schedule an upcoming flight by following th instructions here.

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