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Corporate wage slave by day, tabletop gamer, miniatures painter, and fiction, gaming and podcast writer by night. Lifelong Texan, relatively new father and relatively old husband.

My three full length novels can be found at Amazon -
The Becoming
Lost Temple of the Soulless World
The Prince's Fate

I also co-wrote The Mystical Island Trilogy -
Island of Lost Forevers
Crossroads of Frozen Eternity
Sea of Twisted Souls

You can find my table top RPG products, including 7 Pathfinder/d20 compatible offerings over at DriveThru RPG -
Black Guard Press

I write scripts for the Come And Take It! Podcast -
Come and Take It!

And I do Freelance work -
Malat's List of Places to Avoid II
Fire of the Mind
The Dragon's Hoard: Rings, Rods, and Staves
The Dragon's Hoard: Magic Arms & Armor
The Dragon's Hoard: Wondrous Items