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I have a basic idea of how they work. Is there a specific thing you were trying to point out?

2 things: the speed, which I just realized could have done both in one round; and the count's reaction. Normally I would have argued for a different reaction, but with the interruption it became a moot point. Onward ho!

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don't you mean "onward, 'ho"?

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in my last 100 dice rolls on here I have rolled over 23 1s, In started to note the RNG is off some time back but off all my rolls of d20 I have never had more than 3 20s. Some thing is off

I have had streaky rolls here also. I normally high rolls followed by a lot of low rolls in the games I play in. The electronic dice gods are fickle.

From Thursday until late Sunday I will not home, and I don't expect to have internet access. I just didn't want anyone to think I had disappeared.

I will check the gameplay thread when I get back home, and get things moving again.

edit:It should be within the next 2 hours.

I am still around. I am just waiting on the party to decide what they want to do, and for Tik-Tik to reply with his answer in the other thread.

I am still here. I am just waiting on a plan. Is everyone still here?

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yep healing and waiting to see what we find out, what is the powers of that jem, no point fighting until we know more.

True. I am waiting for the commune questions. I almost forgot it had been cast.

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They are just yes and no Qs so need to frame them with info,
1: The gem makes you ..... is the Dragon trying to do ......?
Make it an Undead Dragon etc.
Make it a god etc

what do that gem do is key to this,
we can not ask,
What dos the GM do? -> Yes
yes what? -> Yes

So research is key,

I know how it works. I am mostly posting to keep the game going until someone starts to suggest question for you to ask. :)

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Sorry did not mean to come over, strong, Just wanted to point out is that I need more info from some where, to frame the questions into a yes and no form. We know he has the gem, we know its history but getting to why he needs it and what it dos at the moment is just not there, its that MacGuffin Moment, where the clues start to come out about what every one has been after. Dragon, Towns folk and the Necromancer, so we need to find some from some place guys or we are just where we where at the start.

It is ok. I would try divination spells. If one of you has UMD you might even be able to pull from another class list. Now this small town won't have any good spells, but I think limited wish might work if you need to teleport to another city. Of course I don't know if anyone has the 1500 gp diamond(material component).

Is everyone else still here?

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yep still thinking what to do, I think going to anther city for more info and help may be the only way, what place is close GM

The only city that is metropolis sized in the nation is the capital, Oppara. Even the other smaller(compared to the capital) places might put you outside of the dragon's deadline by marching*. Everything that has happened so far is still day 1. You are racing the clock, but you still have more than enough time to make something happen. What size city you need to visit depends on what you are want to do once you arrive at that city.

*Horse and other forms of transportation are still an option.

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KK looks like unless we find ye old wise woman, a local bard, or some one with a loot of old books and scroll, hello what about the count? any how, going some place is out unless we can magic our way there and back in 48 hours, Humm I could summon an outsider and ask them to go get some info. GM what do you think of that before we do commune.

I had the planer ally ideal, but I did not want to suggest it. Good thinking. If you can get to a magor city then a scroll of teleport or maybe even greater teleport should be obtainable.

The count was taken advantage of. He did not even know what Tesh was doing*. He sorta just gave him free reign of the town and hoped for the best.
*He did not try to hard to find out either though. I am assuming you would have gotten that much out of him.

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call doing that

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My campaign tab didn't show any new posts for this thread... :(

I will allow you the choice of any CR 15 or 16 good aligned outsider. He might even help you for free. I do have to go to work now so the negotiations will take place when I get home. You can go ahead and let him know what you want him to do.

Well you still have to pay the 2500 for greater planar ally just to cast the spell, but we will see what happens after that. The fact that you have taken care of Tesh will help you out, not to mention you are hunting an evil dragon.

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cool, any idea what i should call guys

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GM I Just to make clear My PC was sent back from Her own god to fight the good fight here. Then all the PCs just saved the most holy Temple of another good god. In this world of magic and gods they would be looking on, they would be seeking ways to held not siting around indifferent to our plight. If the players want to planes shift on we may not make the gods home by they have high temples on other planes. Also Its not a matter of calling a Random herald, they would be seeking to help us but they can not directly interfear, this is why they have heralds. To pop in at times like this and say "Hay this may be of help" Criptic clue etc, just getting a Random saying "Sorry do not know" just seems my PCs gods having a joke a her expence hence.

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I have had a think and I am going to quit this game, I am just not finding it enjoyable any more, this is just me, so Have fun every one and good bye.

Just to be clear everyone I never said anything about calling a random herald. I was saying some heralds are not any better than a standard outsider at certain things. The deities may have temples on other planes*, but even so the outsiders there would be the same ones you would bring by calling them so the information would be the same. Even if you get to the plane you still have to find the temple.

*not a known fact for me

The AP did not really give suggestions on how to handle the gem. I know how I would do it as a player, but I was trying to stay out of it from that standpoint. I might end up playing a GMPC(the herald). If Lotus being gone I see two options since her ability to access divine spells and outsider was helpful.

1. I can run the GMPC as player meaning I will actually make suggestions, but I won't use GM knowledge.

2. He(the herald) is there, but he only does things the party suggest he do for the most part, and I might have to be a little lax on the rules in order to avoid option 3.

3. I can try to recruit another cleric, but since the game does not have a lot left to do "in game" I was trying to avoid it.

PM me or you can voice your opinion here. This all assumes Lotus does not come back of course.

It seems Lotus is not returning. What is the plan to deal with the dragon, and which of the three options from my last post would you like to go for.

I am going to assume this one is done since nobody is posting. Sorry to see the game end, but I did learn a few things. I will apply them to my next PbP game.

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I am sorry to see this game end, it was a fun time.

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I'm still around. Paizo threw the game into my inactive section and I was still checking the gameplay side but not discussion, so I didn't see that anyone was posting.

Sad to see it end. But at least Thogg went out surrounded by hookers. A good end for him.

Male Fighter 5, Mag 10, HP: 143, AC: 36 Tch: 16, FF: 34 F: +18, R: +13, W: +13, Init: +14, Per: +16

Yes Thogg, you went out Style.

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