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Halistria D'Harvash wrote:

Greetings Watcher,

I've been working up the basic stats for your perusal. They are available on profile.

I made an alteration, making Halistria a Bard 8/ Oracle of Wind 7. (Both are charisma dependent, which was easier then trying to simultaneously buff wisdom.) She still considers herself a priestess of Shelyn, and took the Mystery in Her domain.

I've got the Attributes, Feats, Traits, Revelations, and Bardic Versatile Performances all selected.

My spells are selected, but I want to double check for overlap between the two domains, before posting.

The Skills are also selected, but the list is quite extensive. (er, um, -blushes- I'm quite an experienced gamer, but not as much in PbP and Hero Lab. Could someone give a girl a hand importing HL to my profile? The manual typing is a beast.)

Thanks for your consideration. I am open to feedback from you and other players (what is needed more of or less of).

Now a break with my patiently waiting dog. And then back to shop for equipment.

What do you mean by "Mystery in Her domain" . Oracles don't get domains

As for getting your character to your profile here is what you do.
1. Click on "File" which is in the upper left hand corner beside "View"
2. Click on "Output Hero Statblock" This should open a second window.
3. Click on the "BBCode" tab.
4. At the bottom of this second window click on copy.
5. Go to, and open your profile so that you can edit it. You will then be able to paste the information. The character will already be formatted for the most part so you won't have anything else to go other than account for gold peices. Herolab does not input that information for you.

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Sorry about the confusion. I meant that Wind is one of Shelyn's domains. So while Halistria is not technically clergy to Shelyn, she believes that all of her gifts; music, healing, and wind, are granted to her by Shelyn-- In order to fit thematically with her history.

I should be able to complete Halistria's first draft today.

And with your help I look forward to importing my first profile from HeroLab. Yay! Thanks!

Wow! Looks Like I'm Way behind the curve. Well, if you decide you need another player I love high level gaming. Hit me up if you decide you need another player.

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Watcher Uatu:

I've got a pretty thorough Draft of Halistria up on Profile. (And the upload worked... Yay!)

The offensive and defensive stats won't be right until we finalize weapons and armor.

I built some magical gear based on what I could find for build prices, so let me know if my numbers aren't accurate. Some magic items are subject to your approval.

Well actually, I guess it's all subject to your approval, isn't it?

I hope you think she'll work well in your campaign.

I would put an asterisk beside any custom made items so I can get back to you on them.

@TCG Halistria has not locked down that last spot yet.

I am thinking of taking two more people anyway so that if someone drops I will still have six so go ahead and come up with a background story if you want in.

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@Watcher Uatu: I have asterisked items in question. They are under "Magical Gear" on profile.

@TCG: I had an idea... if you wanted, you could create Halistria's brother. Other than being drow and having at least one rank in something musical... he can be anything.(see background) They've been apart a long time.

Just a thought. I am not guaranteed a spot myself, so anything goes.

I should be able to look over your items tonight or tomorrow morning.



+5 Mithral Shirt 25000
Sling(+3, holy, shock) 50000
Boots of Speed + *Boots of Striding and Springing 20250
Hat of Disguise Tattoo 3600
+5 holy staff(would be priced as a +7 weapon see PS + Staff of Weather

You are well over WBL. I think the pricing of the sling and the holy staff is what got you.
As soon as we get the magic item thing done I will check the rest of the character.

PS:When determing the cost of magic weapons you use the special ability's effective modifer for the purpose of pricing and then look at the chart. As an example a +2 flaming weapon will be priced as a +3 weapon which is 18000 gp.

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Ahh, I see. I was adding the cost of individual bonuses which gave much better prices then totalling the plusses first. I will correct after work today.

And... Is there a simple way to force feed the bonuses into Hero Lab? I was trying to edit the magic items, but the editor has eluded me so far. If it's easier, I'll just add the bonuses manually on the profile.

Just read this entire recruitment thread on the bus home from work, and I am interested in submittng a character.

One major question though: is this a sort of one shot? I ask because u said a few times there wouldn't be time to craft magic items, so say we save the day(however long that takes irl time), is that the end of the game?

15th level characters take time to build and if the game is over if we "save the day", I may decline.

The game is a module, so it is a one shot. I know I don't have the focus to run a years long campaign so I decided to do something that could be completed in less than a years time. Depending on how long this one takes I might extend it into a 2nd module but that second module would definitely be the last one I ran. I did not want people to take the crafting feats and not get to use them since the 2nd module is up in the air.

If you are trying to edit boots of spring combined with the boots of speed and similar items you may have to do that manually if you don't want to do so by using the editor. For game like this which is a one shot it probably better to just do it manually after you paste it to your profile.

For items such as +3 holy Shirukens the game does the math for you. You don't need the editor to make brand new items for those.

1. Open the file for your character.
2. Click on the weapons tab.
3. Click on "New Magic, Custom, or Masterwork weapon of size
4. Click on Custom/Magic Weapon.
5. Click on "Click to choose weapon.
6. A list should appear. Choose the weapon you want, and press select.
7. This will bring you back to a screen that allows you to add the modifier you want the weapon to have. To the left of you chosen weapon you will see the words "Base Item". There will be a dropdown list. Choose the weapon actual enhancement from that list.
8. Below the weapon you have chosen you will "Click to add special ability". That is what you use to add things such as holy, speed, and so on. After you add everything you want press "Close".
9. You should see a "bonus equivalent" and "total cost". To the right of these is a button labeled "Set". Press the "Set" button.
10. Press the add button accept the price, and you are done.

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So I've managed to redo some items in HL. The Mithral Shirt and the Sling came out right. The named items were not so cooperative. But at least my defense stats should come out correctly now. Thanks for the assist. (Oh, and does adding plusses to the Mithral shirt reduce the chance of arcane failure? And does arcane failure work the same for bards as wizards?)

I've corrected the prices on the items we've discussed. And I've added one more... Bracers of Evasion (Like Ring of Evasion. Is that alright? I didn't want to merge it with my other rings.)

With the new item and corrected prices on all the items except the Weather staff I come up with 327,700 gp; 82,300 gp left.

The base price of the staff is 44,200... so do I have enough to add Holy and maybe a plus or two to the Staff?

I'll let it slide, if not. If we're down to Halistria in hand to hand combat, things will be dire indeed.

And... how do you like to do mundane items? Shall I list them as well?

Adding pluses does not reduce the chance of arcane failure.
Bard don't have to deal with arcane failure unless they wear light armor. Medium armor made of mithral counts as light armor for this purpose.

You can make the staff a +2 holy staff and have 1100 gold pieces left over. Don't forget your spell component pouch for the bard.

Yeah the mundane item should be listed also.

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Alrighty then: I'll swap the run feat for arcane armor to negate the 10% failure chance.

Thanks for the staff adjustment: +2 Holy Staff of Weather it is.

I'll shop for ammunition, components, and mundane items now.

Oh... and I saw under mundane gear... "smoked goggles" which can also be contacts. Can I have a pair, not so much for gaze attacks, but to reduce light by one step vs her light blindness? She would wear them outside, and when expecting combat that might involve light attacks.

I should have it all done by midnight EST. I have to say at this point, if Halistria wakes up naked in a dungeon I will be a bit put out.

Thanks again for consideration,

You don't need arcane armor if you are wearing light armor. I would also suggest avoiding medium armor that gives any arcance failure chance. In short if you can't afford mithral medium armor then stick with armor that is naturally light. I would also drop the run feat. Yeah there is a lot of RP, but the fights will be more dangerous later on. You can have the smoked goggles if you can afford them. We are not near any dungeons.

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The Smoked Goggles/contacts are only 10gp.

The Base Mithral Chain Shirt is Light, but lists 10% arcane failure. Is that arcane failure for wizards only? and bards don't have to worry until medium armor?

And I am DONE! I think. I hope.

Except for now choosing a feat besides run or arcane armor....

Waking up chained to a wall *anywhere*, with all my carefully selected gear gone... would still be a sad thing...

Bard don't suffer arcane spell failure unless they wear medium or heavy armor.

Improved initiatve is not bad to make sure you go first. Great Fortitude is not bad since your fort save is low.


The air barrier provides the same bonus to AC as your armor does. It does help deflect ranged attack rolls though.

Is your +20 to perception before of after you put the smoke goggles on?

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Ahh... Air Barrier and the Mithral shirt don't stack. and I don't think the projectile protection kicks in until I'm 13th level oracle (unless you're counting my total levels?) If I do qualify for projectile protection I'll keep it. Otherwise I'll swap for Spark Skin-- DR10 vs Electricity.

I'll take the Improved Initiative. It'll help if I go first with Area of Effect Spells-- before people close for melee.

Is it possible for the goggles just to darken things one step? No other gaze attack protections, and no perception penalties? After all, she sees fine in low light, fog(windsight), and complete darkness. Can I have regular shades, not the mirrored ones? (Wouldn't that be cool against a medusa?)

If not, I'll just suck it up. The +20 perception is before the penalty. If your ruling is that I have to take them as is, then Halistria will only wear them outside on a sunny day (not in the woods, or overcast) or if having reason to suspect a gaze attack is imminent.

With these final rulings, I think she's set, so...

-holds breath, waiting for officially official invite-

I could not find anything named "projectile protection*", but if it is a class ability it definitely does not kick due to character levels.

If mirrored shades are a core item yes. If not then no.
The goggles already to a lot for their low price anyway. I would prefer to keep them as they are.

*Could you tell me where it is?

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This was what I was referring to when I said projectile protection. I guess I should have said "deflect ranged attack rolls":

The air barrier provides the same bonus to AC as your armor does. It does help deflect ranged attack rolls though.

Air Barrier doesn't give this protection until 13th level Oracle, I thought. If you are ruling that I have this feature as a 13th level spellcaster then I will keep it. But if I only have the +6 to AC, which I have with my Mithral Shirt anyway, then I will swap it for a different Revelation... Shock skin, which gives DR10 vs electricity.

Re: mirrored shades, I made that up in a moment of goofiness. All I really want are plain old sunglasses to protect my sensitive drow eyes from light blindness. I just wanted to ask if straight up sunglasses were possible, without the gaze protections or the restrictions on perception. I just got distracted by a silly thought, which probably made my request unclear. I thought mirrored sunglasses would be wicked cool against monsters with gaze attacks. Perhaps a thought for an alchemist...

So I would prefer the straight old sunglasses. But if I can't have them then I'll take the smoked goggles (available in contact form), and use them only in bright daylight outside, to protect me from that beautiful but bright, bright sunshine.

I am back. Work is killing me.

It is only given for 7 levels not 13. Taking the smoked goggles would be easier.
Protective Penumbra is not a bad spell to have if you don't want to deal with the goggles. 2nd level scrolls are cheap.

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I might even swap out one of my other spells for it. How did I not see it before? Doh! But to simplify and move forward, I'll leave my spell list as is and take a couple of scrolls. I'll keep the goggles as back up in case of running out of scrolls. So...

-holds breath, hopefully- Am I in?

You are in Halistria.

With that said recruiting is now closed. :)

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