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This is Council of Thieves AP. Westcrown, City of Twilight, once was the center of Aroden's faith, but now it symbolizes despair. By day, the city remains a vibrant center of trade; but, by night only those with a death wish venture out.

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Male Half-Orc Sacred Servant of Iomedae HP128/128, AC30/17/27, F17/R14/W14, Init +3, Perception +12, CMB18/CMD34
Blessing of the Watch, Protection Aura in 20ft Azreal, Spl Imun3BAB+23+2 AC/+1 Saves Azreal

Holy Crap. another 20! The crowd goes wild!

Male Human Rogue 13 | 97/97 | AC 26/19/19 | F 8/R 16/W 7 | Init +7 | Perc +18/+22

Yes, Daniel... Hellknighted! Earn your batwings!

A tall slender man steps forward, craning his neck upward... a forced effort and posture he knows to be no accident. The psychology of dominance.

Hesitation or thought, it is difficult to tell the difference. Then he begins. Your Holiness, General Vourne. Master or all you survey.

Gerard lets the honorific hang in the air, permeate the very space that is silence.

No one here dares challenge your supremacy in force nor in law. My colleagues will speak of helping, partnership and freedom. I will not. I will propose the "brotherhood" be immediately disbanded. The word itself connotes a divine meaning used by church and monastery alike and why should we exclude sisters?

I offer instead the establishment of a Joint Westcrani Task Force. And, I do not wish to make an enemy of Commander Chard by asking him to remain from his home overly long... But, I suggest he remain in Westcrown temporarily to assure your orders are executed summarily and judiciously. Unsure, Gerard nods slightly in the direction of Chard.

The matter of punishment, execution or banishment although completely within your purview... I would note would only add insult to Westcrown's injury. Westcrown has lost much from the actions of corrupt forces and factions wishing to feast upon its populous. And, has lost doubly more in the effort to quell those forces. We worked in haste as best we could, General so that you would arrive to the closest semblance of law and order possible given the circumstances.

I also offer a viewpoint for your to consider. A pragmatic view, both strategic and tactical. Simply consider the resources expended, whatever factions may have existed have been weakened while Hellknight losses were minimized. We'd hoped to clean up our own mess, as it were.

Gerard scans the Hellknight forces. Certainly, that potato-faced woman was not his sister.

Much needs to be rebuilt in Westcrown, your Honor. Our noses will be put to the grindstone. If you allow, we will be quite busy.

Lastly, so that the Council of Thieves never rise again, I suggest legitimizing certain businesses and industries. Which will allow them to be regulated and tithed. I propose a Mercantile body to be created. Families already established will benefit, but start-ups will also have a level playing field.

The rogue looks around again.

Let checks and balances be put into effect. The Joint Westcrani Task Force should be comprised of The Church, Nobility and this Mercantile body.

That is all I can muster at this time, General Vourne. I only hope my pleas have not been misunderstood.

Gerard takes a knee, bowing his head.

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Euphemia, her lips taut, also bows alongside Gerard. She has nothing to say to this man that would actually help their cause except for, perhaps, that she wasn't going to attack him and his miserable, baby-eating face. Yes, they'd run into several decent hell knights and the man seems to be reasonable, but this is a servant of the house of Thrune, and she is a Nereis.

Thankfully, there are no marks or identifications that mark her as such.
She is ready to react should everything fall apart, however.

Evil GM

Several of the noble families get up and speak about the coincidence of the unrest happening then these heroes conveniently arrive to save the day.

"Where is Eccarrdian...if he is at fault where is his body or let him stand trial?" there is pause, "What about Chammedy, bring her forth for questioning." The crowd grumbles.

"Yeah, this is an esteemed Noble house within the community," someone pipes in.

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Eccardian is dead, he was slain at the fight at the statue of Aroden. When he fell his body was reclaimed by Mammon leaving nothing but sorch marks on the ground.

As for Chammedy, her whereabouts are unknown, she was either disposed of by Eccardian or fled the battle. The remains of Vassiando Drovange were found at the old Walcourt building and might still be intact enough to question his spirit if it has not been cremated.

Baby eating? lol. Andrea is poorly inclined as well but sometimes one has to shovel on the ca-ca to ward off the heavily armed soliders.

Evil GM

"Ohhhhhhhh, HOW convenient that was for the City." The glaring noble replies.

Evil GM

Chard has listened up to this point when he steps forward. Lord General," His voice strong and confident as he bows. "I am Parliator Chard, of the Order of the Rack. silence. "It is my sworn duty to uphold the law and weed out usurpers. What these individual state is truth. They seek only to root out the destructive forces that would usurp power.

Rather than punish, lets unite. This city and it's citizens has seen enough of the abyss."

The crowd is silent.

Male Human Rogue 13 | 97/97 | AC 26/19/19 | F 8/R 16/W 7 | Init +7 | Perc +18/+22

Gerard maintains his inclined posture.

Evil GM

Gerard make a perception check.

Evil GM

"Yes, I've heard enough commentary on this situation. I am ready to make my ruling on the fate of Westcrown." His eyes narrow and he pauses, letting everyone stand there an entire minute on edge.

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Frank, it has been a pleasure, but if he reneges and tries to impart martial law, our partnership will be over because what I will do cannot end well. I intend to use brute force to let Thrune know, just this once, that they can't get what they want without a little sacrifice. Besides, we will be tried as criminals should they not leave, yes?

Euphemia's head remains down.

Evil GM

"The vast majority of the Westcrani hold this Brotherhood as heroes and the sole reason that the Council of Thieves was defeated." he glares at the few individuals who spoke against the heroes. "I believe blood, business, and other ties have a few houses upset."

Vourne is clearly impressed by the city’s praise and adoration of the heroes, and realizes these heroes could well become problems in the future if they decide to oppose the House of Thrune. He doesn’t want to give the Brotherhood any reason to do so, "the fate of Westcrown is left to those supporting the Brotherhood."

That immediately starts a wave of nominations of various positions.
"I nominate Lord Arrisen as Treasurer."

That is followed by, "Here here."

"I nominate Gerard Nisroc as wharfmaster."

"Andrea for Mayor.' Similar to Madona, no last name needed.

"Euphemia di Nereis as keeper of Knowledge."

"Aurelio Grulios as Duxotar of the Dottari."

It is clear that you are held in high regard to assist in the fate of the Westcrown.

You would reach 14th level.

M Human (Chelaxian) Fighter | Level 13 | HP 92/125, AC 30, T 15, FF 27 | F 12 R 11 W 8 | CMB 18 CMD 36 | Init + 6 | Perc +13

They want me to head the civil police? This is the worst idea since...actually I'm not sure this has been a worse idea.

Aurelio smiles with evident pride.

It will be my honor to help maintain the peace of the city, General.

Aurelio looks around to see if any of the dottari are on the ship or nearby docks to begin bringing order to the city.

Ulthen is going to kill me.

He smiles as sets about his new duties.

Frank readies his reply, but his jaw is forced to drop in unison with his mistress.
They hadn't seen that result coming, though Frank is more optimistic than his partner.

F Half-elf NPC/Expert/Librarian

The keeper of knowledge runs the schools and universities. At one point in the game there was attractive librarian that has a romantic this with Fealyn the wizard.

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Euphemia just gapes, her body untensing from the adrenaline flushing away.
"Me?!" she sputtered, surprised that the man knew her name and was still willing to give this assignment. Well, to be more specific, she is surprised she's not being sentenced to some absurd and grotesque execution.

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

No doubt if people could speak hedgehog, they would hear an excellently spoken plan to improve the socio-economic situation of Westcrown

Andrea is somewhat flabbergasted at the nomination for mayor. She had expected a commendation, a medal perhaps and monetary reward before she would return to her duties at the Exchange, perhaps to hone her skills as a moneymonger and try to exert influence on more destructive groups in Westcrown.

But mayor! As mayor she could start working on actual laws and real influence. Improved treatment for halfings and worker's rights, allowing them to work off their slavery, at significantly reduced prices.[/b]

Thank you for your vote of confidence General.

Evil GM

It was the crowd that yelled out names. The crowd chants there support.

Phem catches a glimpse of her brother on the docks.

Male Human Rogue 13 | 97/97 | AC 26/19/19 | F 8/R 16/W 7 | Init +7 | Perc +18/+22

Gerard rises, reaching for Phem's hand.

Perception, canny observer: 1d20 + 17 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 17 + 4 = 35

Evil GM

Gerard you see potato face lift her helm to you when your are nominated by the crowd for Warfmaster. I figured this was a legit way for you to transition into the COT leader.

Male Human Rogue 13 | 97/97 | AC 26/19/19 | F 8/R 16/W 7 | Init +7 | Perc +18/+22

I like it...

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea's overwhelmed thoughts were brought back to reality with some backpats from the people surrounding her. She was not mayor yet, so she should not get ahead of herself. The possibility was there though, and she planned to latch onto it with tooth and nail.

Connections and support from noble and commoner. Favors owed several opposing persons no longer present. Yes, there is potential here. I must start learning the proper etiquette of the political ring but having put my body on the front-lines, my mind is ready for another arena.

The future was there waiting, but for now there could be celebration before taking upon a new mantle. Andrea cast her eyes around for familiar faces in the crowd, perhaps looking for one in particular.
Perception: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (13) + 19 = 32

M H, NPC Expert MoneyMonger

A beefy hand touches Andrea's shoulder in a father like manner, "My the diffident young accountant has blossomed." He adjusts his bifocals on his bulbous nose. "Oh course, if I can be of service, I'm more than happy to help."

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea smiles at her old mentor. Indeed. I am not mayor yet but that gives me the time to learn the ropes of the political arena.

Meaning points into Know-Nobility,Sense Motive,Diplomacy and Bluff

I believe an excellent platform would be restoring the crmbled areas of the city, make streets that were neglected due to the Shadowcurse clean and revitalize night-time commerce. Andrea's lips quirk upwards. Of course that means plenty of loans at very reasonable rates for those seeking to fix up their homes and buisnesses. Something we are very well equipped to handle.

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea seeks out the other members of her group after disengaging from some well-wishers. She noticed that Vourne was now meeting with some of the hellknights about quelling any lingering unrest.

Plans, plans. We all have things to do, but hopefully we have time and a future.

Coming up to Daniel, Andrea gives him a quick hug. We did it! Daniel, thank you for standing with us for all this time. I'd be dead several time over without you and the front lines. What do you have planned now?

Human, NPC

As the group gathers around Janiven steps forward, "Well done all, Arial and I would like to meet at Vizio's Tavern,"[ b] she winks at Andrea. [b]"That place has some special meaning and well, it's time for a few well earned congratulations and beverages."

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea nods. It has been a long time since we have been there. Besides a few drinks I hope to make an announcement to everyone. Andrea's eyes are bright and she has a slight blush.

Male Half-Orc Sacred Servant of Iomedae HP128/128, AC30/17/27, F17/R14/W14, Init +3, Perception +12, CMB18/CMD34
Blessing of the Watch, Protection Aura in 20ft Azreal, Spl Imun3BAB+23+2 AC/+1 Saves Azreal
Andrea1 wrote:

Andrea seeks out the other members of her group after disengaging from some well-wishers. She noticed that Vourne was now meeting with some of the hellknights about quelling any lingering unrest.

Plans, plans. We all have things to do, but hopefully we have time and a future.

Coming up to Daniel, Andrea gives him a quick hug. We did it! Daniel, thank you for standing with us for all this time. I'd be dead several time over without you and the front lines. What do you have planned now?

Daniel embraces the woman in a tight hug.

I am leaving. Tomorrow. Don't misunderstand Andrea, I am happy with our progress here. We made a very big difference, but I realize more than ever my place is not here. These political games are not my arena. I will head back to the Wourld wound where I can do the greatest good for the greatest number. I don't expect we will see each other again

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea looks disappointed. I don't suppose a kiss would change your mind. she says somewhat teasingly. I have only heard vague things about the Worldwound, but I suppose you have found a place where you can belong. I wish you the best and may Calistria's luck be with you. Andrea kisses Daniel's cheeks. I hope you can swing by Vizio's tavern, that is where this entire endeavor started over a year ago.

M Human (Chelaxian) Fighter | Level 13 | HP 92/125, AC 30, T 15, FF 27 | F 12 R 11 W 8 | CMB 18 CMD 36 | Init + 6 | Perc +13

Aurelio slaps Daniel on the shoulder once he separates from Andrea and smiles at him.

I'm sorry to hear we won't be able to work together making the city a better place.

Should the Worldwound ever close however, and you still feel the need to serve elsewhere write to me. I happen to know a king who is always searching for good officers.

NPC, H/Elf

At Vizio's Tavern there is party going on when you arrive all the remaining Brotherhood is there drinking, eating and making merry. When you all walk in there a standing ovation. "Hip, hip, hooray"

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

When Andrea enters Vizio's tavern and the cheerign washes over her.

It has been so long. Andrea thinks and remembers them gathered around a table as Janivan told them her plan to help Westcrown.
Duncan,John,myself,Shinon...and Kenji Andrea sighs inwardly as she thought of the long dead brawler, cremated to avoid becoming a ghoul.

Just how did that ghoul get in there anyway?

Further musing is cut off as a red-headed blur weaves through the crowd and into her arms. Andrea kneels and embraces her dearest, her oasis. Fiosa, I'm so glad that this is over, that I won't have to fear like I have again.

Female NPC, Halfling

The halfling darts forward and leaps into her lovers arms, all hugs and kisses.

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17

Andrea hugs Fiosa and kisses her with passion before catching a breath and holding her hand as they head to a table. Andrea takes a glass and taps it to get attention. I have some things to say to everyone.

When Anddrea has the floor she speaks. It has been a very long year, when we first gathered her in this tavern we had only a vague plan to help Westcrown but we have come so far. The shadowbeasts are gone so the nighttime can flourish and gangs like The Bastards are scattered for the time being. The Council of Thieves has been dealt with as well and we have escaped martial law and been given a fresh start.

Sipping her dirnk, Andrea makes her next announcement. I have decided that I will make the attempt to become Mayor of Westcrown. I do not know if I will succede, and I know that I will not be able to make sweeping changes to how life in Cheliax is, but I'll take every small gain I can. I ask for your support and know that with the help of good people like the Tilneros,Grulios and Missepes I will be able to navigate the political waters of Westcrown.

Andrea grasps Fiosa's hand and then addresses the crowd once more. Also, some time ago I asked Fiosa to marry me and she accepted. I would like to invite all of you to our wedding and ask Areal to officiate. Thank you Arael for putting up with me even when I was driving everyone to distraction.

NPC, H/Elf

"Of course it would be my honor to officiate. I also think you'd make a fantastic mayor, I'm sure we can get the vote out for you." He says with a smile.

Fire Resist 10 Human Cleric 6,HP 40/40,Init+5F6R4W9,Per10AC18/11/17


Andrea did indeed become mayor. Plenty of advice and assistance from the Brotherhood and noble families on the often poisonous nature of Cheliax politics saw Andrea achieve her goal with promises of help restoring the batterd city at the forefront. There of course were no sweeping changes in the city, no temples to other deities or a sudden freedom of long-suffering slaves, the eye of Thrune was still over Westcrown.

There were small steps as Andrea had said, a reduced fine for religous indiscretions and those who used slaves found tighter restrictions on how they could be treated. More than one person found themselves with financial difficulties and embaressment if they would not adhere to simple decency.(People shake their heads at the fate of Alphonse, reduced to a nigh-powerless 'partner' who did little more than tend counter at the Grotto as it became one of the higher class brothels.) Halflings in particular had a way of just vanishing. Whisked across the border to Andorian, bringing mumbles that the trouble keeping them was more more than they were worth.

As Andrea's skill grew, she was regarded as a fine mayor. Certainly better than Aberian and the ex-mayor was soon forgotten. Some people were puzzled at her continued unmarried state. While she was not adverse to a dalliance all offers of marriage even from significant personages were politley declined, obviously said people chose to not notice the presence of a devoted halfling lady. They most certainly wondered who the father of the red-headed boy with the somewhat elvish features Andrea gave birth to was. Such minds could not comprehend such divine blessings.

But that is still in the future, let us look back somewhat earlier.

In the small temple of Aroden, where a group of people came together with a dream a wedding took place. It was a small affair, with close friends attending. Areal stood before the statue of an old god while priestesses of Calistria and Sheyln clasped hands and exchanged simple rings and vows as a sign of their devotion, a small blessing of peace after everything they had endured.

That is still further on so let us look even earlier to one last scene.

At the docks of Westcrown two figures waited as a ship sailed in. Both waited anxiously as ropes were tied and a gangplank lowered and stepped forwards as a young girl, one who was sent away came bounding down to them and into their arms. Hugs and kisses were exchanged as mothers and daughter were reunited and they turned and walked hand in hand back into the city towards their new future.


Bob hid in da shadows and watched the big scary boat men say dat dey would let the humies decide what to do wif Wescrown. Dat was good. Bob though the whole city would get burned down. So many humies! Bob knew he coldn't beat dem all.

Bob wondered what he should do. He knew waza big giant and humies never would want him in da city. But he wuved the widdle Andrea, how could he help?

Bob suddenly knew! Bob knew dat there werestill lotsa theefs and even some devels in da city. Plus dere will alwayz be theefs and nasties. So Bob would protect da city for Andrea! Bob heard dat she would become cheiftess. So he would be dat..whazzat. Axeguy? Yea! He would roam da streets at night, the club of justice! Where evil shows it's face, it will get a big ole club! Haha! So Bob mad ehimself a big cloak and hat of rat skin, because he knew criminals were a bunch scardy cats and a supic..supics...Dey be araid of ratss! He would be ratman, the terror dat squeeks in da night!

M Human (Chelaxian) Fighter | Level 13 | HP 92/125, AC 30, T 15, FF 27 | F 12 R 11 W 8 | CMB 18 CMD 36 | Init + 6 | Perc +13

Aurelio stood at the balcony off his office in a tower of the Korradath, smiling as he looked out over the city.

An old man now, he still stood straight despite the many scars he'd collected.

The one on his back, the result of dragon claws raking across him twenty years ago, ached when the sun came up. That had been a good fight, but the scar always ached when it was going to rain.

His knees were too old for him to pray to Serenrae properly at sunrise, leastwise not without getting help from an aide which was hardly dignified for a Duxotar. So he stood in his office and watched the sunrise and his city as the morning patrols rolled through the city as his own form of devotion.

Another glorious day in the semi-free city of Westcrown.

He'd quietly argued for independence for years, but the city's nobility was still unwilling to declare a rebellion against the Chelaxians.

With the Worldwound closed the crusaders who'd turned south triumphant over their victory against the Abyss had put incredible pressure against the other forces of otherworldly evil on Golarion.

The Asmodeans' grip on Cheliax was more tenuous each day. No greater proof was the bronze dome of the Temple of Serenrae to the west and the bells ringing as the clerics called the faithful to prayer.

He turned to his desk and began reviewing the reports of his durotasi, majors, captains and lieutenants. He'd had to keep a closer eye on paperwork than he would have liked but it was a small price to pay for the most peaceful city on the Inner Sea.

Six burglaries in the Rego Pena in the last two months. Time to talk to the the Order of the Rack, they hate letting my men in their precious district since we broke up the last book burning and they're dropping the spear.

The paperwork lasted until the rest of his headquarters staff arrived as the sun climbed in the sky and thunder began to echo from the bay.

Get in here you worthless layabouts! The day is half over and there's too much to do for you to stand around chatting over morning tea.

His staff walked in smiling. They'd have to sleep here overnight to beat him to the office and he'd had a habit of "tripping" over any dottari foolish enough to try that.

There's a rise in thefts in the city of late, mostly of portable objects from high end estates and businesses. Which means there's probably some fools trying to start another thieves guild in the city...

He began laying out the strategy for finding and stopping the thieves. His tools had changed, laws and dottari instead of his trusted shield and kukri; he was too old to battle monsters or criminals in the streets, but his tactics remained the same: close with his opponents and hammer them until they gave up or died.

A good tactic, a good life. His grandchildren kept trying to get him to retire to the family estates but frankly he couldn't give up the fight.

Who, he thought, would ever want to stop having this much fun?

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Euphemia held Gerard's hand and followed him into the festivities... and later followed him to aid in any-last minute clandestine dealings.
Her response to Daniel returning to the Worldwound was definitely one of approval; a wry smile crossed her face at the thought of the extraplanar destruction the paladin would bring in his wake.

"Do not let the demons fell you, Sir Daniel."
Brief as the goodbye was, it wasn't tense or unfriendly. Frank likely gave a more eloquent goodbye, as his squeaks were long-winded, but they weren't entirely understood.

"Frank will miss you, too. He gave me some very specific instructions for you, but I imagine you already know how to deal with Phlem Bracken and the Wretched Swamp's Rule of 3s."

At the point in which Andrea made her speech, Euphemia tried to find her brother's gaze and gave him a knowing wink. She wouldn't be one to give a speech; the old family name was only just resurfacing, and she didn't wish to ...well...cock it up.

The witch was quite comfortable with her new position, though she was loathe to advertise it. Access to the knowledge of the entire city gave her a way to serve serve purposes at once that she had longed to attend to. It would also make her an excellent aid to Gerard.

You forgot to mention the Braided Fury, Mistress... Frank lamented as Daniel turned his attention elsewhere.

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Dear Frank, that is just a legend, and an esoteric one even by our standards. I refuse to worry him with a story about a fallen seraphim whose greatest joy is melting bones and braiding people together when her last sighting was in a fictional account of a legendary barbarian.

F Human Witch 13 Init+4 Hp: 104/91--- AC:20 t:15 ff:16---F8//R9//W13--Perception +16

Euphemia ran back and forth with scrolls and books in what was now her university library with a rehabilitated Patches. She had regenerated the orphan's eye and had made her something of a protegé, as the day in which the witch could settle down and have a normal life couldn't exist in the near future, and she had to do something during the long hours Gerard was kept at work as the wharfmaster.

She didn't shirk her duties, but she did occasionally rush them after a long day of experimentation, teaching, and... cooking, when the situation merited it.

She had ferreted away the darker tomes (aside from whatever Cheliax had mandated) to a conspicuously lackluster "restoration" effort in the university's basement to try to prevent Orsin's fate from befalling anyone else. Additionally, she found the most humorous tomes and compiled a reading list for any interested. This is, of course, not including her new recipe book. She would have made more than one, but her duties in the new... council.. kept her writing time, at least, to a minimum.

She hated handing off that work to Patches or any of the other orphans she hired from time-to-time, but compiled data had to be put somewhere.

She finagled her schedule so that she could bake Andrea's wedding cake. And fill it with aphrodesiacs... though no one could have been surprised by that point. She also continuously sent pastries to the mayor's residence. In a way, it was her way of looking after Andrea when other duties didn't allow it.
Aurelio and Gerard were in no spared from such deliveries, but they were not as frequent, because Euphemia wasn't afraid that they would become so stressed as to stop eating entirely.

She visited her brother on occasion, but the newfound freedom of Westcrown caused Rance's star to rise even higher, and it was hard to find a place in his schedule to bond. That was alright, as long as they could still get together every so often.

Euphemia's relationship with Gerard didn't grow any less tumultuous with Gerard through the years, but the disagreements didn't last long, and she never used her hair as leverage again.

The witch advanced her magical skills yet further, but not in any real destructive way. Mostly, she just ensured that Frank was always zooming about the library with increased abilities and prolong the time she could spend in her favored hedge-hoggy form. That was really the only way to accompany Gerard on some of his more difficult missions (which she always did as he got on in years out of worry that his hip would go out or something while he was sneaking... it never did).

She bore Gerard two sons eventually: a brooding firecracker of a boy with a keen intellect who often ran away to be alone, and a sensitive soul who wanted to please everyone and was terrified of solitude. Both ended up honing skills as adventurers, but only one managed to make a name for himself within Gerard's circles. Which one that is... well, isn't for this author to decide.

Thirty-five years after the events of the destruction of the original council, Euphemia vanished alongside Frank. While it was speculated to have been family trouble, that was not at all the case.
Honestly, there was only one thing amiss, and that was the disappearance of the wicked tomes in the "restoration chest" in the basement.

Regardless, it was a good life, and Patches made a fine replacement Lore Keeper when the time came.

Before vanishing, Frank fathered no less than 250 hoglets with a redeemed, polymorphed criminal after intense, wheel-running reeducation.
Owing to the absurd level of intelligence of both parents (which passed on, in a manner of speaking), said pups were prized as companions rather than pets, and two of them found their way to the mayor's manor.

Frank was believed to have penned an epic novel under the pen name of "Spyiak Li" about a half-orc paladin fighting demons in the Worldwound. He encountered and defeated the Braided Fury and eventually became so powerful that when he died of old age on the battlefield, he exploded in holy light and took a balor with him.

It was completely devoid of typos and grammatical errors.

Male human bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5


Mayor Andrea stared out her office window, watching the ships lazily roll into the harbor. She sighed as her stomach growled, asking for yet another of Euphemia's now all-eaten pastries. She struggled to keep her mind on task and instead began wondering what Fiosa would be cooking for dinner.

"So I see that you've outlawed the murder plays," remarked a rich voice from the threshold of the entry. "Three years imprisonment for attending seems a little harsh, but you don't hear me complai-"

Orsin could hardly finish his sentence before Andrea embraced him so tightly it knocked the wind out of him. He reciprocated her affection with a customary kiss of the forehead, though it had been years since he had given her one last. It would probably be many more before he would again.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to give you away like I had promised," he said, gazing down at his friend. Age and worry left their trails across the bard's handsome, but faded features. Wearing their burdens on the outside was something he and Andrea had in common, though the Mayor seemed to age at a far slower pace.

"We didn't...we thought..." Andrea began, "...and your soul?"

"Mine again, though it was Moloch's for a time. Geryon didn't yet own my soul which meant that I could sell it to Moloch before the terms of my contract expired. When they did and I was no longer in ownership of my soul, the initial bargain was null and void. Moloch's agents tell me that he was happy to have slighted his infernal rival in exchange for helping me. Khazrae was true to her word."

"Well, you picked the perfect time to return. The Winter of White Roses is being revived in the park like you had always talked about and I'm sure I could speak with Robahl and get y-"

"Andrea, I can't stay. I'm headed to Absalom to meet with Venture-Captain Ghontasavos and then there are these tombs that have just been made publicly available in Wati and I..." Orsin eyes began to tear as he thought about everything they had been through. "I'm going to miss you, so very, very much." Orsin gently grabbed Andrea's hand and placed a small pouch in her open palm that jingled with coin as it settled.

"I know that Shu Lien is probably much happier now at the Grotto since you've become mayor, but just in case she wants to leave, this is for her freedom. Will you hold on to it for me?" Andrea returned his words with a silent nod, her eyes still wide to see a man she thought bound for hell standing before her. Orsin gave her one last kiss on the forehead before leaving.


Orsin never returned to Westcrown and never found Gregorio's killer.

He traveled the world as a Pathfinder and lived a life of adventure. Reports confirm that he eventually found the love of his life.

He wrote down his exploits and those of his comrades in the Pathfinder Chronicles, Volumes 25-30, entitled The Council of Thieves.

Male Half-Orc Sacred Servant of Iomedae HP128/128, AC30/17/27, F17/R14/W14, Init +3, Perception +12, CMB18/CMD34
Blessing of the Watch, Protection Aura in 20ft Azreal, Spl Imun3BAB+23+2 AC/+1 Saves Azreal

Daniel had said kind and heartfelt words at the wedding and accepted and gave out congratulatory pats on the back.
When it was finally over he had returned home to his quarters at Tilneros manner to find a Breastplate and gore covered Dwarven Arsenal waiting for him.

Duncan:I was on patrol fer the weddin. Didn't tell Andrea but when the big fight started I used me gifts ta follow a devil as it ported back to the well. Had yer Buddy house cleric, the Lantern Bearers and Areal give me a hand in sealin' it. Then we collapsed the room on top of it. Lord Tilneros says he'll keep the place closed. Heard ye did pretty well yeself today.

The half-orc reguards the dwarf and begins to remove his armor and work his sore muscles.

Daniel: Eccardian and the Barbed Devil are dead. Andrea and Fiosa will be happy. I believe Gerard has earned enough fame to secure a prominent role but as well known as he is now, I doubt he will be able to hide himself from the world. I...don't know what happend to Orsin.

The dwarf helps the young warrior out of his gear and reguards the two swords the boy was carrying.

Duncan:Ye sound ferlorn. Ye changin yer mind bout leavin?

Daniel: Not at all. I know where my place in the world is. Staying here to become an old man is not my destiny. I will die at the Worldwound. Of that I have no doubt.

The dwarf studies the blades as the Paladin changes into his house clothes.
You and me both lad. An I ain't without saddness either. Been busy, walking Dark roads and closing portals and other craziness while I was dead and come back. Always I was thinking bout HER. Didn't ye know I was ready ta kill her when I found out she was a disciple o Urgotha? Stayed me hand and guided her instead and look what she's become. Kid's like me own daughter and one of the last talks we had was me arguin over me pride.

Daniel: You could just tell her that, Fool Dwarf. And you haven't much time, we leave for the wound tomorrow.

The dwarf looks up at the tall Paladin with Misty eyes.

[b] Not good at Talkin. Left her a note.


The next day a Paladin of Imoedae and an Inquisitor of Ragathiel rode out of Westcrown, bound for the Worldwound.
One went one to become a shining commander in the Inheritors Army, the other his trusted Leutenant. Together they led the charge on many of the demonic strongholds in that blasted country and only one of them was sung about in the tales.

In the final battle the Paladin called upon his goddess to channel her very voice throught his mortal frame and she oblidged. Destroying his body I the process and harming the Demon Prince enough for Duncan to land a killing blow.

Tales were sung about the Paladin.
The dwarf wouldn't have it any other way.

Male Human Rogue 13 | 97/97 | AC 26/19/19 | F 8/R 16/W 7 | Init +7 | Perc +18/+22

Gerard's way was to let the children find their true selves... But, whatever path they found they would be the best at it.

They would be co-creators in the world and have a hand in penning their own destiny.

Destiny. Daniel, damn you... Phem had told about her vision of you being killed by a lady. Who knew it would be The Lady.

The rogue put down the message, it had come via fast messenger from his brother... A scout at Lastwall. Divine Hunter. Very different from the Half-Orc.

Come in, Jarvis. It's not good news. Daniel has left us. He was a good man. Jarvis tried, but he was never quite as quiet as he thought he was.

The man stepped into the tower study. Aurielo...

And here I was wondering what... no, who I was going to take this out on. To make up for losing Daniel, I'm going to ruin a lot of people's nights. Go home to your lovely wife and daughter, Jarvis. Give them a kiss for me. Gerard's hand runs over his trusty belt, the one that called his blades back to him... with a new addition. Ghost Touch Dagger.

The Wharfmaster by day steps nimbly up unto the tower balcony's ledge. There is a chill breeze beneath the moon and it reminds him of when he'd first met Phem, on that stupid boat... in the swamp. That redcap would be proud, tonight.

It was only two hundred feet down, from the tower above the keep atop a cliff side overlooking the docks. He reached for a vine...

Life, Freedom, Beauty... Time to earn it.

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