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This is Council of Thieves AP. Westcrown, City of Twilight, once was the center of Aroden's faith, but now it symbolizes despair. By day, the city remains a vibrant center of trade; but, by night only those with a death wish venture out.

The Bastards of Erebus

Even before Aroden’s death, the Council of Thieves had been an open secret in Westcrown. The city’s first (and most successful) thieves’
guild, the Council of Thieves was comprised of members from influential and often noble families in Westcrown. Subtle and content to rest upon the work of past generations, these rich and affluent criminals grew wealthier off of all manner of smuggling, gambling, prostitution, and more nefarious but increasingly white collar crimes. Yet now, insurrection boils within the Council’s inner ranks, and if left to bloom, the resulting coup could engulf all of Westcrown.

By Sean K. Reynolds

GM House Rules:

1. A natural "1" on an attack roll is a possible fumble. The player makes a DC10 DEX check, including any ability modifier in the roll. A number below a 10 means you have either dropped your melee weapon or snapped your bow/crossbow string or your thrown weapon was dropped.

2. I do not retcon actions. This game is designed to move quickly. It potentially becomes problematic for me to redo actions and consequences.

3. Just because an item appears in a book, or there is a rule set for an item, does not make it automatically available in the game setting.

I reserve the right to add or modify House rules.

Notable NPCs:

The Brotherhood of Westcrown
Arael - male,H/E leader, Cleric of Iomedae
Janiven - female, H Second in command, Ranger
Ermolos - male, H - Expert/Warrior/Fighter, apprentice to Duncan
Fiosa -female, halfling, Adept Pharasma, apprentice/lover to Andrea
Amalya - female, H, expert, budding apprentice Orsin
Gorvio - male, H, expert, horse/stable hand
Larko - male, H, warrior, dock worker
Mathalen - female, H, commoner/monk, was appreticed to Kenji, dieceased
Rizzzardo - male, H, commoner
Sclavo - male, H, expert apprentice to Arael, 3rd in command.
Tarvi - female, H commoner
Vitti - male, human expert
Yakopulio "Yak' - Female, gnome expert

Allies or Friendly NPCs
Dottari Squad
Lieutenant Whatley Pinkerton
Sergeant Maurice Greenhelm
Swift Dodgesmith - died but PC's paid to have raised.
Kenswick Wellington -
Henrik Limko
Rohana Slipfinger

Shinon's contacts
Chelsi Longbottom - Elf, Pretty advisor to the Grulios family. Grulios family is a 4th ranking in power and influence - Shipping/docks/trade. Shinon's contact.

Lady Marion Grulios - Matron of the noble house.

Traine Bransen - minor noble family. Dabbling in theater. Shinon's contact.

Andrea's contacts
Alister Mchuffin - Cleric of Calistria. Andrea's contact.
Gerald - Moneymonger and owner of "Westcrown Exchange House", employer of Andrea and Orsin's banker.
Nathaniel - Morgue worker. Andrea's contact.
Lady Elmira Pennington- dress/beauty shop gossip.

Duncan's contacts
Gruum Sharpest - Smithy and owner of shop. Duncan's employer.
Brian - street kid Duncan saved and has as an apprentice at Gruum's.

Orsin's contacts
Gerald - Moneymonger and owner of "Westcrown Exchange House", employer of Andrea and Orsin's banker.

Maurice Greenhelm - Sergeant with Dottari

Thesling Umbero Ulvaud - rival dandy and opera singer.

John's Contacts
Maurice Greenhelm -Sergeant with dottari and trained wiht him.

Alfar Decan - retired Hellknight of the Scourge. Mentor and weapon master.

Lumar Decan is Alfar's grandson and rival of John's. Recently accpeted a positon with the Hellknight of the Rack.

Teak Ulnar "Tweaker's" Contacts

David the guard who knows Tweaker from childhood and so gets him through the gate without much trouble. David is a source of information on where to avoid trouble including not entering the city or staying out of sight.

Tiny the tinkerer (typical huge human) who he has visited over the years to see if he has any traps or oddities. Tweaker doesn't know where the shop gets it wares and does not care. Tiny never asks Tweaker questions so he does the same.

Samantha that is someone who always seems to show up when Tweaker visits the city though he don't know why or how she knows. He doesn't know what to think of her either. She smiles too much at him like she knows a secret.

Lucrezia Villanova's Contacts

NPC's and location

The Mermaid's Grotto - A tavern and brothel. The first floor is dedicated to drinking and gambling and is poorly decorated to resemble someone's idea of an underwater scene including bare-breasted mermaids on a large mural behind the bar.
The second floor is several small rooms for rent by the hour, furnished with a bed and female companion.
The third floor are rooms rented by several of the people working at the tavern, Lucrezia included.
The owner is Alphonse Lourdou, a wealth shipping merchant who wanted to ensure his sailors had a good place to take their shore leave. And if the money he paid them ended up back in his pocket, all the better.

Luciano Villanova - Father, serving on a naval vessel.
Lucius Villanova - Brother, serving on a naval vessel.

Marcus Drogada - Male human sailor still serving aboard Lucrezia's former ship. Friend and past love interest.
(description: short, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 27 yrs old, 5'11")

Pearl - Human female, serving wench and prostitute at the Grotto.
(Description: Pearl white skin, long jet black hair, brown eyes, 19 yrs old, 5'5", slave owned by Alphonse Lourdou)

Misty - Halfling female, serving wench and prostitute at the Grotto.
(description: Short, golden blond hair, green eyes, 21 yrs old, 3'8", slave owned by Alphonse Lourdou)

Tracy - Human female, serving wench and prostitute at the Grotto.
(descrption: Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, 24 yrs old, 5'2", slave owned by Alphonse Lourdou)

Alden - Human male, prostitute at the Grotto.
(description: Shoulder length honey blond hair, blue eyes, 20 yrs old, 5'8", slave owned by Alphonse Lourdou)

Orn Broken-Tusk - Half-Orc bouncer at the Grotto. Has a crush on Lucrezia.
(description: his appearance favors his human heritage more than the orc side, short black hair almost to his shoulders, red eyes, greenish tinged skin, small tusks, one of which was broken in a bar fight, 23 yrs old, 6'8", quite muscular, and is a slave owned by Alphonse Lourdou)

Silas - Bartender/Innkeeper at the Grotto.
Cerra - Wife to Silas and cook at the Grotto.
Raenny - Their daughter, age 13, helps Cerra in the kitchen and runs errands.

Lady Elmira Pennington- dress/beauty shop gossip.

Friendly Noble Families
Gruilos - 4th leading family, shipping docks and dockworkers.
Lady Gruilos - human
Chelsi Longbottom - elf, right hand to Lady Gruilos
Jospuph Grulios - deceased brother.

Missepe - several dead family members.
Horace Missepe IV - Patriarch of the Missepe Family
Clarence Missepe - absentminded 3rd son.

Truk'tosh Contacts

Cassandra Evenstar - Deceased Elderly human woman that bought Truk when he was a child from a slave trader. Unlike most slaveholders she treated Truk with love raising him almost like her own son. She died six years later, happy and warm in her bed.

Unknown to most, Cassandra was a lay-worshiper of Sheyln that had been barren for all of her life. Knowing she would never have children of her own to share her love with, she took matters into her own hands when she met with the fleshtraders and bought a small half-orc child. When she passed away, she died knowing she'd passed on some small amount of love and beauty through Truk.

Severus Cassius Dottari lieutenant that released Truk from his service when the orc savagely beat the prisoner (a man that the lieutenant had been paid to look the other way for) he was told to set free. He is utterly corrupt and frequently accepts bribes.

John Lowell A rank-and-file dottari member just doing his job to put food on the table. As far as Truk's concerned he's one of the few good men in the force. He's a down to earth family man with a half-dozen young daughters and a doting wife at home.

Orn Broken-Tusk Truk's older brother. Despite his younger brother's hotheaded tendencies Orn cares a great deal about his sibling and takes care of him when necessary. They talk almost daily, usually over a meal. He dreams of the day he can set his brother free.

Gilbert the Pearlmonger One of Truk's most frequent employers for private guard work. He's a merchant that specializes in cheap jewelry - usually pearls. Gilbert likes him because the big orc does his job well and he's one of the few people that respects his wares

Other Notable NPCs:

Lord Mayor Aberian Arvanxi - mayor

Duxotar Iltus Mhartis - male, Leader the Dottari, the High Warden was appointed by the mayor.

Paralictor Gonville Chard - Male, Human - Hellknight. Leader of the Rack

Aritil Sevarn - Male, Human, often rumored to be the corrupt arms-maralictor (Armory Commander) in the hellknight. dislikes dwarves.

Henk - Leader of bandit gang called the Redknives.

Palaveen - Leader of the bandit gang called the Bastards of Erebus.

Lord Horace Missepi IV - Lord of the noble house Missepi.

Flav'r T'Dj'more - Theater Editor - "This journalist always endeavors to get the inside theater scoop and to bring my readers the crunchy details they expect. I must admit that the recent performance was solid but all joy of the performance was overshadowed and crushed by Orsino Bessatte flippant attitude. Bessatta displayed poor showmanship, when he failed to acknowledge the few fans that he has, certainly his actions are no way to develop a following. My readers demand more. He should seriously consider slithering to the back country he emerged from; Wiscranis's can do better than this one's mediocre talents. In fact, I've never been so humiliated, perhaps his career will flow into the sewers of Westcrown.'
-Flav'r T'Dj'more, Theater Editor

Trent Missepi - 5th son to house, rescued from the Bastards of Erebus.

House Cemiane - A noble house that is beholden to the Julistarc family, both Houses are known slavers.

House Mezinas - A main noble house. The weakest of the main families.

Book 2 NPC's and Places:

Merchant - Theo Libane, haberdasher. Missing left foot and toes on right foot.

Rusty Harbin, Fighter, missing his right hand works with Theo now.

Talbard the Grey, is the proprietor of "Talbard's Wonderous Items - a small arcane magic shop

Two Fingers Pub - small tavern near that the Dottari like to hang out.

Quint's Arms and Armor - General Armory for basic equipment and arms, along with minor magical gear. John frequents here. There is Penelope - H/Elf (cute and flirtatious) sales clerk.

Alister Mchuffin - Calistria's high priest in the city. Andrea and Duncan know him.

Quincy Blackthorn - is the proprietor of "Fizzles" a potion shop. Wizard that wearsa grey robe and red hat.

Ailyn Ghontasavos - Pathfinder Chronicler.

CAST and CREW from the Play:

Robahl Nonon- arrogant rude director. He is now friendly towards the PCs.

Delour Aulamaxa - arrogant aging diva that dislikes fellow actress Calseinica Nymmis.

Calseinica Nymmis - young actress, flirt with Orsin.

Thesling Umbero - constant thorn in the Orsin's side. his main competitor for Opera scenes. Rude.

Millech the Hump - stage techie, illusionist.

Mayor's House Party:

Aberian Arvanxi - Mayor and party host.

Crosael Simin Rasdovain - attractive majordomo on the mayor's manor.

General vourne - Commander of the Gemcrown Bay Imperial Fleet

Chammady Drovenge - Noble, daughter to the 1st Noble Family in Westcrown. Secretive.

Eirtein Oberigo - Noble, leader of the Oberigo family, he is always looking for information and opportunity.

Sascar Tilernos - Tilernos Noble family. Alcoholic and flirty.

Book 3 NPCs:

Harvey Penwick...gem cutter. rescued by Duncan, Orsin and Ermolos from the thugs in the alley.

Leeanna Gudsmith of Oregent in Andoran, Human girl found in the subcellar is the Grotto.

Lord Byron Gudsmith, Leeanna's father he's spice and dye merchant in Oregent in Andoran. The ship sunk was the Miss Leanna. The warship sunk was Firewater Red and the crippled warship was The Northcut.

Jannette Lee and Han Ciderwood, the owners and proprietors of the Hungry Hound, a small galley shaped bar frequented by commoners. Known for their spiced cider (molasses rum, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon flavors).

Bearded Devil Szasmir's History provided in the KNOT:

"The darkness you speak of began in the months before the death of Aroden when two pathetic Pathfinders, Donatalus Bisby and Ilnerik Sivanshin came back from a 3 year exploration of the Mwangi Expanse. The only two survivors of over 50 original expedition members." He laughs. "They discovered what should not have been. They found a trinket or what you may call a relic." He looks over at the bard, "This relic consisted of two interlocking parts: a golden bird's head and an obsidian bat's head."

"It is the source of the problems you could say." He is noticeably relieved by Andrea dropping the circle.

"The two Pathfinders were thought lost when they reappeared with their fantastic story. Donatalus receive much praise ant he other, Ilnerik grew jealous and broke the relic in two, before he fled to Nidal. Care to guess which half went with Ilnerik?"

Care to guess the significance of the two halves?" His inquisitive eye beams with curiosity. "or are you just pretty faces with weapons?

"Good...good. Ole Ilnerik journeyed towards Nidal and each day his flesh burned in the sunlight, unable to sleep at night and useless during the day. The same day he crossed into Nidal, he crawled into a hole and died. Ironic that was the same day Aroden died and Cheliax was thrown into chaos." His claws flex.

"Oh...don't worry, Ilnerik rose again the next moon. Since then he has learned to bend shadows to his will and he learned about the real power of the bat head relic - once a sacred treasure of a now-dead demon lord of the bats and shadows named Vyriavaxus." He spits when he mentions demon lord and then again at Vyriavaxus' name.

Ilnerik came back to Cheliax to provide a service to Westcrown, when he was called to do so - he and his shadow beasts would guard the night, and those that remained inside would be safe. Those that were unfortunate to be outside are dealt horrible fates. Sort of ironic that he was called back to Westcrown, where he once left in a fit of jealous anger." He yawns widely.

"You provided me with a valuable service and I have returned the favor...find the Chelish is with The Outcast King here in the knot." He points to the flickering lights and shifting shadow stuff, "Hell's becoming...not this week, but in the near future by those those energy spikes. My obligation for your service is now fulfilled."

Noble Houses:

John's mentor Alfar Decan, retired Hellknight of the Scourge. Mentor and weapon master. statement to John, Andrea, Lucrezia and Faelyn.

In response to Faelyn's question, "Well there are 12 major Houses in the city and each House has at least two beholden families. The 12 Houses rank in the following order: Drovenge, Oberigo, Salisfer, Grulios, Arvanxi, julistarc, dioso, Tilernos, Phandros, Khollarix, Rosala, Mezinas." He walks over to his firewater carafe and pours a few cups, offering them to each. "Drovenge and Oberigo are the puppet masters. the Grulios family is honorable and wealthy, so they are the targets. Beware of Julistarc and Dios they would like to move up." He drinks from his cup, "Mezinas is struggling to survive with the near departure of one of their allies, the Missepe's, they stand to lose the most and the others know it. Desperation has strange bed fellows."

"Now the minor noble families that are beholden is a mess, you know the Missepe's are realigning with the Grulios family. That weakens the Mezinas and strengthens the Grulios family. A stronger Grulios family worries many Houses. Beware of the Cemaines who work with the Julistarc's that pretty much stretches my current knowledge. That is not to say there aren't others involved."

LINK To Piecing the Puzzle Together

PC Levels:

Duncan - 6th - desceased
John - 9th
Andrea- 11th
Orsin - 11th
Lucrezia -9th - NPC
Faelyn -8th - NPC
Shadow - 8th - NPC
Truk'tosh - 8th NPC
Grimm - 8th - deceased
Daniel - 10th
Gerard - 11th
Euphemia - 11th
Aurelio - 11th


The Tome of the Naga begins with a warning. Ye are about to begin a tale of control and relinquishment, of power and inability, of prosperity and despair. Thou shall learn to control the spirit of the Naga but only if ye are the second of three in reading this tome. The first shall be cursed to walk the land deaf, blind and a mute incurable by all mortal beings. The third shall be tormented by the spirit Naga for payment of the second. This is price of potential knowledge, shall ye desire to press thou luck. The answer shall be revealed at the conclusion of three but be warned partial knowledge is deadly, thy must finish the books within five moons if ye choose to turn the page.

Delvehaven Papers:

All the letters are dated between 4674 and 4676 when Delvehaven was under the control of the House of Thrune. They are summarized as follows and of particular interest:

Mayor Vheed—
Presented below is what I have been able to piece together regarding the Pathfinders who escaped notice after they sealed Delvehaven during the initial riots in the pre-Thrune unpleasantness. After the passage of seventy-some years, it would seem likely that only Sivanshin still lives, and if you wish, I can send my agents north to Nidal to attempt to find him. The use of grave tallow to interrogate those who have been dead these past several decades ironically makes them more available to interview than Sivanshin—provided we can find their remains, of course. I am happy to report that I’ve made some progress in that area.

1. Donatalus Bisby: Leader of Amber Privateers and one of only two survivors of a journey to darkest Mwangi—he has firsthand knowledge of at least one magical artifact that could well serve our needs for control. It would seem Bisby was sealed inside one of Delvehaven’s lower
vaults as the others fled, but I’m unclear if this was a voluntary sacrifice.

2. Ilnerik Sivanshin: Bisby’s chronicler, a half-elf, Sivanshin fled Westcrown a week before Aroden’s Fall. Evidence suggests he fled north, toward Nidal, and with a stolen relic.

3. Coriana Heavenscape: A Westcrown native and, if rumor is to be believed, an aasimar, Coriana remained in Westcrown and organized the Father’s Bulwark, one of many groups of rebels glorious Thrune smashed in the pursuit of establishing order. She was slain and her remains collected by the Sisters of Eiseth—I’ve got them sifting through their
holdings in an attempt to find her.

4. Loremaster Liriam: Delvehaven’s master of lore—no other would know more about the vaults below. Alas, no evidence of his survival has surfaced—like Bisby, his remains might still lie within Delvehaven. I do suspect he was the author of “Cugny’s Wedding,” and if so, your suspicion that it is a cipher may well be correct.

5. Venture-Captain Aiger Ghaelfin: Aiger was certainly the one who ordered the sealing of Delvehaven. My early research indicated that he planned on fleeing Cheliax for Absalom, but further investigation revealed this to be false. He remained in Westcrown and fought
alongside Coriana in the Father’s Bulwark, but was laid low by a Thrune wizard who petrified him and then smashed the resulting statue. Scuttlebutt among the blood bookie circuit is that the remains of the man’s petrified body have been in the possession of one of the lesser noble houses involved in bloodsport, but I’ve not yet determined which
family (I suspect the Luccas). These filthy has-been nobles play well enough when faced with Thrunish agents, but without the direct aid of your allies, master, I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn more…

Hellknight Rank/Titles:

Hellknight Titles:

Hellknight orders are first and foremost military organizations, and as such, they share a system of ranking individuals based on their skills, experience, and exemplary enforcement of their order’s tenets.

- Armiger: A Hellknight in training; a squire.
- Hellknight: A typical soldier in a Hellknight order.
- Maralictor: A mid-level Hellknight officer, similar to a lieutenant.
- Signifer: A Hellknight arcane or religious spellcaster.
- Paralictor: A high-ranking Hellknight officer.
- Vicarius: A scholarly leader of a Hellknight order.
- Master/Mistress of Blades: A marshal commander of a Hellknight order, second to a lictor and equal in rank to a Paravicar.
- Paravicar: A leader of a Hellknight order’s signifers, equal in rank to a Master or Mistress of Blades.
- Lictor: A general of a Hellknight order.

Order of the Scourge:

Here is some information on your Order, I will be posting additional information soon, as far as it tenets.

Order of the Scourge
“Without culpability chaos reigns.”

Fortress Citadel Demain near Egorian
Leaders Lictor Toulon Vidoc, Master of Blades Uldrannas
Haelcant, Paravicar Orlayn Khorelos.

Symbol: A star of bleeding lashes
Armor Scarred breastplate, horned helm
Favored Weapon Heavy mace or whip
Reckoning Lashing with whip or scourge

The Order of the Scourge deftly seeks out lawlessness in its own most organized form, combating those who would prey upon society’s vulnerabilities, whether they be structured criminal ventures, cults, or flagrantly corrupt governmental groups or officials. Intimidation, fearful displays of public justice, and numerous circles of paid
informants aid the order in its war against the scum of civilization. While the Order of the Scourge’s interests lie largely with the aging, crowded citadels of Cheliax, criminals across Avistan and Northern Garund fear the dogged pursuit of Scourge law bringers and bear the scars of the order’s barbed lashes.

The meticulous Lictor Toulon Vidoc leads his order from the indomitable Citadel Demain outside Egorian. A deliberate and ingenious former captain of the Egorian dotarri, Vidoc possesses a cunning mind and has
personally solved some of Cheliax’s most baffling crimes. Today he serves as the most political Hellknight leader, abhorring yet regularly appearing in Her Imperial Magestrix’s court, effortlessly dancing through the capital’s webwork of snares and favors. Beneath the lictor,
the stone-faced Master of Blades Uldrannas Haelcant wages a war against Egorian’s underworld, seeking the shadowy backers behind the capital’s string of murders and gruesome contraband traffic.

Those raised amid crime and squalor find myriad reasons to join the Order of the Scourge, primarily to find and enforce a better life for future generations. Numerous reformed criminals also seek out the knighthood, though only those most devoted to reform can survive that
terrifying path of the Hellknight.

Hellknight Philosophies:

The philosophies below are to fit within the ideas of the Scourge Tenets previously posted.

Hellknight Philosophies:

Firmly believing that the only way society can hope to survive itself is by the strict and unflinching application of law, Hellknights seek to enforce order not as a courtesy or social option but as an imperative. Viewing mankind as innately drawn to chaos and self-destruction, the harsh knighthood posits that only by firm guidance and willingness to expunge the sickest elements of the social
body might the whole survive and ultimately strive toward utopia. They are hardly high-minded idealists, though, seeing themselves as tools and exemplars that, should their ideals take hold, will one day no longer be necessary. Thus, each Hellknight is a tyrant, exacting his order’s strictures in the hopes of reordering society one soul at a time.

The Hellknight vision of justice proves far stricter than that of most societies, being based upon the centuries old legal codes of Cheliax and ancient Taldor, as well as drawing from what its founders viewed as the best of infernal organization. Through the decades, this Hellknight code has become known as “the Measure and the Chain.” This vast, regularly amended body of dictums serves a two-fold purpose: the Measure consolidating thousands of strictures into a single massive codex of laws by which all crimes might be proscribed and punished,
while the Chain delineates disciplines all Hellknights are expected not just to obey, but to embody.

The Measure

Presenting a guide to a strict and ordered society, the Measure is contained within dozens of tomes kept in each Hellknight citadel, with most knights keeping personal abridgments. The crimes presented within number in the thousands, each highly specific and described in detail, along with cold, unquestionable reasoning for castigation. The code wastes little time suggesting methods of punishment for the acts it proscribes, yet when these edicts are viewed through the lens of the Chain, few Hellknights allow for punishments less severe than physical chastisement or death. The Hellknights path is, after all, one of justice—or perhaps more accurately, justness—not righteousness, and examples prove far more effective deterrents than warnings.

The Chain

Ruling over the hearts and minds of every Hellknight, the Chain seeks to bind the animalistic, destructive urges of the heart. At its core, this philosophy encourages discipline through physical trials, be they recitation, memorization, and meditation upon the Measure or exposure to extremes of stress, fear, and pain that threaten to break all but the
most devoted souls. At its more philosophical level, the Chain concerns itself with three virtues: order, discipline, and mercilessness, each divided into twin dictates. These virtues rule over every aspect of a Hellknight’s life—the personal, the societal, and the practical.

Order: Above all things, Hellknights strive for order. Through the lens of order Hellknights envision a future free from fear, waste, or want. Every step a Hellknight takes is a step toward the reordering of the world into a tamed, precise, and civilized society.

Obsolescence: All Hellknights understand that their goal of a rigid, lawful world is far-reaching and likely unattainable within their lifetimes. However, each knight strives for a day when the knighthood is no longer required, when he might lay down his arms, and society might be relied upon to police itself. All Hellknights dream and
work toward a world wherein they are unneeded, and in that distant age, have attained true victory.

Every Man a Tyrant: Just as Hellknights claim the right to exact law upon the land, so must every man. All owe it to themselves and those around them to enforce order and, if need be, punishment. Those who do not are either silent accomplices to mayhem or weaklings fit only for lives of quiet and ignominious obedience.

Discipline: Hellknights seek discipline in all things, but most strictly from themselves and those within their charge. Only through a rigidly regimented mind, body, and soul might one seek to impose order upon the world. If a knight cannot bring order to one body, or to those
he oversees, he cannot hope to right the injustices of the realm. The self is the wilderness every Hellknight must conquer—and from that fortress, the world.

Emotion Is Weakness: In the Hellknight mind, all emotions stand in the way of logical thought and clear decisions. A mantra that varies by need, knights state this dictum matter-of-factly as situations dictate, with “fear,” “greed,” “love,” and “sorrow” often replacing the general term. Only by purging one’s mind and soul of tempestuous desires and mastering one’s baser reactions might a knight rise above the rabble into a master of his world.

Execution by Flame: No achievement occurs without loss, and only by casting off something does one become greater. As a blade is tempered by fire, so too do Hellknights seek to face hardships, scouring themselves of their innate weaknesses and in so doing steeling
themselves for ever-greater trials and triumphs. This dictate holds a dual edge, as it also suggests the flames of Hell, which all knights must face and in so doing loose either their fear or their lives.

Mercilessness: The law by which all Hellknights act and seek to achieve their grand vision, this virtue divides the pretender from the true knight and strikes fear into the hearts of the unjust. Not an allowance for cruelty, this dictum stands as a responsibility for all Hellknights, demanding controlled, decisive, and severe action in all
things. A Hellknight must make judgments and hold no regret, as the path to order is not paved by pity and leniency. By the same token, none are above reprimand, and for one’s vices and mistakes a knight can hold no mercy, even for himself.

Society Cannot Survive Mercy: For every canny criminal or onetime thief there lies an exemption, a well-meaning reason, or an excuse, and by such exceptions society mires itself in an ever-deepening bog of anarchy. Law holds no allowances, and there is no such thing as partial justice. As such, criminals are punished for their crimes, not granted allowances for their intentions. A bleeding heart is a wound that sickens all society, and in judgment, the
heart is but a vulnerability to be excised.

None Are Innocent: Every man has committed a crime or harbored insidious thoughts at some point in his life. Thus, in the application of law, none are above reproach. Even Hellknights must account for their own sins andface punishments for their misdeeds. At the same time,
should an innocent fall in the meting out of justice, such is an injustice that must be atoned for—yet so great isthe rightful cynicism of the average Hellknight that this possibility is rarely considered seriously, and those who seem innocent to the outside eye are merely those who have yet to come under scrutiny.

Calendar of Events:

Abadius - winter
Calistril -winter
Pharast - spring
Gozran - Spring
Desnus - Spring
Sarenith - Summer
Erastus - Summer
Arodus - Summer
Rova - Fall
Lamashan - Fall
Neth - Fall
Kuthona - Winter


Book 1 - began in Rova
Book 3 Begins in the month of Arodus.
Book 4 - Begins in Rova, 1 year later
Book 5 - Lamashan, 1st day


Opening the Wave Door:

Once “The Wave Door” is properly interpreted, it reveals the following directions to access the old Pathfinder cache.

1: The Wave Door is located in Cutlass Cove, above the waves of the cove itself and about 100 yards off the shore of the black sand beach on the northeast shore of the uninhabited island of Wart Rock.

2: The Wave Door can only be opened at night.

3: In order to open the Wave Door, someone must first activate a wayfinder to create light so that the light created falls upon the point in space above the water where the Wave Door is located.

4: Once the location is lit, someone (not necessarily the wayfinder user) must recite Delvehaven’s Oath, a vow taken by all Pathfinders when they join Delvehaven’s roster. (This requires a successful DC 15 Perform [oratory] check and 1 full minute of vocalizing.)

Liriam's Note:

To Whomever Finds This-

It is, of course, my fervent hope that the reader of this missive is a friend of the Pathfinders. In the days before the madness and riots, before Cheliax tore itself apart, there were signs that the end was coming. Among those was Delvehaven’s desertion by one of her own. I now believe that Ilnerik stole half of the Aohl—the Totemrix—and judging by the growing power and magical potential of the Morrowfall, I fear that Ilnerik has unwittingly exposed himself to magic fell and vile. The power building in the Morrowfall is frightening, and we’ve secured it deep below Delvehaven in a vault called the Amber Arca. If my theory is correct and the Totemrix is a Vyriavaxian relic, then Ilnerik is being exposed to shadowy magic of a great evil. If he hasn’t become a vampire by this time, I fear he soon will. I’ve managed to secure a few tools here should that be the case, and hope to come back later to stash some
more in the event of his return, but things grow increasingly dangerous in Westcrown, and I fear that none of us shall live to see the end of the year.



The Morrowfall is one-half of the Aohl, an artifact gifted to the ancient Jaytirian Society following a sacred truce between their two feuding gods of millennia past. The Morrowfall is the remaining manifestation of the power of Easivra, a potent sun god now all but forgotten, but any good-aligned creature that touches the Morrowfall immediately knows the name and how to use the artifact’s powers. It constantly glows with the light spell. The Morrowfall can not be used by a neutral or evil creature. By presenting it strongly and uttering Easivra’s name (a standard action), the Morrowfall can be used to cast the following spells.

At Will— detect undead, disrupt undead, daze monster (DC 13)
3/day— blindness (DC 13), daylight, searing light
1/day—sunbeam (DC 20), sunburst (DC 22)

When the Morrowfall is joined with its counterpart, the Totemrix,its powers, as well as those of the Totemrix, are suppressed. In this state, both it and the Totemrix can be destroyed by anything capable of destroying a magic metal object of its size.

Book 4 NPC's and Places:

1. Tobian the Divines will be a high level cleric, Iomedea, that can enchant divine items. He is protected by his Paladin friend, Kajen Tilernos, House Tilernos patriarch. The AP actually has a LG paladin as notable figure.

MAGIC Gear and Shops:

Grumm Sharpest Smithy - armor and weapons

Tobian the Divines, Wondrous Creations : Divine enchanter of items, follower of Iomedea. Wonderous items, scrolls, potions, wands.

Talbard the Grey, is the proprietor of "Talbard's Wonderous Items - a small arcane magic shop. arcane magic and enchanting.

Alister Mchuffin - High Priest of Calistria (scrolls, potions, wands)

Tiny the tinkerer (typical huge human) traps or oddities

Merchant - Theo Libane, haberdasher. Missing left foot and toes on right foot. Rusty Harbin, Fighter, missing his right hand works with Theo now. (Clothing)

Quint's Arms and Armor - General Armory for basic equipment and arms, along with minor magical gear. John frequents here. There is Penelope - H/Elf (cute and flirtatious) sales clerk.

Quincy Blackthorn - is the proprietor of "Fizzles" a potion shop. Wizard that wearsa grey robe and red hat.

COT Plot:

The letter states from Red Knives Sewer hangout:

"It is incumbent for our success that our enemies meet their fate, extinguish the loyalist leaders of the Council, and send a unit to take care of that meddling Mother of Flies. The swamp hag must meet her end! - Ecarrdian

There is a list of people scribbled in different penmanship on the letter. There is also an ink bottle and quill on the table.


Between Faelyn and Orsin you can pretty much figure that the coin you found is payment towards the job that was listed. The names you found may be future targets or could be the crew sent out to do the job. It is clear that the Red Knives are working with the two grandchildren (Chammady and Ecarrdian) of the Drovenge family. You also know that they are trying to overthrow their grandfather, Vassindio Drovenge, as the leader of the Council of Thieves. The Drovenge family is the wealthiest and most powerful family in Westcrown.


Notes from the sewer in Henk's room.

Mother of Flies Summary:

As devastating as Aroden’s death was to Cheliax, and to the city of Westcrown in particular, not everything changed during the resulting Chelish Civil War. The Adivian River continued to flow, the seasonal winter storms continued to blow, and on the far shore across the river, the insect infested wetlands endured. And within these wetlands, in
a particularly forested area to the northeast of the city of Westcrown, a coven of hags known as the Flies continued to rule the scattered woodlands.

The Flies have been a part of Hagwood for as long as anyone can remember—long enough that the scattered and sodden woodlands within which they made their home became known as Hagwood. Far enough from Westcrown that the three hags weren’t considered a major threat, yet
close enough to remain a constant menace in folktales and bedtime stories, these three green hags (the Mother, the Sister, and the Daughter) have for years played upon the fringes of Wiscrani society, working their nefarious plots for their own unknowable ends beneath the noses of the government of arguably Avistan’s most powerful kingdom. Such was their pervasive influence that Aroden’s death had no real impact on their lives and insulated positions—save perhaps in making it easier than ever to prowl the streets of Westcrown to further
their complex web of plots.

Since the rise of House Thrune, the Flies have maintained their fastness at the aptly named Maggot Tree in the heart of Hagwood, where they constantly seek new methods to spin the tangles and threads of their schemes. When Sidonai Drovenge approached them in 4686 ar
seeking an infernal heir, the Flies cackled with glee. From the depths of Erebus, the coven procured a coin from the archdevil Mammon’s own treasury that, if swallowed within 24 hours of his heir’s conception, would impart the power of that duke of Hell upon Sidonai’s offspring. Little did Sidonai Drovenge know that by accepting this potent gift, he was cuckolding himself—the coin in fact held the possessing spirit of Mammon, and the heir would not be Sidonai’s but Mammon’s own son, begat upon the world through a mortal coupling. When Sidonai’s son was born a fiendish freak 9 months later, Sidonai’s father Vassindio flew into a terrific rage. He ordered the deaths of all involved—midwives and house
staff alike (the mother having escaped this fate by dying herself from complications in birthing the infernal heir). While Vassindio tempered his rage when it came to his son (exiling him rather than executing him), the Flies themselves did not escape his wrath.

Of the three green hags, only the Mother of Flies was away when Vassindio’s forces stormed Hagwood with a deadly combination of fire, assassins, and charmed giants and fey. The Mother learned of Vassindio’s rage and, nursing her own grudge against the Drovenges for
the deaths of her sister and daughter, relocated deeper into Hagwood and began the process creating a new Maggot Tree. To gird herself against further Drovenge vengeance, she sought and found an unlikely ally among the dark fey of the Court of Ether hidden within the
upper reaches of the Darklands region of Nar-Voth. Her alliance secured, allowing agents of the Court of Ether a foothold within the surface realm of Cheliax and providing the Mother with the added protection she wanted, she set out on the slow process of thoroughly
learning about her foe—Vassindio Drovenge, de facto leader of the Council of Thieves—and the many secrets of his criminal order. That Vassindio apparently neither cared about her continued existence nor sought further retribution against her mattered not in her one all consuming lust for vengeance. Yet the Mother of Flies may have taken too long in plotting this revenge, for now things have changed in
the Council of Thieves. Control has passed to Chammady and Ecarrdian Drovenge, and now the infernal heir the Mother helped to engineer seeks to destroy all records of those who know the secrets of his past. If the Mother of Flies is to live to see her revenge, she’ll need to swallow her pride.