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Full Name

Orsin Bessatte




bard 7/pathfinder savant 5: 83/83 hp, Init +2, AC 24 [touch 14, flat-footed 23], Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11; Perception +5




Medium; 6'0", 210 lbs.






Westcrown, Cheliax


Common, Infernal, Elven, Halfling



Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 18

About Orsino 'Orsin' Bessatte

Orsino ‘Orsin’ Bessatte
Male human Chelish diva 7/ Pathfinder savant 5
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +5
AC 24, touch 14, flat-footed 23 (+9 armor, +1 Dex, +3 deflection, +1 natural)
hp 83 hp (11 HD)
Fort +10, Ref +12, Will +11
Speed 30 ft.
Melee* +3 longsword +14/+9 (1d8+12;19-20/x2)
Melee* +3 longsword using Power Attack +12/+7 (1d8+18;19-20/x2)
Special Attacks devastating aria, arcane bond 1/day
Bard Spells Known (CL 10th, concentration +14):
4th (3 of 3/day) — rainbow pattern, searing light, sonic thrust, wall of sound
3rd (3 of 5/day) — dispel magic, glibness, lightning bolt, shard of chaos, thundering drums
2nd (4 of 5/day) — blistering invective, cacophonous call, heroism, mirror image, shatter, silence
1st (6 of 7/day) — call weapon, charm person, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, ear-piercing scream, liberating command, saving finale, solid note
0 (at will) — detect magic, ghost sound, light, lullaby, message, read magic
Str 18, Dex 10 (12), Con 12 (14), Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 18
Base Atk +7; CMB +11; CMD 21
Feats Arcane Strike, Intimidating Prowess, Power Attack, Magical Aptitude, Skill Focus (Knowledge [arcana]), Eldritch Heritage (Arcane), Improved Eldritch Heritage
Skills Bluff** +20, Diplomacy +13, Disguise** +8, Intimidate +16, Linguistics +6, Knowledge (arcana) +13, Knowledge (history) +4, Knowledge (local) +4, Knowledge (nobility) +4, Knowledge (planes) +4, Perception +5, Perform (sing) +20, Perform (act) +8, Sense Motive** +20, Spellcraft +16, Sleight of Hand +7, Use Magic Device +22
Languages Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Elven, Halfling
SQ traits (Child of Infamy, Operatic), famous, bardic performance (16 of 19 rounds/day), cantrips, countersong, distraction, fascinate, inspire courage +2, versatile performance (sing, act), prima donna, costume proficiency, suggestion, ballad malfactum, adept activation, master scholar 1, esoteric magic, glyph-finding, scroll master, arcane bond (longsword), quick identification 2/day, sigil master, vindictive soliloquy
Fame 11

* Damage includes Arcane Strike
** Uses Perform (sing) or Perform (act) modifier

Combat Gear: +3 longsword, +1 mithral agile breastplate, ring of protection +3, cloak of resistance +2, belt of physical perfection +2 (Dexterity and Constitution), glove of storing, handy haversack

Items Kept in the Handy Haversack:

pipes of sounding, wayfinder (with a cracked dusty rose ioun stone)...

wand of featherstep (8 charges remaining)
wand of silence (2 charges remaining)
wand of color spray (unknown number of charges)
wand of cure moderate wounds (6 charges remaining)
wand of break enchantment (8 charges remaining)

4 potions of cure serious wounds
Potion of haste

4 scrolls of share language
2 scrolls of horn of pursuit
2 scrolls of lightning bolt
2 scrolls of identify
2 scrolls of web
2 scrolls of restful sleep
2 scrolls of dispel magic
Scroll of black tentacles
Scroll of invisibility
Scroll of cloudkill
Scroll of rock to mud
Scroll of detect secret doors
Scroll of disguise self
Scroll of erase
Scroll of grease
Scroll of magic mouth
Scroll of magic aura
Scroll of silent image
Scroll of undetectable alignment
Scroll of shocking grasp
Scroll of bane
Scroll of remove fear
Scroll of unseen servant
Scroll of remove paralysis
Scroll of break enchantment
Scroll of locate object
Scroll of communal spider climb
Scroll of true seeing

Other Gear: +2 longsword, ring of protection +1, three vials of holy water, three courtier's outfits with 150 gp in jewelry, explorer's outfit, three belts, a hat, four scroll cases, a complete set of Pathfinder Chronicles (one for each knowledge skill), masterwork backpack, blank journal, 8 oz vial of ink, inkpen

Money: 17,162 gp, 7 sp, 9 cp on hand, 97 gp in savings.

Orsin also has a masterwork virginal and a carriage, both of which are kept at his flat.

Orsino ‘Orsin’ Bessatte was abandoned as an infant at an orphanage in Kintargo in the north of Cheliax, having never known his parents or any other family. Though Orsin possessed a variety of hidden talents, his childhood at the orphanage was fairly un-extraordinary, being neither particularly popular among the other children nor their pariah. However, one friendship that he made in that oppressive, unfriendly place would change the course of his life altogether.

Gregorio Ardiavinci, a boy of roughly the same age as Orsin, was known throughout the orphanage as a gregarious, but devious child. He was often adopted by Chelish nobles looking for pet projects to pass the tedium, only to be returned days later on account of the mischief he inevitably caused. For whatever reason, however, Gregorio attached himself to Orsin and the two became inseparable. Where Gregorio was impish, haughty, and bold, Orsin was mannered, quiet, and reserved. The two complemented each other in every sense of the word. And despite his protestations, Orsin became an accessory to each and every one of Gregorio’s ridiculous schemes, relishing every minute of it. Tales of their pranks and exploits at the orphanage became legendary.

Every year, the Kintargo Opera House sent scouts to the local orphanages in search of talented girls whom they could adopt young and turn into highly-loyal (and hugely successful) prima donnas. A few boys would also find adoption if they displayed modest vocal ability, since it is hard to esteem a male’s voice before they mature. More often than not, however, male children who were adopted were destined for lives as indentured stagehands. Naturally, when Gregorio had the “brilliant” idea that they should both audition, Orsin, naturally, acquiesced. Gregorio, with his latent charm and good natured personality, was a clear selection, but Orsin was a somewhat harder sell. Though his singing was arguably superior to that of his friend, he was very shy and somewhat cold. Nevertheless, both were welcomed into the fold of the Kintargo Opera House, leaving behind the orphanage forever to join a new family.

As Orsin matured into a fine young man, he began to rival even Gregorio’s charisma, which one might expect when surrounded by the theatrics, personalities, and demands of the theatre. His friend, of course, continued to make enough mischief for the both of them, but (un)fortunately, life as stagehands left them so exhausted each night that they were left with little room for trouble making. However, whenever Orsin was afforded time to spend as he wished between his crew duties, he spent it watching the rehearsals and performances, studying the virtuoso singers practice their craft from the wings. He envied and admired their splendor in equal measure. And while he was content to simply observe and enjoy the opera, Gregorio had other plans. Orsin may not have cared much about his future at the opera house, but something awakened in Gregorio and he was no longer content to stand idly by and see others gain glory.

Gregorio, with little necessary insistence, managed to convince Orsin that they should take up this goal together. If they became stars of the Kintargo Opera, they’d never have to lift another finger. And so, the two snuck out of their quarters late each night after hours and took to the stage, recreating the evening’s performances, replete with sword fights, cumbersome costumes, and coloratura singing. Gregorio’s enthusiasm was infectious and soon Orsin’s mind was filled with similar dreams of wealth and fame. After years of such activity though, nothing changed. They advanced their position into the company chorus, but now had to contend with the double duty of singing and working in the wings whenever they weren’t needed on stage. Gregorio’s plan had only made their lives more difficult and only modestly increased the size of their purse. It seemed that they had advanced as far as they could until one night when fate intervened on the behalf.

On opening night of the company’s centennial season and the premiere of a new opera called The Bargain Well-Struck, the singers cast to play the roles of Sinful and Selfish fell mysteriously ill. As relatively supporting roles, they had no understudies. As “luck” would have it, Gregorio and Orsin had been studying the roles after hours and when they came forward with this knowledge, they were immediately sent to wardrobe. If anybody thought the overwhelming coincidence of the matter was beyond belief, no one said a word. The show had to go on and their operatic debut was a smashing success.

The baritone and tenor were cast as a matched set in the rest of The Kintargo Opera’s remaining season. The next year, they had secured a contract in Egorian, performing similar roles. They had acquired fame and great wealth, but it was quickly spent on expensive meals, fine clothes, and fleshly companionship. The “brothers of the stage”, as they were called, became notorious carousers and womanizers. They had finally made their dreams a reality, but after a year of success in Cheliax’s captial, Gregorio began to change. His volatile, spirited personality got the better of him and he soon began missing his entrances, forgetting lines, and missing rehearsals altogether. He and Orsin began drifting apart and there was nothing to be done for it. Halfway through the season, Gregorio’s contract was terminated and Orsin was made a principal singer in the company. Gregorio stormed out of the opera house one night and the “brothers” never spoke again.

Orsin received word at the start of the year that Gregorio’s body was found dead on the shores of the River Advian. Rumor has it that he fled to Westcrown after his disgrace in Egorian and he struggled to find work, gossip in the theatres and playhouses suggest that he got himself mixed up in private performances of Theatre Mortrescci, infamously known throughout Cheliax as “snuff plays”. Orsin finished his engagement with the Egorian Opera and declined to renew his contract. Motivated by vengeance and justice, he decided instead to liquidate all his funds and travel to Westcrown in search of his best friend’s killer. He has turned down offers from the playhouses that discovered his presence in town, but he did sing opposite Calseinica Nymmis in The Winter of White Roses earlier in the year so as to remain in the public eye without the constraints of an annual contract.

Since his arrival, Orsin has seen how desperate and different life is in the city of Westcrown. He has heard rumors of some attempting to take back their home from the corruption and horrors that beset the city nightly. He wishes he could do more, but he’s only an actor. What can he do…?

NPC Contacts:

Calseinica Nymmis. A beautiful little waif whose natural talent and beauty are outmatched only by her enthusiasm. Orsin sang opposite of her earlier this year in the opera The Winter of White Roses.

Gerald. In Gregorio's will, Orsin was named the sole beneficiary, which is how he came into possession of the 300 gp granted by the Child of Infamy campaign trait. Gregorio's assets were kept at the Westcrown Exchange House and it was Gerald who contacted Orsin, executed the will, and so forth. Since his arrival, Orsin opened his own account with the bank and has continued to do business with them regularly.

Shu Lien. A Tian "escort" enslaved at a pleasure house called The Mermaid's Grotto (name subject to change). She's a stunning girl of no fewer than twenty years whom Orsin has given regular patronage. He pays her for her gossip as much as he does her traditional services.

Maurice Greenhelm. A dottari sergeant who likewise frequented The Reverse Mermaid. He and Orsin hit it off over drinks and has since invited him to join a group, but has been scant on the details.

Theo Lisbane. A haberdasher rescued by Orsin and other members of the Brotherhood. The two share a love of fine clothes and the man is currently set to design Orsin's costume for his next performance.