Chronicles of the Silver Rose Company

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This campaign is my attempt to play a canonical Planescape campaign using the updated Pathfinder ruleset. The game actually predates the release of Pathfinder, but we have managed to update as we have needed.

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This is the actual game thread. As soon as we are up and running, this is the posting board for the game. :)

husband half Italian Expert 15 (carpenter 5/ gamer 5/ reader 5)


Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

This is at geep reposted from the other thread

Zigel lights his pipe" A berk is a fool who shod'a known better a leatherhead is a dolt a dullard an idiot. a faction well know my clueless litter basher are the high ups the run the cage." he takes a drags and blows rings of smoke into the air" know ya bashers listen up and ya listen well if ya wanna keep out of the dead books, i'll give ya the chant on the factions" zigel seats back and strokes his goatee
"Let's start with the lost,the defilers ,there the athar.See the thing is basher them berks think all the powers are false and in fact there are no true powers.they make kip in the shattered temple in the lower ward.Next we have the gods men, the believers in the source.they think every thing is godly and any berk can be a power with enuff time and the right path.they make there kip in the foundry ya cant miss it churning out smoke and all.the next we have the bleakers the black cabal cherry bunch of barmies they are .they think there is no point to anything just give up." he takes another puff and smoke rolls out his nose into the air around him spinning off into curls "humm lets see next we have the doomguard them cutters think every thing brakes down,dies or decays so why not speed it up they run the armory in the cage.,then the dust men barmies think evey one is dead and just dont know it always looking to true death..bunch of hinjack if ya ask me in the cage they run the mortuary.them theres the fated.bashers think your fate is your own if ya want it take it and if ya can keep it it's yours they run the hall of records ." he takes a moment to collect his thoughts ,puffs on his pipe and resumes speaking"now the law my little clueless basher is ran by 3 factions in the cage. the hardheads,the guvners and the red death. the harmonim thinks there always right peace and harmony is there goal and if they got to fight for it so be it..not called hardheads for nothing basher.they make the arrest and enforce the law in the cage.
the guvners they think there is laws for every thing there just not all known yet and if a cutter can master them he masters everything.they run the courts here .and the mercy killers they think justice is everything they run the prisons and such in the cage." stokes his goatee in thought" then we have lets see, the signers think there each the center of the multivers.bunch of addle-cove barmies,ciphers act frist dont think..when ya know what to do without thinking your one with the multiverse.hump "rolls his eyes" then sensates belive a sod has the experience things to be and whats better then new experiences i ask ya basher? that leaves us with the last 3 the indeps are to independent to even thin there a faction.the anarchists what to over throw all laws and rules only then can a basher be free..always starting stuff they are.
and the choasmen that bunch are real barmies they think every thing is choas and they want to become one with choas..get enuff of em in one place odd things happen." he puffs the last few puffs of his pipe empty it and turns to the lizard/halfling" any thing else else I can help ya with basher ya let me know wouldn't want ya to get your bonebox cut out or get put in the deadbook over being an leatherhead clueless if I can help it"

It's raining in Sigil. It does that a lot. The chill rain washes the smoke from a million hearths out of the sky as it comes down, taking on the appearance of weak tea.

The hours straddling the fine line of Peak and Anti-Peak are a time of change for Cagers. Workers from the Night Market are trudging home bedraggled: The whores, minstrels, ale-sellers and knights of the post looking for their kip after a long night's work. The bakers, stall merchants, wholesalers and apprentices are emerging into the wet darkness, pulling their cloaks around them as they contemplate the beginning of another day in the Cage.

Down the small street of Copper Court, the facades of old buildings drip with brown water, the water stains blending with centuries of previous brown washes, streaking the granite and marble blocks and further rusting the metal spikes that festoon so many of their roofpeaks.

A trio of Dabus work their way slowly down the street, the air above their heads dancing with rapidly-flickering brightly-colored images that stand out like bright lanterns in the grey gloom. They clear razorvine gently from the buildings, cutting the glossy black foliage back and bundling the cut twigs into small twisted logs. A group of ragged children follow behind them, waiting for a bundle to be handed to them by the silent Dabus and streaking off to whatever kip their family dwell in.

Although most of the offices are still shuttered against the Anti-Peak darkness, one door stands slightly ajar, with a spill of golden light and a hum of activity within. Above the door, a faded wooden sign shows a large cauldron being stirred by a stereotypical rendition of a tavern wench. The writing above and below proclaims the establishment as the Copper Cauldron Inn.

Inside the inn's common room, the smell of baking griddlecakes and bacon fills the air. The hearth is large, with several side ovens baking the inns' daily bread. Robyn, Bess the proprieter's youngest son, turns the spit on a large flitch of bacon at the fire. A huge cauldron (made of copper of course) sits on a large iron hook, a non-descript brown stew gently bubbling away.

A varied group of customers gather in the roomy common area. Several skinny soot-smudged young children cluster around a skinny soot-smudged man, hastily gulping down bowls of the inn's cheap brown stew. A minstrel plucks lazy chords from his lute as he awaits his breakfast. Two well-dressed merchants hold a whispered conversation at a back table, their bodyguards eyeing each other sourly and subtly flexing their muscles. Merchants, laborers and touts fill the humid air with the warm buzz of conversation.

Bess Allgood, the mistress of the house, directs the bustle and flow of the morning feed with the competence of a field marshall. Her eldest daughter Ramona weaves between the tables, bringing food and drink to the customers with the ease of long practice. Bess' boys Ferdinand, Darroth and Robyn all perform various cleaning and cooking chores about the common room. Miranda, her youngest, sits next to Bess, helping her portion out the food as she cooks griddlecakes over a brazier set behind the common room's bar.

One large table in the back stands empty, except for one man smoking a long pipe. He looks as if he is expecting someone to arrive any moment.

Renkar awaits your presence in the Copper Cauldron cutters!

neuter Robbit (variant halfling with reptilian appearence) Rogue2 / Wizard (transmuter) 1

Greep, coming down the back stairs from his top-floor kip, pauses and sniffs the air. "Is that griddle cakes I smell?" -greep- "I'd better hurry before Kratos gets to the kitchen- Miranda can't resist his poorstarvingme look."

female Tiefling 10th level Duskblade

"Hello Renkar," Karrin says as she sets down at the table, "would you mind if I ordered something to eat while we wait? All that food smell is making my tummy rumble."

"Ramona," Karrin calls out, "could I get some pancakes with syrup and butter, I'm thinking only eight or twelve . . . but that bacon smells nice . . . could I also get a plate with some bacon, sausage, and egg? Oh, some of those mushrooms if you got em', some tomato, and maybe some beans. Maybe some toast (to clean the plates with), a bit of the stew (shame to see that go to waste), and some coffee . . ." Karrin quickly glances over at Renkar to see if she's overstepped her bounds, "but nothing else, I'm watching my weight!"

Sovereign Court

Male hu-man Paladin
Zigel Za Elric wrote:
-- good stuff --

Maybe we could move this discussion over to the world serpent inn? unless it comes up in the game that is, I'd like to reply to this quote, but I don't want to disrupt the flow of the new game.

Male Lizardfolk Lizardfolk/2, Cleric/1

After inspecting the fare (with a little disappointment) Ffethpaar approaches the table where the others are gathering. Looking around, he snags one of the stools that is suited to someone with a tail and settles himself on it.

Seeing the food placed in front of Karrin, he catches the attention of the server.

"I have a desire for some of your bacon should there be some available. It would be most satisfying. I would also like some herb tea if you have any else water will do." Looking around at his compatriots and feeling this needs a little explanation: "I cannot drink alcohol except in very small quantities and coffee has a most unfortunate effect on me."

Then turning to Renkar. "I am here as you asked."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

Zigel makes his way to the table and lights his pipe "morning Renkar" he reaches for a roll and tosses it to kratos

kratos takes the roll and makes his way under the table .its easy to stay out of sight and see people at the same time. and someone may get him some ham....ummm ham

female Tiefling 10th level Duskblade

World Serpent Inn for further discussion.

Karrin rubs her hands in anticipation as the plates of food are placed in front of her. She clasps her hands together to prey before tearing into the meal with equal zeal. Watching Karrin eat is something akin to watching a pride of lions devour an antelope: It's not pretty to look at, and one wonder if it might be dangerous to get too close . . .

Kratos watches karrin tear into her food with fascination "finely" he thinks " a towlegger that knows how to eat proper like none of this table manner non sence" He scoots over close to karrin and wags his tail happily as she eats

neuter Robbit (variant halfling with reptilian appearence) Rogue2 / Wizard (transmuter) 1

Greep climbs into one of the chairs which has been added to the table so that the shorter diners can see eye to eye with the others. He stares at Karrin in dismay, thinking of how much work will have to be done to keep her in victuals and the paperwork it will require.
'O well,' he thinks, 'at least my pancakes are safe at this end of the table.' as he carefully drops several slices of ham and a sweet-roll under the table to Kratos.
-Greep- "'Morning all. Bess, I'd be happy to drink Ffethpaar's share of the coffee-It smells good. Are the others up yet?" he says, as he absently reaches into his coat to reassure himself that his 'wand' is secure.

kratos happily munches on his ham and rolls

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Greep wrote:
"'Morning all. Bess, I'd be happy to drink Ffethpaar's share of the coffee-It smells good. Are the others up yet?" he says, as he absently reaches into his coat to reassure himself that his 'wand' is secure.

" Just us as yet cutter, and herb tea would be smashing this prepeak"

he places his own order for turtle eggs , sausage and stout tea and a few more slices of ham for kratos

Eir strolls in wet from the rain with a mysterious smile on her face. She's adjusting her armour as if it had been hastily donned moments before.


She takes a sit and puts her feet up on the table.

"Sorry if I'm late or something."


female Tiefling 10th level Duskblade

"Mats m'odd," Karrin says with her mouth full and looking about, "Mas Manymom meem my mat Macmy?"

Karrin finishes chewing and swallows, "Blacky," she calls, "here puss,puss,puss, gonna get you some milk and sardines, here puss, puss, puss!"

Karrin sighs, "I'm sure she'll show up somewhere, I was hoping she'd be here for our first meeting though . . ." Karrin glances over at Eir, "putting your feet up on the table is bad manors," she says grabbing an entire syrup soaked pancake with her hand and stuffing the hole thing into her mouth causing syrup to drip all over the table, the front of Karrin's shirt, and naturally her face and mouth, "Smome meomle mave mo manmors."

Eir slowly lights a long slender cigar. She leaves her feet on the table.

To Karrin, "Why aren't you fat?"

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Eir Haakonen wrote:

Eir slowly lights a long slender cigar. She leaves her feet on the table.

To Karrin, "Why aren't you fat?"

Zigel gives a deep belly busting laughter" tiefling cutter , how many fat tieflings have ya seen cutter?Most and eat a basher out of kip and case and never gain an mouse weight ,the lass is just a wee bit hungry is all" he pops his sausage into his mouth and slowly chews . after sallowing he says "the lass could learn to savor it more though"

Zigel Za Elric wrote:
"tiefling cutter, how many fat tieflings have ya seen cutter?"

"Well, there's that fat bastard Maxus Korkalian, down at the Magic Vat potion shop. Keeps trying to feel my ass."

Don't miss that link, man, it's sweet.

Eir blows a few smoke rings at Zigel.

female Tiefling 10th level Duskblade
Eir Haakonen wrote:
Zigel Za Elric wrote:
"tiefling cutter, how many fat tieflings have ya seen cutter?"

"Well, there's that fat bastard Maxus Korkalian, down at the Magic Vat potion shop. Keeps trying to feel my ass."

Eir blows a few smoke rings at Zigel.

LoL, I knew what it was before clicking on the link. My PCs just killed that punk in my AoWs campaign.

"It's cuz of my metabolism," Karrin says as she mops up the syrup and sausage drippings on her plates with a piece of well buttered bread, "and cuz I work out and stuff. Plus axes are awesome, you get way more of a work out swinging an axe then that little needle you call a sword. Your whip would serve you better cuz it takes so many swings to kill anyone . . . messy though, and I think that some people get the wrong idea when they see a lady with a whip . . . might be why your bum always has hand prints on it . . . well that and your a . . ." Karrin suddenly seems to remember a bit of advise her father gave her and she pops the piece of toast into her mouth.

"Ahem. Yes. Gods! If I ate like that I'd weight 300 pounds."

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd
Eir Haakonen wrote:

"Well, there's that fat bastard Maxus Korkalian, down at the Magic Vat potion shop. Keeps trying to feel my ass."

Eir blows a few smoke rings at Zigel.

zigel takes in the smoke with a heavy breath savoring then sent and smells it brings "Have you seen that berk eat?" he waves hes hands at kerrin that leatherhead makes the lass her look like she eats like a mouse" shakes his head last time I Saw that berk filling is bonebox it involed three roth rousts,six cranglr berry pies,nine pitchers of bub five loafs of bread, 12 dozen bine eggs and five bowl of angelwhil stew" zigel snorts in disgust "That berk smells like a 12 day old hinjack corpse left out in the street. he's a bubber ,a slob and all around pike in yah darkness " zigel blows ringlets of smoke over to eir "so cutter is the darks way of giving the laugh to us all it seems"

Renkar gives everyone a nod as they seat themselves at the table. Ramona bustles around, dishing out plates of the various orders. The air fills with the smoke from the several pipeweed products our heroes enjoy.

Pipeweed? That's a cigar, Mr. Spinner. The phallic significance of a cigar is an important characterization device.... And while I'm at it I want to add that Eir wears a big black cloak and flicks matches with her thumbnail.


Renkar clears his throat

"Good Peak to you all, my new comrades. I wanted to have breakfast today to allow you all a little time to get to know one another better. We have everyone here, except for Swift, but I am sure she will arrive soon."

Renkar reaches into his tunic and pulls forth some silver rose-shaped brooches.

"Some of you received a brooch already. I will now give out one to those who haven't received one yet. These will identify you to canny bashers as my wards. As my wards you shouldn't have to worry about being harrased by the Harmonium or the Mercykillers unless you do something blatantly illegal."

Renkar draws in another lungfull of fragrant pipeweed.

"Please enjoy your meal, chat among yourselves, and when Swift arrives and we have all gotten our breakfast tucked in Renkar glances at the syrup-smeared face of Karrin we can proceed down the street to my new office where I will introduce you to the other team members. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask."

I stand corrected O Phallic one

I can buy wooden matches in Sigil, can't I?

Lucifers are available. They are hard to keep usuable in field conditions though, just good for atmosphere in urban settings :)

Thin coat of wax? Waterproof scroll cases exist, n'est pas? Can't find them in any D&D books, but they've sure got all kinds of exploding alchemical stuff.

OK. Lucifers can be taken to field conditions, but they can be tricky, just because the alchemical mixture the sticks are dipped in is succeptible to humidity unless kept absolutely dry. I don't see it really unbalancing the game, so stock up!

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

I'LL prob need some myself

let's take this discussion to the discussion thread

Female Tibbit Rogue 3

Swift walks in, drenched in rain and looking very unimpressed. She'd always hated having soggy hair and before entering she'd heard her adopted tiefling offering 'Blacky' milk and sardines. Boy did she hate it when her double-life bit her in the behind like that. Maybe she could excuse herself to the bathroom for long enough for her cat form to gobble up those goodies later. But right now business was business and she had to be here in her humanoid form.

"Urgh" She manages to utter as she wrings out a few droplets of water from her dark hair, her eyes scanning the room and soon resting on the table where she was expected. "I'm not too late am I?" She askes as she makes her way over and slides into the remaining seat, no real concern over her tardiness in her voice.

Renkar looks at Swift and smiles

"Not at all my dear! We are just sitting down to a good breakfast. Please, make yourself comfortable"

Renkar raises a hand to summon over Ramona

"We hadn't discussed anything of import, I just thought it would be nice for you all to get to know one another a bit before we proceed to our business at hand."

Renkar extends a silver rose brooch to Swift

"Here is the insignia of our little band. It should shield you from harrassment from the powers that be ... at least unfounded harrassment."

Renkar puffs his pipe and looks over the assembled group.

"I think this will be a very profitable partnership."

With a panatela cigar in the corner of her mouth, feet still on the table: "I smell wet cat."

Female Tibbit Rogue 3

Taking the offered brooch Swift looks at it thoughtfully for a moment. 'It's not gold but it's suitably pretty' She concludes, sure that she could never be associated with a group that would want her to wear something ugly.

At the comment on wet cat she sniffs lightly and looks over at the mutt. "Are you sure it's not dog you're smelling?"

Krots nose picks up an smell thats not right. he snuff the air {/i] 'SNIFF,SNIFF SNIFFFFFFFF" [i] he walk under the table to sit at swits feet and cold noses her and takes a few sniffs "Funny" he thinks to himself "she smell like cat but not cat . the lady with the smoke stick or like ,the red lady or the scaley people or master " odd indeed he thinks

Male Tiefling Invoker/3rd

with a chuckle "Looks like ya make a friend cutter" he says as kratos cold noses and sniffs her

Swift. wrote:

At the comment on wet cat she sniffs lightly and looks over at the mutt. "Are you sure it's not dog you're smelling?"

She should have said that to Eir.


Eir blows a few more smoke rings at the ceiling.

As everyone settles into their seats and tucks into their breakfast, a young lady approaches the table. She is dressed in relatively severe clothing, leaving very little revealed, but the cut of the clothes and their quality speaks of haute couture. She is blonde and fair, with the ethereal quality that most Cagers call 'Angel Blooded' Aasimar. Her violet eyes and elongated ears bespeak an admixture of Elven ancestry besides.

As she approaches, you all notice she has some sort of stole around her neck. Then the stole stirs and you see it is a strange creature lying across her slim shoulders. It seems to be some sort of 3' long lizard with iridescent rainbow-colored scales. It blinks and looks at the party, unfurling an impressive pair of bright orange wings marked with black pipings. It launches itself off the young woman's shoulders and hovers close to Renkar.

"Renkar-Renkar-Renkar" The diminutive flying lizard hums in a squeaky voice. "Mercutio hungry. Feed Mercutio? Apple pie?"

The young woman takes a seat at Renkar's side

the flying talking thing draws kratos away from the not cat twolegger.
he stands on his hind legs front paws on the table bringing is head almost as high as the others.he tilts his head side ways and spread his ears looking at the odd beast.panting he happily wags his tail which seems to hit swift on every back stroke.

Renkar nods at the new arrival

"Ah Hanali. I am glad you could make it. And I see you have brought the troublemaker with you."

Renkar looks up at the hovering winged lizard.

"I have some apple pie on order for you Mercutio, be patient and settle down."

Renkar addresses the party.

"Gentlebeings I would like to introduce my assistant Hanali Hal'Oight. She is helping me set up our little company, and will be my voice if I should be called away for any reason. Please treat her with the courtesy you would show me."

Hanali inclines her head at the assembled group

"The loud hoverer here is Mercutio, a Faerie Dragon. He did me a great service long ago, and I promised him he could stay with me as long as he wanted. We have travelled together since."

Mercutio darts quickly back and forth above the assembled group, swooping close to sniff each one.


Renkar posted something, but I'm not seeing it on the board (filthy Slaadi again) look under Renkar's recent posts to check it out. I'm off for the day, see you (hopefully) this evening.

Renkar Sha'Hagmid wrote:

Mercutio darts quickly back and forth above the assembled group, swooping close to sniff each one.

"Toilet trained?"

female Tiefling 10th level Duskblade

Karrin cleans the last of her eggs and mushrooms off of her plate, quickly licking it clean, and then downing the entire mug of steaming hot coffee in a single gulp. Karrin then quickly surveys her spot at the table to ensure that no morsel of food escaped her attentions. Satisfied that she's eaten everything, Karrin begins licking her fingers clean, and then in a feat that would impress Swift and Kratos, Karrin quickly licks her mouth clean. Her long pointed tongue quickly sweeps in a clockwork fashion, starting at 12 (just bellow her nose) and quickly sweeping all the way down to her chin, before quickly retreating back inside to deposit it hull, and then quickly emerging and completing the sweep. Karrin's tongue then quickly darts out to inspect the tip of her nose.

Satisfied Karrin leans back and pats her belly.

"Well I couldn't eat another bite," she says grapping one of the bread rolls off of the table and taking a sensible bite out of it, "Hello everyone I'm Karrin Kind."

Male Lizardfolk Lizardfolk/2, Cleric/1

Ffethpaar tries to drink his tea without spilling any. They should design mugs for use by lizardfolk. Perhaps with a rim to hook over my teeth. I shall enquire if this is possible.

He solemnly nods to each member of the party as they arrive then sits back and listens to the byplay between the various poeple.

They use so many words. Words are important. They should not be wasted.

Looking around at the party once more and realising that he should say something. "We are a strange group. We will work well together". Yes, that was right.

The arrival of Hanali and Mercutio is much more interesting. Ffethpaar holds out a claw to attract the dragon's attention. Yes. We will be friends

Mercutio darts to and fro, keeping a wary eye on Kratos. He sees FFethpaar's extended claw and settles on it gently still hovering. He trills a quick string of squeaky growls.

Anyone proficient in Draconic:

::Greetings scaly friend!::

Female Tibbit Rogue 3

Swift is clearly unimpressed with the lumbering dog but keeps her opinions to herself for the time being. Smoothing out her drying out hair she watches Mercutio with some interest, a smile on her face as the faerie dragon greets Ffethpaar.

neuter Robbit (variant halfling with reptilian appearence) Rogue2 / Wizard (transmuter) 1

Greep hops off his chair and heads off to the kitchen.
"Bess, is the apple pie ready, or am I smelling things?"

If it is:-Greep- "I'll take it out, and don't worry- it'l go on the other end of the table from Karrin."

If it isn't: Let me get some of those fresh berries and cream- We got a guest who's hungry."-Greep-

Whichever: As he approaches the table, he stays far away from Karrin's end of the table. Once he's seated, he begins preparing a plate with the treat for Mercutio.

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