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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide (PFRPG)

****½ (based on 11 ratings)
Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Technology Guide (PFRPG)
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Ray Guns and Rocket Packs!

It’s one thing to face a dragon armed with a longsword and a suit of magic plate mail, but what if you had an atom gun and powered armor? How many zombies could you blow up with a rocket launcher? What happens if you’re standing next to a graviton reactor when it explodes? All of these questions and more are answered within the pages of the Technology Guide—an invaluable manual of items, hazards, and character options for use in science-fantasy settings like Golarion’s Numeria, land of savagery and super-science!

Within this book, you’ll find:

  • Rules for dozens of new technological items, including weapons, armor, force fields, hologram generators, grenades, cybernetic implants, nanotech devices, remote controls for robots, and more!
  • New feats, spells, and archetypes for technologically savvy characters, along with rules for how your skills interact with super-science.
  • Extraordinarily powerful scientific items and artifacts, such as extinction wave devices, powered armor, and nuclear reactors!
  • The technomancer prestige class, which allows you to use magic to command robots and power your technology .
  • Rules for artificial intelligences, the effects of the passage of time on technological items, the dangers of radiation, the seven skymetals of Numeria, technological traps, and more!

The Technology Guide is a must-have for GMs running the Iron Gods Adventure Path or anyone looking to introduce super-science into any Pathfinder adventure or campaign setting.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-672-0

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 11 ratings)

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Star Wars!


OK so I don't give no crab about this whole Numenaria thing BUT this books means I can run Star Wars in Pathfinder and thats really cool gets my brain gears going lol!



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Somewhat Usable

**( )( )( )

I'm not sure if parts of this book are unusable because of sheer neglect from the author of if the author honestly couldn't tell the difference between magic and technology.

The entire section on cybernetics is unusable since power requirements for the cybernetics are never covered (unless cybernetics are powered by never ending magic). Suggesting that individuals with quasi renaissance era knowledge and equipment are capable of building ultra tech equipment and performing mind enhancing brain surgeries seriously challenges suspension of disbelief.

About the best weapon in this book is the chainsaw dealing 3d6, criting with 18-20/x2 and capable of running for 10 hours between charging. Most of the energy guns deal laughably low damage for an ultra tech weapon, such as the laser rifle that deals 2d6 on a ranged touch attack. Of course all guns ignore armor no that isn't anything special.

The arc weapons are clearly unbalanced. Arc weapons use lightning to make attacks and gain a bonus to hit targets wearing metal armor, but the armor, which conducts the electricity safely around the target, provides no damage reduction. In reality chain mail is the best possible armor to protect against high power shocks because the electricity is conducted around, not though, the person wearing it. Facts about electrical conductivity have only been remembered when it favors the person using the weapon.

There is no explanation or logic why the scatterlight suits give an armor class bonus against touch attacks such as ghosts, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shocking Grasp, or any other non light based attacks.

Pharmaceuticals are unbelievable, like hemochem which takes affect on the round it is used and grants a subject, living or undead, fast healing for 5 rounds as it promotes the body's natural healing. Working to promote natural healing on undead and forcing the human body to produce a day's worth of blood cells in half a minute are both nonsense for any technology (not a problem for magic though).

Some spells are unusably vague, such as Antitech Field, which blocks and repels ALL technology without specification. Because it never specifies what it affects one is left to assume that it repels anything manufactured such as energy weapons, pharmaceuticals, cross bows, clothing, doors, etc.

If you are willing to fill in a lot of blanks and assume that all the technology in this book is magic rather than science then this book has potential, earning it two stars from me.

It does exactly what it's supposed to do


It does everything it's supposed to do and has a lot of cool art.

Home Game Material

***( )( )

I picked this up because it has the details for technology faults and radiation hazards that I, as a GM, wanted to get ready for in PFS season 6.

As far as the value of the book goes, PFS legal-wise, you are only going to get about a dozen pages of content out of the 68pg book.

There are 6 feats that are legal, including Technologist (a must for season 6 skill monkeys) that gives you access to expanded uses of Disable Device, Heal, Kn: Arcana/Engineering/Geography for interacting with technological devices.

There are about 12-13 new spells with technology themes; however, 2/3 of them are just re-skinned existing spells (Protection from Tech, Magic Circle Against Tech, Detect Radiation, Remove Radiation, etc.)

Three of the five archetypes are allowed: A cleric that can channel to heal/harm robots, a rogue that replaces magical trap abilities with technological trap abilities, and a barbarian that str/dex rages and has firearm proficiency. The only prestige class, Technomancer, is not allowed.

The rest of the book is filled weapon/armor/wondrous item descriptions. About 95% of the weapon descriptions start with "This extremely deadly..." ... blah blah blah. None of these items in the book are legal anyways. Though I have to admit that I am exceedingly disappointed that the Sonic Screwdriver, er, e-pick, is not legal... but here's hoping for one on a chronicle sheet!

Overall, worth a couple bucks, but for PFS legal content, it's severely lacking in yummy goodness.

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