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Actually a Goblin in RotRL has a vested interest in stopping the plot of RotRL, because if the longshanks get organized and come after the goblin tribes that's bad news for the goblins. They gotta stop that crazy lady from getting goblin heads stuck in a tighter pickle jar than they can get it out of.

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Alchemaic wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

Kobolds are full citizens of Kyshahn the Kingmaker Kingdom that my players created. In fact beings of any ancestry can be citizens of Kyshahn so long as they obey and respect Kyshahn's laws.

I think GMs who have a kill-on-sight policy for NPCs against monstrous races need to read more Pratchett. Actually, if you want read a book that is specifically about people's racism towards Goblins read Raising Steam and Snuff.

I don't think the Goblins in the Discworld books ever staged large-scale raids on towns specifically for the purposes of killing people and burning their houses. In fact, I don't think they ever actually did anything to be despised beyond being considered repulsive or whatever. Which was kind of the point.

Golarion Goblins, on the other hand, have mostly been burning bridges (literally) since their introduction.

Not Goblins fault if Longshanks don't like to share food, and will chase goblins over bridges to get their sheepies and piggos back.

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No history of goblins has ever been written by a goblin.

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TheFinish wrote:
KingOfAnything wrote:
TheFinish wrote:

None of them are considered pests fit only for extermination in-setting. Unlike goblins.

And this blog does nothing to dispel that notion, so yeah. If You want to have a Goblin PC, you'll deal with the consequences.

My druid's dire rat gets along fine. I don't see a goblin as being any more difficult of a companion to the party.

As long as the consequences are fun, I'm pretty sure that's what the player signed up for.

Your druid's Dire Rat is...your druid's. It's a pet. Is a goblin PC going to be someone's pet? Someone's slave?

Dire rats are known as pests, sure, but they're animals. They aren't intelligent, malicious, arson-prone intelligent humanoids detested by basically everyone, and with good reason.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:

By the by, any intelligent creature being considered a pest fit only for extermination is racism on the part societies unable to consider that intelligent creatures are able to make free-willed choices.

Maybe goblins wouldn’t have to raid and steal so much if anyone seriously considered trading with them? Especially since you can trade your junk and unwanted waste to goblins in exchange for the herbal and alchemical supplies abundant in the swamps, forests and caves they live.
I mean, no. Goblins of Golarion and the Advanced Race Guide basically go completely against this idea. Goblins are despised precisely because they're free-willed, intelligent creatures, and almost all the time they chose to be absolutely horrible.

A book written by humans assumes all goblins choose to be bad instead of considering the social pressures of living in a society that has been evil for millenia and a lifespan that rarely reaches a full decade, thus robbing our people of the opportunity to learn and grow.

Ya can't grow and change if you're spending your whole life tryin' not to get killed by longshanks, just because they won't share their tasty sheepies, piggos and chickems!

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thecursor wrote:
Thanael wrote:
Star Captain Killjoy wrote:
Gip wrote:

*raises hand*

Gip, Mighteist of Space Pirates™, asks that Goblins be a Core Race.

Motion seconded on behalf of the Imperial Goblin Space Navy (Someday We Might Even Get A Ship!)
Dare I say: We be Goblins ...IN SPAAAAAAACE!
Having a ship requires reading and Goblinz has no time fer nerdy readingz! NERDZ!

Goblins push the buttons hard

pull the lever, twist the knob!
Goblins fly to where it's starred.
Goblins can fly, shoot and rob!

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Tels wrote:
Serinian Elshaara wrote:
If this isn't an April's Fool joke it sure should have been! I'm out if it's real. Gunslingers were a stretch too far already. Not interested in Luke Skywalker meets goblin - lol!
Luke Skywalker was trained by a goblin.


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Sound like fun new way make fire good!

williamoak wrote:

I am currently running Genericland, land of all fantasy tropes. Anything that can exist, does exist. I tend to avoid nonsense names, and all things have very descriptive names; IE, "the king", "the empress", "the metropolis", etc...

I am currently running an underdark campaign.

My players (dwarves from the city of greatmine) are currently exploring the underdark to shore up the power of their home city.

Currently, they are in the old dwarven city of stoneforge, a city that somehow go turned entirely to stone by "dwarven-style" medusae.


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Space? Space! Space? Space? SPACE! Space?

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The Shifty Mongoose wrote:

If I understand this properly, deities are universal (what with mentions of faiths "in the Material Plane, just not widely on Golarion"), but just end up getting praised by different names in different languages. They can also share duties and portfolio overlaps.

While Pharasma is the main goddess of death on Golarion, she can also get assisted in the afterlife bureaucracy by Anubis, Osiris, and perhaps even Hades (Pluto)?

Also, if there were any Osiriani goblins, they'd probably add the ibis to their list of hated animals.

The Ibis, what a dirty, dirty bird.