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DM Zyren's Heart of Runes

Game Master Zyrenity

Adventure Path Rise of the Runelords - Strange incidents in Sandpoint: a goblin raid, shadows of the past, a serial killer...what other perils do the brave Sandpoint Saviours have to master?

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Female Human-ish

Sure, it's a good way for the men to unwind, but what about Bree? How was she to unwind? I guess she could always just go stab something :D

Male Half Orc Rog5 Cav 3: HP:84/84, - AC: 21/T:14/FF:18 - Perception: +12(Dark Vision) F: +6/R: +8/W: +4 - CMB: +11 - CMD: 25, Speed: 30ft, Init: +2 (+4)

Right. Isn't that her version of unwinding?

Female Human Rogue-Knife Master/8

"Actually, I much prefer a bottle of rum and a book... Stabbing things all day is what gets me all wound up to begin with."

Male Orc Expert 5
Twilightrose wrote:
Have you looked at any of the new characters that will be joining Runes, to see how you think Karlan will work with them?

Well, at the start of the campaign I'd imagine that he'd probably have had some issues. Bear in mind, the player has intentionally left or led Karlan out of situations where the conflict wouldn't be worth the trouble.

But, in that time Karlan's seen some real s%!$. He mistook the intent of a hideous orc, hung out in bars full of exceedingly polite Sczarni, dealt with monsters made of pure sin, witnessed horrific murder after horrific murder, and found out that a man he once thought decently of was in fact a psychopath who murdered his own sister before driving himself into obsession over a friend of his and turning into the sort of abomination Karlan's order has sworn to fight to the bitter end. Now, he's found that two of the men he saved from a wretched fate were directly responsible for a heinous betrayal against honorable men. He's not the naive young Paladin fresh into marriage and his vigil hitching rides on carts anymore. He's a hardened warrior of his bad ass warrior goddess who's learned that his goddess's law and sometimes his personal code has to stand above that of the laws of man when those laws are found wanting.

Female Human-ish

I don't think he'll have too much complaint about any of the Riddles people that are coming in. Bree is actually pretty tame for a rogue from Riddleport. Kabal is impatient and sometimes temperamental but has no issue following orders once leadership has been established. Sable is... well, Sable's pretty freaking creepy but not a bad guy and we love him :D

Female Changeling(Hulking) Bard/7

Ailetha really just does not give a crap about the whole morals thing. She is good and favors the good option, but she is the intellectual who sees the bigger picture and allows some leniency in making sure that the party keeps, more or less, following the path she thinks is right. I suppose her motto would be "The ends justifies the means."

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

Grrr...can't find it, where can I set campaigns to inactive?


Go to the campaign tab. Edit the campaign. Select the inactive box.

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

Found it, just for HOL it didn't work by now (paizo website problem).

How did HOL wrap? I really liked that campaign.

Has anyone seen the commercial for the "Si" perfume? There is a quick shot of Cate Blanchet getting a good giving it to that has at once hot and off putting due to the fact they play it at 7 am here in the States. In the Spanish version it is even more obvious, lol. Around the 50sec mark. Armani Commercial Ever since "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out there is this push to sell sex to middle aged women and while I do not care it is funny to see it so heavily pushed. Target, a US department store, has commercials with a little S & M clothing line thrown in. So funny. Thoughts?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When Target is doing S&M it's time to give up.

We have a tattoo parlour opening in our suburb, the world has gone mad.
A response on social media summed it up comically - "All these Lexus 4WDing, spring-free trampoline buying, private school funding, Thomas Dux shopping, reusable bag toting, wine bar drinking, gelato licking, single-origin arabica bean roasting white collar families will be lining up for a bit of ink." - snicker :p

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

Hah :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In Louisville, Kentucky they have tattoo shops in the mall! Who gets a tattoo at the mall?

Female Human-ish

BBB they have them in malls in Las Vegas, too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So strange. Lol

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

You get what you pay for

Mall tattoo


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Is it me you're looking for?

Female Human-ish

*busts into a giggle fit*

Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 46/46 - AC19;FF16;T17 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)

I didn't do it.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

Such a crappy song... ;)

Can't see it in our eyes?


Well, we come to that time of year again where I head off for the weekend to play harp for the Highland Games. It will be interesting this year if the vote for independence goes yes. I won't be able to post until Monday. Have a great weekend!

Hey Zyren, can you kick me down some gear? I know this has been a pretty gear light game, but I have nothing at all. hahaha

Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

wealth by level /2 - we normally do that and you can shop whatever you need/want.

Solid. Don't need much.

Male Orc Expert 5

Karlan's currently sitting on 6k gold.

Hmmmmm, need to upgrade the cloak of resistance to +2 I think celestra can do that easily.

Karlan also needs to upgrade his bardiche up but that can wait for either an armor upgrade and perhaps a ring of protection +1.

Could also grab a belt of strength from our crafter.

I'll figure it out when the loot is completely dealt with.


Divine Gamemaster of the Abyss and below...

RP bling bling? :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Female Human-ish

If anyone is interested, I'm going to start a Carrion Crown campagin.

Male Gnome Sorcerer/9 - (HP: 46/46 - AC19;FF16;T17 - F+5;R+6;W+7 - Init+9 - Per+11)

Grrrr - I really cannot start another campaign right now. I have been in 3 CC campaigns and all have died. Seems like a very interesting AP that I really want to play, but for now I think I should take a pass.

Female Human-ish

It's all good, maybe you'll join up in one of my future campaigns :D

Male Orc Expert 5

I'm going to be sadly unavailable for the next 5 days. Tommorrow I have to get as much of the apartment moved as possible as the net three days will involve hours and hours of cleaning.

Female Human-ish

Fun times... good luck with that.

Female Human-ish

Oi, Shifty! Have Harry accept Bree's drink already, lol.

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