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Game Master Zyrenity

Second Darkness Adventure Path - Drow, Pirates, a gambling hall, for what more can you ask?!


Kabal Breven - Human Fighter


Sebastian de Gray - Half Elf Bard


Bree Longfield - Human Rogue


Sable Eboncrow - Elf Witch


Winter Snow - Aasimar Cleric of Erastil


Caterine Gabor - half Elf Fighter



Map of Riddleport
Riddleport Streets
Harbour and Cyphergate
The "Blot"
Golden Goblin Statue at the Gaming Hall
Golden Goblin Gambling Hall
Inside the Golden Goblin
Pauper's Alley
Three Oaks- The small mountain trading post north of Riddleport


Cyphergate Detail
Map of Devil's Elbow

Dramatis Personae:


The Golden Goblin Crew:
- Mara, Gonny, Fritzerald (cooks)
- Hans, Beyer, Grett, Trock (bouncers)
- Bojask (Saul's bodyguard)
- Lixy Parmenter (Ghoulette runner)
- Lara, Irin, Kes (Barmaids)
- Gregg, Makehl, Vira, Pors, Wilbor (Dealers and Croupiers)
- Andra, Gorno (Bartender)
Protector Celwyn - Principal of the Erastil temple in Three Oaks
Kwava - Elven Ranger
Kaesh - Priestess of Calistria and companion of Kwava
Captain Josper Creesy - Owner of the Flying Cloud
Sven Jokulhert - Former member of Croat's gang
Mercus - Former member of Croat's gang

Deceased or missing

Angvar - Magnimarian wizard who tried to rob the Gambling hall
Aethari - Poisoned elven scolar who was brought to the temple of the Inheritor, but died their under mysterious circumstances.
Larur Feldin - Saul's right hand
Saul Vancaskerkin - Proprietor of the Golden Goblin Gaming Hall, who secretely tried to murder the PCs and who worked together with the drow.
Aron - Former member of Croat's gang, sacrificed himself to save the group.
Boss Croat - former crime lord of Riddleport
Depora Azinrae - Drow Fighter, who worked together with Saul.


Old Scratch - Imp "slave" of Saul
Clegg Zincher - Crime Lord of Riddleport
Beltias Kreun, King of Paupers - Minor Crime Lord
The Foxy Fiddler crew: Chort (Barkeep), Lora (serving Wench), Loy (Drunkard)
Laetritia Evanore - Head priestess at the temple of Iomedae
Samaritha Beldusk - Member of the Cyphermages
Braddikar Faje - Sellsword
Gravin Goldhammer - Head of the Goldhammer Expedition


Shiindira Mizraria - Drow priestess, commander of the forces on Devil's Elbow
Thuvalia - One eyed Varisian bard, accomplice of Angvar


30th of Arodus 4707

- After no one showed up at St. Casperian's mission, the party decided to return to the Gambling Hall. On the way they encountered a strange phenomenon: All weather vanes suddenly turned towards the Blot.
- After Saul held a short speech, the party decided on certain jobs at the Goblin.
- Kabal and Corvax arrive in Riddleport.
- They are also hired by Larrur and Winter together with Sable solves the first problems in the Gambling Hall.
- Bree meanwhile tries to find some of her old freinds and meets Jefferson who resides on his cog, the Coral Dragon.
- Sebastian meets Samaritha, an elven Cyphermage, who is looking for a chance to make some easy money, and Sable is trying to find out if dwarves can fly.
- During the night shift the party is able to catch a thief - amember of Beltias Kreun's pauper gang. Saul demands to end his reign over St. Caspieran's mission.

1st of Rova 4707

- A flock of seagulls crashes into the cyphergate, Sebastian assumes this might be the result of the influence of the Blot.
- At St. Caspieran's mission the party tries to find out where Beltias hides.
- After a wild chase through the building the party finds him in the chapel tower.
- Beltias agrees never to disturb the Goblin again.
- As Sable, Winter and Sebastian want to visit Aethari at the Iomedae Temple, they have to find out that the girl was killed and that the poison was not the source of her death.
- At the gambling hall, Winter meets Clegg Zincher.

2nd of Rova 4707

- The day starts with an enormous earthquake, shaking the city!
- As the tremor ends, a purple mist engulfs the Blot.
- A basket of snakes was delivered into the Goblin's kitchen - but Kanyk and Corvax were able to finish them quickly.
- After making a tour through the city, the party splits and while Bree, Sebastian and Sable investigate the death of Aethari, the others return to the Goblin.
- Sebastian finds out that the two elves kept following Aethari and tried to get her belongings from the Golden Goose.
- Winter, Corvax and Kabal try to rescue Lyxi's kid sister from a band of thugs belonging to Boss Croat.

3rd of Rova 4707

- The party is able to defend the goblin against an all out attack by Boss Croat, after Winter finishes the ogre lieutenant in a duel.
- Croat pays a compensation and for now the Goblin is safe.

4-23th of Rova

- Old Scratch is found, frozen to a block of ice. The strange phenomenon will be analysed in the Cypherlodge.
- The Goblin earns good profits and the party is paid well.
- Larur vanishes and a visit at Lymas Smeed, the banker of Croat unearthes the dwarf's bloody cape.
- The party assumes the dwarf was killed but is unable to find any proof for that.
- Saul's beghaviour seems strange or rather heartless, he is less shaken by Larur's loss than the rest of the party.
- Winter leads a trek of beggars, cripples and adventurers to his home in the mountains.

28th of Rova

- The party returns to Riddleport.
- Saul wants them to collect a load of rum and bring it to the Goblin.
- After a short dispute with Braddikar Faje they manage it.
- A strange incident happens on their way back as a rain of meteorite stones hits the city.
- Saul wants them to spy on a secret meeting of Croat and other crimelords in the evening at the old Boneyard, called the Spar.
- Here the party is ambushed by a group of wererats, but with the help of Kwava they are able to fend the monsters off.

29th of Rova

- The party finds out that Saul told everyone he was betrayed by them and furthermore they find a letter that proves that Saul hired the wererts to get rid of the party.
- After a night of preparation and a visit at the local Calistria temmple, the party attacks the Golden Goblin, trying to finish Saul!
- The fight is long and hard, but in the end, the party is able to bring Saul down and rescue Hand and the others.
- Inside they find a lot of treasures and the deed - now they are the rightful owners of the place.
- Bree has a short talk with Clegg who tells her about a strange phrase an oracle has told him about Brandon.

30th of Rova

- The party finds some smuggler tunnels beneath the Goblin through which Saul wanted to flee.
- They investigate the tunnels and are attacked by a host of monsters.
- After fighting through rows of trogs, wights, fungal crawlers and other monsters, they encounter Depora.
- The drow fighter flees at first and climbs on the arch. There, on the peak of the Cyphergate, she defeats Sable and Bree and flees again as Kabal turns up.
- Only two hours later the Blot has vanished.

1st of Lamashan

- The party decides to sail to Devil's Elbow and sell the Goblin to Zincher.
- Kwava is able to arrange a passage on Josper Creesy's Flying Cloud.
- The ship is attacked and the party is able to foil an attempted sabotage.

2nd of Lamashan

- The party reaches Devil's Elbow and meet the survivors of the Goldhammer Expedition who tell a tale of strange alien monsters that have attacked them.
- After collecting some information about the so called akatas. The party marches to Witchlight.
- Here they encounter a ghastly scene - nearly all members of the Cyphermage-expedition have been killed and only Samaritha and four other mages hide in the tower in the centre of the ruined village.
- As the party enters the tower, suddenly a host of akatas turns up and begins to lay siege to the structure!
- The mass of akatas makes the tower collapse in the end!
- The party flees to the northwest and soon runs into a band of Croat'S men.
- They accompany them to their camp where they find out that Croat has a strange new advisor.
- Winter plans to meet the advisor in the evening...

3rd of Lamashan

- In Croat's camp the party finds out that Croat is controlled by the new advisor - a drow wizard.
- It comes to a fight and the party kills the advisor and strikes a deal with Aron, Croat's right hand.
- Together they explore the island, find the impact site of the meteor and the ruin where the ghost of the former mayor of Witchlight lives.

4th of Lamashan

- With a ring received from the ghost they leave the ruin and find a beached ship.
- The teeth of Akasha is the ship of famour Captain Treeg aka Captain grudge.
- As the party enters the ship they are attacked, since the pirates have turned into cannibals.
- The party has no problem slaying the whole crew and the captain and now own a ship!

5th of Lamashan

- After some resting, the party gets to know that Croat and his men have entered the sea cave where the drow have their camp on Devil's Elbow.
- The party is able to free the ghost of Virashi, the former love of the dead mayor. With the ring they persuade her to help them and she drives away a mighty shadow demon.
- Then the battle with the drow begins and after many fights and the loss of Aron, the party is able to kill Depora and make Shiindira flee the island.
- They find out that the next place to go is most probably the ancient elven city of Celwynvian.
- Loaded with a mountain of loot and a large amount of noqual the party is ready to return to Riddleport.