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Heart of Journeys: A Pathfinder Module Series


Jezbazeel Ruckskal - Tiefling Fighter


Ragnvald Hrolfson - Human Oracle


Attalas - Ogre Warrior


Nymeria Hikkari - Elf Sorcerer


Mobo Bang Dead - Goblin Gunslinger



Courthouse of Beldrin's Bluff


NPCS in Hangman's Noose

Halgrak Five Toes: A sturdy, broad faced half orc, with tousled hair and strong shoulders and arms, wearing a leather apron and having one strange clumsy looking boot (the other is normal).

Ebin Blithoddle: A jaundiced-faced gnome who has covered his face in poor quality white makeup. His motley is stretched tight over his hanging paunch. Several of his teeth are broken.

Patrissa Vrakes: A stunningly beautiful human woman in her mid-thirties, wearing bright red lip-stick and an abundance of rouge. She wears a figure hugging red gown that accentuates her considerable curves.

Killian: A rosy cheeked elderly human dressed in threadbare finery with a broad handlebar moustache and a frayed top hat.

Malgrim Hurkes A burly hobgoblin, who looks like you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley at night. He waers a studded leather armour and a spiked chain.

Sir Rekkart Cole: A tall, sturdy human man in his fifties, with the snow of age gracing his hair. His face is chiseled as if out of marble and his eyes stare down an impressive nose.


13th of Rova 4707

- The party awakes in the dilapidated courthouse of Beldrin's Bluff.
- Together with six other jurors they are trapped inside the building in which Jarbin Mord, the hangman, was hanged.
- After that a massive earthquake destryoed large parts of the Bluff which was later evacuated.
- Soon they find out that Mord is going to punish them and the other six jurors for thhe trial in which he was (maybe because of false accusations) killed.
- Mord was found guilty for killing his wife and son with his axe.
- Soon the first juror, Malgrim, is killed by Mord.
- The party muses about several clues they find and more and more it becomes obvious that nearly all jurors had some kind of quarrel with Jarbin Mord.
- Ebin dies second and the party encounters Mord ghost, but is able to escape for now.
- In the torture chamber they meet Father Keelgard - now a ghast - the former leader of the last band of unlucky adventurers that died her.
- The terror unfolds further when Attalas, spurned by Patrissa, kills Sir Rekkart!
- Patrissa then flees the ogre's embrace and is also killed. On the second floor Killian and Halgrak vanish...
- Halgrak remains lost but Killan returns and in Wade's old office the party discovers some clues.
- Killian now turns out to be Sveth, Mord's only friend. He had lured/forced everone to the courthouse to end Mord's curse.
- Downstairs the party meets Wade and Trabe who have also been tricked by Sveth to come to the courthouse.
- The party decides that there are enough clues speaking against Wade and so they hang him and Trabe. Afterwards they even kill Sveth and burn the courthouse down!
- Still, the curse is solved by the hanging of Wade and the party is now looking for new jobs...

14th - 27th of Rova 4707

- The party travels to Magnimar and here is soon sought out by Magnimarian bureucrat.
- The mousey woman wants the party find one of her relatives who worked as a tex collector but hasn't returned from the remote village of Ravenmoor.
- The party decides to travel to Ravenmoor and find out what happened to the man.
- In ravenmoor lots of things are weird - the people keep stirges as pets and the burned down Desna temple isn't rebuilt...
- Soon they find out that a weird cult has the village in its foul clutches.
- The head of the cult is the former mayor and with the help of some villagers the party finds the hidden cult place where they begin a great battle against the followers of the cult and its master - a high priest of Ghlaunder.