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Submitting a Dwarven Ranger (Big Game Hunter). Will have him up tonight.

Will work someone up in a bit.

My submission. A Varisian take on a tetori monk. If you like him, but have any reservations or questions, please let me know what you would like to know or change for further consideration.

Vasili Batzoyez Crunch:

Vasili Batzoyev
Human (Varisian) monk (tetori) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 61)
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +6
AC 13, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+1 Dex, +2 Wis)
hp 11 (1d8+3)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +4; +2 trait bonus vs. fear
Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike +4 (1d6+4)
Special Attacks stunning fist (1/day, DC 12)
Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +4 (+7 grapple); CMD 17 (20 vs. grapple)
Feats Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snapping Turtle Style[UC], Stunning Fist, Stunning Pin[UC]
Traits courageous, Pugnacious
Skills Acrobatics +5, Perception +6, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +5
Languages Common, Varisian
SQ graceful grappler
Other Gear
Special Abilities
Graceful Grappler (Ex) A tetori uses his monk level in place of his base attack bonus to determine CMB and CMD for grappling. At 4th level, he suffers no penalties on attack rolls, can make attacks of opportunity while grappling, and retains his Dexterity bonus to AC when
Improved Grapple You don't provoke attacks of opportunity when grappling a foe.
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Snapping Turtle Style +1 Gain +1 shield bonus to AC when at least one hand is free
Stunning Fist (1/day, DC 12) You can stun an opponent with an unarmed attack.
Stunning Pin Use Stunning Fist against pinned opponents

Short Fluff:

A solid friend and able fighter is how most people would describe Vasili Batzoyev...Dumb as a stump and wise beyond his years is another, though few would do so to his face. As a proud Varisian man, Vasili took to training with a member of the caravan said to have learned esoteric forms of wrestling in his travels around Golarion. Vasili's devotion to his master was nearly that of his devotion to his mother and father and soon was besting men much older than himself within their community. Seeing value in his son's strength and skill, Vasili was soon besting all comers in each village the gypsy travelers stopped. Part time strong man and full time enforcer, Vasili proved his worth to family and master. The world was a wonderful place filled with ample adventure, fights, women, and booze. Till one fateful day when a match turned ugly, a knife was pulled, and a man lost his life to a large forearm and a crushed windpipe. Vasili was forced to flee. Dejected and saddened by the necessary, but unpleasant killing of a man and loss of his cherished family Vasili roamed from town to town seeking peace and a honing of his abilities.

Vasili is a large and powerful man, but lacking in the brains department due to numerous chokeholds and hard throws taken in his youth. Extremely friendly and gregarious, Vasili seeks to replace the family he lost, yet would never say so.

In combat, Vasili will be a controller looking to mitigate casters and other nefarious individuals so his partners may finish them or subdue them for questioning. Out of combat, Vasili is blessed with high marks in perception and observation of body language.

Overall, he is a fun guy to have around and a capable combatant who may not understand intellectual banter, but can read between the lines seeing through to a persons true intentions.

Reading Player Guide now. Will have a sub in a few.

Interested here also.

I will work up a concept if this is still on going recruitment. Looking over campaign info now.

I have never played this game before, but it looks like a good time. I am good to give it a go if you are willing to help me where the SRD leaves questions.

I would say a Halfling Thief would be the way for me.

Spazmodeus wrote:
Bilbo Bang-Bang wrote:
I am interested as well.
Hey Bilbo! You're back! Hope your internet travails have passed you by!

Hey Spaz. Yeah, after a year of up-ended living I have finally got life back in order. I have stopped by on the boards from time to time just peep in, but knew I could not maintain any sort of sustained comms so never posted. Glad to have all that behind me. Hope all has been well.

I am interested as well.

I will have something up this afternoon. Halfling of some sort.

Updates in the morning. Blasted country living has left me with only my phone for internet the last two days.

Updates later today. Got stuck at work unexpectedly.

If you go with the Squire, just make him young. You can be in Untergard after having been wounded in the defense of the town and your liege may have been killed. I am sure you can make it work. He is tough, strong, and strong willed. I like that his sign is the ox, lol.

Remember to use Shallya's Mercy for the one stat you want adjust. Lazy eyed and excellent vision, lol.

You may choose your race if you want. Any race will be fine. Elves fit the least, but halflings are just fine with no need to explain their presence. They do hold and elector-count seat in the Empire after all.

Sounds good. Go ahead with full random and let me know when you got him together, Apti. Going live now.

No problem. Will have first post up in a couple of hours. Aptinuviel, get a character rolled up.

Will give everyone till tomorrow to check in before starting. If we have some late arrivals we will just work them in. Keep following, Aptinuviel. There is a good chance you will joining us.

Time for a muster. Is everyone ready to start? Will be starting in Untegard in Middenland before pushing toward some other locales.

We can start today if you guys are still good to go.

Works. Given the state of things in Warhammer, everyone is probably guilty of something, lol.

Hmmm. We have an Outlaw and Roadwarden. Should be interesting.

My guess is that starting right before Christmas weekend might not work, hahaha. Let's aim for Monday instead.

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I am going to work on getting the ball rolling tomorrow. Will review sheets today if there are any issues, we can correct in game.

Anyone on this thread is good to play. I just need to know who is still with us and who might need to arrive later.

I always thought so, lol.

Has everyone completed their characters?

Depends on good you are at keeping your oaths, Spaz. Lol

With all these dwarfs I wonder who will end being forced onto the Slayer's path, mwahahaha. ;)

Sounds good. Let's get a quick head count.

Recruitment closed. Everyone head over to ooc.

I am fine with you staying human, Lari.

We will be in Middenheim to start.

Really happy with everyone's starting careers so far. They are making the story all the more stitched together.

I don't have the career compendium so lets keep it to the core book for now. As far as being closed to recruiting, I need to give the first five a chance first,but come on over to the ooc. We all know how pbp can be. :) I plan keeping to the basic rules till we get a feel for speed. I like the advance rules at the table, but they can slow down play online and once momentum is lost interest often goes with it.

Threads are now linked and can be navigated above.

I will look over your character later,but bow is fine. Link a reason in your background,which should be easy for a farm boy. :) You get that for free as starting equipment.

OOC is live. Will link when I get a chance.

Perfect. I have Realms of Sorcery so I will begin reviewing the magic side of things in depth. Have great adventure to tie into this track later on also.

Hey guys, here is the OOC. We can handle all our discussions and game questions here over the next couple of days. No worries if weekends are not your thing. We can work around stuff easy enough.

Place holder.

Looks like we have a decent level of consensuses on how we want the game to flow and I have enough information to get the ball rolling on hammering out a session.

Does everyone have the core rulebook? If not, we will help those that don't. Thankfully this game is pretty streamlined and easy to pick up.

If you have the book, go ahead and roll up a character. I will get a thread up so we can move over to the OOC to discuss further desires and questions.

Looking good.

As far as combat goes, I like the advanced rules, but feel the basic method is probably a better method for PbP. So using basic armor points, no hit locations, and Sudden Death Crits look like a good start. I was thinking if we want to add the other stuff later as we get a feel for the flow we can, but making sure we get the steam going first was most important.

I also like narrative combat for PbP in that we don't use maps. This can be negotiable, but it speeds up play if we can assume relative locations.

Any thoughts on that?

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So here is what I am looking at. I have several pre-made adventures including the book for Karak Azgal for those of you looking for dwarf centered adventure. But, I can just as easily run anywhere in the Empire.

I am very player centered as a GM. I like you guys getting the most out of the experience as possible and see us as a collaborative story telling team. There will be times where I hand wave in order to maintain the flow of the story, but Warhammer is a brutal setting and death is just a fact of life even for heroes and I believe this part of the appeal.

For character creation, I like the random nature of 2nd Ed. Depending on what route you guys wanna take, I may be influenced to allow a certain career, i.e. Slayer or Rat Catcher for example.

For you guys, I want to know what sort story you like most, high adventure, horror, suspense, ect. Warhammer allows for a pretty diverse range, but always with Morr in the peripheral.

What is your favorite opponent?

Favorite Warhammer Novel?

Region in the Empire?

Aspect of Warhammer?

Speed of play? 1 a day, ect.

I recognize most of your names and anyone who wants to play WHFRPG 2nd has likely been around these boards long enough to know speed kills in PbP. If stuff happens in real life and you need to drop out for good or for a time, just let me know and either you will be sent off in a blaze of glory or stamped with question mark as you are dragged off to some unknown fate. Any time you wanna come back just do so in the ooc and we will slide you back in. I can run a right down to a one on one, but communication is key.

The only strict rule I have is players must be able to separate their in-character from the OOC.

Thoughts and questions?

Been looking at running a game of WFRPG 2nd ed. Just putting out some feelers to see if there are any folks looking for some grim and perilous adventure.

Dotting. Sounds like a great time.

Dotting. Will have a warrior of some sort up later today.

Damned Space Wolves. :p

The Thousand Sons really got reamed.

I would suggest at least two of you carrying more ammo for your Devastators also. I would not rely on the Guard to have anything you might need.

BayouSnowman wrote:

How do you plan to run cyberntics or implants in game? We are allowed to purchase them with requisition points, but sometimes between missions it might not make the most sense time wise. In my game we just say its done in downtime and before a mission somehow. Is that something you're up for doing or did you have another way in mind?

For example, if I wanted to take any implant with my requisition this misssion, would we say it just happened or was done beforehand/on time? Or will you want rolls for time and apply penalties until that timeframe has passed in game? Some might take "weeks" to install and not sure if everyone else can wait for that, or the mission for that matter. Just wondering how we'll sort it out for IC purposes.

I like the narrative time option. In PbP we do not have the time to actually roleplay out those penalties. I want to keep a brisk pace so we can focus on not allowing the game to stagnate and people don't get bored or never enjoy their efforts.

Freki Bloodfang wrote:
I can see it now, take some Tau, some Orc, and whatever else we can capture alive strip em down and put some explosive collars on them...get them drunk and make em compete in games. Last place dies after every competition. The winner...well at least he'll die drunk as hell.

Orks would probably have good time of it. Suckers are more trolls in 40k.

In game updates in a couple hours.

My guess would be a pervy sort who watched too many Overfiend inspired anime. If it is the person I am thinking of, that is.

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