DM Zyren's Heart of Madness (Inactive)

Game Master Zyrenity

A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...


Murphy O. - Jack of all Trades


Daniel Tauber - Former Actor


Reggie - Painting student



Village Map- Dunwich


Dramatis Personae:


Bill Cummings - Bill collector for the Innsmouth Bell / Former Cop
Professor Armitage - Librarian of the Miskatonic University

Deceased or missing


Jed Blair - Proprietor of the Gas station
Joe Osborn - Proprietor of the General Store
Mrs. Hobbes - Lodged the group for the first nights/ Widow/ Owns Cheeps, a canary bird.
Detective Miller - Arkham police officer.



13th of July 1927

- A group of travellers had an accident somewhere on a dusty road in Massachusetts.
- Sadly the bus has an accident as it hits a hidden stone...the tire is flat and someone has to walk to Dunwich for a new tire.
- A new tire has to be ordered in Akrham, so the travellers have to stay a night in in Dunwich.
- Murphy and the others hear that Patrick the bus driver must have vanished. Together with Bill Cummings they will investigate that the next morning.
- The party finds out that there is a strange newspaper article reporting of noises in the hills behind the Whateley farm.

14th of July 1927

- Together with Cummings the investigators drove to the Arkin farm.
- Here they encountered a strange and shokcing scene. Henri, the family's oldes son, shot all other family members, because of some hallucinations?!
- Murphy found out that there was a gas leak or something.
- At the river the investigators notice that Patrick must have been pulled into the river...
- Back in Dunwich the investigators meet professor Armitage.
- He tells them that there is more amiss in Dunwich than one might think and reports of Mr. Haverson and the cult of the Believers.
- toegther they search for Patrick, but the bus driver remains missing.
- Back at the store they meet detective Miller who asks some questions and has a strange tattoo, like one Mr. haverson also had.
- As Cummings hears that the telephones are dead and they are not allowed Dunwich for at least three days, he draws his gun, thinking Osborne might also be behind something that goes on in the village.
- Miller and the investigators are able to calm him down, yet the incident will not go without consequences and Cummings has to hand his gun over.
- The professor mentions that he saw the tattoo of the Believers on Miller's wrist.
- As the party decides to leave the village by car, Miller explains that Cumming's car is broken. The investigators now seem stuck in Dunwich...the only chance left: The Whateley Farm.

15th of July 1927

- The investigators try to find a way to get to the Whateley Farm unnoticed, but soon find out that the Believers keep an eye on them.
- They are able to catch a boy who has killed Mrs. Hobbes' bird Mr. Cheeps to warn the old lady, but when Daniel beats the freaky kid up, he is nearly shot.
- The investigators decide that they have to take Mrs. Hobbes with them, for the safety of the old lady.
- Luckily they stay long enough to meet Reggie, Mrs Hobbes' nephew, who accompanies them to the Whateley Farm.
- At about midnight they reach the farm, a grotesque building, but as they also meet Old Man Whateley, things become only stranger...

16th of July 1927

- They stay overnight at the Whateley farm, but at the next morning Mrs. Hobbes is gone.
- Together with wilbur Whateley, a young, very strange fellow, they search for Reggie's aunt in the nearby hills.
- Together with Wilbur they reach an ancient ritual site of the Indians.
- Suddenly Wilbur is gone and Reggie finds the burned remains of his aunt.
- The investigators are then ambushed by a large group of strange goatmen!
- A wild race through the forest ensues and in the end the investigators escape out of the darkness of the forest at the very last moment.

17th of July 1927

-The investigators hide in the old sawmill.
- Behind one of the building they find a car cemetary. Doizens of travellers must have found their end in Dunwich!
- Reggie, Victor and Charlie sneak back to Dunwich.

18th of July 1927 - 21st of July 1927

- The infiltrators find out that the Believers have killed several people in Dunwich, obviously they have put everyone to the sword who was suspiciopus of their doings.
- Murphy Reggie and Daniel decide to flee and after a wild race across all of Dunwich, including the cemetary and weird tunnels they escape and meet a car on the road.
- The slightly drunken driver has seen some of the goatmen and is just happy to leave the cursed area.
- With his car, the investiogators flee from Dunwich and travel to Arkham.
- On the way they meet lots of fire engines driving to Dunwich - the sawmill has burned down and with it most probably also those who have stayed behind.

22nd of July 1927

- At the Professor's place in Arkham, the investigators plan to travel to Boston to find out more about the Believers.