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So with so many classes previewed already, I'm curious-what looks the most interesting/exciting so far? I'm a big fan of the way they changed the Barbarian, from were-characters to the way Rage duration has been fixed, gives me hope of something similar for bards,which are my favorite core classes. What about you?

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For me the Cleric. The PF1 Cleric didn't have much in the way of choices as you advance so I feel it benefits a lot from the new customization structure of PF2. I also love being able to go deep or wide on Domains or largely ignore them altogether.

While it's the last thing I'd have ever thought I'd be saying, I think the fighter looks really freaking interesting and fun.

Though like, I'd probs play alchemist anyway. Or rogue, new rogue is pretty cool thanks to the new skill system.

While its actual blog was largely a miss, the later info that came out about the fighter and its stance and combo system makes me really excited to see it :)

Part of me wants to say the rogue, but what I think I'm really excited for is the skill feats and rogues just get the most of them. So I think they might be my first class. But as a a stand alone, probably the Barbarian.

So far for me, the Cleric, followed by the Wizard. Fighter looks pretty cool too, but I've always been a cleric fan at heart, even as far back as 1st edition AD&D.

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I think the monk has been the most intriguing. I want to see how well they can put their mobility to use.

Fighter or Barbarian, not sure which. Though this will probably change to Bard within 30 minutes of the Bard preview.

Paladin, then Ranger, then Monk. I love all the info they've shared from the two Paladin blogs, (plus Mark's Paladin twitch stream) to the meaty Monk and Ranger blogs... So good. (As in, we know most of the odd level abilities for both the classes!)

Paladin is still a favourite of mine but the improvements to Fighter do make it feel more dynamic. I did play a fighter in the PF1 playtest so it'll be good to try something a bit crunchier.

Bards may win overall once they drop the blog. Mark gave a juicy bit of info about them in the Ranger blog so I'm keen to see the final product.

I was really surprised to see that classes that I like seemed meh to me like Alchemist. On the other hand Barbarian seems really exciting and strong and flavorful. Same for Monks.

And casters,but that is more due to the blog on spells than the classes.

The Wizard... it's an all-time favorite, but the whole spell point system has me hooked. Add to that, that caster stats don't give bonus spells slots anymore and BOOM, no stat to to rule them all.

That will open up a lot of flexibility in how to create a wizard... or other casters for that matter. I like it.

I like even more the feat that allows a Wizard to switch out his prepared spells with a 10 minute rest. This will allow him to be the guy that is prepared for anything... if he knows the spells.

The Rogue looks also damn fine, as well as the Fighter. I know that these will be the first classes that will be put through their paces, largely due to the fact that we will convert existing characters when the playtest hits.

It's worth it just for the changes in the spellcasting system alone. No more hassle in preparing 3 to 5 different spell lists in advance for prepared casters. What a godsend. Thanks Paizo. :)

The best ones so far are cleric and paladin with the edge to cleric.

Fighter seems like the best design of them all.

Still on the fence about Monks regarding thematics, not totally sold on how Rangers work, and Barb totems rub me the wrong way.

I'm not sure...

But as far as favorite changes? The Barbarian. No longer a savage, raging Fighter. Really like how unique it feels now. And I think totems are just awesome.

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Cleric, for this reason:

Malk_Content wrote:
For me the Cleric. The PF1 Cleric didn't have much in the way of choices as you advance so I feel it benefits a lot from the new customization structure of PF2. I also love being able to go deep or wide on Domains or largely ignore them altogether.

Second place alchemist - I like how they've redesigned the class to actually work with alchemical items rather than having separate abilities that are alchemically flavoured but mostly independent of alchemical items.

Third place maybe fighter?

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I've actually ranked my hypedness for each class that's been previewed thus far:

1: Barbarian
2: Monk
3: Paladin
4: Fighter
5: Cleric
6: Wizard
7: Ranger
8: Rogue
9: Alchemist

As you can tell, I'm not too hyped at the new alchemical mechanics, but I think its more a case that the new martial options sound a lot more meaty and diverse to me, so I've plenty more ideas for builds for each of them.

Like it sounds as though you could easily build three completely different types of Barbarians, Monks, and Paladins. Rogues and Alchemists sound overall quite same-y.

Expect updates upon more class previews!

Probably barbarian, which still surprises me a little. Cleric next, assuming some gods don't cripple their clerics with anathema. Wizard and ranger seem fine, fighter as well.

I didn't get any real sense of the rogue out of its blog, and the paladin was sacrificed on the altar of familiarity.

Definitely alchemist at the bottom, as the class feels completely gutted and has to spend the first six levels buying back the few worthwhile first level abilities it was allowed to keep.

Though I'm completely expecting (and in some cases hoping) these impressions will changes, as some of the blogs were more dazzle than details. And even the ones with details seemed like small slices of a bigger picture.

I keep thinking about Alchemist. The idea of high level tanglefoots/thunderstones and poisons that increase their dcs intrigue me and I would like to see how they play out.

But then, they haven't previewed the Sorcerer yet (hopefully today!), so I may well change my mind.

Sorcerer, no doubt about it (bard still has a chance though).

Sorcerer. All day, every day.

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I can finally come in and say Sorcerer.

A little disappointed in Sorcerer TBH. I'd have to see what the Draconic/Imperial Bloodlines offer before I pick a sorcerer. Was hoping for something that meshed well with Fighter or Paladin so I could make a gish multi-class, but the chances of that look slimmer now that most of the bloodlines don't get arcane spells. Alternatively, I might look and see what the different spell lists offer now , hopefully one of them could make an alt-gish. Otherwise it's back to Alchemist.

Paradozen wrote:
Fighter or Barbarian, not sure which. Though this will probably change to Bard within 30 minutesa few hours of the Bard preview.


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Bard. Going to reroll my first 3.5 character for the playtest.

I'm looking forwards to playing them all. But I'm more interested in Wizard because of the change to spells. I think it will be really interesting.

necromental wrote:
Sorcerer, no doubt about it (bard still has a chance though).


Bard, Barbarian, Cleric, and Fighter are the previews that have interested me the most, not necessarily in that order. Rogue gets an honorable mention because I'm less excited for what the class itself has to offer and more excited for the skill feat system in general.

Normally I'd say Ranger, but the Ranger Blog and the Skills Blog both left me flat. Maybe Fighter? Maybe Wizard? So far, there's no strong attraction to any of them.

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I'm looking forward to seeing the Ranger in depth. I like TWF in general, and they seem to be the ones that should shine the best there since the Iconic is using two axes. Although just from the preview I was left with a lot of questions as to how the Hunt class feature will work with TWF. I'm just really excited to get my hands on the book. Cannot wait!

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Alchemist. I think the new alchemy mechanics will end up being really interesting to mess with.

Bard looks interesting but Monk and Wizard have captured my interest the most.

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