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During the Playtest, I really tried to focus on the Champion and test the class thoroughly. So, I may be able to speak into the question of which ally does more damage… (since the Champion hasn't changed that much since the Playtest)
I think the short answer is: it depends... 
The Animal Ally is consistent, you spend an action it attacks or Supports you, and is helpful at provoking those Reactions. (cuz it's going to get hit. A lot.)
The Blade Ally is versatile, and specialized. Meaning that it is adaptable for varied situations, crits are more effective, and especially deadly to Evil creatures. (particularly those with a weakness to Good)

They balanced the two for flavour, which I really appreciate.

Is anyone else bothered by the AC disparity of the Nimble Wolf vs the Savage Bear? By level 20 it's 38AC vs 44AC. 6 points!! The Bear is good for damage, but not if it's going to be getting crit all the time...

Constructively, the problem could be fixed by giving specialized companions the option of Master in Barding. I mean, it makes sense if they have been using it for so long...

FowlJ wrote:
The attacks don't combine. You would be able to make Tiger stance attacks or Tangled Forest attacks, while gaining the non-attack benefits of both stances (10 foot steps from Tiger stance and the movement prevention effect of Tangled Forest).

Ok, so what about Tigers crit bleed? Could I crit with a Tangled Forest strike and apply the persistent bleed?

Also, is there anywhere else in the CRB where we can find a similar feat or ability that might shed light on this feat? ie. where are you guys interpreting this feat from? Or is this how you think it was written as intended?

So what you guys are saying is that we can't fuse Crane and Mountain with any others? But the others are free to fuse? So, for example, I can fuse Tiger and Tangled Forest? And if I did, what would the damage look like? 2d8S? How would that work with Striking runes? Or what about if I fused Dragon and Tiger instead? One's 1d8S and the other is 1d10B? Which would the Striking rune work off of?
Thanks for the help guys...

Level 20 Monk feat.
It seems to be simple enough, but on further reflection it seems to get more confusing. Which stances can I fuse? And which can't I? (furthermore why can't Ironblood and Crane fuse? What does "using one type of strike." mean?

Glimturen Runekeeper wrote:
Iron_Matt17 wrote:
Has the Full Plate armour bonus changed since the Playtest? Is the dex cap still 1 with the clumsy trait? Granting a total of 7 AC?
** spoiler omitted **

Thanks a lot for the answer! So, what is the armour check penalty on Full Plate, and what strength score do you need to negate it? (I'm guessing it's pretty high)

Has the Full Plate armour bonus changed since the Playtest? Is the dex cap still 1 with the clumsy trait? Granting a total of 7 AC?

Ds25 wrote:
Could we get some more infos about cleric domains? Maybe just the most common ones Like battle, healing, etc...

I concur with this. I'm specifically interested in the Light Domain, if that's ok.

Also, an odd question for the Bestiary. Is the Solar in it? Or any 20+ Good aligned creatures?

Thanks for all the info guys...

Have any of the class abilities changed since the Playtest? As in, getting certain abilities earlier or later? As far as I have seen they have only ADDED more abilities. For example, the Champion got only Armored Fortitude at level 7. Now it sounds like they've tweaked Armored Fort by adding Armour specialization to it and also throwing in Weapon Specialization on top of that! (I am by no means complaining...) ;^)

What levels does the Champion get weapon specialization and armour specialization? I'm confused from GCP Champion at PaizoCon having Weapon Specialization by 7th level, but no indication of having Armour Specialization...

How are the Domain Powers? Have they been improved upon?

Quandary wrote:
The Armor Specialization with Resistance is really cool, alot more variety in choosing armors based on construction not just "Plate is best Heavy" etc. I like the over-all approach of picking armor consruction and choosing L/M/H version even without Specialization effects.

I totally agree. This edition has blown my expectations out of the water!!

So we could have Resistance to a specific physical damage as low as level 7!?! 0_o

What about weapon specializations?

When, in general, can we expect the specializations?

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RicoTheBold wrote:
Iron_Matt17 wrote:

Oooohh!!! Armour specialization effects! That's pretty neat. Looking forward to checking those out. I'm guessing Piercing=Light armour, Slashing=Medium armour, and Bludgeoning=Heavy armour.

So happy about those age rules! (or lack there of...)

Nope! ** spoiler omitted **

Oh man! That's way better! Love it!

Oooohh!!! Armour specialization effects! That's pretty neat. Looking forward to checking those out. I'm guessing Piercing=Light armour, Slashing=Medium armour, and Bludgeoning=Heavy armour.

So happy about those age rules! (or lack there of...)

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Iron_Matt17 wrote:
Ok, so what compensation do the martials get to boost their power? Since there's no more +5 to attack, armour, and saves?
We pretty much fix this by doubling the bonus from proficiency and adding weapon specialization. I mean, best possible fighter with best possible weapon in the playtest was +28 + statMod for 5W + statmod. Now it's +31 + statMod for 3W+8+statMod. So accuracy went up a little, but damage for the biggest weapons went down a smidge.

Ok. That's cool, I didn't crunch through the numbers to find the differences... Now I'm crunching through the numbers for best possible Paladin armour and maybe other saves. Looking good so far...

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Thanks again,
Did they add more "pizazz" to being legendary in something other than just having the highest numbers in it now? I'm specifically thinking about Legendary in armour and/or shields, which the armour check reduction was nice but lacklustre...

Ok, so what compensation do the martials get to boost their power? Since there's no more +5 to attack, armour, and saves?

Thank you Rico,

Do Weapons and amours only go to +4 now?

Could you please tell us what changes they made to the Champion's Radiant Blade feats? (level 10&20) What are the runes gained now? And is there more to the feats than just gaining more runes?

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I personally liked secret checks, and would love to see them included in the Core Rulebook.

Another point I noted was that on the Monk had more than one Spell Point. I'm guessing the Spell Point classes are going to start with one, and then acquire more, if they desire, through feats...

Are secret checks no longer a thing in 2nd edition?

Crexis wrote:

I'm creating a level 4 character and I start off with 1 level 3rd, 2 2nd level and 1 level 1 item.

My monk is using unarmed strikes and not wearing any armor.

Can I use these 1st level treasures: a potency crystal, owlbear claw or jade cat onto my fists or unarmed strikes?

So you're making a monk as well huh? Nice.

The answer is yes, as long as you choose the Bracers of Armor 1st and the Expert handwraps of the mighty fists as your 2nd level treasures. Those are the two pieces of gear you'll need to affix the trinkets.

Crexis wrote:

Expert heavy armor is listed as a level 4 treasure on page 349, however on page 190 (the one you mentioned) it says an expert heavy armor is of level 3. So there seems to be conflicting information? If I could take a +1 heavy armor does it give my armor +1 to AC and TAC? What other bonuses does it give for being magical?

I took the level 2 wooden shield.

There isn't anything listed anywhere about an expert weapon on page 349. I'm looking at page 190 (table 6-19) about expert weapons. It says the weapon price is 350 sp. Expert +1. I didn't even know you could have access to this. So if I took an expert battle axe. It would have a +1 to attack roll and would I roll an extra damage die of d8? So 2D8 + 4 (str mod) dmg?

There's no mistake.

Level 3- Expert Heavy Armour: Expertly crafted armour that is easier to move around in. Reduce Armour Check Penalty by 1. Non-Magical.
Level 4- +1 Heavy Armour: Same expertly crafted armour, but now has a potency rune that gives a bonus to AC, TAC, and Saving Throws. Magical.

Atalius wrote:
I thought there was a way to utilize a 16 Dex for example (+3 bonus) while wearing Magical Full plate? Or is the Max Dex bonus always just +1 for Full Plate?

Not that I have seen so far...

Edge93 wrote:
Though a little idea, if he puts the potency runes on his shield boss instead of his main weapon, it will copy to whatever weapon he wields in his other hand, meaning he could switch between different weapons with no loss of power. I can't believe I only just now thought of this for a sword and board switch hitter.

Now that I've had time to think about this... This is a neat idea. Seems counterintuitive, but brilliant. I'll have to look into it. Thanks, Edge.

Crexis wrote:

Regarding Expert heavy armor, I see you can have max potency of +2 and max properties of 1. Also the check penalty reduction of 1. Is there anything else that expert heavy armor gets?

Thanks for the help guys, I've learned a lot!

Nope. You've got it! Happy to help. =)

Crexis wrote:

For my 4th level paladin, I am wearing heavy armor and a shield. Can I make use of the 3rd level treasures called: 'Doubling Rings (p.387)?

I was planning on getting 'potency crystal' (1st level treasure, p.402) - do these and how do these 2 items work together?

I've been reading about doubling rings but I'm unsure exactly how it works. Could someone clarify how doubling rings works and how they would work with a potency crystal on my 'battle axe' weapon for example?

For wealth by level for level 4 I can choose 2 permanent level 2 treasures. One I'm taking is a 'sturdy shield' and I was looking through for another permanent treasure but they all seem to be consumables or have certain amount of charges. Can I choose a non-permanent treasure or does it have to be permanent? Any recommendations for what my level 4 sword and board paladin may take?

I'd take the following:

3rd- Doubling Rings or Expert Heavy Armour
2nd- Expert Light Wooden Shield
2nd- Expert Weapon (pg 190)

Potency crystal is very limited, you can get the same thing with the level 1 feat Deity's Domain: Zeal- Weapon Surge. Go for other level 1 treasures, consumables are fine here.
I'd actually skip the Doubling Rings at level 4 and go with the armour unless you know that the GM is going to be handing out +1 weapons. (the Doubling Rings are kinda useless without, at the very least, a +1 weapon) In that case go for it.

Edge93 wrote:
Draco18s wrote:
Crexis wrote:
For my 4th level paladin, I am wearing heavy armor and a shield. Can I make use of the 3rd level treasures called: 'Doubling Rings (p.387)?

Not at all.

This is mostly true, though if you get a Shield Boss, letting you use your shield as a proper weapon, the Doubling Rings would allow the shield attacks to have the same + as the main weapon. Not a good choice though as shields are kinda crap weapons.

Though a little idea, if he puts the potency runes on his shield boss instead of his main weapon, it will copy to whatever weapon he wields in his other hand, meaning he could switch between different weapons with no loss of power. I can't believe I only just now thought of this for a sword and board switch hitter.

I've done this with two of my Paladins in the Playtest, it works very well. The primary weapon of the first is his longsword. By using the doubling rings, I can have a back up blunt weapon leveled to my potency rather cheaply. Thereby having all 3 damage types in a pinch. (Sword=Slashing & Piercing, Shield=Bludgeoning) I just need to make sure that my Shield Boss is of sufficient quality... The other Paladin is a Shield Bash/Blocking Paladin. His primary weapon is his Shield while his flail is mostly decoration, but easily usable in a pinch.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

I don't think it'd work with an aura. The biggest thing between an aura and an area effect ability is that such things need to be activated and actually require effort to affect certain creatures. An aura like Frightful Presence doesn't really differentiate between creatures to affect and not affect, which is a big indicator of what targeting is all about: deciding which creatures to affect with a given ability or spell or whatever. In fact, per RAW, Frightful Presence applies to every creature besides itself. (It certainly explains why Dragons are usually solitary creatures; they scare everything else, even each other, off!)

And to me, that's what my definition of targeting is. There are many ways to target a creature, but the important thing is making the effort to actually try and affect that creature with the effect to do so, and the problem with the current Divine Grace wording is that we aren't sure if it is referring to targeting as a game term or targeting as a more literal or generalized term, and this has been an issue in PF1 with numerous abilities, most notably the Courageous property, where Morale Bonus, a game term, was actually supposed to be a bonus to morale checks (such as saves versus fear).

P.S., multiclassing at 2nd level also a solid option. Could go for that offbeat Paladin who dabbles in Bard or Sorcerer abilities, or pick up Barbarian Rage. Plenty of options here.

This is why the waters are kinda murky with the language. Your reasons for why the Paladin should be able to use DG with the Breath Attack and not Frightful Presence are solid. But they are not intuitive from the language of the book. I'd place it as GM fiat, something that will change from table to table.

In many ways Paizo wants to tighten their language and mechanics in PF2, this is one area that needs improvement. How could it be improved? What specific terms could be used to differentiate between an Aura (or your non-targeting magical effect) from a Breath Weapon (or your targeting magical effect) from a Spell? Because as of now, the Paladin can only react to the last while the Ancient's Blood Dwarf could react to all three...

PS Sorry, Multiclassing never crossed my mind. I've never cared for Multiclassing in any edition. I was keeping the feats to Paladin only choices. Which I'm sure they will add more choices in the future...

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Joey Cote wrote:

This is interesting. Frankly, as the feat is written, the Paladin should not be able to use Divine Grace against an AoE because in no way does AoEs' target the paladin, they just hits everything.

If we use the logic that AoE spells "target" every person in the area, then it becomes a problem in regards to concealed, sensed, and unseen rules. Because in those cases you would need to make the flat 5 or 11 check for the spell to successfully land even before the creature made its saving throw. Maybe this was intended, except I don't see any language in how spells work that says AoE, aura, etc target those in their area.

So, I have to disagree that per RAW for the playtest Divine Grace does not work against AoE spells.

On the other hand, I think the ability is badly written and the target language should be removed.

But it is a circumstance bonus, which means it is going to stack with a lot of spells that give a bonus to saves, since those are almost all conditional bonuses. So maybe it isn't badly written at all.

I understand that RAW, Divine Grace doesn't work on spells like Fireball. But it is immersion-breaking that I can have a Paladin's feat work on Chain Lightning (which affects areas of multiple foes) or Meteor Swarm, but not Fireball or Lightning Bolt. It makes no sense how that is the case, especially when other examples of AoEs do refer to creatures in the aftected area as targets.

It also makes no sense when an ability like a Breath Weapon, which is almost certainly magical in nature, doesn't permit Divine Grace to work, simply because it's not a spell, but merely a magical effect similar to Spell Point abilities.

I agree that it is immersion breaking, and I'm figuring that Paizo will fix the language by the time PF2 comes out.

On the topic of Breath Weapons... I do think Divine Grace should work with Breath Weapons. But the trouble is differentiating when Divine Grace works and when it doesn't. Should it work with the Dragon's Frightful Presence Aura? What about other Monster's special abilities? I suppose that one way to fix this problem is to change the word "spell" to "magical effect". But that may make the Feat too powerful. The Dwarf has to give up 2 resonance points for that ability. Why should the Paladin get it for so little a cost? (It's the only non-oath feat at level 2, and if you don't want to be an oath Paladin... Divine Grace!)

I'm finding level 17 faster than level 12, myself. Level 12 was a slog, so in preparation for that my group familiarized ourselves with our level 17 characters ahead of time. It worked well. The mechanics don't seem to be too complicated for high level play...

Gortle wrote:
Why isn't it just a flat bonus. The fact that it is a reaction makes it awful. Half the time you will have already used your reaction.

I haven't found it to be as bad as I thought it would be. It's a nice little boost if you know you will be going up against spell casters. Then there are the feats that give you more reactions. (level 8 & 14) Yes, I know those are higher level... But they are still helpful and in line with how the game plays.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

While I see the point, let's look at it this way: I think it would be very awkward and unfair that a Paladin can use Divine Grace against a spell like Chain Lightning, but not against a spell like Lightning Bolt.

It's immersion-breaking and it also makes no sense given on how spells like these (or more accurately, Fireball) work in relation to effects like Divine Grace, or even Ancient's Blood.

Yes, I totally agree. That's why I think Divine Grace should be worded exactly like Ancient's Blood. (in fact that's where I got the idea to how to word it above) Ancient's Blood is clear and does not use the word "Targeted". It's a small nitpick, but I hope this change clears future confusion.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:

A target for an AoE spell would be any creature affected by the spell. They are in the area, therefore they are targeted by the spell and suffer its effects.

So yes, a Paladin should be able to use his Divine Grace feat on area effect spells and abilities.

I hope you're right.

The reason this came up for me was that I was comparing Divine Grace to the Spellguard shield. They are very similar, with their +2 to Saves. (and not stackable mind you) But I found that the Dragonslayer's shield fit the more AoE niche, while the Spellguard was more for targeted spells. So I reasoned that if the Spellguard shield didn't trigger against AoEs then DG didn't either. But yeah, I think they should remove the Targeted language if AoEs work with DG and Spellguard.

My question originates from the word "Targeted" in the Trigger description. Must the spell have the word "Target" in its description in order to use Divine Grace? Is this intentional?
If it is, well...
If not, could the trigger be changed to:
Trigger You attempt a saving throw against a spell.
(though if Paizo changed the word spell to magical effect that'd be really nice as well...)

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Just read over the Unchained, great stuff. The Playtest would be so much easier apply these changes over 1e, since they simplified and condensed many of these bonuses... The level gate helps simplify it immensely as well.
Here's a quick overview of what characters could get naturally (with the appropriate quality of gear to channel their innate power) that I can pick up on the spot...
Level 3- +1 Light and Medium Armour
Level 4- +1 Heavy Armour and Bracers, +1 Weapon
Level 7- +2 Armour
Level 8- +2 Weapon, +2 Bracers
Level 11- +3 Armour
Level 12- +3 Weapon, +3 Bracers
Level 14- Stat Boost to one stat
Level 15- +4 Armour
Level 16- +4 Weapon, +4 Bracers
Level 19- +5 Armour
Level 20- +5 Weapon, +5 Bracers
Of course, there are questions about multiple weapons and what not. But the attunement bonuses from Unchained are a great starting point. I would love to see this implemented.

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I believe it was an oversight, I'm hoping they fix that soon... But the same could be said about the Cleric losing Emblazon Symbol. Same change, similar oversight of "where is the holy symbol coming from when they cast spells with their hands full?"
As of right now, I'm playing that Lay on Hands does not provoke until stated otherwise that this change was intentional...

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I want to happily announce that I retract my issues with Blade of Justice. I've been testing it thoroughly the last few days, with my own tests and a session of "When the Stars Go Dark". Yes, it is very true that Smite outshines BoJ damage-wise. This would be a problem if Blade of Justice lasted only one round... But of course, it doesn't have to.
I found it was quite flavourful as an aggro type feat, and was a very effective tactic against single target enemies. (since the enemy probably won't be focusing all its attacks on the Paladin. And if so...Great!) Great job, Paizo!

Haha, no one has ever corrected me on my usage of "begs the question" before... I thank you.
But let's stay more on track here...
Personally, I think Divine Grace should be broadened a little to be more applicable. Either a reaction to saves for more than just spells (I find that my gm doesn't always tell me when a spell is shot at me and that saves for spells has gone down since Monster abilities are not spell-like abilities anymore) Either that or make DG a passive ability rather than a reaction.
+2 is fine in this game of "tight math", IMO. No need to change it back to the glory days of PF1...

Actually, I just realized something about BoJ and Smite... BoJ should stack with Smite. Instead of the normal 3-6 Good damage (level and gear dependant), together they should do 5-8 Good damage. Not sure if that warrants spending the extra action on BoJ tho...

Draco18s wrote:
You do realize that Warded Touch applies to LoH and not Heal, right?

Warded Touch is now a thing of the past. 1.6 buffed LoHs and nerfed it at the same time. Paizo gave us Warded Touch and Hospice Knight for free. (which I wholeheartedly agree with!) But now Heal is on an equal playing field as well when it comes to Somatic Casting. So therefore, they nerfed LoHs as a side effect of this change... But it still begs the question, "does Lay on Hands provoke attacks of opportunities now?" Nowhere does it mention the removal of the manipulate trait on the document.

With the coming of Update 1.6, came many cool mechanical changes to the Paladin. But with changes comes balancing issues. Here are two imbalanced feats that need tweaking...

1. Channel Life: This is the new MUST have feat for the Paladin. With the change to hands and casting rules, came the dominance of this feat for Paladins. Heal completely overshadows Lay on Hands, and it feels like your healing with one hand tied behind your back if you use LoH rather than Heal. That hurts. So my recommendation is to have Heal cost 2 spell points (like Healing Font domain power) or keep it the same but change the d8s to d6s for the Paladin. (the Paladin shouldn't be as good as the Cleric at Heal) Please nerf this feat guys...

2. Blade of Justice: Whatever your opinion of this feat was guys, it wasn't over powered and it wasn't underpowered. That is until Smite Evil came onto the scene... With all its 2 extra dice/persistent Good damage/share with your friends awesomeness. The previously regarded Smite Evil of 2e has been left in the dust. (at least at level 12 and beyond) I mean why use an action to mark an enemy with BoJ (for 3-6 Good damage, yay!) and then Smite, when you can Smite once and then hit again? (or any number of other possible choices) I know I'm focusing on the Defender class specifically here, but a buff to the feat won't hurt the other two either. My recommendation here is to make the feat worthwhile at later levels. So maybe at level 12 it gains additional benefits. Like say, and enhancement that invokes an effect on an enemy. (such as enfeebled or something that the other reactions don't do) or (even better) once the Paladin marks an enemy, that enemy is marked until its dead or the Paladin marks someone else. That way, Blade of Justice can be used in conjunction with other feats. Rather than compete with them.

Those are my suggestions to imbalanced feats that I see. I have to say that I love this game that you guys made, great job Paizo!

Speaking strictly from a Paladin's perspective: "Since I have Channel Life, why would I use Lay on Hands?" d8s, heal from a distance if need be, why use LoH?
I don't like that at all. Pre1.6 you couldn't use Heal in combat (unless you had a free hand) so Lay on Hands was your go to spell. Post1.6? Lay on Hands is left in the dust... Tho I feel this could be easily remedied by having Channel Life cost 2 spell points. (which would make it equal to the Healing Font domain power)

Sooo... nobody's mentioned this yet. Does Lay on Hands permanently have the manipulate trait now that Warded Touch is gone?... Those Attacks of Opportunities will really hurt...

Maybe design RS in a similar fashion as the Monk's Crane Flutter? add the words "even if the attacker isn't in your reach"?...

My son took Crane Flutter because its one of the few reactions that a Monk can get. He hasn't found it useful yet, but were still testing it out...

My son took Crane Flutter because it was one of the few reactions that a monk could take. He hasn't found it helpful yet, but were still testing it out...

Captain Morgan wrote:

That being said, part of me likes only lay on hands working hands free (which does make name weird, I'll admit.) Having Heal as your out of combat thing and lay on hands as your combat spell is neat.

That was my thought at first as well, but then the free healing from Treat Wounds kinda made it redundant unless you need that healing RIGHT NOW. Actually now come to think of it, I don't want Channel Life to overshadow Lay on Hands. So perhaps it is better to not make Paladins too good at casting spells...

Captain Morgan wrote:
I agree warded touch should just be a thing you get. It's too good not to. Honestly, that and hospice knight blow the other feats away, so it isn't much of a choice.

I'm totally with you on this...

I had a brainwave yesterday concerning two small concerns I'm finding with the Paladin. Just want to throw it out there and see what you guys think...

Concern #1: Warded Touch is really good, TOO good. I can't think of any Paladin build that doesn't NEED/REALLY WANT to get this feat in order to fully utilize the important ability, Lay on Hands. Who wants to provoke Attacks of Opportunities which could disrupt the much needed healing? I also know that Paizo wants to get away from those “I gotta take that feat in order to play this class properly” feats.

Concern #2: As it stands, Paladins need a free hand to cast Heal and many of the other domain powers. (not including Weapon Surge, of course) That is a problem especially if one wants to play the iconic sword and board Paladin. (Or even a two hander to some extent)

My solution is to first: bake Warded Touch, as it is now, into Lay on Hands. Keep the spell with the manipulate trait, but have the Paladins naturally able to cast it without the trait. (This way if other classes get the ability somehow, they'll need to spend a feat to be as good at it as the Paladin. Maybe even do this for those who multiclass into Paladin?...) Second, change Warded Touch feat by swapping out the words “Lay on Hands” for “Champion Powers”. Bingo! Paladins who choose to cast other Champion Powers, now have the option to do so with their hands full. I would also include giving the Paladin a way to cast the material component with their weapon or shield, but I don't know.
By changing the feat in this way, it moves the feat from a must have feat, to a niche feat for those who plan on casting multiple champion powers. What do you guys think?

I appreciate the work you put into this HWalsh, it is thought provoking.

I agree with Megistone, Smite Evil should not effect MAPs. That's Hunt Target. Smite should get more of a damage boost against evil, rather than a better chance at hitting the enemy or bypassing DR. (which I agree is way too situational)
I personally like Retributive Strike as is. But it would be nice to have it have a "Lone Paladin" aspect feel to it as well. I'm personally expecting that coming in future splat books, but we'll see.
Love Litany of Defense and Weapon Paragon. I don't see the devs making a feat in which you can shield block without raising your shield first, but I would be happy with a paladin feat to raise a shield as a reaction. Weapon Paragon gives Paladins a good reason to wield their deity's favourite weapon (which is always a bonus) and fills a lacking area in the feat choices. If you didn't take the Mercy Feat or don't want to be an Angel then you are out of luck at level 18... I would tweak the feat to not cap it at d12s, but add +2 to damage if the favoured weapon is a d12. They already have this rule elsewhere...

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I actually prefer if they printed the dcs on the monster stats. A hardy half-orc barbarian should not have the same chance to recover from dying as a spindly elf Wizard... CON should have something to do with recovery saves, IMO.

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Yes, I'd like to chime in and ask whether the Rogue Dedication Feat (or any other Rogue feat) grants Dex to Damage...

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