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I purchased this recently and wanted to express how much I liked it. If I were able to review it I would give it a 4.5 start rating. Second Class: Wizards is a professionally prepared optimization guide in the style of those written by Treeentmonk and others. The advise given is very well thought out and an assist to a player coming to grips with a PF2E wizard.

I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of play a wizard.

There are two other guides, one for alchemists and one for monks. I look forward to one on the cleric, my favorite PF2E class.

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I found Alex in Wonderland a good episode. It was interesting to see Alex as Supergirl. The NPCs were pretty 2 dimensional as you would expect. The real world plot arch is well done and had some interesting twists. The Levathan characters are serious villains and a serious threat to the world.

I liked it.

Jason, when are you planning on doing Second Class Cleric?

You missed one. Marelt-Ekirans-Guide-to-the-Rogue

Picked up Second Class Guide for Wizards from your website. Nice to see a professionally written optimization guide. When it appears in the product section here on Paizo's forums I will review it. I will definitely purchase the guides for Clerics, Champions and Druids.

The multiple Brainiacs was a little weird. It is good to see Brainiac 5 green skinned like he was in the comics. How the heroes are going to resolve the issue with a Lex perceived as a good person is a nice plot. Unfortunately there best, safest, course of action is to wait until his true nature comes out. Lena becoming Lex's partner is sad even if she does not trust him.

Leviathan should prove to be a good challenge and I look forward to seeing where they take that threat.

Good start to the second half of the season.

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The thing I am liking the most is the character development between Supergirl and Batwoman. They are becoming friends and allies very quickly. I hope it keeps up.

DQ, I agree with most of what you said. Alice is an interesting foe for Batwoman, kind of a female Joker. Hopefully, they will not get to kill her, as she will make a decent recurring foe.

Crisis is going to spoil some of the character development but writers are not going to leave her out anymore then Green Arrow. One thing I like from the latest episode is that her fighting style is evolving to look more like Batman or Green Arrow.

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With each weekly upgrade, HeroLab Online is becoming more usable. At the moment it is still my go to choice for PFS 2E. I have been playing with Pathbuilder 2e for proof of concept builds.

I had forgotten about Lena killing Lex at the end of last season. So no super genius team up. I hope you are right about her realizing she is going to the dark side quickly. It would be nice if one Luthor was on Team Good.

It is sad to see Lena become the sister Lex always wanted. I really don't see her turning from the darkness. Somewhere, either during or after the crisis crossovers, I expect Lena and Lex reuniting and becoming a team.

I am a huge fan of your 101 spell series. Starting a new series would be great.

Added this to my side cart.

I just ordered these.Should make my war priest a little easier to play.

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Be nice if we could get this stickyed

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@DeathQuaker, I agree with you that Alex did a great part. I also agree that they are wasting great asset in J'onn. The writers keep forgetting he is a near Batman level detective with Superman like powers. He is one of my favorite Justice League but they need to use him more.

I agree that Kara should just leave Catco. The transition from writing unresearched biased pieces to demanding journalistic integrity is a pretty normal growth pattern for real world journalists. So I am not having a problem with her growth. Bottom line on Kara staying at Catco is no Krytonian needs a job. She could easily just live with the DEO or take over their old facility in the desert or even take over an abandoned island somewhere. If both she and Superman need the identity for social contact, then there are not too many jobs she would not excel at.

Batwoman is going down the same path as Smallville, it is not going to be too long before everybody knows who she is. She needs to be smarter about protecting her identity Her costume needs lens, I am sure Luke could whip up some pretty high tech ones. She also needs to change or remove her makeup, someone is going to notice Batwoman and Ms. Kane both put on their makeup the same way.

Overall, I like the show. It is a refreshing contrast from Supergirl.

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Good origin story. The reason for her advanced combat training and estrangement from her father makes perfect sense. The twist on who Alice is was a great plot twist.

I got my pre-shipping notice. Getting close.

My paladin has both Lay on Hands and Weapon Surge. I believe the character should have 2 focus points. Is this correct?

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Purchased this today, good solid product that makes it a little easier to play a bard.

Thanks for a solid product.

Thank you for the clarification.

Since a number of cantrips only take one action to cast, usually verbal, can a bard cast both Inspire Courage and Inspire Defense in a single round? Or since they are using the same action type can only one be cast?

Thanks that is what I thought.

How long does weapon surge last? There is not stated duration so I am assuming it last only one round.

Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy. On
your next Strike with that weapon before the start of your
next turn, you gain a +1 status bonus to the attack roll and the
weapon deals an additional die of damage. If the weapon has
a striking rune, this instead increases the number of dice from
the striking rune by 1 (to a maximum of 3 extra weapon dice).
If the target weapon leaves your possession, weapon
surge immediately ends


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I have most of the options in Hero Labs Classic. I have Hero Labs Online and it is barely adequate to generate my PFS2 characters. I will probably never buy any add in for it. Despite all of time it was available for Starfinder, HLO still feels like a beta test product to me.

Created a redeemer of Nethys in Hero Labs. Looks interesting.

I am sorry to hear about the health issues. I have been a huge fan of Dreamscarred Press. I firmly wish for a speedy recovery.

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mrspaghetti wrote:
AvalonRellen wrote:


Second Edition PDF downloaded, unzipped, and ready to read!!!!!!

Btw, regarding the PDFs - once you buy them, do you get access to updated ones as errata comes out? Just wondering

In the PF1 we did and I have not seen any change in their policy.

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TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
Also, given that champion is a new class born from one of the most restrictive classes, it being the most limited of the pf2 classes is almost to be expected

The Champion may be one of the more restrictive classes to role play but they are one of only two classes to get armor specialization. Fighter is the other. Armor specialization is a cool edge based on the type of armor you are wearing. Allows another degree of fine tuning your character to the vision you have for it.

Thanks, that helps a lot.

On what page do I find the information on the second ability flaw?


Thewms wrote:
Handy-Dandy Cone Guide

Very cool guide.

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The Gleeful Grognard wrote:

Actual query here, are people thinking hero points are worth the hassle?

Again, actually asking this it is not rhetorical.

They are worth the hassle as another tool in the player's arsenal. Whether used for a re-roll or avoiding death they empower the player and allow for the story line to continue. Anything that allows the player to determine the character's destiny is good for the game.

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wilderbeast wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Reziburno25 wrote:
What Proficiency in weapons and armor do both doctrines end at.

We know that Cloistered Clerics wind up Expert in their deity's Favored Weapon and in Unarmored (at 11th and 13th levels respectively).

We know Warpriests get Expert in weapons earlier, but the rest is still ambiguous. I think someone mentioned them getting Master in weapons but never going above Trained in armor, but I can't remember where and certainly don't have the book to check.

Looks like Warpriests get expert in their deity's weapon at 7th, plus weapon crit specialization effect, but never get master.

As for armor, they get expert in light and medium at 13th.

Also, at 15th, they get master proficiency in Fort saves, and treat a success as a critical success.

The fact that a Warpriest of Iomadae can't fight quite as well as a Paladin of Iomadae does not seem to be a problem. The warpriest has other ways to compensate for the slight difference in proficiency.

I don't want a path for a wizard to be legendary with a weapon, legendary with unarmored defense and legendary at spell casting.

My reading of the classes is they seem to be well balanced.

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I am slowly coming to grip with the new CRB. The organization is not intuitive for me. The index and TOC are not that helpful. Took me half an hour to find the focus powers. Great material there so it is just a learning process for me.

Chetna Wavari wrote:

My book left Washington state three days ago. That's the last update I've received.


It took a week for my books to get from Washington to Denver. Most of the time with no updates as to where it was. I feel your frustration.

You might not be allowed to answer this question. Can you tell if you had enough Core Rule Books printed to satisfy the initial demand?

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My order shipped so soon I will have it in hand. :)

I called into customer service and this all got sorted out.

I plan on playing a cleric first. One of my play test character was a cleric and I was really impressed on how much better it was than PF!. Then it is between a bard and paladin.

Please add AP #144 to my subscription.

Between Order 7932718 and 7811919, am I set up to receive the Paizo Advantage? If not, what do I need to do?

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The interaction between item quality and rune potency was one of the more interesting things in the play test, sorry to see it is gone. The critical from a legendary potency 5 rapier was impressive; 6d6 + 3d8 + strength/dexterity bonus. Ouch!

When the CRB comes out I'll have to see what bad ass weapon I can build.

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I am hoping the PF2 paladin is as much fun to play as the PF1 is.

Thank you.

I do not want my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Path to start with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, I wanted it to start with Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6). I also want my subscription to the Campaign Settiing to start with Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide.

Can you fix my order? If not then please cancel it and I will reorder in a month.

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Play in the "We be Heroes" game, it uses the play test rules. Continue advancing my PF1 Magus in PFS. Wait impatiently for Paizo to take my money and ship me the new book.

Trying to be patient.

Once more in the "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher" I am disappointed in how the writers have Supergirl fight. What is the use of super speed if you never use it. Except in the Man of Steel movie, all Kryptonian fight like brutes. She could have easily subdued all of the Tessmacher clones by running around them, sitting them on the ground and tying them up. Probably take less than 1 second in real time. We could have seen it from her viewpoint and it would have show cased her being an intelligent warrior. Wasted opportunity.

At least they had Jonn fighting and using some more innovative tactics. Using intangibility to keep from being hit was a great tactic, all the while trying to reason with his opponent.

Kara and also Clark should not rely on hit them until they fall down.

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