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You might not be allowed to answer this question. Can you tell if you had enough Core Rule Books printed to satisfy the initial demand?

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My order shipped so soon I will have it in hand. :)

I called into customer service and this all got sorted out.

I plan on playing a cleric first. One of my play test character was a cleric and I was really impressed on how much better it was than PF!. Then it is between a bard and paladin.

Please add AP #144 to my subscription.

Between Order 7932718 and 7811919, am I set up to receive the Paizo Advantage? If not, what do I need to do?

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The interaction between item quality and rune potency was one of the more interesting things in the play test, sorry to see it is gone. The critical from a legendary potency 5 rapier was impressive; 6d6 + 3d8 + strength/dexterity bonus. Ouch!

When the CRB comes out I'll have to see what bad ass weapon I can build.

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I am hoping the PF2 paladin is as much fun to play as the PF1 is.

Thank you.

I do not want my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Path to start with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, I wanted it to start with Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hellknight Hill (Age of Ashes 1 of 6). I also want my subscription to the Campaign Settiing to start with Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide.

Can you fix my order? If not then please cancel it and I will reorder in a month.

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Play in the "We be Heroes" game, it uses the play test rules. Continue advancing my PF1 Magus in PFS. Wait impatiently for Paizo to take my money and ship me the new book.

Trying to be patient.

Once more in the "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher" I am disappointed in how the writers have Supergirl fight. What is the use of super speed if you never use it. Except in the Man of Steel movie, all Kryptonian fight like brutes. She could have easily subdued all of the Tessmacher clones by running around them, sitting them on the ground and tying them up. Probably take less than 1 second in real time. We could have seen it from her viewpoint and it would have show cased her being an intelligent warrior. Wasted opportunity.

At least they had Jonn fighting and using some more innovative tactics. Using intangibility to keep from being hit was a great tactic, all the while trying to reason with his opponent.

Kara and also Clark should not rely on hit them until they fall down.

I am signing up for the rule book subscription and starting with the PF CRB. Will I also get the Bestiary at the same time or the following month? Do I need to pre-order it in addition to starting the subscription?

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Saedar, you convinced me. I will slowly sign up for the subscriptions as they become available. So far subscribed to the core rule book line and the module line. The adventure path and campaign setting are not available yet.

Nice story.

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I have pre-ordered the Core Rule Book, module, Lost Omens world guide, and Bestiary. Can't beat the no shipping cost.

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Pity, I have a lot of respect for you opinions on the Magus. Your guide is the best for advise on the Magus. Thanks for all of your hard work.

After 2nd edition is out, do you think you will do new guide for the Champion class?

Once 2nd edition is out, is there any chance of you doing a guide on how best to simulate a magus using the new rules?

Latest episode was good. I like it when the writers have Kara being intelligent and using good detective skills instead of just counting on her powers getting her through. The scene where Jonn returned the staff to the Martian desert was very well done. The next episode should have a show down between Red Daughter and her. I also expect a show down between Lean and Lex.

I am looking forward to the short story about her. I couldn't wrap my head around how retributive strike and its latter abilities worked.

I like the changes. I still think the shield should be a kite shield but at least the tower shield is appropriate for a heavily armored warrior. I don't understand the choice of a long bow over a short bow.

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Porridge wrote:
Saint Bernard wrote:
I'll give it a try. Thanks
If that works, let me know. I’d like to do that too!

Unfortunately there is no way to preorder the Adventure path. We will have to wait until the subscription shows Age of Ashes part 1 in the Start With window.

Is there a way to subscribe to the Adventure Path line starting with the first issue of Ages of Ashes? Or is the only way to wait the subscription to catch up with start with?

I'll give it a try. Thanks

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Very good write up, I hope they do something like in their Ancestry and Background book, whatever the actual title is.

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My question is just the opposite. Is there a way for me to subscribe to the Adventure Path beginning with first 2nd Edition adventure or do I just have to wait until the start with finally shows it?

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After reading the blog "Tough Crowd" I am tempted to play a bard for my first character. Bards have been one of my favorite classes throughout the editions.

Your comparison between a Magus and Eldritch Knight was illuminating. Thank you for the great work you do with this guide.

Thank you, those explanations help put my concerns to rest.

I thought he did a great job. I have to agree he was one of the best to portray the role.

Has there any clues on how item quality will work with potency runes. I have trouble with a legendary quality rapier (+8 to hit from the legendary) and having a potency rune 5 (+5 to hit from the potency rune) having a better chance of hitting inside an anti-magic field. I hope, as I voted in the survey, that item quality determines the to hit modifier and the potency runes determines the number of damage dice.

I will either try a paladin or wizard evoker depending on the final rule set.

Is there a way to subscribe to the subscriptions and have them not start until the 2nd edition products come out? Or do I have to just time it right?

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Saint Bernard wrote:
Does the 15% discount from the Adventure Path subscription apply to the other Pathfinder 2nd edition products?

Still interested in finding out if the 15% discount applies to the new products.

Does the 15% discount from the Adventure Path subscription apply to the other Pathfinder 2nd edition products?

This seems like a wonderful opportunity to play a paladin. I think I will play him as a more mature character who has accepted that not all people can hold to the ethical standards of a paladin but are basically good.

Just picked this up today. Glancing through it looks great. I'll review it after I have had a chance to absorb it.

Episode 410, Suspicious Minds, was pretty good plot wise. Good use of Jonn to fix things in the end. Glad the winter break is over.

I have been hoping for Green Lantern to show up since Flash premiered. Back in the 60s they did a lot together. I can see Infinite Crisis changing Diggle into John Steward if the writers decide to end up with only a single Earth. Just have to wait and see what they do.

Saw it last week, very good movie and a great setup for the next one.

Finished season 3. Some great character development and story arcs. The final episode did a nice job of tying into Season 1 Episode 1. Hopefully Netfix decides to do a season 4.

Got my replacement copy of Midgard Player's Guide. It is in perfect condition. Thank you for taking care of me.

I got the Midgard Player's Handbook and Midgard Tales. I think Wolfgang and I got everything settled to get me a new copy of the Midgard Player's Handbook. I realized looking at my bookshelf that it is a battle between you and Frog God Games as to which I have the most 3PP books from.

Excellent products.

I am enjoying both of them . I will send the email to you later today.

Got my order. There is a problem with my copy of the Midgard Player's Guide, The first section, pages 3-14, were not bound to the binding and are loose.

What are my options to get this fixed?

I ordered Midgard Player’s Guide for PFRPG and Midgard Tales for Pathfinder RPG. Why the great savings?

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Quick poll of folks reading this thread...

Which would you prefer...

1. A rage that lasted the whole fight but was not as powerful.
2. A rage that lasted a variable or shorter amount of time but was more powerful.
3. A rage that lasted as long as you wanted it, but was mostly all about dealing more damage and a bigger cost to accuracy or defense

Not scientific... just kinda curious of the pulse of the folks reading this...

2 is my vote.

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Chance,I think of titanium when discussing mithral but I see your point. If the developers wanted to add more realism to the game they would add more stances to exploit the different shield types. Raising a kite shield is a lot different than a Viking round shield. Instead of giving the same bonus, a kite shield should get another +1 to AC and TAC over a round shield.

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"(I'd sooner see a Barbarian with a shield than a Bard)"
Historically the Celtic beserker used a shield. The purpose of wearing no armor was so they could exhaust their heavily armored opponents and dispatch then once they were helpless.

So I totally agree with barbarians getting shield proficiency, maybe all the way to Master.

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