New a few More for Starfinder Dead Suns


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Hello all! I'm running a Dead Suns game that needs a few more. Who wants into a game that just started?

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I'm interested. I have an Android Mechanic I could bring in, or an Envoy/Operative that I've been writing up offline that could work.

Liberty's Edge

Haven't had much chance to do Starfinder yet. What's the party look like so far?

Hi, wouldn't mind throwing my hat in the ring. Any specific build rules or requirements?

I'd love to propose an Elf Operative, I have been looking for a place to explore the mindset of an elf after the Gap

This is one of the current players. I would like to play this AP, and we could use some help.

We are using the standard SFS build rules.


Jin could have a boon giving him the Elf. I know there is one for halfing, possibly other legacy races as well.

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Is the SFS or a regular game?

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I'm running this all the way through, but you can get credit for completing the mod and get SFS credit. Right now, It looks like everybody above can join if still interested. Our discussion post is here and our main game post is here Post in the discussion if still interested!

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I am. Let me get on my technomancer.

Is this still available?

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