DM Eric's Hells' Vengeance Campaign

Game Master Eric Swanson

Week 2; Day 14

Rebellion Points: 28

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OK everyone please check in here. Once everyone has checked in, I'll open up the Discussion/Gameday threads.

I'm here. Still open to possibly changing class, depending on what Aurelius wants to do.

Checking in! I may make some changes as well, especially if we're still arcane-heavy. (I was originally going to take the Eldritch Scoundrel archetype.) I definitely will still build toward Assassin though.


So, an alternative take on Aurelius would be an Omdura of either Uruskreil
or Malacoda probably the latter because he has a thing for bastards, who would alas do the cheeky Dip into Oracle for CHA instead of dex.

Are we using fractional progression rules?
Also, any feat taxes in effect?

Omdura would be the main class, Oracle as a single level dip.

I tend to minmax a bit more if I play I class I dont know much about :).

I'm here and planning to play a human cleric of <mfff!>.

I meant to say cleric. That's all.

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Aurelius: Yes fractional progression is OK. Not sure what you mean about feat taxes though.

Changing to Omdura with a Dip in Oracle then!

DM Eric wrote:
Aurelius: Yes fractional progression is OK. Not sure what you mean about feat taxes though.

Aurelius may be referring to this system for reducing the number of feat taxes. I like it because it frees up feat slots for more flavorful and interesting things instead of just the standard Power Attack/Weapon Finesse/etc.

Essentially yes, I could be going for some funny stuff like, Spring attack or Whirlwind attack shenangians and have this online at about level 5 to leevl 7, rather then level 13ish :).

Slightly crazed old coot of a wizard checking in! I know a lot of people are talking about adjustments and if needed I am more than happy to adjust things as well but for now will keep things as they are.

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OK the Discussion thread is up!

Aurelius: I am still looking into the feat tax issue brought forth. I can see the points made are valid ones. Let me think on this some. My issue is being able to apply the same rules for the NPCs/monsters as well. I could definitely retcon this if necessary.

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