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You can make a side quest to find a rumored awakened (similar creature as your target animal) wizard, and have them make the item for you.

The lion could wear a hand of glory with the ring of protection on it, but the lion wouldn't be able to activate the hands abilities.

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Colette Brunel wrote:
KingOfAnything wrote:
Trade offs are more interesting. Keep the prereq at 16.
The tradeoffs are uneven. An alchemist, for example, has to make a minimal investment to become a wizard, whereas a cleric (e.g. a cleric of Nethys) must pony up Intelligence 16, when a cleric's class features are already split between Wisdom and Charisma.

Tradeoffs should be uneven. It's easier for a competitive athlete to pick up another sport then mechanical engineering, just like it's easier for mechanical engineer to pick up audio engineering rather than competitive sports.

I've played 1st through 3.5 and a lot of PFS and some pathfinder home games. I know the system well but I don't know much of the variant rules or there, so something similar might already exist.

In fantasy movies and games some of the most epic and memorable moments are when the the heroes are owning the battlefield, one shooting everyone they come across as they wade into the masses.

You start on the battlefield with a goal, reach the tent of the rivals commander, destroy the enemies supplies, capture a valuable target, or something similar, but you are surrounded by grunts.

Combat is run like normal with the following exceptions...

The party chose their initiative order.

Movement, casting, and ranged attacks don't provoke.

Each character's movement is reduced by 40 feet.

At the beginning of each character turn, she uses the lowest movement penalty of any ally within 10 feet. She may gift any portion of her AC to another within 10 feet until the beginning of her next turn.

You attack a flat DC based armor class. All hits kill. Every 5 kills decrease your movement penalty by 5 feet. Confirmed crits count as a number of extra kills equal to the weapons crit multiplier. The enemy will begin to give you a wider birth as they witness your prowess.

Characters with combat reflexes or another ability that provides extra AoOs get one extra attack at their full BAB.

All squares are occupied. AoEs kill a number of enemies equal to half of the squares covered (burning hands=3, fireball=22). You are always adjacent to enemies to hit.

At the end of their turn each character takes a DC based damag each round minus they're AC.

Encountering an actual threat starts normal initiative and combat. If the battlefield target is not reached, battlefield is resumed once the threatis eliminated.

Sorry if this is stupid, I'm stuck at a very slow conference and the idea just popped into my head. It's not well thought out or tested, and I'm sure there are issues I've missed, but it feels like it could be an interesting setup.

Just wear his spell component pouch on his belt.

Ravingdork wrote:
I give my undead minions hats of disguise, or else tell them to bury themselves outside the city until called upon.

When you use the heat of disguise, what do you have them disguise themselves as? Vampires, ghouls, liches...

Look at the supernaturalist druid. They also get patent companion.

Take monk of the sacred mountain. It gives you toughness and +1NA at second level and it's compatible moms.

I always found it weird that a human grappling with one hand gets a -4, but a creature with the natural ability to grapple "grab", gets a -20 to maintain the grapple with one limb.

Had a Occultist focused on necromancy who would travel with a portable altar strapped to his back. He would cast desecrate and his undead would gain +2 attack and +2 hp/hd. Attached it to the back of his undead mount when adventuring in areas large enough. He eventually had a permanent desecrate on the alter. He later had it shrunk and set in a ring he wore.

Thanks for catching my oversight and for your input.

Spellbound Puppet is an Occultist necromancy focus power that allows you to use a bone to create a flesh puppet that serves as a familiar equal to a familiar of a wizard your level. It lasts 10 minutes per lvl and is a fleshy construct.

Would a dhampir be able to take Vampiric Companion and have the spellbound puppet be undead?

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Worst for beginners would be brawler. You have all qualifiable combat feats at your fingertips on the fly whenever needed from lvl 1.

I have a character that is a supernaturalist druid that has a treant animal companion. At 4th lvl it goes from medium to large. At 3rd lvl a supernaturalist can take a spell from the psychic spell list and add it to her druid spell list. Chose enlarge person and you can cast it on your companion. 4th lvl a huge tree with 15' reach with its two 2d6 slam attacks, 25 strength, 30' climb speed, plant immunities, double damage to objects, doesn't sleep... throw on some strong jaw and you're looking at some serious damage.

Haven't done it in a while, but I always liked...

Roll 3d6 stats in order. 3d6, that's Str, another 3d6, that's Dex, and so on.

Generate 3 stat arrays, then choose the one you want to use.

This works best with the party generating their characters together so they can create a complementary team. Creates a party that rely more on tactics and teamwork.

Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
What is the benefit then of possession?

Whay do you mean? Everything stated above. You use the targets physical stats, HP, and body, you use your mental stats, skills, feats, and spells. You don't need line of effect or line of sight on the target, and it has a range of at least 130 feet. You take an enemy off the board and only threat to you is them finding where your body is hidden. If this is your plan, you have vanish or contingency vanish on hand to take care of your body.

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Zarius wrote:

Allow me, since Paizo hasn't defined it themselves, to direct you to the definition of "insubstantial"

Piazo gives it different definitions. In gaseous form, insubstantial can pass through small holes. In ethereal jaunt, "As an insubstantial creature, you can move through solid objects, including living creatures".

Create Mr. Pitt wrote:
Can you use stand still against or reposition stinking cloud?

Sorry, but stinking cloud isn't a creature, doesn't have CMD, and its movement doesn't provoke.

Where does it say "You can't use strength against something that's insubstantial"? Are you saying if I attacked a character in gaseous form with a magic weapon I wouldn't add my strength modifier? What if I'm doing a combat maneuver with a magic weapon? What if I have agile maneuvers? If I'm using a agile maneuvers and a magic weapon to perform at combat maneuver, would the insubstantial target still use strength for its CMD?

The spell gives a list of what the character is immune to, combat maneuvers aren't on it.

Again nothing says they are being held in place. They don't become a fog cloud, they become insubstantial, misty, and translucent. While they can pass through cracks, they still have their form. You can be blocking their view or fanning them back with your cloak, or flickering reflective light in their eyes. Hell it could be getting in their face with mocking gestures. The mechanics are not defined. You are not doing a combat maneuver, just a combat maneuver check.

Where does it say you are holding them in place. It doesn't say you can grapple them as an AoO. It says you preform a combat maneuver check, not an actual or specific combat maneuver. It's not defined and can be anything from a kick to the shins or groin, to blocking their field of view, disorienting them, or anything else that could stop them from moving.

Then there should be a shooting defensively equivalent. If you fail casting defensively you lose the spell. If you fail to shoot defensively, the weapon is either dropped or maybe gains the broken condition because a crossbow isn't made to take a hit from a morning star.

Melee weapons are their own defense against melee weapons. You are ready to block and redirect an attack. Your sword is en garde covering most of your head, torso and arms. A gun covers your hand leaving your head, torso, and arm (which you are holding out to the opponent) vulnerable. Aiming at center mass of a target within 5 feet while they are swinging a sword at you would be difficult. The ranged attacker who is usually just focusing on aiming, now has to dip and move while aiming. The melee attacker who usually just focusses on attacking any openings now has an opponent with all openings.

If it's a weapon your character likes, go for it. You can get masterwork transformation cast on it for a little more then the cost of a masterwork weapon, then have it enchanted later.

Check out the gibbering orb. Party I was in took one on at 18th lvl. Has a long list of spells it casts as 150' rays. It casts 24 spells a round in this manner, but can only aim up to 5 at a single target. It has a 60' aura of insanity, will save DC 29. SR 37. This thing totally took us by surprise.

Start it with normal sword damage and have it get a cumulative +2 damage with each consecutive hit as it amps up the wielder getting them more hype and confident. When it eventually misses, the wielder must succeed a will save of 10+ the acquired bonus or else become demoralized (due to it's berating) until they make a successful attack or the end of combat. Also give the wielder half the bonus to will saves against fear effects.

Avoron wrote:
Merm7th wrote:
They can spend a point to add 20+lvl to any physical roll and succeed at the seemingly impossible.
Wow, a +20 bonus to Acrobatics! So fighters will finally be able to master the world-shaking power of jumping eight or nine feet in the air!

At 5th lvl that would be an average of 12 feet using one point and jumping from ground lvl. At 10th it would average 15 feet. That would allow the fighter to hit the 20' square which is enough within most dungeons. Outside they launch themselves off a climbed obstacle.

Give fighters a number of action points per day equal to half lvl. They can use those points points to perform epic feats that show the experience and determination that has allowed them to survive helpless encounters and overwhelming odds.

They can spend a point to add 20+lvl to any physical roll and succeed at the seemingly impossible. As long as they have the points, there is no limit to uses per round. A fighter is fighting a flying creature, she uses one point for climb to parkour up a wall, another for acrobatics to launch herself at the creature, and if necessary, anther to grapple the creature.

Allow the fighter to spend points to give her reactive SR=10+lvl or save+lvl.

Allow her to spend a point to count as one size category lager for maneuvers that have size disparity restrictions.

Allow her to use a point to add 20+lvl to perception so that her adrenalin soaked alertness can locate an invisible creature.

Allow them to spend a point to move up to her speed as a 5 foot step or swift action.

If you have a good Dex like 16 and acrobatics is a class skill and you have at least one rank, you can take 10 and hover in up to 30 mph winds. Once you have 3 ranks you can take 10 and hover in 50 mph winds. Hoverdrones and PCs in jetpacks auto succeed to hover as a swift while taking 10. Your issue comes up when both the mechanic and her drone want to hover as they only have one swift between them. Everyone else should be fine.

When mounted, you are considered to be occupying all the squares of the mount. How does that interact with attacking adjacent and area spells centered on me.

If I'm on a colossal dragon and whirlwind attack, I potentially hit everyone adjacent to the dragon?

If I'm on that same colossal dragon and cast antimagic field which is a 10 foot radius emenation, centered on me, would it affect the entire dragon plus 10 feet out?

Just give it your swift action. It can hover as a swift action and under normal conditions can't fail. DC is 15, with acrobatics a class skill and Dex +3 and 1st lvl your looking at a +7 and you can take 10. So it just happens.

Claxon wrote:
Merm7th wrote:

Wizards are okay until they come up against a character with UMD and access to 1,650gp. My brawler spent all his money I scrolls of antimagic field(after buying armor). Loved casting it, giving himself step up, and beating the casters to a pulp.

Enemies with antimagic field come up in just about every non-PFS game I've played.

Meh. This tactic should probably never work in the first place.

Why? You're in an antimagic field, meaning you're stuck on the ground.

The wizard should be flying. Out of your reach in the first place.

Honestly martials attempting to use antimagic field to counter spell casters is hilarious, and should only work on wizards being played by people who don't understand how to protect themselves from silly tricks like this.

Don't be silly. You fly up to them then cast it. You can use a potion of fly . Brawler eventually wore celestial armor. Sure you both take falling damage but who cares. You have more HP and your punching up a brainy commoner. Also did the same with a verminous hunter with a mantis companion mount. Nothing like beating up a commoner grappled by a large mantis 60 feet in the air.

Wizards are okay until they come up against a character with UMD and access to 1,650gp. My brawler spent all his money I scrolls of antimagic field(after buying armor). Loved casting it, giving himself step up, and beating the casters to a pulp.

Enemies with antimagic field come up in just about every non-PFS game I've played.

Druids should only be able to use metal. It seems wrong they are running around wearing the corpses and body parts of those their sworn to protect. I'll save you, hope you don't mind me doing it while wearing your dead mother's flesh all over my body.

So I have a 2nd level bloodrager and at 3rd he'll take a lvl in rogue taking Accomplished Sneak Attacker as his 3rd lvl feat. This should work fine giving me 2d6 precision damage as the feat says "...Your number of sneak attack dice cannot exceed half your character level (rounded up)."

What happens if I take Snakebite Striker Brawler at 4th lvl giving me a additional sneak attack die. Does the feat stop functioning?


Correct me if I'm wrong. You gain no Reputation your first SFS game because you have no faction because you need the Fame from that first game to buy the "Faction" Champion boon.

At the end of your second game, receiving 2 fame for each, you will have 2 fame and 2 reputation.

Is this true, or do you start with a free faction?

At my local game shop we have 2-4 PFS tables kicking off every Tuesday. It varies around holidays, midterms/finals, and new material. We get the same 2-4 tables for SFS, but games are only scheduled the first Sunday of every month.

GeneticDrift wrote:
Jump jets do not give a fly speed so no interaction. Buy a jet pack instead

Good catch. Thanks.

Jump Jets- ...You can fly up to 30 feet... or you can fly up to 20 feet straight up...

Sky Jockey- When you are using a device to fly (including magic items, but not spells or natural flight), your fly speed increases by 10 feet.

How do these interact? Does the specifics of the feat (increase by 10 feet) override the limits of the Jump Jets, or do the specifics of the Jump Jets (up to 30 and 20 feet) override the feat?

If the feat does supersede the item, do both speeds increased by 10, giving you 40 and 30?


I'm new to the system about 3 games in and I'm trying to get a handle on how the starship combat works. I've been playing society games.

AC is supposed to be 10 + pilot ranks + armor bonus + size +...

Under ship descriptions it just gives AC not the armor bonus. Is the number their giving supposed to be the armor bonus or is it the calculated AC without the piloting rank added yet?

Same with TL.

Look at the Occultist archetype, Necroccultist. You add one necromancy spell from the wizards list to spells known 1/lvl. The spellbound puppet focus power allows you to animate an animal skull into a familiar for 10 minutes/lvl. Good for delivering touch spells without the risk of losing an actual familiar. I know you are not interested in animating dead, but necromantic servant focus power gives you a human skeleton or zombie with half your hp, your bab, and 1/2 lvl you damage (doesn't require a corpse). Good for holding back enemies, providing flank, and setting off traps. If you choose abjuration as one of your implements you get node of blasting. Cast it on the skeletons scimitar and it does an additional 6d6 damage and can stagger for 1 minute on its first hit.

So it's a -4 against non-humanoids, and a -8 against creatures with animal intelligence (1-2).

Obviously feinting a dragon is a -4 for being non-humanoid.

Feinting a human under the effects of feeblemind gives me a -8.

If I feint a dog, is it a -12 for being both non-humanoid and of animal intelligence?

Spell combat requires your off hand to be free for casting and you to be wielding a light or one-handed. In another thread I was informed I cannot initiate spell combat if I am not wielding a weapon, even if I plan to draw a weapon as a free action after the spell is cast, and the casting hand remains free the whole round. If this is true and I need to be wielding a weapon, what happens if it is the other way around. What I plan to use spell combat and choose to attack first but in the process I loose my weapon? Can I no longer cast a spell because I no longer wield a weapon?

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

You must be holding your weapon, with your other hand empty, to initiate spell combat.

Your off-hand must remain empty for the duration of the spell combat action.

Spell Combat wrote:
To use this ability, the magus must have one hand free (even if the spell being cast does not have somatic components), while wielding a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other hand.
Kifaru suggested the appropriate means to accomplish this.

I have an empty off hand for the duration of the round. I start off holding just the rod, and the fist spell I cast makes me a 4 armed gargoyle even when wielding the whip and holding the rod I have two empty off hands. My only issue is the rod is not a weapon.

Spellsword is a pretty bad spell. For a 3rd lvl spell with its limited use it should be hours per lvl. Even at its shorter duration, it should be dismissable. What if you want to separate them or embed a different rod. If someone decides to sunder my leather whip, I lose the weapon and the rod.

I have a 12th lvl Kensai Magus focusing on whipping and tripping. He has the requisite whip feats and improved and greater trip.

With the Iaijutsu class feature I can draw my weapon as a free action in order to make an attack of opportunity.

Let me know if you think this scenario would work...

I'm in a situation where multiple opponents are within 15', or can be with a 5' step and my becoming large. I am unarmed but am holding a rod of toppling.

I cast monstrous physique 2 as a part of spell combat, becoming a large 4 armed gargoyle.

I then cast a quickened magic missile, being sure to hit all the enemies within 15', utilizing the toppling rod. The creatures are damaged and I get a trip attempt against each with a +23 CMB. Some go down. With greater trip they provoke.

I use Iaijutsu to draw my whip as a free action and attack the provokers. With combat and superior reflexes I get lots of AoOs.

I then get my normal spell combat attacks attacks with the whip.

Monk and Kensai Magus (unarmed strike) would allow you to add Dex, Int (up to magus level) and Wis to your AC.

Give him parry and riposte which he uses to trip and disarm always followed by mocking and laughter. Give him access to the spell Mislead in a magical item.

For minor magic, I'd take acid splash. Ranged touch, 1d3 acid damage. It's a weak cantrip, but on the flat-footed you add your sneak attack damage, it's all acid, plus your debilitation. During the first round of combat, you can aim it at anyone you beat in initiative while you get in position.

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