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Derklord wrote:
Zarius wrote:
I'm using the first listed perk to qualify for something, pending my GM's approval.
Qualify for what? And why Rogue to qualify? Maybe there's an alternative path.


Java Man wrote:
Or a one level dip. I'd consider vivisectionist alchemist.

You know... If I decide to take the splash option... That is a VERY good choice. I'd even be willing to burn a feat to add the Feral Mutagen discovery...

VoodistMonk wrote:
Diverse Obedience or Damned Soldier.

Okay, yup, I missed something. So my choices are level 7 as a VMC, or two feats and (at the earliest), level 14. Unless there's something that gives me the ability to get it even earlier...

Minigiant wrote:

My only thought is the 'Sense Vitals' spell

What are your archetypes?

Perhaps there is a way of getting what the archetype gives you, and you keep with a Rogue archetype that gives you the sneak attack

It's a third party one that gets rid of sneak attack. True Professional. Which gives you a feat every time you would get a die of sneak attack. Which I'd be perfectly fine converting back in to sneak attack, if I can find a way. Which, yes, I know is silly, why take the archetype if I don't care about that particular modification, right? I'm using the first listed perk to qualify for something, pending my GM's approval.

VoodistMonk wrote:
Nocticula's 2nd Sentinel boon gives you +2D6... but yes, the other two I listed are 3rd boons.

That's... Only if you're a Sentinel, yeah? I ignored everything that didn't have it in the list of stuff you get for obedience. I haven't seen a way to get the sentinel items without being a sentinel. It's completely possible I missed something somewhere.

VoodistMonk wrote:
Deific Obedience to the likes of Shax or Nocticula or Tanagaar can get you 2 or 3 Sneak Attack die. I'm sure there are more deities that gift it to you, as well. I'm just too lazy to look any further after I found it from the first three deities on the list when I searched "Sneak Attack" on AoN.

Shax and Tanagaar, specifically. Which is ironic since *one* is CE and the other is LG, though I don't know if they're from the same pantheon. The others only modify sneak attack you have or incoming sneak attacks.

Unfortunately, they're both the third tier of list, so that's putting me at level 20 to get them...

Heather 540 wrote:
The closest I can think of is the talent Sneak Training. But it only lets you be treated as having the sneak attack die of your rogue level for PrC requirements. But it doesn't actually give you the sneak attack feature.

Murf. That's close, but no banana. One of my archetypes does away with sneak attack for other stuff, but I still want the actual sneak attack. The problem, of course, is that Accomplished Sneak Attacker only works if you've already *got* the base feature.

Right now, the only thing I've got that works without actually splashing Assassin or something is VMC. Which doesn't actually say that you're not allowed to take it in the same class your primary class is in. Seems a little... Silly. But it's technically legal.

So, yeah. I'm looking for places where I can get the *first* die of sneak attack that *aren't* from class (I'm playing a heavily archetyped rogue, and I don't want to multiclass). The rest I can make up for with feats. Any suggestions would be wizard.

Oooooh. Holy ass weasels.

Being able to make a wand without being able to use that wand feels more like they offered us the cookie, but we can only have it if we can get to it. Without breaking open the locked display case with the lock super glued.

So, it says exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to find a way to take Grabbing Style without dipping into Monk or Brawler levels. I'm building a grapple rogue, and I want to do this one without dipping.

No, I was asking if SLAs had been updated with the four year later allowance for making items that, apparently, you can't actually use. Which is, to say the least, annoying.

So, I'm kind of looking for a definitive answer on this topic. Let's say I'm a Rogue, with the True Professional archetype and the Magical Expertise sub-ability. Say I take Greater Magical Talent (Cure Light Wounds), because the Magical Expertise sub-ability lets me take from any spell list, not just the wizard/sorcerer list.

According to a 2011 FAQ ruling, I *can't* use a wand of cure light wounds without a dc 20 UMD check, but according to a 2015 FAQ ruling I can actually (help) create one. Is this still the case, or am I missing a more recent ruling?

Well, while there are some great suggestions here, the level two part is the big catch on many of these. Even the lowest accessible level Improved Familiar is a level 3 minimum requirement, starting level 2s have a grand, so both the wand and the circlet are problematic.

That Ring of Eloquence is the best bet, I might be able to convince my GM to go with a stripped down version of that. One language for a reduced price kind of thing. She's waffling hard on that Pearl, which would be the best option based on the pricing.

Any other suggestions?

If what you're looking for is military-esque, give 'em a level of fighter, Heavy Repeating Crossbow Proficiency, and barricades. :P

So, I've got a concept for a character, and I'm missing a key element. The core of it is a Kitsune Sorcerer with the psychic bloodline feat who stays in Fox shape (hence the Psychic bloodline). The key problem, of course, is communicating with the party. I'm looking for a spell, or an item, or similar that would allow what is essentially an intelligent animal to communicate with the rest of the party? Preferably NOT via writing. I already thought of mage hand and chalk, but that's not helpful in combat. Should mention that it's for a party of level 2s.

You are not, yourself, casting the spell and, as such, yes. You can use them while in armor, yes, if you are capable of activating the item.

@Serum Nothing in either the Scribe Scroll feat nor in the Scroll data say that you need verbal or somatic components to cast from a scroll. Could you provide a link or quote?

For clarification, this is true of all magical items that involve a spell completion out trigger with a spell component. Wands, potions, staves, etc all follow this rule as well.

Name Violation wrote:
Diego Rossi wrote:
Training wrote:
Popular among those who seek to impersonate skilled warriors, a training weapon grants one combat feat to the wielder as long as the weapon is drawn and in hand. The feat is chosen when this special ability is placed on the weapon. That feat cannot be used as a prerequisite for any other feats and functions for the wielder only if she meets its prerequisites. Once chosen, the feat stored in the weapon cannot be changed.

The bolded part will resolve Dave doubts, as it specifies that the weapon should be draw and in hand, but doesn't require to actively use it.

Magic item - weapons wrote:
Weapons cannot possess the same special ability more than once.
This and the lack of specific text allowing multiple instances of the same special ability in the above quote say that you can place training only once on a weapon.
So training (power attack) on my gauntlets will let me power attack with my greatsword?

Put it on a cestus.

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Just to put my random two cents in, even the least powerful interpretation of the ability wildly changes the usefulness of teamwork feats.

Hmmm. I'll need to try to remember to investigate when i get home, my actual PDF with the original data is there and the stuff i can find doesn't match up.

So, this question has roots in some third party. Basically, the conflict here comes up that the Training enchantment is relatively unique among enchantments, being that it explicitly states that you CAN put it on a weapon multiple times, and spells out that you simply don't gain the benefits of feats you can't qualify for without them - meaning you COULD put the whole Two Weapon Fighting chain on one sword, but you'd only get the lowest one you qualify for on your own.

So, in theory, sticking the SAME combat feat on it three or more times is teeeechnically legit, though the case where there would normally BE a benefit to doing so is limited.

The entire question arises because of the note that Flaming doesn't stack with Flaming on the same weapon, or even with Flaming-like spells (Sunmetal, for example).

So, the ENTIRE question is this:
I have access to a third party combat feat which increases fly base speed by 10 feat, bumps Maneuverability up a stage, and can be taken multiple times to stack the effects. If I were to, for specific example, place this on a weapon three times using the Training enchantment, would I gain 10 fly speed and one Maneuverability bump, or 30 fly speed and 3 Maneuverability bumps?

I know it seems like a pretty simple yes-no question, but I've got pretty good arguments on both sides.

He never tells his auctioneer the location it IS. Only where it will be after the auction completes. Auction is completed by magical contract which activates a single-use teleport ring upon securing of funds in a private location. Can't steal it off your pigeon can't tell you where it is.

Zombie courier.

My gm has reminded of quickling template.

Mff. As interesting as that is, the character concept is essentially evil rainbow dash... Using sonic booms to destroy cities.

So, to preface, yes. I know it's probably impossible. No, i don't care. Mach 5 is the target, not the expected outcome. Aaaand, no, I really don't care that it's ponyfinder. I could use a dozen different flying critters.

Salient points are this:
First, i wanna see the maximum fly speed achievable when all feats can be spent on flying faster.
Second, ponyfinder has a combat feat that increases fly speed by ten, maneuverability a stage, and can be taken multiple times with no stated limit.
Third, Pegasus have a base fly of 30.

Two of my feats are called for by other things, and a third by the Run feat (unless there's a better one for flying). But I'm using a true professional rogue, so i still have 19 (combat feat basic talent, general feat advanced talent), giving me a 220 base fly, 1100 on a 'run'.
I was considering limbjacking, if my gm is amenable.

Beyond that, spells and disposable items are off the table.

Anyone got suggestions for more zoom?

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Scotty, this is why you fail... None of that gives him a bite with grab. He'll, near add i cantell, none of that gives him grab.

Waaait... Maulers get polymorph AND battle form bonuses? O.o

out flank wrote:

Whenever you and an ally who also has this feat are flanking the same creature, your flanking bonus on attack rolls increases to +4. In addition, whenever you score a critical hit against the flanked creature, it provokes an attack of opportunity from your ally

I call shenanigans. Unless an ability explicitly calls it out, you can't fulfill the criterion for two desperate2 roles on one skill just because it explicitly calls out doing so on a different one. The only reasonable exception would be if the ability you wanted to use it with was a prerequisite for the named ability.

Wait. Random question. You CAN disjunct a Demiplane. You CAN find said demiplane in either the Astral or Ethereal plane. Do you have to be INSIDE the plane to disjunct it?

@Kayerloth (In)famous to have someone want them murdered. The original challenge was for a "properly built wizard", so assume paranoid.

Also, the entire challenge is supposed to, for all intents and purposes, supposed to run the 'rules' as PFS legal. So, the GM is mainly an arbiter between two rules lawyers.

Well... I have to assume that doesn't ex2 for this purpose. Since i could pull the location of the gate from the fake body/astral projection. And THAT makes it too easy.

Plane shift is an option for traveling, if i can get the info. I see nothing that says i need an attuned focus.

I think my important question on this particular topic is how my rogue would use telepathy to pull the information out of the target's mind, if I COULD bypass the mind blank.

I've got a lot to go on. This has been an on-and-off project for a while. Avr, twist away! That's what it was, thank you!

Ah, but there are plenty of ways to levy brute force maintaining impunity. With very few exceptions, aoes are reflex saves, which are stupid to use against rogues. Slippery mind almost negates the few aoe Will saves. I can't for the life of me remember the name, but i distinctly recall a feat that lets you make a reflex save to avoid a fortitude save. And there are plenty of ways to hide in plain sight. Targeted spells are useless of you can't see what you're shooting.

I'm building a mage killer. Subtle is not a thing. :D

I mean... I CAN do that, Xenocrat, but I was hoping to avoid the cheese of "Oh, I spend 120,000 of my 880,000 gold on a ring of three wishes." Or, you know, a Luck Blade. Or a scroll of Wish. Though, I know all about Mind Blank, so Discern Location and mind reading are out, since a properly built wizard will have it running constantly. Are there, perhaps, and means of divine intervention or knowledge that are accessible by non-artifact items and would bypass Mindblank?

*notes down the Ring of Planar Focus*

So, many moons ago, my current GM said it was impossible to kill a properly built level 20 wizard as a rogue. I took this as a challenge. I'm at the point where I've one detail left: getting to the wizard's personal domain to kill the 'real' him and his clone(s).

I need a way to travel across the planes to a given person, rather than going to a specific plane. Any suggestions? (In the spirit of the challenge, I'm not using Eldritch Scoundrel, and premade items are required. Third party items are ok, but I'd prefer PFS compliant.)

Also, if anyone has a sample l20 wizard they could direct me to, that would be fantastic.

CAN you take 20 on stealth? 10 is one thing, but take 20 can't be used of you have a penalty for failure... I would assume this includes anything with a vs check.

Curse Terrain is... terrifying. Even for the Lesser version.

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Actually, Khan, I didn't notice that either, so thanks for telling me. It's a pretty good spell for this purpose. Even just a 40 foot radius can be down right devastating on, say, a battalion going through drills or an army marching in ranks. Recruit camps? Wiped out. Bases on their monthly uniform inspections? Leveled. Hell, we're assuming a tenth level caster. He could Widen it and use himself as bait to lure most of an army into an 80' radius. My character once lit himself on fire to escape the belly of something that had eaten him. Centering the spell on himself would be right up his almost-suicidal approach to warfare.

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Maelstrom of Life

School evocation [Force, Positive]; Level cleric/oracle (4/5?), druid 6, inquisitor 4, shaman 6, Paladin 4


Casting Time Special (see Discription)
Components V, DF


Range Long
Target One or more creatures
Effect One or more bolts of energy
Duration Instant
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


The caster of this spell creates a sphere of energy that, when released, breaks into a number of bolts of energy meant to devestate the undead.
~Though the spell can be cast as a standard action that generates a single bolt, if charged for two or more rounds, the spell generages a number of bolts equal to the number of rounds charged squared.
~Each bolt deals the caster's caster level in damage, half of which is force, half of which is positive energy.
~Any number of creatures up to the number of bolts generated can be targeted, but a single creature can only be targeted by a number of bolts equal to the number of rounds it is charged. Any bolts not directed at a creature, or directed at a creature past this limit, are wasted.
~The spell may be charged for a number of rounds equal to the caster's level, though as part of the charging action on the last round of charging, the spell may be recast to continue charging further.
~Each time the spell is recast, a concentration check must be made, equal to 15 + 2 for each previous casting, including the initial one. Concentration checks made to maintain the spell through damage also incur the penalty for extra castings.
~Failing a concentration check does not cause the entire spell to be lost, but it does end the charging time and force the caster to allocate targets.
~As the sphere is created, it generates visible, bright light in the space of the caster and breaks immediately breaks invisibility of all types affecting the caster. Each round the spell is charged increases the light radius by 5 feet, with no upward maximum. The light does not eminate past this radius, simply ending abruptly. This effect also suppresses any magical darkness in it's area until the spell is released. This effect doesn't hurt or drive off light-fearing undead, rather causing any undead in it's area to consider the caster a grave threat. Any undead that can see the caster, but who aren't in it's area, consider the caster a serious threat. Undead that can see the light, but not the source, consider the light a threat, but may or may not be compelled to investigate it, depending on the circumstances.

I was listening to the Wheel of Time books, and one of the scenes inspired me a bit.

To be honest, I think a single casting of Control Winds from zero wind will do it, if the army is encamped, rather than at barracks. Flying debris does damage, when you consider that an army camp is going to be full of unattended weapons and armor... and, if winds are strong enough to tear off roofs, things like horse lances, tent poles, and the like are going to be airborne hazards to everything.

Good suggestions, though, thanks everyone.

So, yeah... Exactly what the title says, but I'll refine my terms a little. I need one spell that fills the following criteria:

~Up to level 5, preferably 4
~Caster level 10
~Can kill up to 1,600 targets with four castings.
~Assume most of the army to be a reasonable level 1 character.
~Direct damage preferred
~Lower level spells with metamagics are completely allowed
~Third party spells are allowed
~No mythic versions, as we aren't using it.

My GM is telling me that an idea I had for a spell is over powered explicitly because it is, as he and I both define it, 'an army killer'. But I know for a fact that Contagion could do it with a little luck, and that Greater Contagion could do it with great ease. But I'm looking for 'quick' results on the slaughter.

This is a matter of the specific rule trumping the general. The data in the players handbook is general. The data about the serpent as a mount is specific. The mount data for the cavalier overrides it.

Also, there is stitched armorfor snakes. It's literally sewn onto them.

So, then, holy water is aptly named and poorly worded... It's technically a limited form of holy damage, rather than a form of positive energy, since it also doesn't heal.

ah. Well, technically it doesn't. They're potions that only work for the alchemist. You could rule that they work for the familiar, too. That's how I'd run it. But by raw they aren't spells.

Pretend the tumor familiar is a 'regular' familiar, glued to the alchemist. They are technically separate creatures with separate bodies for the purposes of spells, attacks, poisons, etc. So yes, a cute light wounds that targets the tumor familiar would not affect the alchemist.

They are separate pools of breadth weapons, line a cleric that takes necromancer levels. You don't DO anything about it, you just keep track of the separate pools and how much damage each type does.

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