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My friend is running an 11th level gestalt campaign, and I want the most broken gestalt build possible. Could you guys give me ideas of what to do? Thank you!

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Synthesist Summoner and, you know, something else. Even Commoner.

Synthesist Summoner & Broodmaster Summoner.

Or Gunslinger (if you want to pollute the game with pseudo-Pathfinder crap).

The Kali synthesist summoner build does do amazing stuff with guns or blades, but I do like having the 6th level spells that a prepared caster can get at 11th.

The HH version of Pact wizard is doing great things by 11th level. It's compatible with Exploiter wizard too.

Couple those with Puppetmaster magus (w/broad study & flamboyant arcana) on the other side of the gestalt for some melee ability and defence, the extra +2 save DC on enchantments and illusions, and the ability to use spell combat to get your horrific doubles spell going without feeling like you're wasting your time on a purely defensive action, and you should be good to go.

Castle Blades wrote:
My friend is running an 11th level gestalt campaign, and I want the most broken gestalt build possible. Could you guys give me ideas of what to do? Thank you!

Broken for Level 11 or Broken for when you get to level 20?

Basically, you have three ways to build a broken character:
1) full casting
2) making an incredible physical powerhouse
3) breaking the action economy.

Ideally, you'll want to achieving more than one of these, while picking two classes that are rather SAD and relying on the same attribute for most of their abilities.

The Wizard is usually considered the strongest class in the game, with its wide and powerful selection of spells. The problem here is that it's difficult to find a second class that blends well: what else relies on Intelligence? You have other casters (Magus, Arcanist, Alchemist...), but nothing that gives you abilities you can use together with your spells. Whatever you take, you will be a Wizard with more spells, but still restricted to one per turn.

The Synthesist Summoner doesn't give you 9 levels of spells, but can still cast quite well and gives you great physical power while relieving you of its biggest price: the need to pump physical stats.
The regular Summoner instead lets you have a strong physical combatant that takes its own actions, letting you basically play two turns in one.
It's much easier to find a second class that enhances your Summoner abilities, so let's assume that Summoner (Synthesist or not) is your primary choice.

What do we have that can benefit from your incredible Charisma?
- Paladin. A Synthesist//Paladin can be incredibly strong: spells, immunities, healing, auras, multi-attack smite, high saves (reflex won't be so high, but still decent)... You have no real need to dump your physical stats too much, as you only need max CHA and decent WIS; so even if your eidolon is killed or banished, you are still a Paladin who can keep fighting with competence and durability, and a 3/4 caster who can support the party with summons and spells.
Having a Paladin's mount can also help with action economy, letting you move and attack more easily.
- Bard. Send your eidolon or summon other things, while buffing them with your performance and your wide selection of spells. You have only 3/4 BaB but all good saves, so focus on defenses: you should never have to make an attack roll yourself.
- Oracle. I don't know the class very well, but I'm sure that some mysteries will blend well with your other abilities. You get full casting based on CHA (along with your Summoner spells) and an Eidolon for action economy.
- Sorcerer. Another full caster that relies on your Charisma, but with a selection of spells more similar to the one you already have.
- Magus. I know it uses INT, but if you are a Synthesist you should have enough space to pump up two mental stats.
Instead of going for multiple attacks, take different evolutions: defenses, mobility, reach...
Your fused eidolon will let you move around the battlefield with no fear, and spellstrike away. Note that the ability says that you can use a "spell from the Magus spell list" while spellstriking, so you can also cast one from your Summoner slots since many of them appear on the Magus list too.

I'm sure that some archetypes of the second class could further enhance your prowess.

Guess it depends on what you are going for...

Personally I think a crafter can easily break the game. For instance if you were to go arcanist/ sorcerer (impossible bloodline), you would be able to create almost everything by level 11. Combined with a trait called spark of creation, you have all the funds and items you could need.

At that point you could start putting your feats and exploits into anything you wanted like say the armored caster exploit. Go out on the battle field as a equipped to the teeth armored caster and pretty much reck shop on everything.

After that the game would become really boring i would imagine.

how about

UMonk (Scaled Fist) 11
Sorc (Draconic of some type) 6/Dragon Disciple 5

with the feats Favored Prestige Class and Prestigious Spellcaster you can even have the full sorcerer spell advancement.


BaB +11
Dragon Disciple Boosts
11th level spellcasting, 5th level spells
good saves across the board
+Cha to AC

the one thing you really don't need is natural weapons, could take Sorcerous Strike and a Linnorm bloodline and deal 'double' elemental damage when you hit (Linnorm bloodline 1st level spit power + elemental fury ki power) or just skip that and grab Blood Havoc and deal 4d6+8 for each scorching ray

1 Arcane Strike (for when you aren't using ki)
1M Dragon Style
2M Dodge
3 Sorcerous Strike
5 Favored Prestige Class
6M Dragon Ferocity
7 Prestigious Spellcaster
9 Riving Strike
10M Medusa's Wrath
11 Prestigious Spellcaster

Add in bonus bloodline feats, style strikes, ki powers, etc. That sounds pretty mighty to me.

No idea if any of these are "ultimate", but they are combos my party has toyed with for one shots (we don't allow Summoner which is why that one is missing, despite being the obvious choice for this)...

Bard/Cleric or Oracle
Monk/Sorcerer or Oracle
Investigator (psychic detective)/Wizard

But seriously... Summoner/whatever and call it done.

Paladin 2/Sorcerer 18//Spirit Guide Oracle (Nature) 20

Feat of Noble Scion of War

Cha for AC, Saves, CMD, and Initiative

At Level 20 Do the broken Awaken combo and have a massive CHA of whatever you want Cause of Blood money. Usually, a CHA of 10,000 is enough...bonus points for making a Timeless Demi-plane to accomplish this.

Full Divine and Arcane Casting. Nothing can hit you, Nothing can affect you, and you can spam Miracles for even the most mundane of tasks. And you will always win initiative.

Enjoy being a god at 20th Level.

As for Level 11 builds that won't make it to level 20.

I would probably go with either:

Un Monk//Druid
Paladin//Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple

Both have benefits of being a full caster with really good Melee potential. Basically, can do just about anything.

Freebooter Ranger/Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor. Full BAB; perfect saves; Evasion/Stalwart at 11th level (can you say zero damage from spell saves?); Freebooters Bane(move action unnamed +3 to hit and damage vs. single target for PC and all allies within 30')/Studied Target (swift action unnamed +3 to hit and damage vs. three targets). Cast Divine Favor (standard action) along with Fate's Favored trait and you've got a +10/+10 vs. one target and +7/+7 vs. two others in a single round buff. With a BAB of +11 and guessing a prime stat of 20 (Dex or Str) you're looking at a heavy hitter coming in with a +26 to hit before weapon enhancements, feats and party buffs vs. one target and +23 vs. the others.

Add spontaneously casting heals, Wrath spells, Blistering Invective as a debuff among other nuggets and that's a front liner who can deal out damage and side step so much more.

If you just want a badass melee combatant, invulnerable urban barbarian/dawnflower dervish bard.

Sword Saint Samurai//Ninja

Challenge foe>Vanishing Trick>Run up to foe and deal 6d6 Sneak Attack, 6d6 Iaijutsu Strike, and regular weapon damage.

Kill your enemies in one hit every time.

Psychic + Fighter
Build towards the telekinesis spell. Grab a ton of huge bastard swords to throw all at once. Put all your fighter feats towards upgrading bastard sword attacks and critical hits. With the rest of your feats grab some metamagic and cl boosts. Your a SAD full caster with full plate, absurd dps, full AC, good Fort + Will saves, several feats left to play with, and you only have 1 spell known accounted for

(Winter Witch lv5 + Winter Witch PRC lv6) + (Crossblooded Sorcerer lv1 + Spellslinger Wizard lv1 + School Savant Arcanist(Admixture) lv1 + Silksworn Occultist(Mage's Panopoly) lv8)
A cold blaster build. Use primarily the winter witch side for your offence with the other side giving bonus feats, damage boosts, dc increases, and free metamagic use

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Psychic (abomination)//Dual-Cursed Oracle (Lame, Wrecker). Your mind, leg, and all your gear is broken. Add levels of tortured crusader and now your spirit has been broken.

For a serious suggestion, Inquisitor and UMonk complement each other well in terms of massive melee damage. UMonk gives full BAB, an incredible number of attacks/round, combat mobility, d10 HP, a good reflex save , improved evasion, a high AC, and other tricks. Inquisitor adds bonuses to hit and damage from Bane that UMonk doesn't often get, as well as a good Will save, Stalwart, Judgement or Studied Target+Sneak Attack, skills and skill boosters, and a smattering of spellcasting.

Titan Mauler Barbarian//Titan Fighter

Can wield two handed weapons of sizes larger than yourself as though they were one handed weapons, though with a lot of penalties to attack rolls.

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Wizard 3/Cleric 3/Mystic theurg/ Psychic

Have all of the spells ever.

Castle Blades wrote:
My friend is running an 11th level gestalt campaign, and I want the most broken gestalt build possible. Could you guys give me ideas of what to do? Thank you!

Invulnerable rager Barbarian/metamorph alchemist

Balancer wrote:

Wizard 3/Cleric 3/Mystic theurg/ Psychic

Have all of the spells ever.

Can't be mystic theurge with gestalt

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Why not?

Unchained Monk + Druid has alot of potential. A wild shaping, style striking, all good saves, d10 HD, full caster, with excellent AC and DCs because Wis benefits both classes. Also with an animal companion flanking buddy.

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PrCs which advance two classes are banned by the initial gestalt rules. Mystic Theurge is called out specifically. Your GM can decide otherwise of course.

They aren't banned, it's just suggested that GMs ban or restrict them.

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Note that level 11 paladins get to grant the party smite too -
also, mystery cultist of Arshea is another way to have truly stupid charisma dependency. Only thing better would to be undead XD

I would expect it to be Exploiter Wizard/Sage Sorcerer

Wizard/Arcanist. If your GM lets you get a common spellbook you get 4 spells per level in your spellbook for free. (5 if you are human) Even if they don't, you can scribe a few into both spellbooks to be more flexible. You have lots of spells prepared - you can use the arcanist slots for things you want to spam, wizard slots for things you know you want to cast and then you have scrolls and swapping for the unexpected.

You could go Unchained monk(scaled fist)/ Paladin. They get high base saves to everything and +cha to all saves, all your abilities scale off charisma, including armor. The monk gives you more attacks to get off those sweet smite attacks.

Dave Justus wrote:
I would expect it to be Exploiter Wizard/Sage Sorcerer

I always have a hard time with those kinds of combinations because really all they do is extend the adventuring day a bit for the class without really complimenting each other very well. It's always seemed to me that the combination of martial/hybrid or Caster/Hybrid gets better results since so many of the 6 casters have wonky passive buffs that can enhance each action or increase action economy (summoner and hunter in particular) since generally gestalt doesn't do much for action economy.

Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor + Unchained Monk

You want broken? Gestalt some psionics classes for pooled power points.

Student Surge Wilder20 for the first class.

Vitalist18 / Paladin2 for the second class.

Use your wild surge to manifest all the network descriptor powers that Vitalist gets. You are the ultimate support buffer/healer and you nuke like a champ as a wilder.

Use Divine Grace from Paladin to add your Cha to Saves.

Cha >>>>>>>>>> Dex / Wis / Int / Con=Str

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