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Full Name

Lyon Luttrel (Ryze)




Wilder 11







Special Abilities

Chaotic Wild Surge


Chaotic Neutral




Anchorholm, South Hibernal Tundra, Avalon Platform


Common, Elvish, Draconic


Psionic Tattoo Artist

Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 26

About Ryze Kuja

Lyon Luttrel was born to human parents in a metropolis trading city named Thrace. He was only 3 years old when his first nightmare occurred; psionic energy ripped through the house, which leveled the building, and accidentally killed his parents while they slept. Strangely enough, Lyon didn't have a scratch on him despite being crushed by a collapsed building. Rumors and debates stirred, and the cityfolk decided this boy was special, but they didn't know just how special he was or how he survived. They thought it best that he shouldn't stay here in Thrace as there were no orphanages. Furthermore, Thrace was not the place for a toddler to grow up parentless, and no one knew if the boy had any next of kin.

Lyon was taken to a special needs orphanage on the southern continent of Hibernal Tundra in a small town called Doma, just northwest of a mining metropolis called Szucario, where the "Rundaja Games" are held. Roughly two years later after being in this orphanage, a strange man named Apollox visited him. Apollox had heard of the psionic event in Thrace, and eventually tracked the boy down to this orphanage. He was an Elan, or an immortal, and he was bald, had radiantly pale skin, but was covered from head to toe in dullish-blue glowing runic tattoos. He asked Lyon some basic questions about what he would like to be when he grew up and his favorite toys and colors, and who his friends are, but then bid him adieu and afterward vanished.

Some several years went by. Lyon made many friends in the orphanage, but for some strange reason unbeknownst to him, no foster parents would take him. He saw his friends come and go for over a decade.

Once Lyon was 14, he had his second nightmare. In the dream, he saw all of his friends dying and was powerless to stop it. The orphanage personnel and nurses were in complete shock and horror, as everything in the whole orphanage that was not nailed down began to float and violently smash into other things, as if gravity held no logic or reason. The head nurse, Rosie, knew about Lyon's previous nightmare when he was 3 years old, and for the protection of Lyon and others, Rosie had steered potential foster parents away from him. But she abandoned her secret that night, instructing the nursing staff to stop Lyon from doing this. They immediately ran upstairs, and Lyon's room had been completely flipped over as if a cyclone hit it. Lyon was roiling on the floor in his nightmare, screaming in agony. The head nurse grabbed a cooking pot flying nearby and tried to strike Lyon in the head, hoping to knock him unconscious and end the madness. With otherworldly instinct and despite still roiling in his nightmare, Lyon grabbed her with telekinetic energy and stopped her in place. The other nurses fled in horror. Less than a minute later, the entire orphanage was vaporized to the molecular level, and Lyon finally woke up from his nightmare. Amazingly, the staff and other children had not been hurt.

Not only was the orphanage vaporized, the entire town was gone as well. No exception for brick or wood or stone, it was all gone, though the citizens survived. Even their clothes and nightgowns had been vaporized, and they all stood there in the desert naked and shocked as to what had just happened.

The citizens demanded Lyon be put to death immediately, but they had no weapons or rocks or even rope, and Rosie vehemently defended him.

Rosie took Lyon with her far away to a city on the northern coast called Goss, where she hid him for many years. The citizens of Doma had gone to Szucario to call for Lyon's head to be put on a spike, and the Szucarian authorities sent posse after posse in search for him but were unsuccessful.

Lyon turned 18 and he set out to make his own way, taking whatever work he could. The Hibernal Tundra is a sparse desert and traveling can be quite dangerous. Not just because of the bandits and thieves, but because of the sandstorms and lack of food and water; so travel on foot is rarely used. Lyon thought this vast desert would be a perfect hiding place. So Lyon took a job as a courier and delivering mail as a way to stay away from cities and towns, at least until he delivered the mail or parcels. He was constantly on the move as well, and thought it would be much more difficult to be tracked down having a job like this, as staying in a city for any extended length of time could attract bounty hunters.

During one of his first jobs as a courier, Lyon found a falcon who had injured his wing. Lyon took him and cared for him long enough for the falcon to fly again. Except, once the falcon was able to fly again, it didn't want to leave Lyon. Lyon named him Kuja. Several years passed and Kuja faithfully joined him every trip. In a way, they were a great pair. Kuja was an excellent hunter, finding varmints and rabbits in the desert wastes as they traveled from town to town, and Lyon was an excellent cook. Kuja and Lyon traveled together for some 7 years before one fateful afternoon reared its head.

One day along the road, Lyon was confronted by a small group of bandits. The bandits successfully disarmed and bound Lyon, and killed Kuja to eat him. They laughed and spit upon him when Lyon cried out in protest. In an emotional outburst of anger and raw energy and willpower, Lyon's eyes began to glow menacingly dark blue, and this dark blue energy crept around his body seemingly from nowhere, and it began spiraling like a helix around his whole body. Instinctively, crystalline daggers came forth from his skin and cut his bonds, and then immediately retracted. One of the bandits swung at Lyon, and he reacted so quickly he could see the punch fly by his face in a seemingly time-distorted, slow speed, and Lyon took one gaze at this bandit... and with all the willpower he could marshal and with a loud cacophonous scream, he assaulted his mind with everything he had, instantly dropping him to the ground.

The remaining bandits grabbed their weapons and attacked, but one by one, Lyon melted the minds of Kuja's murderers.

In the aftermath of the battle, Lyon held Kuja in his hands and wept for his fallen brother, his body still quivering with raw adrenaline and uncontrollable emotions. Suddenly, tiny beads of crystalline material began pouring from Lyon's hands and forearms like sweat, but it began surrounding and enveloping Kuja in a strange glob of quintessence-like liquid crystal. More and more liquid crystal began pouring out from Lyon, and Kuja began to move and stood straight up in Lyon's hands. The liquid crystal hardened, and Kuja, in his own "Kuja"-esque manner, fluttered his wings and half-cocked his head as he looked up at Lyon.

Lyon was perplexed as to what had just occurred, but his unstable emotions finally subsided when he hugged his best friend. The dark blue energy left his eyes and body as he returned to normal. Suddenly, Lyon heard Kuja's voice in his own mind...

"Brother.... your name isn't Lyon. It is Ryze. And we are now One."