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So I like creating fun combos, though usually I use abilities to make them. So I was just wondering what fun spell combos do people like to use.

Example: Using Expeditious Retreat combined with Fire Trail to create Flaming Circles around your enemies.

Given that Fire Trail is limited to 60' ("You can leave up to 60 feet of flame trail each round") it doesn't seem like expeditious retreat gains you that much. Something that let you become incorporeal so that you could ignore AOOs and move through other creatures squares so they'd take more damage would be better - though, those spells are pretty high level. The spell does seem like it might combo well with this item (for the 1 round you can use the item):

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/r-z/shoes -of-lightning-leaping

Expeditious retreat pairs better with Nauseating Trail since the number of squares the spell effects increases with caster level

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Etheric Shards combined with Reverse Gravity for a sky ginsu tower effect. Huge damage (if they don't have DR) plus a big stack of bleed damage. Dismiss the Reverse Gravity to get them a second time and add falling damage.

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Pants + expeditious retreat. Best chase scene ever.

Pants + invisibility. For use during the rulers speech.

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Create Pit+Blade Barrier for magical blenders.

Protection from Energy+Detonate. At high levels resist energy is arguably better as 1/2 of 10d8 will usually be less than 30.

Overland Flight+Nauseating Trail. Skywriting.

Echolocation+Faerie Fire because invisibility is annoying.

Hydraulic Push+Create Pit.

Grace+(any flight-like spell) for easy escapes.

Magic Vestiments+Greater Magic Weapon. Now you don't need expensive weapons and armor.

Elemental Body+Gozreh's Trident. Not powerful, but an air elemental fighting with a lightningbolt gives a nice aesthetic.

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Quickened Force Punch (or Telekinesis) combined with Prismatic Wall.

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Paradozen wrote:
Elemental Body+Gozreh's Trident. Not powerful, but an air elemental fighting with a lightningbolt gives a nice aesthetic.


Here's one I thought of for a high powered BBEG psychic.

Use Microcosm to permanently lock up the minds of a stable of powerful outsiders and (via Will of the Dead) undead, then use (Greater) Possession to ride around in their bodies. Pick the one most appropriate to your threats or missions that day, go out, teleport back when you'er done or need to switch to a new body while keeping the other one around. Since they don't need to eat, they last permanently while not in use. (Humanoids could serve the same purpose with a relatively cheap Ring of Sustenance, although you'd presumably need to take a bath and put on some clean clothes after possessing one that has been idle for a while.)

A second benefit, beyond having bodies waiting around passively for you, is that if you're dispelled from their body, have to dismiss the spell, or cast another Possession offensively, they're comatose and unable to take offensive action against you or ever remember what you did while riding their body. Reclaim or abandon at your leisure with no worries like if you were relying upon a more easily removed Dominate or Geas as backup control.

And if you left because you cast Possession offensively on another target, they're still a (non-helpless) target that might soak up some aggro while it stands there and dodges incoming blows but does nothing else.

My personal favorite is Wall of Ice/Stone (anything solid and can form a ring) or a Create Pit variation into Cloudkill. Bonus points if you seal the passage out afterwards.

This sounds similar to the old AD&D reverse gravity/blade barrier. It could take out up to large sized dragons in that day.

The more important question is, what two spells combo nicely, when one of them can be quickened. Because everything else is mostly theory


I've a mid-level Evangelist Cleric with a fairly effective buff routine:

Blessing of Fervor (standard) + Inspire Courage (move) + Quickened Bless or Quickened Prayer (swift)

Silver Crusade

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Disintegrate, then for spite against hated enemies, gust of wind.

Quickened Unprepared combatant is quite strong, a -4 to reflex saves right before you slam them with a save or suck is rather nice. Plus, it targets Will so if you have an obnoxiously quick foe with a high reflex save you can bring that save back down into the range you can hit with your spells.

At later levels, quickened crushing despair is quite potent. I especially like it when I have the ability to spend a round setting up Evil Eye since Evil Eye and Cackle into QCD+misfortune is brutal. Especially since by that level you have Split Hex and -6 to Misfortune is basically the end of the fight for anything you can land it on and you've just taken 2 opponents clean out of the fight.

Web + Stinking Cloud
Aqueous Orb + Hideous Laughter

Dazzling Blade (swift to cast, free to use) + Sense Vitals (standard). Especially on a magus using spell blending to get the spells and spell combat to cast sense vitals.

Named Bullet and Decapitate with a slashing throwing weapon.

Wall of Fire + Roaming Pit

Displacement + Mirror Image

Major image and summon monster. Which one is real?

Prof. Löwenzahn wrote:

Displacement + Mirror Image

this one is good - say you have 8 mirror images (the max), anyone attacking you has a 1/18 chance of hitting you

Aura of Doom and Horrific Doubles allows some good close range fear stacking.

It's an item/spell combo, but Mesmerisint Tattoo goes well with any no save enchantments, like Deja Vu, Euphoric Tranquility, and especially Ill Omen.

Mesmerising Tattoo wrote:
Whenever the bearer uses the hypnotism occult skill unlockOA, casts an enchantment spell that targets a single creature, or uses the hypnotic stareOA class feature, her target takes a –1 penalty on Will saving throws for the ability’s duration and the DC to affect the target with the hypnotism occult skill unlock is reduced by 1. This is a mind-affecting effect.

It doesn't effect the initial save, if any, so it's no good for spells that defeat an enemy alone, but if you have a quickened opener like Ill Omen this makes it extra hard for it to make its (double) save against the follow up spell.

Also mandatory for Mesmerists of a certain level, it's just a flat upgrade to their hypnotic stare.

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Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Quickened Force Punch (or Telekinesis) combined with Prismatic Wall.

Time Stop + many Maximized Delayed Blast Fireballs + Wall of Suppression + Telekinesis. If Evasion isn't one of your class features and you aren't immune to fire, you die.

1. Use your downtime (and end of day 3rd level spell slots) to prepare as many Nodes of Blasting as you can on a coin, put them in a small box. (Or arrows/darts point out of a quiver

2. Use Telekinesis' violent thrust option to throw one Node of Blasting item per level at a target. Theoretically at 15th level you can deliver 15 x 6d6 (average 315) of damage in a round this way, but misses and saves for half will bring that down. But you just need one missed save for the 1 minute stagger. And afterwards use Mage Hand to pick up your misses and put them back in the box after the fight.


3. Use Named Bullet + a couple of same day Node of Blastings to increase your odds of some hits against touch AC and add some bonus damage.

Create water + prestidigitation. Cover your enemies in foul-smelling liquid that you never have to carry around!

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Sirocco + Tar Pool

Grand Lodge

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:

...And afterwards use Mage Hand to pick up your misses and put them back in the box after the fight.

mage hand : Target one nonmagical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lbs.

Vrischika111 wrote:
Plausible Pseudonym wrote:

...And afterwards use Mage Hand to pick up your misses and put them back in the box after the fight.
mage hand : Target one nonmagical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lbs.

A magical item is one listed in a magic items section of a book. . I'm not sure an item with an active spell effect is itself magical.

Quickened True Strike + Telekinisis to do a ranged combat manouvers (grapple and bulls rush are fun ones)

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Josh-o-Lantern wrote:
Sirocco + Tar Pool

Darn you beat me to it! This is a combo I've used to great effect.

Goddity wrote:

Pants + expeditious retreat. Best chase scene ever.

Pants + invisibility. For use during the rulers speech.

Pants do not exist in the Pathfinder universe.

The new Legacy of the First World has a few options that work well in combination with other spells.

1. Mortal Terror + Pain Strike (or anything that causes continuous damage).

Mortal Terror:
School enchantment [fear, mind-affecting]; Level antipaladin 2, bard 2, cleric 2, inquisitor 2, mesmerist 2, psychic 2, shaman 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, warpriest 2, witch 2
Casting Time 1 standard action Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels) Target one creature
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will partial (see text); Spell Resistance yes
You imbue the target with an exaggerated sense of its own mortality and a drive for self-preservation. The target is shaken, and the first time each round the target takes damage (including the first round of the spell’s duration), it must succeed at another Will save or its fear level increases by one step (from shaken to frightened, and from frightened to panicked). If the target fails a saving throw against this effect while panicked, it is transfixed in terror and is helpless for the remainder of the spell’s duration. If the target succeeds at the initial Will save, it is shaken for 1 round but its fear level cannot be further increased by this spell’s effects during that round.

Basically you cast Mortal Terror to make them shaken, cast Pain Strike to make them sickened and take nonlethal damage every round, and then they have to save every round (at -4 for being shaken and sickened) or have their fear level increase from shaken -> frightened -> panicked -> helpless (no save to break out of it). If everything goes right on the first round they're running away immediately and are eventually going to end up helpless somewhere if you want to chase them down.

2. Temporal Divergence + any two big spells. Temporal Divergence (I won't excerpt it here because you should go buy this book) is a 7th level spell that as a swift action with a modestly expensive component lets you split your timeline and cast two other spells with your standard action.

You get to see how those spells resolve (saves, damage rolls, spell resistance checks) and then pick which timeline you want to have actually occur. The results of that spell happen, the other spell is never cast and you still have the slot/preparation and material components, if any. Cast two risky spells to increase your chances of success, or cast one risky spell plus a sure thing with lesser effects as a backup in case your big one doesn't land.

There are big risks/penalties for using Temporal Divergence more than one per day, but it's a great boost for a save or suck caster trying to take down a BBEG or unsure about immunities that might effect his biggest gun. And if you've got a +23 will save modifier and a reroll ability or a buddy/magic item that can remove/suppress 24 hour confusion effects for you, maybe it's worth the risk to cast it more than once a day.

Arcane Mark (to put a rune on a creature's body)

Followed by:

Runic Overload (to do 1d6/level sonic damage + 1 round stun, will save for half and no stun, to a creature with a rune on its body)

Not really a super powerful combo, but a fun progression for a Magus who started out zorro'ing everything in sight with Arcane Mark and spell combat, and now has 4th level spells. About as dangerous as a 2nd round Boneshatter.

The bigger a creature is the better Web + Anything that sets Web on fire gets. Each round a square burns away is a round what ever is in that square takes damage.

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