Giantslayer Adventure Path -- Are You as excited as I am?


Some of us remember going through what became Against the Giants, G1, G2 and G3. We fought hill giants, then frost giants, then fire giants. We moved on to fight drow and their goddess Lolth, but first we had to fight the giants.

I remember having my dwarven fighter thrown off a glacier to plummet to his death bravely fighting frost giants. I remember a brutal fight with wolves and hill giants in a giant banquet hall. Here is hoping Pathfinder does the legacy proud.

This is a preliminary thread to see who is up for the new Giantslayer AP when it comes out. I would like to play a dwarven ranger with a favored enemy of giant, but might run it if no one steps forward. Consider this a placeholder that may turn in to a bunch of players looking for a GM thread.

Sure, good times being part of the "resistance" (I played the anniversary edition of "against the giants"):)

And yeah, group of rangers can do the trick.

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I would be interested in this. Probably would think about playing a Slayer instead of a Ranger.

I would be soooo excited to play this campaign. I'd play anything the party needed...except maybe anything bardy. Never warmed up to bards. Possibly gnome sorcerer, dwarf cleric, or human druid.

I'd play just about anything barring skalds or shamans if given the chance.

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I played the original so I'm interested. . Good for a face as well as thete was quite a bit of interaction with the people as well.

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An all Dwarf party sounds like an interesting idea for this ;-)

I too have fond memories of the original AG adventures including a particularly viscous fight in an over sized kitchen. :)

I'd be up to playing anything (including a bard). A Dwarvish Paladin could be cool. Actually an all Dwarvish party would rock.

How many point build are you thinking. While I know this is just a interest check, I'm slow to build characters so a head start would be nice.

Yes, I am excited. And I am also fantasizing about playing a dwarven ranger built around killing giants. :D

I have an idea of a Human Brawler who's just really hyped to wrassle giants. Inspired by the one and only Zangief.

Made a Dwarf hunter who found an elephant as his companion from a hill giant clan. He would be perfect for this game :).

i would totally be interested in this, though i wanna try my dwarf ive got right here as a dual wielder with twin heavy spiked shields. first time i read about the concept of wielding 2 shields i thought it sounded awesome and have been dieing to try it out

Hmm. Looking at that build, I believe you haven't put down the -2 for wielding large size weapons. Also, if your trait makes the shields light weapons, making them large makes them 1handed weapons again(large light weapons wielded by a medium guy=medium 1handed weapons with -2 to hit.). To hit should be +1 and -3/-3.

I'm excited about it, too! Honestly, while the possibilities of a dwarven ranger are certainly good here, I think I'm probably going to end up playing something I haven't ever played in a PbP before.

I haven't ever played a small race, for example. Or a full arcane spellcaster. So I may end up with a gnome sorcerer/wizard or something like that.

I loved Against the Giants. Would love to play in a Giantslayer campaign at some point.

I'd like to play a dwarven rogue-type myself. All dwarf party, go!

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As someone who likes bards, I'm up for playing the dwarven bard in the group.

Giant Slayer sounds fun. I'll even enjoy watching that movie several times as I play the game over several months.

Alternatively, an all-gnome party could also be all sorts of awesome.

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Oh my god, I would totally have to remake my current PFS fav, Wintertusk, the Shoanti/Kellid bull rusher. He would love to tackle Giants all day long. :D

The Dragon wrote:
Hmm. Looking at that build, I believe you haven't put down the -2 for wielding large size weapons. Also, if your trait makes the shields light weapons, making them large makes them 1handed weapons again(large light weapons wielded by a medium guy=medium 1handed weapons with -2 to hit.). To hit should be +1 and -3/-3.

my weapons arnt large sized though, just medium sized heavy shields which count as light weapons so with my BAB of +1 and str bonus of +2 the 2 weapon penalty's i get a net to hit of +1/+1. what on my sheet leads you to think they are large and ill correct that cuz it should read as such

edit: never mind i found what you were talking about, in my brain heavy shields and large shields are the same thing, i wasnt referring to size but their type, ive corrected the offense section to correctly display the right information, thanks for pointing that out

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Darmon Rocksplitter, Dwarven Bard:

(based upon 20-point buy)
STR 10
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 10
WIS 12
CHA 15
HP 10
Init +2
Speed 20
AC 17, Touch 12, Flat 15
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3
CMB +0, CMD +12 (+16 vs Trip & Bull rush)

=== Skills ===
Acrobatics (1 rank) +3
Bluff (1 rank) +6
Climb -3
Diplomacy (1 rank) +6
Disguise +2
Escape Artist -1
Fly -1
Heal +1
Intimidate +2
Knowledge History (1 rank) +5
Perception +1
Perform (sing) (1 rank) +7
Ride -1
Sense motive +1
Stealth -1
Swim -3
Use Magic Device (1 rank) +6

=== Feats ===
Lingering Performance

=== Offense ===
Warhammer +0 (1d8) 20/x3
Shortbow +2 (1d6) 20/x3

=== Armor ===
Chain shirt

=== Traits ===
Ear for Music

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I would be interested as well, not certain what I would make but most likely a spell caster of some kind.


The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief was my very first experience with actually playing RPGs (as opposed to endlessly reading and re-reading the contents of a certain red box). This would have been, goodness, the autumn of 1983? I was 13 years old, a freshman in high school, and was invited to join a group of older kids in their ongoing game.

I had somehow developed an idea of what gaming was like from memorizing The Keep on the Borderlands and the first edition Player's Handbook, not to mention, joke's on her, Rona Jaffe's novel Mazes & Monsters, which had pretty much the polar opposite effect on me that the author intended. I expected people to talk in character, I expected heroism and adventure, I expected collaborative storytelling.

I didn't expect five guys each running two or three characters, all of whom had "rolled" psionics, using 5"x7" index cards for character sheets with equipment lists on the back which included entries like, I'm quoting, "Green Dragon in Bag of Holding."

So we rolled into the steading, those upper classmen and their two or three characters each and I, and immediately got into trouble. There were a lot of giants there. They saw us. They attacked.

The party, almost to a person, psionically plane-shifted to safety. "Almost" because left behind was a certain first level cleric of Thor, one Tybalt the Pious. Y'know, I miss that guy.

A couple of years later, I found/founded a group with some kids closer to my own age and launched the legendary career of the Wild Coast born wizard Myrune Melboné, who slew many giants and drow over a four or five "real world" year career, before meeting his end along with all of his friends at the non-existent hands of a certain demilich in a certain tomb.

All of which is to say, yes. Yes, I'm very much excited by this adventure path.

Very much excites. I have many fond memories of a certain pair of Paladins of Pelor toting lances that served as hill giant shish kebabs.

May end up running Giantslayer on the forums, although it would be under 5E rules.

Well I am the throwback adventurer who would be somewhat disappointed to find a gunslinger with weapon cords and eight pistols or a summoner with an eidolon who can outfight a dwarf fighter and cast spells. Or an alchemist who can hit a giant's touch attack all day long.

But, that being said, if we can find a GM, we go with what he wants. Give me my dwarf ranger with an axe, earthbreaker, and shield. I miss the days of running around with the artifact Whelm. It often misses out due to the popularity of his more popular brother artifact Black Razor.

My favorite adventure was S2 Whiteplume Mountain where we found Whelm.

Whelm is plain and unadorned, with a steel head and a haft made from the golden wood of a gingko tree. When it's wielded, Whelm glows with a soft, silver-black light.


Whelm has bonuses to attack and damage, and is said to be more powerful in the hands of a dwarf. It magically returns to its wielder when thrown. It can detect evil, secret doors, objects, goblinoids, giants, and precious gems and metals. It has the unfortunate tendency to inspire agoraphobia in its wielders, however. It is sentient and can communicate with its wielder. It constantly desires to hunt giants and goblinoids, telling its wielder this in terse phrases.

Whelm is desperately unhappy with its current wielder, Ctenmiir, because the vampire is unable to hunt due to his servitude.


Whelm was created long ago by a dwarven woman named Dagnal Mightyhammer of clan Dankil, a weaponsmith of some reknown. She created the warhammer in order to aid her clan against a group of marauding trolls that had already claimed many of their number. Putting all her love for her husband Traubon, her devotion to her clan, and her reverence for her god Moradin into the weapon, she gave it to her husband to use in battle. Traubon and the other dwarven warriors were victorious, and Whelm became much praised.

The times of woe were followed by years of prosperity, and Dagnal improved on Whelm, enhancing it with the ability to detect gems, gold, and other riches. Many years later, the clan was threatened by a horde of goblins and bugbears, and once again Dagnal improved upon Whelm. Her now-aged husband insisted on leading the counter-assault, but though he was once again victorious, this time the elderly dwarf suffered a mortal wound and died. Overcome by grief, Dagnal threw herself on her husband's corpse, her own life giving out at that moment. The two dwarves and their weapon were interred in a single grave, and it is said that Dagnal and Traubon invested so much of their spirits into the hammer during their lives that it became more than mere steel and wood.

The hammer, which now was imbued with sentience and a constant craving to hunt giants and goblinoids, did not remain buried forever. Eventually it fell into the hands of the gnomes, and it was a group of gnomish servants of Keraptis who gifted it to their master, approximately one thousand years before the beginning of the Common Year calendar (-1000 CY). Keraptis took it with him on his travels, bringing at last to White Plume Mountain. There, in approximately 91 CY, Whelm was one of four legendary objects (the others being Blackrazor, Frostrazor, and Wave) used by Keraptis to open a gate into a distant, shadowy realm, departing the Prime Material Plane on a quest for immortality from which he may never return.

In about 491 CY, a band of adventurers known as the Brotherhood of the Tome raided White Plume Mountain, taking Whelm with them among other spoils. In about 550 CY, the warhammer had found its way into the hands of a fearsome hunter of ogres called Ctenmiir. When Ctenmiir fell prey to (or willingly gave himself to) a vampire, his adventuring companions recovered Whelm from him, bringing it to the City of Greyhawk to sell to a collector there. In Greyhawk, the weapon remained for around two decades before it was stolen by gnomes serving a wizard claiming to be Keraptis and given to the now-vampiric Ctenmiir the Cursed to guard. Though it was recovered, the weapon eventually found its way back to White Plume Mountain and Ctenmiir.

I'm definitely interested in playing this game, thinking a Human Hunter from Trunau with a Ram companion.

Oh man, the thought of playing a Mouser/Mysterious Avenger Swashbuckler in a campaign like this is just screaming at me.

Gonna have to try to stat that combo out.

I'd love to play this campaign but I haven't done much PbP on paizo boards. Count me interested!

I would be willing to fill in whatever honestly.

Here's a character built for another game where the DM wanted to "Play 'em big."

Was wondering if we could make an all dwarf group?
Empyreal sorcerer could be a decent dwarf arcane.

An all dwarf party sounds fun, but I would not want to have people limit their creativity. That said, an all dwarf party using the classes from ACG could be freaking fun!

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GM Tribute wrote:

Was wondering if we could make an all dwarf group?

Empyreal sorcerer could be a decent dwarf arcane.

Oddly enough, I would definitely be able to get behind an all Dwarf party ;-)

Well, an all-dwarf party would be super cool for this AP, but it's not what I personally would like to play in or run. That said, there's no race more thematically appropriate!

The character concept I have brewing for my inevitable turn on Giantslayer is a human ranger raised by dwarves. I was thinking of using the Adopted trait to gain the dwarven Defensive Training racial trait, pending GM approval, of course. Probably an archery build, since I haven't played one of those yet.

I dunno why, but I'm really looking forward to this AP!

The only-dwarf party sounds as a very interesting idea, I have never been in such a situation where everybody is of the same race, not even human, and I would certainly look for it.

In addition I love cleric dwarfs and I would like to play one, focused on the party's strengths, so it could be more caster, or melee or ranged focused, depending on the party composition.

I am and old dungeoneer (from the times of AD&D), and like to get the most from the Core rulebook (some kind of personal challenge), and enjoy the familiarity that playing those races/classes give.

That said, I have an idea for a magus/monk dwarf that goes around dealing flurry blows enhanced by magic that holds me intrigued.

I have mainly played on homemade campaigns until recently, the old adventures haven't been translated to my language, so I have a bit of envy for those of you that have all those shared memories :)

Heck yes I'm down, dwarf sorcerer ftw!

Im in hope soon someone can put a game together..

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I think for every thirteen dwarves you can have one hobbit burglar.

While the idea of an all-dwarf party is surely interesting, it's probably somethin' I'd be bowing out of. I've played a dwarf two or three times but it has been quite literally years since I played a Small-size race. I'm thinking I'll probably shoot for a Gnome Sorcerer (Seeker). A sorcerer that can trap-find: definitely something I'd be behind!

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