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That was my thought, but j didn't know if it had been ruled on.

So I've been struggling to find an answer on this.

In PFS, I have access to a timeworn grenade launcher but have run out of my technological grenades. I have access to various non tech grenades and fuse grenades etc.

Can those also be used in a grenade launcher and do they still detonate on impact?

(Sorry if this has been answered. Searches were not turning up anything.)

2/5 ⦵⦵ Venture-Agent, Kentucky—Florence aka Guru_of_the_Sands

Want: Rebuild Boon

Lingering Resonance
Seasoned Archivist/Taldan Courtier
Horror Resistance
Alchemical Versatility
On-The-Job Training
Spontaneous Mutation
Fighting Off Corruption (Hellbound)
Genie Grudge

Also willing to trade a paizo GC

I'm going with mostly a blank slate for now in background. Franti please review my traits for some fun there

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So I hate to p[lace more on Franti's plate but I think this could be neat if you're up for it.

As a spiritualist I would have to select a manifestation emotion for my phantom. But, since I have no memory and therefore may just be meeting this being for the first time I can remember. I feel like it would be fun to have it as a surprise and a plot point potentially if you were to select the emotion. It would also add even more creepiness to the voice in his head.

If that is too much thats cool its just a thought :)

I've seen those in action, it's pretty cool :)

I'll have something up by the weekend then :)

I'm fairly good for letting the GM have at my background for this one. playing a spiritualist it should allow for some fun. I'm actually fairly ok with going in blind save for a personality lol.

My only argument is for 20pt buy but I'm good with whatever :)

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I'm totally in for a spiritualist. I just have to work out the details :)


Creating a human musket master sniper once I can get at the players guide. I will be going as a mercenary/assassin.

That may have been a misfire. :p

Nothing in particular at this moment. I just know gunslinger are hit or miss. I'll be working something up rough draft style.

What are your feelings on gunslinger? I have a musket master sniper concept in mind but I'd like to run it past you first.

Dotting for interest I'll download the players guide and get something going.

Edit: Current thought is a halfling unchained rogue working for the Bellflower network.

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I think its safe to say the interest is here lol

dotting for interest

totally dotting for interest. would play any AP as all kobolds. Giantslayer would be hilarious.

Dotting for interest.

Looking fine for me on desktop.

Excited to see how this goes. Good competition all around :)

I have interest still :) I'm retweaking to be a local Varisian Ranger. I should have more up tonight.

GM-JZ wrote:

Ill be honest Guru, I don't love rhe idea. I don't know enough about Numeria to tie in some interesting stuff for your Android.

That is totally fine I can use another race. Was just a thought after running Iron Gods myself :)

The Dueling sword could be what you are after.

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/equipment---final/weapons/weapon-descriptions/sword -dueling

Sword, dueling: 1d8, 19-20x2, slashing damage.

With Ustalav's proximity to Numeria, what is your opinion on Android characters?

I'm considering a Ranger in the style of a monster hunter and could also twist the Subject of Study background trait to include himself and a monster if this is acceptable.

I think the campaign leaves a very interesting take for the Android's lack of emotions and even the possibility of gaining emotions (through feat)

The idea just struck me as interesting as I looked over concepts and if that would be too far I'm ok with rethinking it.

I have plenty of time during work and check the forums fairly constantly during work hours out of boredom lol. 2 posts a day shouldn't be out of my range of ability.

Dotting for interest.

DM, sent a PM if you get a minute :)

Hi guys!

I'm gonna be shadowing you guys like any good mage hunter and ready to back up once I sit down with my book. :)

Would you like a character built and on standby?

I felt a bit behind on the theives guild recruitment but I'd love to be involved in the rebellion game. Your worldbuilding and PVP sounds very well done.

I would love to be on the backup list :)

If this is still open I'd love to get in.

Your questions:

Do you have the books / PDFs? - if so, do you have just the original Core book, or Unleashed as well? I just have the original core

What sort of character would you like to play? Ive always wanted to try a Iosan Mage Hunter and with a trollkin centric group I think I could blend in as a "scout" of sorts without agenda known.

Would you be happy with a Trollkin centric PbP? - if not, then which racial /social group would you prefer to build around? (ie. Blackclads, Farrow, etc) See above

Which geographical / political areas of Western Immoren are your favorite and why? - do you like Khador, Cygnar, Five Fingers, etc.
I'm good anywhere

Any other questions for me? Sorry if this has been answered but how is combat running?

Dotting. Need to polish a character for this. Will be a barbarian.

I have recently started another campaign here. Until i find my legs on these boards I dont want to burden too many groups at once. I respectfully withdraw interest. Have fun and good luck all!

Dotting for interest.

Awesome! Thank you! Can't wait to see how this turns out. It should be a very interesting game.


I added the Stolen Fury trait to my crunch and the Characters profile. Can you help me with what else I may be missing for Karas?

Ah, got it, stat block was missing the Campaign trait. It is Stolen Fury and has been added.


What part of the crunch am I missing? It was previously bolded.

Karas Argentus

Male Teifling (Pitborn) Bloodrager 1
CG Medium Outsider (Native)
Init +0; Senses: Perception +5; Darkvision 60ft
AC 15, touch 9, flat-footed 16 (+6 armor, -1 Dex) (+2 ac when charging during surprise or first round of combat, Reckless luck)
HP 15
Fort +7, Ref -1, Will -1
Resistances: Cold 5, Fire 5, Electricity 5
Speed 40 ft. (30ft w/ armor)
Claws: +7 1d6+6


Str 22, Dex 9, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +1; CMB +7; CMD 16
Traits: Arcane Temper, Reckless Luck
Feats: Power Attack
Skills (5 points; 4 Bloodrager, +1 Favored)
ACP -4
(1) Linguistics: +1 (learned Draconic)
(1) *Acrobatics: +5
(1) Perception: +5
(1) Knowledge Arcana: +4
(1) Spellcraft: +4

*Armor Check Penalty applies to these skills

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Draconic*

All my life they've I've been watched with suspicion...

They had mother in the other room for hours as I played. I thought nothing of it until I heard a scream.

Mother was not a weak person. That I remember with such clarity. She had crusaded against the demons for years and years before Father settled down with her and they both retired from the frontlines.

"A fiend-blooded child, Meredith! How did one such as you bear such?" The Witch hunter spat though his mask. "Have you lain with them? Made some sort of pact? Tell us!"

Meredith stared him down, He was a fool and coward hiding behind a mask and his righteousness. The humble crusader was once a beautiful woman but a life on the frontlines had aged and scarred her tanned face and dulled her blonde hair. "You know very well what living and bearing children this close to the wound can do. My son is no monster. My son is as innocent as any other. Don't mock me with ignorance. This inquisition is uncalled for. What do you really want?"

The masked man slapped a gauntleted fist across her face, drawing a grunt and a spit of blood. "What I want? Oh dear Meredith," he said circling the chair she was tied to. "It isn't anything that I want. But our lord... oh yes our lord wants much from you. Our lord wants you for our crusade. HE wants your flesh bent to his will. But if not yours, we can certainly settle for your child. He has such potential..."

Meredith strained against the ropes in rage at the thought and stared the man down. "No! Never! Don't you touch him you filth! Who are you really!?"

The man laughed, "Nothing but humble templars Meredith. Sworn to our lord," he leaned in close to the straining crusader and whispered in her ear. "Baphomet."

Meredith's eyes widened in horror and tried to scream but the templars were done toying with the woman. her hair was yanked back and her throat slit . Her scream came in gurgling agony and died at her lips.

I never saw what happened but I saw the witch hunter come out from the room covered in blood. I was but 6 years old then. I had no clue what had happened. All I knew was that I couldn't hear my mother anymore and I tried to force my way in but was quickly taken by the 2 men the witch hunter brought. They knocked me unconscious and took me away in a bag.

Years they kept me. In a dirty cell. under some gods-forsaken warehouse. Until the 'signs' were right they said...
20 years later

Day after day the same routine. I had lost track of the time. No windows will do that to you. I had found few ways to pass the time. I trained my body so as not to become atrophied and it gave me something to focus on in the endless days of imprisonment. I also tried to play little games with the guards. Even if they hadn't responded for the last few years.

They fed me gruel to keep me alive. I had figured out by now that they wouldn’t kill me. No matter what I did. So, hey, might as well have fun with it right? It was like any other night in the cage.

“Hey Guard Rimshot what’s new?” I had to keep switching up the names. I had no idea if they were the same or not with the masks but I liked to think they were different everytime. Also I wasn’t the most creative with the names. “Bring any polish this time? I’m out.”

He didn’t respond as normal but the doors opened and a woman flanked by 2 bruisers entered the room each wielding a pole-arm. She was dressed in dark robes that fit tight and flowed behind her. She didn’t wear a mask like the others but she spoke with command. “Oh glorious is this day finally arrived. Tonight lord Baphomet has gifted us with a Blood moon rising in alignment with the Kite. It is a sign of the fall of this cursed city and the rise of Lord Baphomet! Bring the sacrifice that we may finally achieve our goal and raise that which can destroy this city!”

She pointed at the cage as I stood slack jawed and stammered, “Wait! What?! Seriou-“ my stammering was cut short by the bruisers hitting me with the butts of their pole-arms until I fell unconscious.

I next awoke to a droning chant. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by robed figures chanting in mindless step with each other. I was bound by the hands and being held on my knees by the bruisers with man-catchers around my neck. I was in the center of a pentagram surrounded by 2 other glyphed circles. Getting a look at myself, I was clothed in nothing but a loincloth and covered by abyssal runes that seemed to me as nothing but gibberish. The witch was there chanting with the others.

I could feel the power in the room. It was like a pressure pressing on me from all sides. It was smothering and I couldn’t move after a minute. The runed circles and pentagram began to glow in a rhythmic pulse of red, purple and blue. The chanting rose to a crescendo and I felt like I was going to burst as the witch approached. She drew a long wickedly curved blade as she did and pressed the point over my heart. She began another incantation and the point started to burn as it pressed into my flesh and drew blood. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t the pressure was too great.

I began to bleed on the blade and it dripped onto the floor. When it touched the runed circle something strange happened. The rhythmic lights exploded in brilliant silver. As they did, I felt all the weight lift off me. I felt all the pain and the years of prison slide off of me and more importantly, I was angry. I remember flashes of what happened after that. The ropes burst. I broke the man-catcher poles. I grabbed the witch who was still in shock and I began ripping and tearing only to realize I had grown gleaming silver claws. The bruisers bashed me with the poles but they felt like fleas biting. I turned on them next. Blood flew everywhere and I broke into the ranks of the cultists. They started to flee and I chased. Out into the streets, mauling like a beast. After a few minutes I grew tired and came to my senses. I stumbled out into a main street and into the view of some guards before I fell over and passed out.

I came back to my sense in a white room on a bed. I hadn’t had a bed in so long I was amazed to feel it beneath me. I thought I was dead. That is… until I looked over and saw the 2 guards at the door. I almost groaned until my eyes locked on the symbols on their shields. Symbols of Iomedae just as Mother had on hers. I was in a safe place. I leaned up and managed to look at myself, I only then registered the change. My body was now pale white and gleamed like silver, I had small growths of scales in places too. My claws were gone but the remaining nails were sharper and stronger than the old one. I only then also noticed my tail. It was long and scaledlike some lizard’s.

Then one guard spoke, “The only reason you are not dead, fiend-blood, is because we feel no evil in you. Stumbling bloody and demon runed into the streets is a dangerous thing and…” He was cut short as a woman entered the room and glared at him. She looked elven and was beautiful with pale skin and eyes and hair of silver.
Then she regarded me and smiled. I had no idea how to take it. I was stunned. Then she spoke, “Hello, my name is Terendelev. Can you tell me yours?”

I stammered again, Mother had told stories of the crusades and of the Ancient silver Dragon that protected Kenabres. Terendelev. I was looking at a legend and she was smiling at me. “I-i…” I managed to gulp hard. “m-My name is Karas, ma’am, Karas Argentus.”

She nodded again, “Excellent,” she looked back to the guards “Thank you gentlemen for calling me. I will take him with me.” The guards raised hands to protest but was cut off. “He will be in my care and no harm will come to anyone from him. Understood?” The guards cowed and nodded.

I was given clothes and followed her through the city to a house in Old Kenabres and into a lavish parlor. She sat in a cushioned chair and beckoned me to sit on a nearby couch before asking in a kind voice. “Tell me, who was your mother Karas?”

I sat there for a long time thinking. Remebering. It was hard on me. So long I was captive. “Her name was Meredith Ma’am.”

Again she nodded, “Tell me what happened.” I exploded into words retelling her the story of my captivity and the ritual they tried and my changes.

She listened intently the whole time and when I was done she nodded again. “I see. I think I know what happened to you. The ritual was meant to amplify and bring forth your fiendish blood but instead it had an unintended effect. It awoke something in you. The blood of a dragon. Specifically, My lineage. I have kept close track of my blood for a long time. I was saddened the day they found Meredith murdered but I had so much to do on the lines. I am glad to have found you Karas. For you see, Meredith was family. Mind you this is an old line but she is my granddaughter many times removed. Which makes you, my dear boy, My grandson. ” She said with a bright and wide smile.

I fainted. I can’t lie. I fainted.

I awoke in a bedroom and looked over to the nightstand to see a note reading:


I am so glad to have found you. Please stay here for the night. You are under my care and I have so much to teach you!



I stayed with her that day. So glad to feel at home again. I learned that my father had been murdered by the cultists as well that night. Terendelev was the closest thing I have to family left. I couldn't let her down. I wont let her down. She taught me to control my rage. Focus it and point it at the enemies of the good and right. She taught me to fight. She taught me about the arcane, though I didn't seem to really have a talent for it. One day though, maybe.

I will do everything I can to make her proud. To do otherwise would be to fail her. I cannot do that. Ever.

Mythic Path/Character Plan:
Champion path with possible dual path to archmage. Character will go Bloodrager until he qualifies for Dragon Disciple and then follow that out. Assuming the wording for dragon disciple for sorcerers applies to bloodragers.

RP Example:

Karas barged into the shop and slammed his hands on the counter. "I need a horse and I need it now. How much!?"

The shopkeep looked shocked but quickly composed himself and gave him a smirk. "300 pieces of gold."

Karas blinked, "What? That's outrageous! No horse is worth that!"

The keep kept his smirk, "Demand suddenly skyrocketed buddy. Take it or leave it."

He was in a bind. He was losing ground on the killers fast and this wasn't helping. It wasn't surprising with his blood but what could he do? His temper flared.

"Look," he said, "I am in need of this to catch up to a group of people responsible for a lot of deaths and if I don't have a horse they will escape me." He slammed a fist down hard on the table.
Strength check to break table: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

"Now, if you don't charge me a proper price for the damn nag, I will take it!" he said in a grim tone.
Intimidate: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

He knew he shouldn't be threatening like this and she would scold him for it later but he needed it. Even if he did have to steal it he'd still leave some gold. Just because the guy was being a prick doesn't mean its not his livelihood.

...Damn thing ate my background. Will rewrite. Hopefully just as awesome.

I'm looking at doing the feat for my bloodrager.

Crunch is finished minus Campaign Trait.

I present the in progress Karas Argentus. Pitborn Bloodrager with Silver Dragons blood in his veins. He will be going for Champion. Potential for dual path Archmage but Champion is definite.

Background, Appearance, and RP Sampling to come.

actually considering the Area Id like to request Demon-spawn (pitborn) if that is ok

Rolling d 100 for tiefling variant abilities

1d100 ⇒ 22 You can use Detect Evil 3 times per day

1d100 ⇒ 65 strange physiology give you a +2 to acrobatics

1d100 ⇒ 6 You possess an extrasensory organ granting all around vision

not bad

I would also like to play an exotic tiefling so if that is ok I will roll a d10 to determine type
1d10 ⇒ 3

Goes to show the popularity of the Giantslayer AP already lol

Ok no prob just checking :) I will try to get the character up this week. Will be a Bloodrager going for Champion.

DM, do you have an issue with bloodrager qualifying for dragon disciple?

Hmm 20,9,20,8,12,12

Thats not too shabby and still at least mildly flawed.

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