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I shot an arrow with a superpowered acidball at Balrog and watch it melt away in agony.

Scarab Sages

I arrange to have Wylliam Harrison become President of the United States of America, write him an epic inauguration speech that takes 4 hours to read, oversee the construction up a LOVELY open-air podium on the White House lawn to deliver it from, and spend the morning of Inauguration Day casting an Extended control weather spell so that it pours freezing buckets all day, then wait a few weeks....

Sovereign Court

I grab IHIYC by the scruff and then I promptly bite his face off.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I summon a legion of tooth fairies to wipe that smile off The Fiend Fantastic's face for good.

I put you in a game with the inventor of the tooth fairy and tell him you are a me.

I take my trusty meathammer and smack the fish to a quality fit for baking, alongside some lemon and onions.

People, SUSHI TIME!!!!

I'm running out of ways to kill TFF, tags in Hulk Hogan.

Scarab Sages

I leave a plate of milk and cookies out for krevon (ninja love milk and cookies!). One of them is a mimic.

Sovereign Court

I invite IHIYC to join me in a rock concert. After a great performance, with both IHIYC and myself on electric guitars, do the age old trick of smashing the guitar at the finale and 'accidentally' hit IHIYC over the head.

I shoot an exploding cluster-bomb arrow which levels the stage and all on it

Scarab Sages

I speak the command word, hop on my guitar of flying, and zoom straight up a good 30 meters or so before zooming straight back down and impaling Wylliam Harrison on the spiked-studded tip of my guitar's handle.

Sovereign Court

While IHIYC is up in the air, I whip out my trusty blunderbuss 'Ol Sooty' and shoot his guitar causing him to fall. Then, just as he is about to hit the ground, I catch him - and eat him!

I cast disintigrate. Jurassic Bard is no more..

I cast flesh to stone. TFF is a statue.

Using telekinesis I pick up the statue of TFF and drop it from on high upon Sissyl, crushing her and breaking the statue apart, preventing Stone to Flesh from being cast. Two birds, one stone.

Aye, but what the old coot is forgetting is evils aren't killed that easily, don't you see the statue's gone, every bit of it?
Hence, i put a barbed arrow in Gramps Wonderbra's head and send him to the 5th layer to have a tea party with TFF.

Sovereign Court

Where I promptly pour scouring hot tea down wylliam's trousers. Then I bash his head in with the teapot.

Scarab Sages

All I need to do after that is shout "Tea party!" and a mob of gun-toting, head-stomping fascists come out of the woodwork and take Jurassic Bard down like a swarm of army ants.

I'll send a guy in a slick suite to shake hands with IHIYC and he becomes the latest patsy in the newest political scandal in which you are killed and beheaded by militant whatever whatevers.

Sovereign Court

I show Krevon the new bionic eye implant I have (forgetting it is on blast not stun) and blow a great big hole the size of London in his head.

So you're Jurassic Kano from the long lost Mortal Kombat sequel?
Guess I'll have to hire Jurassic Sonya Blade to take care of you :/

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Wernk wernk wernk wernk.

*brains Krevon a few times with the blunt end of an icicle before stabbing him*

Sovereign Court

"Bad Gunter, you get the squirtty-squirt!"

*Hold up a spray bottle, pull the trigger and instead of water it's acid.*

I rig this adamantine arrow with sufficient super-lightweight tnt and shoot Jurassic Bard into his eye. His brains likely blasting out from th ear and other eye.

Then Green Arrow shoots you for stealing his gimmick.

Brain tax.

I chop Mind Flayer Mafia's head off and sell it on the chinese fish market. Squid goes good there you know.

My claws, your spine. Let's perform some extraction.

Scarab Sages

*shows up with black bag full of nasty-looking implements*

Somebody call for a mohel?

Sovereign Court

I arrange for IHIYC to have an emergency doctor's appointment and then I perform the face surgery (simply to have a different kind of 'face off') and then I remove his heart.

Jurassic Bard is taken out by a squad of Ninja Velociraptors.

Scarab Sages

Having apparently been made into the Clown With The Tear-Away Face, I call up Lock, Shock, and Barrel and send them to kidnap krevon, tie him in a bag, throw him in a boiling pot, then lock that in a box and throw away the key, throw it in the ocean, turn off all the lights, and bury him for 90 years.

Silver Crusade

Killed by Kira.

Scarab Sages

lucky7 is ganked in a back alley by Quark and Odo?

I headshot the clown.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Regular old murder.

Irregular new murder. Featuring a bale of hay, a sizable quantity of goldenrod extract, an airzooka, four old rat teeth, a helicopter and a TV remote.

I use a sonic emitter to make the thing on Sissyl's head enraged and crush her skull.

Bursts from his grave.

I use my superior racial stealth and throw darts dipped in poo at the ninja. Krevon contracts a disease and dies a gruesome death.

Warpwave: 1d20 ⇒ 18

Scavion has been turned to stone! Excellent choice, yeeesssss.

Gentleman Nurn discovers that I am not a gentleman as evidenced by the vicious bisecting of his genitalia.

Kill Scavion by quartering for the crime of only mutilating, not killing!

Shadow Lodge

Strand Sissyl in the desert and choke her to death on her own paranoias.

I will stop the I.V. of fluids and let Hallucinogenic Fever Dream die of a fever.

Silver Crusade

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Wrestled to death by Steve.

I crush lucky7's skull with this warhammer.

Silver Crusade

Inhales hatmaking chemicals.

Scarab Sages

I make a friendly visit to lucky7's tower of artifice and commission a rod of greater dispel magic, providing him with the gem he'll need to mount on the tip - little does he realize it's a trap the soul gem, using his bound essence to power the rod! I then hide it beneath a barbarian burial mound, where surely, no one will ever find it....

Dammit, IHIYC! Every time someone does that, some team of adventurers needs to clean up the mess in a hundred years!

*shoots IHIYC with massive prejudice*

*brains Sissyl with a maul, without prejudice*

mauls Scavion with a brain, with prejudice

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