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Dark Archive

*sucks the fiend into the depths*

I summon Father Nikolas Zesmunder, the Iron Priest of Schroptfumburg and his coterie of machine-gun wielding baboons. The TVTropes Abyss goes down in a hail of gunfire and a cacophony of screetched hymns.

Craig Bonham 141 is back stabbed to death by a pathfinder rogue.

Silver Crusade

Loses his spine.

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Target locked for test firing of Goliath.

electrocuted by Benjamin Franklin :)

Liberty's Edge

Chained to the wheels. All of them.

Killed by elementary physics.

The Exchange

killed by lighting the mold on his body on fire.


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I upload a backup copy of my personality onto the RAID, which self-destructs in a fit of depression.


I fong Dalek Thos until his outsides are in, his insides are out, his entrails become his extrails. Pain! lots of pain!

Pain, we can do pain. How about a few thousand amps of psychic trauma?

Oh, so that is brain matter leaking out of your ears.

I shoved Sasha Nin into a bag of holding and closed it.
Slow suffocation.

Scarab Sages

I steal The Fiend Fantastic's wealth, and tell everyone how poor his taste is. Bereft of others' sympathy, he dies of self-loathing.

The creepy jester is plane shifted to the Positive Energy Plane, condemned to death by awesome.

The Fiend Fantastic wrote:
I have my succubus assistant drain Scavion dry.

I'm not even mad.

*Paints Scavion for artillery*

Scarab Sages

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I put FuelDrop in my menorah, and lo! He burns for 8 whole days.

Dark Archive

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*runs over IHIYC in his burning Bentley*

Silver Crusade

Decides to overcompensate for something.

Scarab Sages

lucky7's old master, the demilich unlucky13, comes to collect his due from his old pupil....

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
lucky7's old master, the demilich unlucky13, comes to collect his due from his old pupil....

Falls prey to a Deathgate.

Catches Scavion by net, then sticks him in a catapult basket along with lots of bozak draconians, and aaaaaaaaaaWAY he goes.

*sticks fingers in ears for the landing*


THIS.........is my BOOMSTICK!!!
8th layer firearms inc., 4ft long super infernal shotgun, top of the line.

I blasted Sissyl's head clean off, but it gives quite a mess regardless.

*Blasts Fiend Fantastic with double barreled Remington*

*Animates FuelDrop's severed hand and chokes him to death with it.*

Uses Dictum followed by repeated Order's Wrath on Nurn.

Silver Crusade

Kuthites kidnap Sissyl.....Sissyl doesn't survive "The Eternal Kiss"

Pushes mswbear into a pit filled with razor sharp rat traps and granulated salt.

Silver Crusade

Kicks Xabublba into the guard dogs' kennels.

Bites the hand that feeds it

Then the rest of his body too

Dark Archive

REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *wild boar stampede*

Uses Cr500cricket as bait to catch a CR501 Large Mouth Bass

Dark Archive

Dumps a truckful of salt on Krevon

Scarab Sages

I SHAVE krevon, forcing him to commit Dwarven seppuku.

Dark Archive

Ninja kills IHIYC

Rocks fall,Cr500cricket dies

Scarab Sages

I let time pass, and hence so does the Final Hour, a new hour begins, and hence Xin falls into the dustbin of history under the weight of the chain they attached to that one particular hour. There might be a lesson here....

Little did you know my beard has regeneration.........I leak that it was your idea to kill Mystra in Forgotten Realms and watch the grognards lynch you.

Scarab Sages

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I leak that 4E was your idea.

Dark Archive

I leak that pushed for Elminster

Sovereign Court

I nuke Forgotten Realms into the oblivion it deserves and send all of this argument with it

AT which i eviscerate Lance balloontosser Orthos from the back with a +9000 +900fire dmg Masterwork adamantine Scythe

The Fiend Fantastic is kill by Boba Fett lands on his in the stomach of the Sarlacc.

*presses the glowing blue button on Krevon's forehead*

*takes cover as the shaped charge makes Krevon's head asplode*


Animates Sissyl's helmet and watches it devour her skull.

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Despite our many quarrels, Sissyl doesn't deserve that.

I animate and control Nurn's hair, it becomes razorsharp and pokes out his eyes, followed by further intrusion into his brain. It is then slashed to bits.

*Frowns as his turn is once again, exterminating a fiend*



Scarab Sages

I take one of these, disguise it as a sexy female goblin, and introduce it to Scavion.

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