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Pulg has a pet kangaroo, he thinks. In reality a kangaroo has a pet Pulg

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Egg and bacon
Egg, sausage and bacon
Egg and Spam
Egg, bacon and Spam
Egg, bacon, sausage and Spam
Spam, bacon, sausage and Spam
Spam, egg, Spam, Spam, bacon and Spam
Spam, Spam, Spam, egg and Spam
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam
Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and a fried egg on top, and Spam.

The next poster knows what he wants to eat now.

64. The players come by a village whose children has been abducted. Probably to be used as (transmuted)childsoldiers. This was only hours ago, if the PC's hurry the can still catch and free the children.
If they don't you could let them come back to haunt them.

65. The pc's enter a villages that looks like it's been taken over by goblins. If they take time to investigate they'll find out that the war took a big toll on the humans as well as the goblin community. Both lost most off their able young man (to different sides of the war) and food sources. The sole focus on surviving has let the communities put their differences aside and work togehter. If they kill goblins the villagers will get angry and attack and even if they aren't killed won't give any information or resources to the pc's.

Granted. Sadly it's on their day off.
(On the up side, now wars were started)

I wish i didn't have a christmas carol stuck in my head

I agree with Sence Motive or otherwise a wisdom check?

485. A group of goblins took over a haunted house in a village because they thought it looked nice. Decided to make it more "homely" (scarier).Because nobody wanted to visit their beautiful house any more they abducted children.

Granted, but everyone thinks you stole it and now you're in jail.

I wish I had a leaf blower

I played a Halloween themed session once. (A few months ago, not with halloween..) A group of goblins took over a haunted house in a village because they thought it looked nice. Decided to make it more "homely" (scarier).Because nobody wanted to visit their beautiful house any more they abducted children.

It isn't, and every one gets it exept you.

I wish irony had more to do with iron

IHIYC does the same work with his hat

Ventnor loves that version and is planning to read it to his children.

Granted, Putin isn't scheming to take over more countries because there are no more countries. It's just Russia, the rest of the world is sea.

I wish I was an aquatic creature not living in russia.

Yeah, but i don't need makeup anymore with my new bird head!

The next poster does need makeup, more than you would think.

They do but they become so time consuming that you forget to eat and die, but even then you don't stop posting. I suffer the same fate.

I wish I'd become some really cool sort of undead.

Ventnor's name is pronounced with two silent n's, and he doesn't get why no-one is spelling it right

James Jacobs wrote:
Little Skylark wrote:

Hi James,

What was your favorite one-shot ever? What made it so good?

Uhh... I have no idea what you mean by "one-shot" here. I need context.

I meant very short adventures, about a day or so.

Is there a specific reason you don't try to talk it out with your Dm? Take you sheet, ask him why he think it's overpowered, tell him why you think it isn't and find the middleground. Yes, you might end up weaker. (Which probably doesn't feel nice) But the playing will be more fun.
What you're planning to do now is: "Do you think i'm mean? I'll show you mean!" In the hope that he'll stop thinking the first one wasn't. If you'd do this to me I'd only get angrier and you'd never get what you want.
Also, proving that somethings are even stronger than you doesn't say you aren't OP. Maybe the other players have characters that aren't as strong, which creates an imbalance in the group.

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A single lick from IHYC's tongue is Anius' nightmare or daydream. Which one it is changes at random.

Hi James,

What was your favorite one-shot ever? What made it so good?

Granted, it's 26 degrees Celsius for a few seconds at dawn and at dusk. At night it's -40 and during the day it's 59.

I wish I had a driver's license

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Granted, but you can't harm it either. You can't eat it, can't even lick it, only smell it. Nothing else tastes as good as it smells, which leaves you lusting for only the sandwich. Oh, and it hovers right in front of you all the time.

I wish my house would stay clean without misplacing stuff or breaking it.

I use it as a shaving creame for the heads of my vultures, doens't everyone?

The next poster can move like jagger.

You can change all the spelling rules to soothe your dyslexia because you're the DM

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You can make the players bake cookies for you because you're the gm!

479.Your friends and you are bored and decide to try to take over the town.

I don't know the Red Hand of Doom, can you tell something about it? Maybe it brings up some ideas.

Inspired by spook205:
My uncle went there once, with a party. He was the only one to return, after months. For a long time he didn't seem to recognize any of us and kept on muttering "don't talk to them, don't talk to them". He would put his fingers in his ears and scream when we came up from behind and talked to him.
He got a lot better, but then, one day he walked of, saying he had to speak to some-one. We assumed it was someone in the village but he never came back. The ranger tracked him to the entrance of the dungeon.

..My DM took it of my character sheet. Really, not kidding. He said, you are a cleric, "you don't need to shoot, the rest will do that". (First thing I did was obtain a sling and bullets, because we didn't have any money yet.)
Appart from that, nothing..

I don't believe such a spell exists, maybe you could make your own? And discuss it with your DM?

kestral287 wrote:
Smart money that the OP read "Conversions" as "Conversations"

Ehh.. yeah exactly what happend... Sorry! I'm not a native speaker and misread.

GoatToucher has had a worse Kielbasa than that hammer.

Granted, but you're his goat now and he keeps touching you with his body full of pus filled blisters

I wish I had a Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Goth Guru wrote:
It will, but it's the one where 4, 10 year olds convinced you to GM a My Little Pony game. They will murder your favorite villain from that show, then insist on playing epic levels.

That's hillarious!! I work with 10 year olds

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You can create a world where no one needs to go to the bathroom but just burn everything they eat BECAUSE YOU ARE THE GM

Don't use time machines! They hurt, make you sick to the stomach and make you look really weird!

The next poster has a detailed description of how you look after using a time machine.

Pulg was once mentally undressed by an onion, it was awkward.

They are, but only for a guy who says SPAM all the time..

I wish my "new" party goes on for more than one session

Because I'd like to talk about it, where would you have posted it?

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You can curse your whole party to only speak in rhyme, it will only apply to them..
Because your the DM

No you don't, now go back to goattoucher

Is there a reason why you didn't assign the ability increases? (like +8 str +6 con +4 dex instead of leaving it open) That might give it a bit more direction. On what creatures can be put?
And how do de come into being? Are they like half titan? or something else?
I do find the idea interesting.

Like St Drake said, the paladin would fit that bill. As soon as they smite they certainly have the wow-factor. If you would want to play it you should look at the party as well. If everyone is chaotic, and "playing" with the law is a big part of the fun you'll be in for some serious discussion or you might want to go an other way.

Rashly5 Thinks onions taste better when they're dressed.

476) X once was the mightiest wizard of the world, he had a vast collection of magic items. Then something went wrong,was it an experiment? An attack? No one knows. But everyone knows it took the whole a country with it.
(475 is the best idea yet)

I also really like the threads with world or dungeon building and ideas. Or character background. The creative stuff. I answer the rules questions if I know the answer and it hasn't been posted yet.
Sometimes I go looking for threads where no one has replied yet, see if I can help them out.

Not exactly the inspiration you asked for, but I hope it helps. (I write most of my characters inspired on the they're in, so I don't think that helps.) What always inspired me when i was writing the world, where pictures of places on earth. I made a whole adventure with inspiration from those pointy rocks in madagascar, a hell mouth that looks like one of those acid pits, a fairy lair based on the Marble Caves in Chile. If you google weirdest, most beautiful or spectacular places on earth you'll get images with the stories just leaping out of them. (A least for me.)
I hope this helps! Good luck building!

Granted, but everyone can't get along with anyone outside of the message boards. Really, really can't get along. By chance one of us is works in nuclear plant and in a fit of anger slams on the self destruct button...

I wish I could survive a nuclear disaster, but not by being a cockroach.

KahnyaGnorc actualy has a stutter and sometimes takes half an hour to pronouns his name.

KahnyaGnorc actually has a stutter and sometimes takes half an hour to pronounce his name.

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You can fight the party using angry birds BECAUSE YOUR THE DM!
*Love this thread*

Do you have an idea what you want to play yet? Or was that the actual question?
If I would build such a character I would want a high AC, because you'll basically be jumping into combat, lost of people hitting you. Hp ass well, dont want to land on a ship and just die.
I don't know what the rules are about boarding and if you get an armor class penalty from it. If you do maybe build a monk?

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