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Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber



Buzz off.


I like bees.

Gin gin gin gin gin

You gin addict, get drunk elsewhere.


Sovereign Court

Away with you fiend and leave the winning to the winners like myself.




I have won.

Matt Damon.

You have lost my delectible morsal.

*shoots the kat with its lazer, but misses*


Dump of a fit with my awesome Cheanso off that Asnis



He copied me._. what do I do?

I win. ;-;

You Cassies I'm all need him with Sawyer sauce

Speak proper english :P

To speak proper english, he would have to be a proper englishman. I don't think he qualifies.


But right now you don't qualify winning either.

I am a proper English man I mean my hobbies include going out into the streets of London and chopping prostitutes up and drinking tea and all honor the queen


I am a proper English I am I am I AM I AM !!!!!!!!!


Correct you are bird.

But i win.

Well what am I if I'm not a Englishman


Crazy, In league with Baba ji, etc.
(Yes the bastard is still around)

Who exactly is this Baba ji I googled him and what came up was a Indian profit who didn't seem that bad maybe i didn't read the stuff about baby eating please enlighten me

He's also a spammer. I'm going to peck him to death and nothing will stop me.


But ice but I sure you I have nothing to do with him

I'm not entirely convinced of that.

Why don't you believe me ?:( besides I have never said anything about black magic or cats

You said plenty about cats.


Yes, you did.

You have no proof

There is always proof and enough witnesses to convict.

What witnesses you have still no proof

Saying then I am pouring gasoline all over them and setting fire to them

*Smack finian with a blackjack*

Silence! :D

Joins in with a truncheon. "Wait no!"
"He's Corrupting me, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
Meh, I still win.

I shoot the imp and the chicken and berries the body's in my Mom's garden now there's no witnesse the now that I have talked about cats so what do you base this accusation on

*Digs self out of grave*


Yes, but not for long.

*Suddenly appears*

Go away kid, you're bothering me.

Get the flumph out.

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