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Where you calling a minion Penquin I am the north darkness and cats don't forget the cats they're very important actually also important I can see how important beside Andicot of cats you could say I'm Mcethel awake I'm just on two rental ioikkj can't we just say I win for I am the chosen one and therefore I shall win do you understand Pinkwood or are you a cat okey-doke you must be the most doctors don't seem so I went

He speaks a dialect of Indian and Gibberish! He must be! KILL IT! KILL IT!!!!!!

How dare you I do not speak Spanish so therefore you need to be killed killed the penguin kill the penguin kill living with the pink one gilding with Kevin Penguin do you understand

And he eats cats!

Why do you mind sphingosine cats I did not eat cats I ate penguins so who are we talking to decades

*shakes head and flies away with the win*


Still winning.

Still making it good.

Real good!

The wishing thread is elsewhere.


Yes, go haunt that thread.

And take the bird with you.

Yes, I agree. Take the chocobo with you. And Matt Damon. And Sissyl.

Matt Damon!!!

Sorry, I've taken to hanging out with Adam Sandler. He works more than you do.

Matt Damon...

*nibbles on Matt Damon Puppet's strings*

*is cute as [expletive deleted]*


*runs around and waves its arms in panic*

Ah, geez. Someone get some Pabst Blue Ribbon for the puppet!

Im going to win this s#%+ ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

You are welcome to the s@+&, I will take the win.


3.5 Warlock


Das ist



ist tot

Eine Katze, ein Sieg!

What are you talking about

Keine Katze, mein Sieg.

Abdul gun

Mohammad blade, I think might be starting to understand this wackjob. +1 ranks in insanity

I'm in Louisville Trinty insane warlock

Terminally trinity insane

I'm at grow .God's command to me all hell Fudel

I am hell, drop out and walk away you can still have a little bit of dignity

I know nothing of what dignities speak about and the king of Katzen madness so Kulawae Penquin

The win is not for crazy people.

Who are you calling JEC just

Somebody get some PBR for me!

And the win.

You can have all the PBR you want, whatever that is. The win, however, is mine.


Meh, PB&J is better.

Jtuytcjrstdrgjfhdjfghkfkuttdjyftkutfkusetawrtrwatgkjfghffthkdrydktyyukfyrdu rwrwytsrhtsgrjfdhjghgmhvbncbc%#|€}|#}{\%}\{€#^~$<,^$,$€<%?€$<#}|}{ \%}{\%\{}>~€<<€$,^,<$%^~^$~#~^$#

More gibberish from the insane cyclops

You will want to speak with you piquant

Check, please.



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