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*Fireball to the crowd composed of the icon-posters.8

Pah! You're supposed to do it like this:


finian wrote:

With SCIENCE!!! of course!

FuelDrop pls

Ask how I will destroy you

*focus on her eye, followed by a flashback of her and the chicken's last meeting in Budapest 1603*

The chicken's back!

There can be only one!

*takes out her katana from out of her bikini*

So, we meet again, bird.

*pulls his greatsword from transdimensional space*


*Cuts it short with a vorpal blade by decapitating the chicken.*

Bad canary!



See, the Cocobo knows the proper way.

But i win.

You lose.

So do you.
honouring the unspoken rules of this thread

You Lose, I WIN!

You all lose.

*beheads them all*

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Poor little young padawans. You didn't get it. You just had to wait for the end like me. Read the rules of the games next time. Or the FAQ. Anyway too bad you all lose.
Better luck next time.
No wait : there won't be a next time.
Cause I won.

Oh, look! Next time is here!

Hey guys Ask how I will destroy you


Shadow Lodge

nice try

*chops off Fiend's head and takes his quickening, just on general principle*

*Decapitates Sissyl, then waits for quickening*
Come on, come... hang on, this is turning into another Highlander sequel!
*Drops to knees, throws head back and screams at sky*

*takes FuelDrop's head even when headless and retakes all the sparklies! She then puts her head back on. The carapace fastens it quickly*

"In the end, there can be only WIN!!!"

Yes, but since you are Sissyl and not Win.

Victory is mine

You fool, don't you see? You'll end up as an alien rebel from another planet or fighting on holy ground or...

Hang on, how am I still talking after having my head cut off?

*attempts to behead Fiend, but sees that he's already been beheaded*

I guess I'll just sit here.

*lands on Fiend's bloody stump and pilots his body like a super sentai robot*

Oh come on guys ask how I'm going to destroy you.... Please

I said no.

CLumsy mortals, you never truly decapitated me. That was merely a wax double.


*decapitates the talking fiend too*

Now, up to triple, I suppose?

*Sighs* fine then. *Pulls a minigun out of hammer space and opens up, shredding everyone with incendiary rounds. Once there's no-one still standing, switches to flamethrower and drowns the bodies in napalm. Finally, dusts off and nukes the site from orbit, just to be sure.*

And that is how you win. I hope [whoever posts next, who's probably standing just behind me] was taking notes.

*Next poster trips land mine I'd set up for them*

*sits on FuelDrop's head and flies away as the mine goes off*

Regards, TVCOB

Argh! Get it off me! *Flails*

I am off you and off with the win.

Accursed feathered menace!

I respect you as well.

Didn't Sir Robin once very nearly stand up to you? The time has come for a story, methinks.

Oh how powerful and mighty and 100% not mad Finian are you going to destroy us all

Thank you voices in my head for finally asking i'm going to destroy you all with the power of friendship and unicorns that's how I will claim the win ahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahaahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaah

I think he's lost his marbles.

Time to end this thread. Don'tcha think?

Sure. Everyone go away now.


Why didn't any of you guys contumacy party and Dartingbird you how could you do this to me

Agreed. Time to end this.

ditto. This thread is over.

I like cats you like Tadds we like cats I Wayne Farnol thousand GS

FuelDrop wrote:
ditto. This thread is over.


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