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Thanks for holding my place, guys. You can go home now.

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol wrote:
Ah, geez. Someone get some Pabst Blue Ribbon for the puppet!

You the one that brought it up, ducky.

I'm the one who's winning, though.

Waterhammer FTW.

And there was much rejoicing.

Only in your mind.

Yeah yeah yeah's everything is going according to plan soon I would hold the chaos crystals soon Kahaha akkakakakkakakakaka that's how I rolling

Umm...yeah. Winning over here.

How dare you

New picture, same crazy. I'm still winning.

Hello i'm 100% not mad anymore the nice man in whitecoats has fixed me up I like sunshine and cats all hell the Penquin king

All hail hell

I like sunshine And ice cream

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I like winning like I am now.

Sunshine and ice cream


you wanted sunshine and ice cream

I can get you some just come into the back of my van have some little friend

Wow creepy ... no thank you. I will just take the win.

You cannot leave us now we haven't even had tea yet don't go over to the door it Will not help you I locked it you will never leave us just have a sit and drink some tea

We like you, but I am still going to win.

Do you want some more sugar with that i'm maybe some of this guy brain
You can't leave remember I I cuddlesome so you could

WIn win winny win :)

Tea time he back and and we knew on a sleeve being you waiting on is and be mouthing that will a butt head being full while

You insult like a semi-intelligent Shrubbery.
Ni Ni Ni Ni

Yummy chicken i'm going to eat you with Pippa and Penguin



You eat, me take win.

*shoots finian with his freakin' lazer!!! and vaporizes him*


Watch it. You almost got me and my win.

Yes, your win is that cheap piece of tinfoil. It'd be sad if it touched my spectacular platinum win.

Ha ha I am immune to Lazer

That's pretty much everything i am immune
I would like to be immune to file shop plenty things

You too are immune from winning.



Win, sorry you can't win finian, I'm glad I can.

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Only you lose to the true winner me

Scarab Sages

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Once more I take back what belongs to me.

Shadow Lodge




I'm back

Hi, Back. I'm the winner.


I accept your surrender.


And your armaments, as well? Gladly.


Victory is mine! *gets on knees, sticks sword in ground.* We thank thee lord, that in thy mercy...

*Boot to the head*
What are you babbling about.

I win clearly.

Yet even after his past heralds'



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