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I couldn't have put it better myself.

Not until ser Scholz, mr Quiche Lisp and several others say so.

Didn't they get shredded by gatling fire, then flamethrowed, then nuked?

That's just a rumor to cause confusion.

Eh, the important ones are here anyway, so: thread closed.

Has this thread been Godwinned yet? Because if it were, all meaningful discussion in it would end...

I haven't read every post, but it's entirely possible. Apparently, that's not significant enough to stop people from trying to win.

But if all meaningful discussion in this thread would end... wouldn't that be just terrible? Like, Ordinary Rabbit terrible?

How would we tell?

When was the last time we had meaningful discussion?


*grab the puppet and toss it into the ditch*

Ugh...the things it takes to win.

*screams MATT DAMO... helplessly as the huge ditch suddenly sports a large beak that pulls him down, a burp and the puppet is gone*

And that's why y'all are Nazis.

I hereby declare this thread Godwinned, and therefore over. And as the final poster... I win.

A long time passes...


A sudden burp is heard from the beaked pit far out in the desert...

The beak opens, spewing smoke, and a tiny figure at the end of a number of strings flies out from the dead creature's beak with a jetpack and a green, dinged helmet.


Boba Fett, is that you?

*shakes its head slowly*

Matt. Damon!



I banish you all to the darkest corner of the multivers for all infinity, and i win… Again. May your souls never be forgiven

Same to you, buddy.

Ikola ponder or powerfully penguin fail.

I win didn't last long.


We'll have none of that!

Bread beans





Eye haz moar dotz than ewe, sew eye winz!


But less than me, so you lose.

Winning without dots.

How you like me now!

Oh, yeah, how you like me now!

I don't.


You either.

Bluoep bluoep

Sound the alarms!

Shhhh, you guys are going to bring the inane animal gang here.

You rang!

Maybe only Pfiester consume your


Why not? Tastes like rabbit.

Kill the Ca-at. Kill the ca-at.
-Elmer Fudd Puppet

Go make a new alias then.

After I win

I will consume your tasty so was morsels off by taking this Mckeri Brierric

I almonds I honestly have no idea but what just happened

That's what she said.

Then she was off her rocker.


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