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*Topples the gold statue over and on one side to swipe and carry away the win*

You should stay away from sex for the winy. My jkwin exactly

Head banging retro-noise! And I slept with Sammy Hagar!

The next poster found Paradise Island and its Amazons, much to his regret.

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Legion. Whenever they bring Keith Giffin back, characters die and the book is cancelled 6 issues later.

Gnome-punting for the win.

No, unless I can use you to scrub brancles off my boat.

Captain Spalding wrote:
My mother made me walk the plank when I was bad.

Where I come from, we keelhaul the bad and wicked.

Sissyl wrote:
Ah, of course. Thing is, though, his head has the wrong shape for that...?

Won't be for long.

Im looking for a Lisp to punch.

No, a rugby franchise.

takes bag and pulls it down over the gnomes head

I win.

Seriously, the onlywins I acknowledge are win. Seriously...

Magic is banned for calling me by my sister's middle name.

Slaps the claw on his clawing hands

Banned. And you know why.

You are a bizarre little creature...

Quiche Lisp wrote:

Ho hu !

[*eyes Amazon Princess Diana out of the corner of his eyes*]

Another one who wants to steal my win...

No matter !

I'm destined to win !

And I will... I mean... I am ! I am winning right now !

My magic lasso will compell you to loose, thus I win.

GRDLSS is banned because 2014 is around the corner.

Like it needs another dead horse.

Wrong thred.

The Dragon of Agnor wrote:
*shoots a gout of flame at APD*

Executes a successful acrobatics roll (20 on 1d20+10) and dives under the Dragon of Agnor and stabs him in the big toe with Winterkiss

I win beast.

Shoots VCoB with a pellet gun

Punches Gruumas in the bread basket

Punts the thread's resident gnome

I win.

Raises her arm and repels the beast's foul breath weapon with large classic Greek shielding.

She yells unsinged, "If that be your answer beast!"

She swings with her enchanted sword named Winterkiss and stabs him right in his big toe.

Looks at the Dragin with fearlessly...

It's Saturday, minutes before I play Skyrim and I win.

No. 29005 - Atchison, Missouri

Charles Scholz is banned for his obvious lack of teeth and smile. C'mon, you're not an assassin. Pull sown that veil.

Punches the Cpt. Argurmental in the bread basket

29002 - Ballentine, SC

28126 and still in the zip code numbers

You're banned for having sand in your front yard.


Punches The Older Pulace in the face

You're banned for munching on the grass in my front yard.

BSM is banned for Punched him in the breadbasket failing to scare away the birds...

Quiche Lisp is banned for sounding much better.

Let's go of magic lasso

Quiche Lisp is banned for failing to keep his preverted virginal lips to himself. My magic lasso and I can strangle you.

Sissyl is banned for wearing a bad hair ornamentation.