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I likely won't have time to get a post in this weekend either, as I will be celebrating my birthday as well. (18th). But I will hopefully at least have set the opening scene so people may RP to at their leisure.

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Please, everyone dot in here, I'll be going over character sheets more thoroughly in the coming days, so please make sure you are finished up with the minor details. Hopefully, we will start in the next couple of days.

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awareness50: 1d100 ⇒ 61

Davien picks up the visors with a smurk. Now these are pretty cool.

He brings up the rear, and spends more time looking around and toying with his new visors than particularly paying attention.

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due to dorian and some other things, I will be pushing back recruitment cutoff and selection to friday of this week.

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Greetings all, I will be trying my hand at running the Ironfang Invasion AP.

I will be accepting a total of 6 players, however 2 slots are spoken for, as they are two folk that requested a GM for the game to begin with.

So, a bit of brutal honesty up front. I cannot guarantee this game will be seen through to the end. I will certainly try, and do hope that it will be. However light happens, and I don't like making promises that I may not be able to keep.

The post rate will be, on the average, likely 1 post every other day. This may change every now and then with updates coming daily, and I will normally try to keep combats moving at a 24 hours/turn rate.

I reserve the right to change encounters as I see fit, through the at the very least the general idea and arc of the AP will remain the same.

IF you are still around, and the above is OK with you,

One to two paragraphs describing where your character comes from and their personalty.
1-2 goals your character has, short or long term
1-2 fears your character has.
If your character has any family/loved ones they are close to.
How you managed to end up in, or passing through, Pheandar.
a quirk or mannersim your character has ween stressed or frustrated.

here are the build rules-
Only paizo material please. No 3rd Party
Classes- All classes are open, except summoner and vigilante.
Races- I am very open here, just ask me, either with a link in this thread or Via PM. One of the 2 already selected players may be playing an awakened animal.
30pt buy, no stat above 20 at start, and only one stat may be 18 pre racial modifiers.
two traits, 1 additional trait, with a drawback that will be selected by me for your character based on his background.
HP- Max every odd level, half+1 every even level.
Elephant in the room feat tax rules are in use
You will gain one additional feat every even level, however it must be used on non-combat and non-spell enhancing feats. (such as skill focus, other skill based feats, "extra X" feats, any teamwork feats, etc) Examples are- hellcat steatlh, deceitful, fleet footwork, extra ki, extra rage, acrobatic step etc. If you are unsure if a feat qualifies, please ask me.
Max starting wealth for your class.

Gestalt rules-
You will be allowed to gestalt, however you must first pick your primary class, and then select your gestalt class from one of the following-

Your gestalt class cannot be modified, this means that if you wish to multiclass, or take a prestige class, you must use levels from your Primary class. Think of one of the above as "freebie" stuff.

houserules PLEASE READ:

Class specific houserules:
Fighters gain perception and acrobatics as a class skill.
Fighters gain good reflex saves.

Rogues gain Good will save progression
unchained Rogues may make use of core rogue talents
rogues gain the signature skill feat at level 5 (basically gaining two skills they excel at)
Rogues gain Either weapon focus, or a weapon proficiency in place of weapon finesse at level 1. (however, it must be in their chosen weapon for finesse training)

Barbarians gain good reflex saves.
core Barbarians rage Temp HP works like that of the unchained barbarian. (in other words, you lose the Temp HP first, however, you cannot gain more temp HP again from a rage until at least 1 minute has passed)

Sorcerers gain their bloodline spell immediately upon qualifying for the spell. In other words, you gain your 1st level bloodline spell at level 1. Your 2nd level bloodline spell at level 4, and etc, etc.
All races my choose to use the Human favored class bonus (+1 spell known of highest level you can cast -1)

All universal spells are treated as being an opposition school unless the wizard is of the universal school. (wizard discoveries such as opposition research may be used to remove this)
The universal wizard power "Hand of the apprentice" using Intelligence for both its to hit and damage modifier.

Rangers gain two favored enemies at first level.
Rangers gain Acrobatics as a class skill.

Unchained Monks:
Unmonks gain good progression in will saves

Feat changes and other houserules:
Vital strike works with charge actions, and with the spring attack feat.

A new feat, "Double Strike" Bonus: The character may make an attack with both his main hand and off-hand weapon as part of a standard attack action. (does not work with vital strike)
Prerequisites: Two weapon fighting, 15 Dex, BaB +1.

Endurance: Endurance now allows one to sleep in heavy armor as well. It also reduces the amount of sleep needed every night to a minimum of 5 hours instead of 8.

Additional Misc Changes:
All shields (except buckler) add +1 to their total shield bonus. (Lights give +2 AC, heavy shields give +3, tower shields +5)

you may make a charge action outside of the surprise round as a standard action, however, if you do so you are staggered the following round. ( you still only move up to your speed as with the normal standard action charge)

I believe I covered everything, however if I missed something, please, feel free to ask.

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Ah yes. Because a game we play in our minds is very serious.

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I might be up to trying my hand at running this. I've ran it before into late book 2, so am a little experienced in that. However, this comes with a few things that need to be said.

1. I cannot promise that I can see it through, only that I will try to. If things go smoothly however, I can certainly see it being finished through.

2. It would likely be a slower game, with an update post about every other day. Though there may be areas where it picks up. ( I do try to keep combats moving quickly)

3. No 3PP. I really just wouldn't feel up to reading and learning it.

4. I have houserules that I would add to the game, for my sake. (as I play and (mostly) GM with them in my F2F game.)

5. I am not sold on the awakened animal. I would need to discuss this further with the player.

as an addendum, regarding your character creation rules-
Gestalt- I've been tinkering with a different version of this, that's slightly less powerful, but hopefully as interesting.
feat tax rules- Definitely
feat every level- I'm ok with this, but only on the grounds that these are mostly not combat or spell enhancing feats (such as metamagic or spell focus etc) or feats that are used to help build a unique character normally not playable.
So, feats I'd like to see being picked up from this bonus-
skill focus, toughness, things like deceitful, maybe a weapon proficiency, hellcat stealth, teamwork feats, Extra "X". etc.

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player advice-
Play the character, not yourself, and Let them grow, from bad dice rolls, for sometimes all the fun, can come from rolling a simple 1.

Improv is a godsend, learn it, do it, make it your own. Your players care not for your plans.

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Davien feels the adrenaline slowly start to eb away and finally manages to calm both his mind and body down a bit, which lets him laugh a little bit at himself.

Maybe not as used to all this as I thought huh.

He shakes it off before hurrying back to the others. Once at the door, and hearing the sounds of a mosh pit with duncan as its centerpiece, Davien channels his powers once more. Seeking to enter the minds of these mutants and direct their... duncan like... energy at each other.

dominate1-75: 1d100 ⇒ 25

wouldn't it be more fun, and easier, to hit your friend there? I'm sure he deserves it for something.

dominate on two of the orcs, 5 DoS, -1 for fatigue, so 4 DoS, resisted with willpower test. PR 3.

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M Cavalier Image for Kain Cavalier 4 HP: 53| AC:21(24)| T: 12| FF:20(23)| Fort:+8 | Ref: +4 | Will: +7| Init: +2| Perception: +10

greetings folks.

I'd like to thank Vayelan for this attempt. I know I couldn't handle running as many games as he does, especially at the quality.

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If no one else takes a class with trap finding, you ought take at least few levels of rogue or investigator. Investigator honestly wouldn't be that bad a class to stay in either. Not the best, not the worst.

If someone does, It opens more up for you, people seem to really love the higher HD in gestalt, which is meh in most games, why? Becuse people run half +1 hp games. You know what the difference is in hp between a d10 and a d6 in that regard? 40hp at level 20. Thats, at BEST a single extra hit. It will do little for you save levels 1-5.

Saves? You are a wizard, you have plenty of ways to protect yourself. Sure, in the end its a +6, but if you are being easily targeted, you probably messed up along the way.

Even if you don't want full arcanist, a 2-3 level dip into it from the gestalt class wouldn't hurt, nets you the ability to increase your spell DCs by 2, and IIRC the ability to change around your prepared spells if nothing else. That's good for a SoS/control wizard.

Summoner can be good, but most normal summoners are banned (rightfully so) and inchained summoners are very much chained. Your eidolon is weaker, and IIRC you cannot use Summon monster spell line if your eidolon is out.

In a similar vein of thinking to summoner a spiritualist may be a good fit for you as well, their spirit can go incorporeal from level 1, make great, if limited, scouts. can provide another body to fight, and a lot of their bonuses are somewhat passive. You can summon with it out as well. You also get good fort saves. The only issue is that its a wis based caster, but only 2/3 casting.

I still like the alchemist idea, you can go mind chemist if you want, you'll never fail another knowledge check in your life (can be very helpful), it boosts the DC of your spells to boot. You only need 2 levels for both of those parts. Discoveries like "vestigial limb" can make for some fun shenanigans later on with wands/rods/etc. And bombs are a good way to contribute to fights that don't need your spells.

Gestalt is not about covering weakness, per say, its about finding classes that mesh well together and can make you more versatile, while making your specialized aspect that much better. This is much easier for martial classes, due to many have passive bonuses that can stack, and a fighter benefits greatly from something like inquisitor, warpriest, magus, or even paladin or a cleric.

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F Human Druid (menhir Savant) 3, HP: 32/32| AC: 18 T:12 FF: 16 | Fort: +5 | Ref: +3 | Will: +10| Init: +5| Perception: +11


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F Human Druid (menhir Savant) 3, HP: 32/32| AC: 18 T:12 FF: 16 | Fort: +5 | Ref: +3 | Will: +10| Init: +5| Perception: +11

Mia's summons are answered by a giant porcupine, . Who slams his tail into the undead creatures after seeming to burrow from the wall behind it.

tailwhip: 1d20 + 7 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 7 + 2 = 21
damage(B): 2d6 + 8 ⇒ (6, 4) + 8 = 18

burning my last 2nd level spell slot for it, also using the +1 CL ability so the summons lasts 4 rounds. Will be summoning in a way to give flanking for someone, also, the creatures statline benefits from augmented summoning, +4 to str and con. So it has an hp of 28. Also, apologies, finished finals week and am at home visiting family, so have not been able to post as much as I would like.

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Male UnMonk5/Sorcerer1/DDisciple4| HP: 54/101 | AC: 32(39)[43] T:29 FF:33[37]| CMD: 39| Fort: +11, Ref: +11, Will: +14| Init: +5| Perc: +15| Move: 60ft(30ft)

With the large creature down, Cal lets his claws fade back into slightly scaled human hands before vaulting over the nearest beetle.

FoB1: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (2) + 17 = 19
FoB2: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (12) + 17 = 29
FoB3: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (9) + 12 = 21

FoB1damage: 1d10 + 29 ⇒ (6) + 29 = 35
FoB2damage: 1d10 + 25 ⇒ (4) + 25 = 29
FoB2damage: 1d10 + 25 ⇒ (1) + 25 = 26

I originally tested the build out as a gestalt boss for my party, haha, for once, they actually had a tough boss fight inspite of the action economy of a 7 player group. Things get super fun when you can grab abundant step, a ki ring, and the dimensional savant feat line . Legit threw a DBZ character at them XD. When it comes my turn to run a fight, I could throw him at yall, if yall are feeling up to a slightly altered gestalt characters.

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If we can craft for each other, I think I'll take craft rings.

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trying to decide between my magus, my wizard, my kinetcist, or my caster fighter haha

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Halfling (lightfoot) Image for Amelia(cartoonish). rogue (swashbuckler) HP:17/17 AC: 15, Str: +0, Dex:+5, Con:+2, Int:+3, Wis:+2, Cha:+2, PassPerc: 14 Init:+3


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Halfling (lightfoot) Image for Amelia(cartoonish). rogue (swashbuckler) HP:17/17 AC: 15, Str: +0, Dex:+5, Con:+2, Int:+3, Wis:+2, Cha:+2, PassPerc: 14 Init:+3

Are ye sure we have ta' go down there? I've seen, an' smelled, me fair share O' s*%+e, but this is goin' a bit too far, and literal for me tastes.

Amelia glances down to their imminent destination.

Sorry, wasn't getting updates again.

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Alright Everyone, recruitment will official "close" for now in 24 hours.

At which point final selections will be made in the most fair way I can think of. After that, I'll be going over each selected member's sheet to make sure things are all in order and then we shall begin the gauntlet.

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Whoops! Sorry, i posted that to the wrong discussion thread! So sorry! Im not even sure how I got to this one. Oh dear this is embarrassing

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1. She lives within the temple of Shelyn. It was they who took her in after she was discovered as a child on the outskirts of town.

2. She guards and helps with the temple of Shelyn, aids in their gatherings and proceedings, and frequently sings when possible. She also paints when she finds the time, however due to the martial law and utter oppression she has been unable to do either for awhile. She also has tried her hand at smiting, or, more aptly, etching and embroidering of armor.

3. She is closely tied to the church of Shelyn, and is well acquainted with many folk of the Opera and enjoyed their shows, or did. Until Barzillia all but closed it down and so was known within the Opera society.

4. Aria often can become lost in her thoughts, even walking around town, many times she has wandered past her destination due to becoming so lost in her own thoughts that she all but stops paying attention to things. While she isn't always lost in "sentimental" thoughts, I felt it was the best option to take to represent this. If you have a better fitting one, I'd be happy to look over it though!

5. No family, at least not blood family. She considers many in the church close to her, and while she loves the idea of love, she has never truly taken with a suitor, be it male or female. Though she often will at least accept and spend time with those that pursue her. She hasn't yet found one she feels "right" for her.

6. Well, they would gain closer ties to the church of Shelyn for one. Aria also has a level-headed mind, usually, has proven to be a natural leader of others, and is well respected by many of the cultured folk in town. She is a great mediator and diplomat, as proven when she managed to convince a couple of hellknights to not torture, or possibly kill, a poor man in the streets. She brings a kind perspective to things, and is defiantly no slouch with her Glaive or blade.

Timezone: EST, and this would be game 4 for me if selected, I've never played this AP so no meta-y type stuff to worry about haha. It looks fun though.

background for Aria:

Image of Aria

Aria was found on the outskirts of town near the hinterlands when she was but a young child hardly able to walk. By a cleric of Shelyn who had been wandering the countryside for inspiration. When she was found, she amazingly wasn't malnourished, and already had raven black hair to her shoulders. Her piercing red eyes were seen for the wonder they were. The cleric sought about her family, but found none, and so decided to take her in at the church. What other reason would he have found her for, for surely the child was blessed by Shelyn due to such beauty at a young age. The cleric, by name of Daren, would care for her like a father would his own child. Teaching her the values of Shelyn, and, against the will of some of the clergy, taught her the art of combat, particularly that of the glaive, his deity's favored weapon. As of now, Aria still believes herself to be a human, completely unaware yet of her divine heritage

As the years past, it became obvious that the child had indeed been blessed by Shelyn, for when she was a teenager, her beauty was unmatched by any within the church, and possibly within the city (though this was quite debatable depending on who did the talking). Not only was she beautiful however, but she had been blessed with a wondrous singing voice and she grew into a very humble attitude that has been tempered lately by a growing pride.

She loves all art, and is a prominent promoter of the idea that anything can be made an art, even the dreadful business of war and battle. And that should times demand such horrible actions, to do them as elegantly as possible. Though, her personal taste is favored more towards that of music and practical art. She finds the greatest joy in both hearing, and making music. To her, music is the most powerful form of art, able to evoke a plethora of emotions in people, even ones they try to hide or do away with, and even can affect some animals. She also sees music as the truest, if perhaps, simplest form of expression of ones soul. At least, when ones creates music that is influenced by their feelings at the moment. Even bad music can move a persons heart, as she has seen with many couples. Her second preferred art is making the mundane and practical beautiful. Such as embroidery on armor and weapons. It does not lessen the quality of the item, but gives it even more value for beauty it adds to it. Though, she does understand the beauty of simplicity as well.

She also goes to great lengths to master combat, treating it as both an art, and a way to defend the ideals and beautiful things shes holds dear in the world. Her favored weapon is the glaive, though she easily make use of a sword and shield as well. Every morning she spends time practicing with her glaive in a ritualistic way, more to ingrain the movements in her muscles, and to help her clear her head for the day, than anything else. Much how a monk may meditate while practicing their movements.

While Aria was deemed blessed by Shelyn, she is still young and even by her admission has much to learn in some respects. She holds some sway in the decisions of the church of Shelyn in Kintargo, particularly those involving her adoptive father Daren, but holds no real place power as of yet within its clergy.

Recently, her few feats have been that of deflating a dangerous situation involving two hellknights and a civilian, managing to convince the knights to spare the man death and torture. She also created a painting of minor renown within the art community depicting a beautiful rose that bled blood, symbolizing the beautiful city of Kintargo that is being drained of its life and beauty by the oppressive rule of Thrune. She has also, away from prying eyes, urged the church of Shelyn to consider doing something, making points that, at the present state hardly any true art could be created, and even less could seek to create. She even made the outrageous claim that the rule of this Barzillia was suspect, if not outright unjust in so doing. The clergy of Shelyn were not even allowed to express themselves with their clothes due to all fine clothing being outlawed for any save a select few, or those that pay exorbitant sums of gold. The clergy, particularly Daren, have warned her to keep such thoughts to herself and close members of the clergy. However she is finding it ever harder to do so, not only in respect for the arts, but for the people of the town. She feels a rebellion may be close, their is a stiffness to the air and a hanging sense of dread. The thought of so many lives lost troubles her, she hopes a peaceful solution can be found before that happens that both keeps blood from being shed, and brings life and beauty back into the city. Though, if there is nothing that can be done to stop bloodshed, Aria has already made up her mind which side of that battle she would stand on.

Personality: Aria is contemplative most of the time, however this doesn't stop her bubbly nature from overflowing often. She is kind and caring to most everyone, always trying to bring cheer to folk. She has a tendency to easily get lost in thought, even at very inappropriate times. She can come off cold at first due to this and her piercing red eyes, however, any conversation with her quickly removes any thoughts of that sort as her friendly nature comes out quickly. She always looks for the best in people, sometimes to her own detriment (often times overlooking obvious flaws, particularly in those that seek her affections). Though, she does sometimes indulge in a bit of fun due to the cool demeanor that many seem to get from her. Acting the part of a cold, if almost abrasive, woman. Over time, this too, has turned into a sort of Art for her.

Appearance: Aria is of athletic build, and much more muscled and toned than an average woman. She isn't particularly tall, but she is mildly taller than the average human female. She has pitch black hair, a soft, pale complexion, and the only thing that would even hint at an angelic ancestry would be her red eyes, and sheer beauty.
Image of Aria

Mythweavers character sheet for Aria

I'm still purchasing items for her to start with, but its mostly finished. As for her adoptive father's rank in the clergy of the church of Shelyn, you can make that whatever you wish.

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Halfling (lightfoot) Image for Amelia(cartoonish). rogue (swashbuckler) HP:17/17 AC: 15, Str: +0, Dex:+5, Con:+2, Int:+3, Wis:+2, Cha:+2, PassPerc: 14 Init:+3

good news is the hurricane didn't hit my area too bad. Also, Amelia moved away from the lip of the well (her full move if possible) So she isn't in melee range of the troll just yet :P

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Halfling (lightfoot) Image for Amelia(cartoonish). rogue (swashbuckler) HP:17/17 AC: 15, Str: +0, Dex:+5, Con:+2, Int:+3, Wis:+2, Cha:+2, PassPerc: 14 Init:+3

Oh, little me? Well can't say to many o' the handsome tall folk care to ask that often, She gives a wink before continuing. Well I've lived 'ere just about me whole life. Went out plenty O' times on a ship, but, for some reason, I always found me way back 'ere. Though I usually managed to keep trouble from followin' me most times. Or so I like ta' think anyway. Guess what matter'd ta' me was always havin' the freedom to leave if I ever wanted to.

There is a slight pause as She seems to heavily struggle with settling her hat properly with her hand opposite Bhoors before finally seeming happy with its sit. And then she starts to twirl what is a very familiar looking lute to bhoors in her hand.

So, ye a musician then? Travelin' Minstrell or somethin' O' the sorts? Thought I'd heard some music on me way here. Ye're not half bad ifn' ya don't mind me saying. Or was it ye wee little friend there what played it?

she points the lute towards nibbles for a moment before holding it back out too you with a smug grin on her face, then adds.

I play a bit meself, not that good yet, not good enough ta' travel with it at least, but it helps me relax a bit from time ta time. Though it can be a bit of a hassle to lug about most places. Tis a rather large string instrament ye see. Not quite as... oh, whats the word, compact as a lute or the like. The bow is also hard to keep safe.

she starts suddenly, as if just remembering something, blushing slightly.

Ah, but we're me manners, haven't even introduced myself yet 'ave I? Names Amelia, Amelia Zera Rose, ye can use whichever name ye like, tho most call me Amelia, an' none call me Miss Rose.

Sorry if I overstepped by assuming she'd manage to sleight of hand your flute, just figured with her +5 and your PP of 10 it'd be a decent chance to happen. I can roll if you want, just thought it fit and was a bit funny.

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Paladin 1HP: 13/13 |AC: 18| Saves: Str:+4 Dex:+2 Con:+3 Int:+1 Wis:+3 Cha:+5 LoH: 5/5

Tiberius appraises the situation, and while he doesn't like goblins, sees a golden opportunity to aid the group, should the goblins be willing, and easily manipulated. He speaks up to the goblin boss.

I have no gold, We clearly aren't worth your valuable time, as you will get nothing of any worth out of us, and a fight, even with the high ground, will cost you lives, energy, and trouble. Let us pass, and you can ambush a small drow party following us, they will have a lot more shinies than we, or you, could dream of. There won't be too many, I am sure your great warband could easily handle them if you shoot first before demanding. Tiberius decides to try and negotiate themselves out of this situation.

To make it better, we will give you what little, if any gold, any of us have.

persuasion?: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

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Heres a rough outline for my Idea, Not entirely sure what class I'll be yet, but It will be something with trapfinding, stealth, and at least decent damage and subtlety. I'm torn between a mesmerist, rogue, and aether kinectist atm.

If you would let me know your thoughts so I can refine him a bit, I'd be greatly appreciative

background for Derik:

my story? It's quite simple. You could narrow it down to one thing, if you wanted to over simplify it. Revenge. Someone of great power and influence killed my parents. A corrupt noble, a cult leader, doesn't matter. What matters, is that it was one allowed to live in this corrupt land of Mitra... he left nothing but me, blood, and this dagger behind. That was his first mistake. I will find out who it was, and anyone else involved, and I will make sure Sorrow drinks it's fill from them. My parents probably would be horrified to see me now, but my hatred and sorrow have kept me alive, still do. Maybe one day I can follow in my parents footsteps to make this land better, maybe in my own way, perhaps with an ironfist. But first, blood debts need to be paid. suddenly there is a loud pop from behind, you turn to look and see nothing, when you turn back, the man you had been speaking to has disappeared.

Derik the Rogue, otherwise known as Dart, Ryder, or stalker was the son of Daniel, a paladin of Mitra and Sarenrea. Daniel was part of a group dedicated to rooting out corruption or evil, and had aided in many a purge of Asmodean or darker heresy. However, Daniel soon found a trail, a trail that would oust many a prominent figure and a cult. There were attempts at dissuading, but he kept digging his nose into deeper things, started causing problems. And so, he was eliminated. Slowly, accusations and "found evidence" began to pile up, slowly tarnishing Daniel's name. And finally, one night an assassin killed both of Derick's parents, planting ample "evidence" of his fall and consortment with dark powers. Of a dark ritual gone wrong. The assassin left Derick, a child of 12 years, alone, sleeping in his bed. Figuring either he would die, be accused as a devil-child, or taken in by the church. He didn't care, the child hadn't been part of his contract. However, Derick hadn't been asleep. He knew the truth, and knew he would likely be accused as well. The only things he took, was an ornate black steel dagger left embedded in his mother. undoubtedly part of evidence against the family. And his Sorrow and Anger. Slowly, that anger grew into hatred, hatred at the land he and his family had called home. Towards the government and its so called knights. Towards its justice, twice he has had to take to survive, and they would toss him to the mines for it. Well, Derik proved to be quite adaptive, and over the course of 8 years had made a name for himself in the few and far flung dark corners of Talingrade. Where he was approached by cabal of nobles. They spoke of new beginnings, better times, promises of change. And Derik, despite himself, believed them. Perhaps, he merely wanted to kill the king. Kill the man he had come to blame for everything. To change the government. Yet, when the plans started to fall apart, when they were so close... he was betrayed. Turned into a Scapegoat. His hatred grew ever more. All trust for nobles gone. He had no one, and indeed, there was barely even a trial. It was en route to his prison that a soft whisper came to his ear, the promise of revenge, and of the fall of Talingrade. With it, came a gift, the dagger he had taken those years ago with another, silvery dagger alongside it, and a request to meet someone after he got out. So, he defly maneuvered his way out of his bindings before killing the guards on duty, and skulking off into the shadows, towards the place he had been told to meet. One thing is certain for Derik, Blood will flow, and a new night would dawn. That which is, shall fall.

Personality: Derik is very cynical and aloof. He knows how to be friendly, and when to be respectful but normally does so out of self preservation more than anything else. Even then, he rarely will show any sort of respect to those that think themselves his betters. He has gained a mild taste for killing, and the power he feels while doing it. He is cold, calculating, and mildly power hungry.

Daggers: Sorrow, is the dagger he took from the back of his mother.

Sorrow: Derik's dagger, has a Long jet black blade with a slight curve to it. Silver crossguard with gold inlays and Onyx gems embedded on each side. The hilt is black steel wrapped in black leather and the pommel is shaped as a laughing skull with gold inlay running along its edges, with rubies embedded in its eyes.

Remorse: Derik's other dagger. The blade on this dagger is a silverly white reflection of moonlight. the pommel and hilt are wrapped in velvet red.

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I'll go with the kine then. I've been wanting to play both, and the backstory honestly fits better, even if the stonelord could work just as easily haha, what with the stone blood and elemental summons, it also seems you have melee covered mostly, so a ranged/some more utility seems to fit well.

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Image for Ivan Fighter 5/Ranger 1 HP: 65/65 | AC: 30(34 vs giant subtype) FF: 27 T:13 | CMD: 24 (29vs trip/bullrush) |Fort: +10(+4) Ref: +7(+4) Will:+4(+4)| Init: +2 Perception: +11

Bah Ivan would never do that! unless it turned out they WERE evil/bad then he would happily shut the lass up haha.

but yes, he merely pointed out what he thinks/knows as fact. "sorry, not sorry for my gruffness XD"

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m Image of Arrac Barbarian 2| HP:25/29 | AC:16 [17] FF: 14[15] T: 12| Fort: +6(+12vs cold env.) Ref: +2 Will:+3, Perc: +6 Init: +2| Rage: 9/9

Hahaha! I came to this town seeking these very rumors of which you speak. They sound promising for my personal quest. Saving a town would bring much glory. However.. Do not speak down to me again. I care not for your petty magics, nor this Acadamae you speak of.
Arrac towers in front of Newmark with his arms crossed. After a few tense moments, he smiles, and holds out his hand, offering a handshake.

With that in understanding, I will gladly look into this with you. Where do you and your seers suggest I start?


Arrac rubs his chin in thought for a moment after the dwarf finishes speaking again. Well then, Let us go speak to this shamed mercenary. Even a coward can prove useful I suppose, even if it is to merely lead us to the spot he fled from. Haha, saving a noble and slaying some beasts, it is a start at least.

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Image for Ivan Fighter 5/Ranger 1 HP: 65/65 | AC: 30(34 vs giant subtype) FF: 27 T:13 | CMD: 24 (29vs trip/bullrush) |Fort: +10(+4) Ref: +7(+4) Will:+4(+4)| Init: +2 Perception: +11

yup. Its a vague familiarity, I can tell it wasn't a "ima do this in PF" idea Just merely reminded me of it while reading over it and stuff.

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doderic Took's story:

I'll be telling this in a "first person" format. Since Doderic loves to recount tales.

Doderic takes a large swig from a pint and lights up his pipe.
Well, who here is interested in the tales of Doderic eh? Be warned! they are not for the faint of heart and may just instill in more respectable hobbit folk an urge for adventure!

He gives a grin to those around.
Well, as all hobbit tales do, it started, in a hole in the ground, on a day like any other. You see, I awoke that morning as all respectable hobbits do, to the smell of sizzling bacon, and toasted biscuits. The best way to start any day. And as all of you know, hobbits, know how to cook, but my old mum could out cook the best! He leans in close Its why I let her and pop stay with me, but don't tell her that! He laughs

So, I started my day as any respectable hobbit would, with a fine meal, and fine friends. Then just after elevensies, I left for the market. Not the local one this time, no, I was headed to the market in Bree. Perhaps, the first peculiar thing now that I think about it, but I was in need of a particular something, that none of the more local markets had. So, I started off. Oh, A word of warning to all you respectable folk! Always be careful when you set out on the road, for if you don’t keep your feet and wits about you, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off too! Well, On the way, at around one O’clock I stopped to make lunch, as any respectable hobbit would. It was piping hot vegetable soup, with twice cooked bread and some cheese on the side. He pats his stomach as if remembering a fine meal.

As luck would have it, a passerby stopped to chat, and as any good hobbit would, I offered him some lunch. For who doesn’t love a good lunch? He was a great, large fellow wrapped in a cloak and carried one of the biggest wood cutting axe’s I had ever seen! But he was a lovely fellow, except he seemed a bit in a rush. We shared a meal, and he told me I should be cautious, wolves had been seen prowling about. I asked if he had seen any today, and he said nope. So, I decided it was fine to continue, after all I was already half way there. It wasn’t an hour after he stopped that went on his way, hardly enough time to let the meal sit well. He was heading the opposite way, so I set off alone once again.
Doderic takes a long puff of his pipe before continuing. Now,
about half an hour from Bree, I sat to make some tea.
Many of traveler did stop, to ask what was in the pot
I answered, some boiled leaf, to help and settle the beef
They then continued on their way, for they had much to do that day
But they all would spare a thought, for the hobbit and his pot,
And conclude that he was indeed quite the peculiar lot!
He let out a laugh and took another puff on his pipe.

Now, once I was in Bree I saw many new sights, sights I hadn’t dreamed of before. It is far too busy and filled with horses for any respectable hobbit to stay long. Though, for some reason, this particular hobbit found it all quite interesting. I managed to finish my shopping, though I honestly don’t recall how with all the hustle and bustle and all the arguing of the whyfors going on about. Before I left, I stopped at an inn for dinner, a succulent roast as I recall. Now, it was a little early for dinner to most hobbits, about an hour but I wanted to head back before all the light of day had passed. By the time Supper came, I was a little over half way back, and so I sat down and used most of the provisions I had taken with me to cook a fine meal. Now, the meal was so fine in fact, that, when I leaned back against the tree for a smoke, I fell right off to sleep! Now, I awoke some time later to the scariest sight I had ever seen in person. Just feet away stood a wolf! Sniffing around my campfire. Oh, I was terrified! And who wouldn’t be? Have you ever seen a wolf?! Nearly big as a hobbit! With razor-like teeth and claws. It soon noticed me and began heading my way. Now, I could tell what it was thinking, “what a fine meal this hobbit would make” well. It didn’t count on one thing. I had Tookish blood, and us Tooks always know how to get out of sticky situations after all. With pure instinct and a lot of luck, I managed grab up my pan, and give that wolf the largest Bonk it ever had. Right on its nose. And I bet, if you get close enough to look, you could find one today with curved nose! As it ran off yelping after the hit. Perhaps, I thought to myself, it hadn’t wanted to eat me. Still, better safe than sorry! He took a puff on his pipe, and blew out a smoke ring. Then, in a more ominous tone, he continued.
But that is when I heard it. A low guttural growl, several actually, just off to the side in the trees. Lucky for me, us hobbits, and particularly me, are light on our feet. I managed to scurry off to the shadows, just in time see the ugliest things I had ever had the displeasure to see burst from the underbrush. They were Orcs, nearly a dozen of them. Hunched over, and sniffing. I watched as they came across my small little camp and quickly started grunting to each other. I knew I had to get away fast, god knows what would happen should they found me. Now, I had thought myself exceptionally well hidden. And I was, at least to the orcs that had walked almost as close a mere 10 yards from me. However, I nearly fainted when I felt a gloved hand clasp my mouth and pull me back further into the underbrush. I looked up to see a young man with black hair, holding a finger to his lips. He moved past, and I saw another 3 figures in the shadows. They struck with bow and blade, felling the orcs in less than a minute. Though one had managed to sneak around and find me. I let out a yelp and turned, I blocked its crude blade with the pan I still had clutched in my grip. And, running off pure instinct and fear, plowed the pan right into the orcs face! It crumpled in a heap, unconscious in front of me. Needless to say, I found myself suddenly sitting on the ground and watching as one of the figured tied the orc up.
Well, I somehow managed to keep from emptying my stomach at the sight, though I don’t know how. One of the figured came to me and pulled back their hood. It was a fair elven maiden. Beautiful as the starlight we stood under. Now, I had never seen an elf before, matter of fact, most I knew of them were from old Bilbo and his tales. Now, this elf, surpassed everyone of them. Then the man from before came and spoke to me as well, and I noticed he was of even larger stock than the woodsman from lunch, and there seemed to be a much more noble air about him. He spoke in a harsh voice, almost like a scolding. Asking what I was thinking and saying that this was no place for a hobbit to be sleeping. To which, I heartily agreed! However, the elf placed a hand on the man’s shoulder and said, Strider, let me take this one back to his home. It would be dangerous to let him try and make his way back alone. Needless to say, I was quite welcoming to the idea, for I had no wishes to even attempt to travel alone anymore at that time. After a moment of hesitation, the man by name of strider agreed.
Doderic knocked out the ashes clogging his pipe before pressing more in and continuing.
And so, we set off. Over the next few hours, we talked, quite a lot, and the darkness of the night seemed not so heavy. In fact, the fear and anxiety I had felt just moments before seemed to dissolve into a relaxed and enjoyable comfort. Why, even when she kept me from sitting down and having a small meal I was fine. She told me of her people, of a town by name of Rivendell, and of the wonderous sights she had seen in her travelling of the lands. We shared a game of riddles, and, to my surprise, I was almost bested. Once we got back home, I bid the elf come in. At first, she refused, but, I wasn’t about to let my hospitality be questioned and so I insisted. She relented and, after my mother gave me an ear full and a half, we had one of the largest midnight meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking part in. The elf and I sang songs, and although as a hobbit, I had an exceptional voice, she sang in tunes and melodies I had only ever dreamed of. The curious bit was, she seemed as enthusiastic about learning the songs I sang, as I did about hers. So, we spent the better part of the early morning sharing songs and rhymes even after my family had went back to bed. Eventually, my body, exhausted from the fright of earlier, and too comfortable for me to not get sleepy, I nodded off, the last I remember was her looking out the small window in the kitchen. I awoke the next morning to the sound and smell of sizzling bacon. However, I noted left behind on the table, a note resting on top of a pile of items covered with a cloth. There was the flute the elf had played, a map with several spots marked on it, a small song book, and a short, elven blade. Now, I wondered why in the world she had left me this thing. After all, I was a respectable hobbit and had no use for it. Though, maybe, she had seen something in me that even I didn’t know about. The next year or so, would go on as anyone might expect of a good hobbit. I learned to play the flute she left, a beautiful instrument of silver, but, as time wore on. I noticed something, the enjoyable things, while still quite enjoyable, seemed to grow dull, or boring, and something akin to an itch in me started to grow. I spent more time looking at the map she left and recalling the wonderful sites she spoke of. Of Imaldris, the blue mountains, the golden woods of Lothlórien. Of the stories told by Bilbo about his adventures, And I began, to wonder.

So, Doderic is, or well, was a respectable hobbit. He loves a good song or poem, and enjoys, almost nothing, more than a good meal. He handles things rather well, and is filled with a cheery optimism that is a bit contagious. He loves to tell a tale, and has natural curiosity far above the norm of his kind. He is fond of nature, and has been learning a little more about it lately. On the road, he would rather have the smaller comforts than travel at a quick pace.

speaking of weapon skills, could hobbits get cultural weapons *pots and pans* XD

let me know if you like it, and what, if anything, you have questions about. I'd love feedback and to answer questions, as it helps further cement the character for me.

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I am honored. I look forward to this greatly.

and to those that did not make selections. For everything else, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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^ I don't intend to break it as much, as most of the freebies i'll be stocking up for me and the party to use. The potion shop will run off more balanced rules (since I am assuming I'd be able to actually make a profit selling potions,at least a bit in the more ordinary way) just wanted to make my intentions clear. Just wanted someone naturey and potioney NOT trying to break things. I likely wouldn't sell many of the free potions until much higher levels where their benefits for me and the party begin to fall off.

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OK, I Am planning on submitted a druid (herbal concoction bond) that wants to set up their own potion shop.

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Arrac, (human or half-elf, not quite sure yet) Is a young man that fancies himself a hero and master warrior. He grew up on stories of hero's and legends, and as he got older he would become the best swordsmen in his village, for his age. He eventually got a wanderlust and set out to find adventure worthy of his blade. That said, he isn't as grand as he often claims and sometimes, most times, gets in over his head. That said he is no pushover in combat and is adept at all manner of weaponry! While he can be a bit pompous at times, he truly cares about folk. While he does wish to be seen as a hero, like the characters in the stories he heard growing up, he becomes oddly down to earth when good folk have their lives on the line. He also uses jokes to ease his fear often time. Like the time he cracked several puns while defending a caravan from a goblin attack. He even stuffed a watermelon over a goblins head!

so, a light-hearted, well-meaning, naive lad. He believes that the world will turn out ok, as long as people try. Or, an optimist. Likely a type of frontliner. Probably fighter, archetype if any is undecided, though was looking at unbreakable.

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hm. Thats fine, Wasn't sure how they left the prison (when I wrote it) or if there would have been other areas people were being held. The prison he escapes from certainly doesn't need to be branderscar, would be much the same otherwise though. Whispers of power. A mental deal, suddenly he has infernal strength in his blood. (or more aptly, his teifling half becomes more awakened/in tune) Any ideas for other prisons or the like?

as far as thorn, he wouldn't push it on the meeting, he merely was making a note that, besides him, the only person at the end of the day would make decisions about his fate was bid daddy himself. of course, he would then sign any contract or deal proffered, since while he isn't dumb, that sort of thing is "below him" or, in other words he doesn't want to get into the details. It wasn't so much a "threat" as a statement. Basically saying what the contract already says (He will serve Asmodeous in exchange/as thanks for the strength granted) he would obey the contract, and thorn, but he held no other type of loyalty with thorn, save their common goals. That may change, but that is how he would played it at the meeting. Power at any cost, eventually, the strongest will have the say of things. Likely any real demonstration of power would impress the half-orc.

I had thought about offering my anti-paladin (who would sign much more easily and even happily) but I didn't want to step on other paladins toes :P besides, never played a bloodrager, and what better way to try out the class than with one gifted with the power of hell haha.

Besides! what better way to unite barbarian tribes, than an Ex barbarian chieftain!?

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I'll be submitting an alchemist, eventually to go into mad chemist prestige class.

Character background and overview:

1- background story.

Vinnick was born and raised in talingarde, out of the norm for elves, his parents worked as merchants. Vinnick at the age of 15, was given a magic tutor, and for 10 years he studied and trained but was never able to produce Even the simpliest of cantrips. Indeed, his father, such was his disappointment, all but have up on his son, calling him a disgrace and magically inept, for his father was himself, a fairly powerful wizard. That never sat well with vinnick, being pitied by his mother, and seen as weak and useless by his father, so he decided that he would make them respect him. He turned to alchemy for this. Magic, he never grapsed, but science, science and mixtures was something that came easy to Vinnick.

Vinnick was fascinated with, not only the poisons and their effects on organic matter, but with the aspect of being able to forcefully change his own biology.

Finally, one day, after a couple years of study, he created a concoction that he believed, could do just that. He went to the city, and after much pestering, was allowed a public presentation. Alas, when he drank his mixture, It worked as well as he had hoped, he grew in size, his muscles bulged, his fingers became claw like, and his teeth sharpened. The crowd gasped in both awe, and terror. However it also affected him, in another way. His mental thoughts seemed slower, as if moving through water, and he was hungry. He looked at the people in the crowd, and saw meals. He killed about 4 people that day with his bare hands, and had drank the blood of them. And upon the mixtures affects wearing off, instead of disgusted or horrified, Vinnick, was ecstatic. He had loved it, he had torn men apart with nothing but his hands, his mixture had proven more effective than he ever thought possible! The deaths were an unfortunate necessity, needed sacrifices on the road to progress and brighter days. But when he was found by the guard, they did not share those thoughts. He was tried for murder, and found guilty, indeed, he admitted the fact himself, even had relished in it while he had done it, the power had been so... thrilling.

Part 2 goals-

Vinnick feels that the people of Talingarde are being blinded by the royals, they can't see progress for what it is, and what it is worth. He will change this, and any that are to stupid, or that have fooled themselves into thinking it is wrong will be dealt with.

He seeks to perfect his science, to create a mixture so powerful, that he can become high unstoppable, and immortal. Immortality, after all, he can make so many advances in the world, for him to die would be, well, a tragedy, a loss the world cannot suffer.

Vinnick still hasn't gotten his father's respect yet... but he will.

3- secrets

Known to Vinnick, his father works for an underground organization that processes stolen goods and other black market materials.

Not known to Vinnick, the tutor that taught Vinnick was the one that had started him on his path, he had seen the potential of the lad, however, just who this tutor really was, no one is sure. Perhaps someone that will seek to make use of Vinnicks abilities... (Except the DM)

People Vinnick is tied to.

Tutor, vinnicks tutor is indeed, the one that gave the Lad alchemy books, and had even suggested practicing a tad less caution than the books called for.

Variel Varzel, Vinnicks father. A renowned merchant of Talingarde, as well as of the black markets. Sees his sun as a disgrace and a nuisance after being put under inspection for his sons crimes.

Alaria Rydell, a half elf woman that grew up with Vinnick. A year younger by birth, she had always had a crush on Vinnick and by the time they were in their twenties, it had blossomed to love. She admired his determination, drive, and his looks. She had joined the order and was training as a cleric, and when she heard of Vinnick's crime could not believe it. She had rushed to his cell, asking him for the truth, when he told her he had done it, and even enjoyed it, she was struck speechless, after a little more, she ran from the prison, as he called her back. However, even now, she still loves him, and a thought gnaws at her mind "what if he is right.."

Mannerisms and quirks-

Vinnick has developed a certain aspect of thinking about things one way and had a hard time trying to see things from others veiwpoints.

Vinnick has a tick, that when he is concentrating on something he has a habit of tapping his right foot, or drumming his fingers.

When he talks about things that interest him he seems full of life, but when forced to discuss matters he feels either pointless, beneath him, or useless he becomes irritable, frustrated, and often aloof.

Vinnick believes that every book and time is a well of knowledge until proven otherwise.

He views the moral Complications of life as roadblocks and nothing but obstacles in the way of progress.

Vinnick, while capable of lieing well often doesn't know when a lie is needed, or speaks bluntly before he really worries about it due to him thinking about something else.


1.How does your character interact with the others within a group?

A- fairly well, as long as they don't mock oor look down on his work, if they show interest he quickly Attempts to befriend tthem and then drown them in his ponderings.

2. What is your character's role in a group?

A- Depends, he can do everything decently,secondary front line melee, secondary ranged, secondary healing, secondary buffing. Leaning more towards "Hyde" ATM the though, but can go bomber if need be.

3. How is your character not as they seems? I want one or two skills that would surprise others if they found out he knows them. Also include personality traits, positive or negative, that would similarly surprise others.

A- I designed him to be mostly "as you see me " but a good assumption would be that his often driven, childlike, almost playful nature hide the fact that he doesnt mind killing a person, or even enjoys the thrill and rush of it.

4. What are your character's goals, conscious and, perhaps, subconscious?
Immortality, knowledge of all things, power, for his work to be accepted (subconcious)

5. How easily does your character love? Have they been in love?
He still has child like tendencies, but when he makes time for it, is quite the hopeless romantic. He loved Alaria. He has also sworn to himself to not enjoy the physical things with another unless he deems them worthy.

6. Is your character racist at all, either now or in their past?
Nope. He may make remarks, but those are centered around a curiosity of their reactions to his mixtures.

7. All people believe something that is not true, both about the world around them and about themselves. What lies/untruths does your character believe about themselves and the world around them?

He believes there is no good or evil, that morality is but a wall placed by those that wish to keep the status quo, he also beleives that his actions and research will make or break the world as a whole.

8. How is your character about material possessions?
Doesn't care really, but he knows that money makes things easier, especially experimenting and studying. He also knows how powerful money can be, and so rarely passes the chance up for some "easy" money

9. What does your character perceive their major problems to be?
His major problem that he sees in himself is that he is not smart enough, he thinks he needs to be smarter, and to know more things, and he fears he may never do it.

10. What does he perceive the solutions to those problems to be?

Study, experiment, travel, and experience.

11. What are your character's religious beliefs?
Non existent, he believes that, there is something greater for man after this life than merely "going to a deity"

12. What does your character fear?
Spiders, being ignorant, obtaining a fear of living, and, most of all, but perhaps subconsciously, being alone, with no one. Or being abandoned.

13. How much of a temper does your character have? What sorts of things set them off?

Not much, he can sometimes have a really long fuse, (unless under the effects of his mutagen) but mocking his work is a good way to get to him, that or question his intelligence.

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I see many possible ways to bring this about. All include ALOT of legwork, deal making, bribing, and bluffing/diplomacizing. But I NEVER tell my PCs that "no you can't do that". It takes half the fun away. Likely? No, possible? Yes.

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here is something that may help you

I get a VERY Tzeentch vibe from what you say you want. Maybe read up on Tzeentch a bit for ideas??

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In my own humble opinion, I would allow anything (EXCEPT non-unchained summoners) that is easily accessed and that you have a modicum of knowledge about.

Core book only= AN INCREASE in Caster>Martial discrepancy because all of the nifty martial bonuses are lost.

Core book only= Horrid monk, Horrid Rogue, Mediocre Fighter. This is even WITH system mastery.

While a complete new plyer playing, say, a cleric/druid from Core would probably have a MUCH stronger character around level 6+ just because of design.

my suggestion is- CRB+APG+ACG+UC+UE+UM+(importantly) Unchained.

This gives PLENTY of options, but limits it to what I consider "true pathfinder" (because lets be honest, PF is bloated as hell even more so than 3.5 now) (this limits 3pp, which, while a lot of it is AWESOME, a lot of it has classes that have a metric TON of crap to learn/read through (Lookin' at you path of war and Psionics)

but be open to player desire, if they REALLY want to play one of the occult classes, I, as a GM, would say let them.

Honestly, anyone that thinks core only= no caster/martial discrepancy either hasn't made characters from core only, or understands something I cannot grasp.


For limiting the "magic item problem" that Pathfinder has (assuming X items at X levels) I have a nifty houserule that provides the same power level, but does away with that. It's not mine, and I learned about it from a GM, that took from a GM, that took from a GM. This gives you the ability to make magic weapons flavorful (IE, keen, fire, etc) and not worry about static bonuses, it also allows continual progression IE. no saving up for 3 levels to buy a item.)


At every even level, your character will receive a +1 enhancement bonus to an ability score of your choice. You cannot choose to apply this bonus to the same ability score twice in a row. Ability score raises that come every 4 levels are unchanged from core rules, and therefore are not considered enhancement bonuses. This means that a character could raise his Strength at 4th level per the normal rules, and apply a +1 enhancement bonus to Strength at the same level, for example.

Every level (including first) you can choose from one of the following six categories: melee, ranged, armour, shield, spells, and saves. You will get a +1 bonus to that category every time it is chosen. You can choose any one of the six once every block of 4 levels (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20). So you cannot choose +1 to saves at 3rd and 4th level, but can choose them 4th and 5th level.) And yes, this starts at 1st level.

The six bonus types work as follows:
Melee (enhancement): +1 to attack and damage with manufactured melee weapons, natural attacks, and unarmed strikes. +1 to CMB checks and to CMD. +1 to attack (but not damage) to melee touch attacks (but not those used as part of a spell). For purposes of bypassing damage reduction, any weapon you wield counts as a magical weapon with a straight bonus equal to your melee bonus – 1 (e.g, when you reach a +4 melee bonus, your melee weapons count as +3 (magical) and silver for purposes of overcoming damage reduction, damaging incorporeal creatures, etc.).

Ranged (enhancement): +1 to attack and damage with manufactured ranged weapons. +1 to attack (but not damage) with splash weapons. +1 to attack (but not damage) to range touch attacks (but not those used as part of a spell). For purpose of bypassing damage reduction, these bonuses work the same as the melee bonuses indicated above.

Armour (enhancement): +1 bonus to AC (regular AC, touch AC, and flat-footed AC). You do not have to wear or use armour to receive this bonus.

Shield (enhancement): +1 bonus to AC (regular AC only, not touch AC or flat-footed AC), but only if you are wielding or wearing a shield (or a special weapon like a klarr which provides a shield bonus). A shield spell doesn’t count. Not all characters will make use of this bonus.

Spells (enhancement): +1 to attack and damage with spells. For spells that target multiple creatures independently (magic missile, scorching ray) the damage bonus applies once per spell to one target of the caster’s choice. For spells that affect multiple creatures simultaneously (fireball) the damage bonus applies to all. The damage bonus only applies to spells which deal hit point damage, not ability damage, or spells which do not deal damage at all. Cure spells used to heal are not affected by this bonus (though the attack bonus would apply if it were required), but cure spells used to harm undead creatures would be affected.

Saves (resistance): +1 bonus to all saving throws

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I'd actually say a class with another domain would be fun (trickery)

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Interesting, though, if you wish to merely run a FF type game, may I introduce you to this-

FF D6 system!

either way, color me interested, I may or may not participate in the playing though. Depends on my time schedule

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Heya folks, this is the official recruitment for a one-shot I wanted to do based on my own design. Its a one shot based off a full game I created.

what has happened:

The Continent of Azalia has been under siege, an undead legion from the north, and demon horde from the south lead simultaneous assaults against the land. The races, and kingdoms, long fractured and fueding fell. One by one great nations collapsed to the seemingly unstoppable assaults. Kings and rulers always sure in their own sbility, and that it was the other kingdoms own weakness for their fall. Finally, after 65% of the nation had fallen, The nations finally chose to stand together. However, it seems to be too late. Even the united efforts were pushed back, battle after battle was lost. Then, a group of hero's rose from the ranks leading them to victories, which only drew out great demons and undead generals, beasts of untold power and magic. Can the hero's lead their remaining people to victory? Or will they fall to horde.

There may yet be another hope, for it does not seem the two great hordes are working together....

You would be playing as these said hero's. The game starts with you defending the Last great Coastal City, and if you manage victory will have you assaulting the advance positions of each army to "cut off the head". Of course this leads to the idea that it is a heavy combat Oriented game, well yes, however it is likely that the keeps of each army will be trapped and protected, and of course the coalition members will always need inspiring and disputes always need settling, indeed if the coalition is to survive things need to be changed. Basically, don't make a pure combat machine, Lets get a little something invested eh?

brief overview of Races/nations/etc:

The Races in Azalia are limited. There are-

Many of the Races have developed a distrust, or plain Hatred for others.
Races that are disliked or hated: The following races are exceedingly rare

These races are looked at as nothing but trouble, and often were hunted down by humans/Halflings/Dwarves and each other. Even now as part of the coalition many of these feelings still show, with them getting front-line duty often, or forced into menial tasks. As such, Catfolk and Kitsune have no grand Kingdoms, instead forced to live in small villages on the skirts of normal society. Very few are left after the assualts and they are on the brink of disappearing completely. The orcs did have a mountain stronghold in the Northen Mountains, but their stronghold was one of the first to fall, and with their hated status they received little to no aid. These races still rely on more mystical practices, with little technology for themselves.

These people have come to a mutual understand of each other, and often choose to live together in their small villages, while many within their society hate the other races, save perhaps, Gnomes and Halflings, some choose to focus on one day being accepted by all. They see the Nation states of Oswell, who all but protect their kind when they can, as a start. Even if the populace at large in the nation still regard their kind with distrust and malice. This has lead to several close calls of fracturing, with half the folk of both races seeking to fight the others, and the other half wanting only to show kindness in hopes of one day walking the streets, should they ever desire, without pain of death. They live in clay/wooden/mud huts in swamps, mountains and forests to far in the wilds for most races to wander. The only race that treats them with a modicum of respect are the elves, for they see the same type of fey-like touch on them as they have themselves. However most of the intentions of the elves are not stemmed from kindness.

Aggressive by nature, and always following the rule of "might is right" they are seen by all other peoples as brutish, uncivilized, and warlike. Of course, they have a long history of their warrior culture, before even their line of rulers had their then enslaved half-orcs build their fortress. They follow a code of honor, crude as it may be.

Elves see themselves as the rightful masters of Azalia, their long lived lives giving a sense of superiority over other races. While good-hearted they often seem aloof to others, with schemes reaching forward and back for decades. They found the Kingdom of Elsehien in the southern forests. Using Magic and tech to reshape the trees therein into their homes. Magical by nature, their society relies heavily on magic to survive. They get along well enough with humans and Halflings, however their megalomania causes many problems and they view other races as untrustworthy and uncivilized or crude.

The dwarves have carved out Mountain homes across the continent. The northen mountains, where they fought often with the orcs, the Southern Fringes, where the Coastal mountains roll across the land, and the heart of Azalia, where mountains larger than life rise high into the clouded mists. Dwarves see themselves as The only useful race aside from Gnomes, with perhaps a fleeting hope for humans. They are perhaps, the least magical race on Azalia. Their cities built from technology, hardwork, and gadgets. All dwarven metal is of quality and work surpassing even the best smiths of other races. (They will get a bonus here.) Any magic they do implement is that gifted by their gods to the priests, or extremely rare, eccentric dwarf wizard who is often seen as a fool and potential problem. Their cities are built with several wonders of engineering and are a marvel to behold. However, they are very stagnant in their mind set of "if its not broke, don't fix it". And little innovation happens lately. They despise elves, orcs, catfolk, kitsune, and have both a curiosity, and worry for humans and halflings. They get along very well with gnomes.

Gnomes are, at best, Eccentric, at worst, insane. They have no great kingdoms, or lands, but instead, have several Gnome Metropolises set up about the land. Their Home City of of Steamclock nestled in the central mountains. A peculiar lot, they are the most technologically advanced. Their cities run of gadgets and innovation aplenty. Their guards, steam golems, clockwork creations, and constructs. Both magical and mechanical in nature. They are 1 of only 3 races that utilize and craft airships. (Others being dwarves and humans) and were the first to invent them (however it was humans that first had the idea). They are exceptionally friendly, and have a hard time hating any of the other races, seeing the good, and the bad, in all of them save orcs. Gnomes hatred for orcs stems deeper than even that of dwarves because of the great burning of the Gnome city in the north. The orcs pillaged and burned it to the ground over a century ago, killing all inside. Only a few escaped. They haven't returned that far north sense. Their cities are useful, and they provide many new works, even if 1/4 of them backfire, malfunction or explode. They are friendly with Dwarves, humans and halflings, viewing them as curious, yet frustrating. They view elves as strange for their love of the land and seemingly refusal to use the technology they see as making their lives easier and more interesting. They have a passing fancy of cat folk and kitsune, often providing them with the most friendly atmosphere but they have a fair distrust for both races.

The halflings are peaceful, and simple, for the most part. They enjoy tending their fields, gardens, homes, or forests, and live happy, easy going lives across the land save The Kingdom of Razeria. Welcomed by most other races, and viewed as lucky charms they are often not drafted into the military, and their homes are often spared the horrors of war. Some Halflings however, are born with a thirst for adventure and thrills. These often become spies, scouts, traveling minstrels or some other trade that allows them to travel the world. These have begun to give halflings an air of slight distrust, and while still treated good-naturedly by most, often times humans will keep their coins closer when they know some half-folk are around. They have no kingdoms of their own, save a comfy small, bastion nestled in the foothills just south of the central mountains, where all are made welcome to visit.

Half elves, and Half orcs.
The offspring of inter-race love such as these are viewed negatively. Half-orcs are often shunned and hated by other races as much as Orcs are. With sayings of you can't trust them, or never know when they'll go wild. While some Cities and a couple of the Great kingdoms accept half-orcs as citizens, they are relegated to poor districts and often have to make a living as thieves, bandits, thugs, physical laborers or soldiers. Only adding fire to the rumors of their war-like ancestry. Half-elves receive a different kind of hate. They are often viewed at with jealousy for their centuries long life-spans and their natural beauty inherited from their elven blood. While generally more accepted than their half-orc counter parts they are often treated distantly, many having few to no friends. Dwarves, who see the elf in all half-elves show almost as much hatred to them as they do pureblood orcs and elves. Elves tend to treat half-elves as lesser beings, only slightly better than the other races, and as such, while not out-right hostile to them, often work to keep their presence in their society low, and out of higher ranked offices. However, the Empire of Belthouse, and the Sovereign states of Oswell are perhaps, the most accepting of both, seeing potential in their blood, with both nations seeking to one day unite the lands. (though, one wishes to rule, the other seeks a diplomatic solution.

Hummans are a strange bunch. The most numerous, but perhaps the most divided amongst themselves. There are 4 main kingdoms with several smaller ones comprise the human legacy.

Kingdom of Aloran To the North, the kingdom of Aloran(a-lor-en), (heavily influenced by medieval Europe) lead by a long running family of kings. The kingdom, the smallest of the great 4, is perhaps one of the better ones. The kings have long lead the country benevolently, and fairly. Though their warrior like culture gives many an unease, they are a noble, proud people and while they do enjoy war to an extent, their poets and bards are renowned across the continent, even the elves, who claim a better grasp of these things than any other race admit to their beauty. Alas, it was the first of the 4 great kingdoms to fall under the undead boots of the Dread necromancer Morzath. And the first time other kingdoms began to worry slightly at the horde. Aloran was perhaps one of the more mystical kingdoms, with exceedingly few airships, few luxuries, and no real electricity or other experimental things.

Empire of Belthouse To the south, the Empire of Belthouse(bell-thoose, as in moose), The largest, and arguably most powerful of the Great 4, centered on the Central Southern plains, the Home city of Espero shines as a beacon of light even still. A metropolis of over 3 million inhabitants, it ranges from the rich, semi-wealthy-poor-and homeless. Its lower streets becoming dens to thieves, guilds, and cults despite the best efforts of the empire and the city watch. The empire makes the most use of technology, arguably more so than the dwarves, with airships seemingly traveling between the cities endlessly, automatons guarding the gates and keeps of the town and running water (sort of, think, aqueducts but, more advanced, with piping to take water to housing) and power for the wealthier districts, and even a sewer system and water for the poorest. The empire is lead by an emperor crowned by a vote of the city barons, Lately, the same line of family has been placed in power for generations though this has actually lessened the power of the emperor, and strengthened that of the barons, who all but rule as an oligarchy, though the kingdom has prospered either way. Armies of Belthouse make use of firearms more than any other race or peoples in Azalia, with over 75% of their military trained in their usage and maintenance, they use siege weaponry and clockwork constructs as well. Due to this reliance on tech their magical academies are growing smaller. The Belthouse Empire has the lowest amount of wizards and arcane practitioners of any human kingdom, but they do have a great academy of alchemy. They also have almost no divine magic users, believing instead to not follow any deities as a whole.

Kingdom of Razeria in the East, Perhaps the kingdom the elves get along with the most, and the one that dwarves and gnomes view uneasily. This kingdom uses little to no tech, even less than Aloran but, has more arcane magic than the rest combined. The great capital is built from arcane energies, floating citadels, endless water, and forced obedience. The kingdom of Razeria is ruled with an Arcane fist by an oligarchy of mages centered at the mages guild in the Center of the capital Kazethi'k (Ka-zay-thii-ik). The most aggressive of the human kingdoms despite its magical heritage. They see mastery of the Arcane as the only true path, and they believe that a forced, obedient society is the path to the future. The guild and academies always via for more power and dominance, and the measure of a man is the amount of arcane energy he can generate and while corrupt, the guilds will always recognize powerful people, as long as they use that power to sustain the status quo. Due to this view, there are only two groups the people of Razeria fall under, those that practice, and are gifted with magical abilities, and the serf work-force that are not, who are all but slaves in name. As such their armies are small, but the destruction they can wreak have kept other nations from attempting to do anything about their aggressiveness. There was a rebellion within the kingdom, or so it is said, lead by a group of powerful mages that wished to change the country, no other word has been heard though, and most believe it was crushed. They view anyone not learned in the arcane arts as lesser, and believe themselves to be the true leaders, the only ones fit to rule the continent.

The Sovereign states of Oswell,(which, Oswell being the largest republic kingdom and the original state) leads the union. It is a confederation of smaller kingdoms, city-states, and empires and is hardly a kingdom itself, but more of a coalition of petty states protecting themselves from the others. They are, in a way, a democracy, with overarching laws all members of the union must follow, that are voted on, and decided in meetings held thrice a year in which all leaders of the member lands meet, debate, and vote. While disputes arise endlessly, (as, empires, kingdoms, and republics views clash) few things get done timely, however in this mass of differences comes strength. They are perhaps, the most diverse of all the 4 kingdoms in that they use technology, arcane and divine magic equally. While one kingdom may see technology as bad, they are forced, by the regulations of the union, to learn of it, and on more than occasion, this has caused other states to accept the practice. Empires (that is, small states lead by an emperor) that abhorred magic, now have Imperial wizards, city-states that detested technology, now use air ships. Problems are tackled from several different perspectives, and the union grows continuously as smaller states and petty kingdoms join every year. Sure, there is deception, and corruption among the leaders, but it has been kept to a minimum. Issues of state and jealousy are nipped wherever found, forcing the parties to meet and "talk it out". That said wars within the union are not unheard of, and while often the council meetings attempt to avoid them, they are sometimes the only recourse. They are a mixing pot, and all types can be found within their nations borders. Perhaps they are best known for their grand alchemy school, boasting the most individuals that are determined to mix science and magic. Surprisingly, even due to the nature of this, and the ensuing explosions and destructive qualities that can come from it, the building has never been shut down once, though many rooms have been remodeled countless times.

character application and story:

What I want in your background is-
-Nation you are from,
-Your thoughts of your home nation (for races other than human, its fairly simple as they are united for the most part, if you want to be from a specific faction PM me and I will get you more info on sub-factions)
-Your characters thoughts on the other nations/races before the great war
-Your characters thoughts on them now.
(these don't need to be wholly specific, and it's mostly to help you interact with other races/nationalities)
-What your character did before the war/draft
-What your character did to become recognized during battle
-A couple feats he preformed to garner his renown/power
- Goals, what does you character want to accomplish?
(IE, save and unite everyone, form a religion around themselves if they manage to drive back the hordes, or perhaps rule as tyrant themselves in the end?)
-What drives you.

10 min. backgrounds may help your process.

Character Creation:

level 15 Gestalt.

LE is as far down as you go, NE/CE are out. All the others are fair game.

20pt buy on a 1-1 ratio (10-11 is, 1pt, 17-18 is 1pt). you may lower one score by 2 to an 8 to gain 2 points. No ability score under 7 AFTER racial adjustments (no cha 5/6 dwarves), no ability score over 20 AFTER racial adjustments

Or, you may choose to use focus Foible, with one of the following-
pick a focus for an 18, pick a foible for an 8, use 16pts to determine other attributes on a scaling of 1-1, or roll 1d10+7. If you roll you are stuck with your rolls.

Max HP first level and for the following 6 levels, half+1 for the other 6. (last 6 characters levels are half+1, first seven levels are full HD)

250,000 gold to spend on items, crafting allowed, but you MUST have the spells required, and the CL required, you may only save up to 55,000 gold in your crafting. (giving you the equivalent of 305,000 gold to spend) no more than 50% of your wealth spent on one item without my approval.

Races: only use the races I have listed and described above.

Classes: all paizo classes except summoner, unchained is in use as are unchained skills, signature skill will remain unchanged.

3pp: warlord/stalker/warden from path of war, DragonRider, and Machinesmith, oh and Master Chemist is allowed. Others may be allowed if you can provide a link for me.

Not allowed: Psionics, as they don't particularly fit with my world, and the new occult stuff as I don't have the rules for them.

2 traits, 1 drawback for an additional trait if desired.

No templates. Its just too much of a hassle in my opinion and can add elements that break things.

Dieties: Eberron and Galorian deities can be used, however their importance is lessened in this world. Well, at least it would be at the start of the entire game, for now people would likely be turning back to them.

If you have any questions are want more information on a race or nation please just ask. I am also fine with you creating your own city/town/extremely small kingdom as I can work them into the game easily.

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M Elf HP: 70 | AC:22(26) T: 16(18) FF: 16(18) | Fort: +10 | Ref: +15 | Will: +12 (+2vs enchantment+4 vs illusion effects) | Perception: +22(26 for traps) Initiative: +5

could it be a... Key? I wonder.... Ok, so I think what I am about to do is either good, or really bad or just boring again with nothing happening.

He then taps the crystals again, from left-top-right, or yellow, blue, orange.

if its what I think it is, then the riddle was certainly misleading. Then again. I suppose riddles are supposed to be.

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M Catfolk Ninja 3 HP:25/25 | AC: 18 FF: 15 T: 13 | Fort: +3 Ref: +7 Will: +4/+7 | Perception: +10

dot. Gotta catch up.
Edit: and my axe!

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This thread is growing at mythic rates..

Silver Crusade

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I try to post once a day, some days I post more often, others it is hard for me to get only a few in. My experience has been rather good, however it is unfortunate that many of the games I have been in patter out due to GM disappearance or players disappearing.

Torak Ironmug background:

Appearance. Just minus the sword.

A voice rings out Slow and Deep Heyyyyy ohhh, heyyyy ohh, Feel the heat from the bellow flows, Heyyy ohh, heyy ohh, Listen to the Rhythm of the hammer's blows. Smiths of The Ironmugs we do be, Forge masters as far as ye eye's can see. The dwarven smith looks up from his work as you walk in. Oy aye? Ye wanna know me story then? Well sit down quick laddie, and have a pint! Its a good'un. Ye see, it started back when I was but young lad, with nary a hair on my chin.

When Torak (tor-rik) was a lad he seemed to have a natural talent for smithing. Indeed before he had a full fuzz on his chin he was considered among the finer craftsmen of the clan. He loved to work the forges and he could almost be found there 24/7. Eventually he was sent out on an expedition into the mountains with his father, and 100 other dwarves.They were to explore an area that was safe in search of rich minerals or ore. When they got there things went smoothly, over a month passed and indeed, some good veins were discovered so they began to settle in several more passed, families came to the encampment and soon a hall within the mountain side was dug out. Torak was part of the militia and smiths either standing guard or testing the ores for quality. almost a year passed, when, on a day like any other. Disaster struck. Torak was sleeping when the first boulders smashed against the wall. Alarm whistles rang out and shouts echoed through the tunnels. Torak Grabbed his hammer and shield and ran to the nearest open hall. He found the Captain of the militia Dagna and was informed that orcs and giants were attacking. The few buildings left outside had already been crushed. The giants pounded through the entrance doors but fortunately were too large fit in. Instead, scores of orcs poured through, the line of crossbowmen laid volleys into them, but they continued on slamming into the dwarven shield wall. For a time, the dwarves held them at bay. Felling 10 for every one dwarf. However, As more and more orc blades snaked their way through the armor and shields of the dwarves, the line began to steadily waver. Torak Had been tasked by his father to round of the young and non-combatants, and to take them to the back hall and so had no part of the main battle. He was not there when the line finally broke, He wasn't there when his father stood against the tide like a rock in a river. He didn't see the blow that finally felled his father. After the line fell the caves erupted into chaos. Small patches of dwarven resistance formed in hallways and some manged to find their way to Torak, who promptly ended their lives with an axe to the neck. Eventually He was knocked down by three of the beasts, but was saved by his childhood friend Thrallin. Together they made their way back to the back hall where the last line of defense was being formed. There were too few. The dwarf in charge handed Torak his fathers Hammer, shaking his head. He told Torak his father had stayed behind to hold them at bay while the others withdrew. Torak nodded solemnly with tears gleaming in his eyes. Before turning about in determination. He stood alone in the doorway on the east entrance to the hall, His fathers maul in hand. It erupted into flames as near over a score of orcs charged him He felled them left and right, and even when a blow seemed to almost strike true, something seemed to deflect it away from a vital area. He didn't take one step back, and not a single orc entered the hall.

Later, as the survivors were burying the dead, and burning the orcs Torak realized just how much he had lost. His father, His mother, and even his friend Thrallin had fallen. Only his sister was left. He looked down at the broken Hammer that had once been his fathers, and the tattered remains of his armor. He would repair them.

He heard from the elders that the giants and orcs should not have been on around the area, much less in those numbers. So, half swayed by his need for revenge for his family, and a want to protect the rest of his clan. He ventured forth to uncover the truth and hopefully slay the one behind this horrible loss. But first, he had something to do.

He went to the main forge in the dwarven stronghold and placed the broken hammer upon the anvil. When he began to work something came over him. His hands were guided by an unseen force and soon a weapon of magnificent make lay before him. Upon the Hammers two heads was engraved the Symbol of Torag. A stamp of Approval It seemed.

loves and hates:

1- Family and clan. He takes more pride in the friends and family he keeps than his work and for a dwarf that is saying something.

2- Smithing. He loves to create wonderful works of metal or jewels. The Rythim of the hammer blows, and the heat from the bellows.

3- A good drink. Not just any watered down barely no. Torak won't drink anything but the best of dwarven brew. His expectations are lowered slightly when he is forced to drink at a human, or halflings tavern however he still expects top notch.

1- Cowards and those who leave their duties. He cannot stand a man (or dwarf) that would not stand for his beliefs. If you cannot complete your duty you are of no worth.

2- Lairs. The only thing he hates more than a lair, is an orc but not by much. If you would lie, you would steal, and if you would steal, you would kill. Torak has no time for such low morals.

3- Slavery. One of the few things that can truly drive the dwarf to action is slavery. He cannot abide another dictating someones life so fully. How could the slave ever learn his true talents? How can he grow if he is always under a heel?

4- Orcs, and giants. His hatred for them runs deeper even than most other dwarves. For they took most of his family from them. They are savage, they create nothing. They can only destroy, they have no goals, no order. They are loathsome and worthless.

Reason for adventure and personality::

He seeks revenge for his family and most of his sub-clan and to discover if anyone had been behind the attack, and stop them to save countless dwarven lives.

Harsh at time, jovial and friendly at others. He is a man of his word and cannot abide those that break theirs. Somewhat hard to win over as a friend, but if you manage to you could find no truer a companion. He treats many the same way, thinking they want his advice and opinion on most anything and can be somewhat blunt. But he shows his soft spot for common goodly folk by risking his life on more than one occasion (such as saving a half-elf child from a burning home for an example).

stat block:

Alternate Racials: Craftsman, Rockstepper, Mountaineer
Traits: Orphaned by giants, Glory of Old

Ability scores:
Str: 17
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Cha: 08

HP: 10
AC: 18(20) T:11 FF: 17 (19)
Fort: +4 (+9 vs poisons, spells, and spell like abilities)
Ref: +1 (+6 vs poisons spells and spell like abilities)
Will: +5 (+10 vs poisons spells and spell like abilities)

Movement: 20ft

Earthbreaker: +4
Damage: 2d6+5

Lucerne Hammer: +3
Damage: 2d6+5

1- Weapon focus Earthbreaker, steel soul

Craft: Armor: 1 (+9)
Craft: Arms:1 (+9)
Perception: 1 (+7)
Sense Motive: 1 (+7)
Climb: 1 (+4)

Arms and Armor:
Banded Mail (crafted)
Earthbreaker (crafted)
Lucerne Hammer(crafted)
Heavy Steel shield (crafted)

Misc. Gear:
Back pack, waterskin, hammer, holy symbol, rations (20), silk rope (100ft), belt pouch, Mug, bedroll,

Silver Crusade

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Half orc alchemist (vivisectionist/beastmorph) alt racial- sacred Tatoo, shamans apprentance
Ability scores after racials and level bonuses stats in ( ) are after other modifiers
Str 20 (24)
Dex 12 (16)
Con 14 (18)
Int 18 (22)
Wis 12 (16)
Cha 08
traits: fates favored, accelerated drinker. Student of philosophy, reactionary

1- throw anything, die hard, Iron will, brew potion
3- additional discovery
5- Power attack
7- Improved grapple
9- additional traits
11- additional discovery
13- greater grapple
15- leadership

2- feral mutagen
3- infuse mutagen
4- spontaneous healing
6- wings
8- chameleon
10- enhance potion
11- crippling strike
12- greater mutagen
14- extend potion

HP: 160 AC:22/28 (32/38) T:15 (20)FF:18 (24/30) (7 armor, 3 dex, 2 deflection)
saves: (assuming Orchid drop is up)
Fort: +21
Ref: +23
Will: +20
Initiative: +5

Bite: +25/+22
Damage: 1d8+19/28
Claw: +25/+22
Damage: 1d6+14/20
Vs flat footed oppenents: 8d6 sneak attack + 2 strength ability damage.

Magic gear (160k)
Amulet of mighty fists (+4) 32000g
Belt of physical perfection +4 32000g
headband mental prowess +4 (Int/Wis) 40000g
Cloak of resistance +5 25000g
Vest of stable muttation 10000g
+3 chain shirt 9000g
Ring of protection +2 8000g
Ring of sustenance 2500g
Hibyrdization vial
Bag of holding III -7500

(first time I have created my own potions, if I read correctly I only pay half the base cost of the Potion, but can set it at my caster level for no extra charge )
Potion of barkskin (+5) x2 1200g
Potion of enlarge person x2 100g
Potion of undetectable alignment x2 300g
Potion of cure serious wounds x10 3250g
Potion of Fly x2 1500g
Potion of invisibility x2 1200g
Potion of see invisibility x2 300g
Potion of water breathing x2 1200g
Potion of Shield x2 50g
Potion of invisibility alarm x2 50g
Potion of detect secret doors x2 50g
Potion of endure elements x4 100g
Potion of heightened awareness x2 50g
Potion of keen senses x4 100g
Potion of detect thoughts x2 1200g
Potion of enshroud thoughts x2 1200g
Potion of blur x2 1200g
Potion of greater magic fang x2 2250g
Potion of delay disease x2 300g
Potion of lesser restoration x6 900g
Potion of amplify elixer x4 3000g
Potion of magical sight x2 750g
Potion of endure elements communal x2 750g
Potion of Haste x1 -750g
Potion of non detection x2 750g
Potion of remove curse x2 2250g
Potion of remove disease x2-2250g
Potion of Tongues x2 750g
Potion of ant hual x3 150g
Potion of magic fangx 2 50g
Potion of stoneskin x2 1250g
Potion of thorn skin x2 750
(Still a Work in progress )
Total cost as of right now: 25k
10 mutagens made. (8 strength/dex, 1 strength/con, 1 con/strength )

Skills: 4+int/level (10/level)
Perception- 15
Craft alchemy- 10
Know. Arcana-5
Know. nature-8
Know. Religion-8
Know. Geography -8
Know. planes -8
know. Engineering -5
Know. Local-8
Know. Dungeoneering-8
Know. History-8
Spellcraft- 10
Sleight of hand-10
Stealth- 10
Sense motive-14
Ride -5

1st Level 7/day
Long arm
Ant haul
Heightened awareness
Keen senses
Cure light wounds
Enlarge person
Magic fang
Detect secret doors
Endure elements

2nd level 7/day
alchemic allocation
Enshroud thought

3rd level 7/day
amplify elixir
Orchids drop
Cure serious wounds
Greater magic fang
Magical sight
Remove curse
Remove disease
Water breathing Fly
Thorn skin

4th level 5/day
Greater invisibility
Universal formula
Monstrous physique II
Caustic blood

5th level 4/day
Delayed consumption
Spell resistance
Monstrous physique III
Planar adaptation

Scrolls read (scribe cost 950g) (total: 5000g)
Delay disease -150g
Remove Curse- 375g
Lesser restoration -25g
Fly- 375g
Tongues- 150
Nondetection- 150g
Resist energy - 150g
water breathing- 375g
Detect thoughts- 150g
Magical sight- 375g
Tongues- 375g
Greater magical fang- 375g
Caustic blood -700g
Stoneskin- 700g
Planar adaptation-700g


Variel was born to an ork tribe, his purpose was decided by his father, to one day lead the tribe if he proved worthy, and so had him apprenticed to the tribes shaman at the age of 5. The shaman treated Variel, who at the time was named Ausk, brutally, his training composed of extreme physical labour comprised of moving rocks, climbing, or any menial tasks that needed to be done. After the physical training was complete, the mental training began. Or, at least of sorts. Whenever he attempted to argue, or did something less than perfect, the shaman would beat him mercilessly. Variel began to study the "alchemy" of the tribe, which consisted of little more than low potions and water, but Variel was smart, he would come to experiment on his own, in what little time he had, and one day created his first mixture, it was a mixture that boosted his strength to levels surpassing almost any in the tribe. He kept it hidden and secret, not wanting the shaman he hated to have it. Variel, or Ausk, was special. He was a half blood, but he was half an elf, and in him flowed blood of the goodly folk, and his spirit had never broken. When, to prove his worth he had to butcher human children his tribe had captured, he knew he could not. He could not bring himself to do it, even if the mother had not begged or pleaded. The shaman began to beat him when he did not move, but Variel still stood stoiclly, un harmed from the abuse. Suddenly the shaman went to kill the children himself, and Variel moved. An instinct he never knew he had took control, he drank his mixture, one he had worked on, and improved, and in an instant ripped the shaman in twain. After several moments of silence, the other orks attacked Variel, and he beat them down as they came, but as more flooded around him, he began to fail, when from the mountain cliff rained down a hail of arrows, breaking the tide and allowing Variel to regain his momentum. As the arrows poured on the orks finally recovered, and began to widely shoot back, so wild were their volleys that they didn't notice the return fire had stopped until 3 elven warriors charged from the brush into them. With the appearance of the elves, most of the attention turned from Variel, and he was able to get the 5 children to safety, however, he had been unable to protect their mothers. He waded back into the battle, his alchemiclly enhanced fangs and claws tearing into the orks before he finally stood against the orks cheif, he watched his father do battle with one who seemed to be the elf leader, and he watched his father gain the upper hand, and he watched as the killing blow was aimed. The blow never landed, claw and fang ravaged the ork chieftain before his axe fell, and as he fell the remaining orks fled into the mountains and hills. Variel, tired, and bleeding, blacked out over The dead body of his father, and when an elf blade was aimed for his back it was stopped by the one he had saved.
He woke later on his back to find he was in an elven long house . By the wall a cauldron bubbled, with a stone shelf holding an array of mixtures, item, and potions. Then an elf walked in and greeted Variel in his common tongue. Next to him stood a elf woman, who glared at Variel
For a long time before running off. The other elf explained. He said she was his sister, or half sister, that she had been born of his mother. He also explained why variel was here. He had agreed to take variel in, after all, he was his half -son. And so the elf taught Variel the ways of alchemy. He spoke of how it had been Variels mother that had taught him, and that it must have ran in the family. Soon, after a couple years, Variel had garnered the acceptance, and even love, of the small tribe of elves and had even surpassed his step-father in the art of alchemy. It was then he decided to leave, to see the world and learn it's mysteries. He vowed one day to return after he had learned all he could of alchemy, and after he had made a difference in the world for the better. His half-sister wept for his leaving, she had grown to love his kindness and his determination, his stalwartness She cared not for the ork blood. After forcing him to promise to come visit once a year, she let him go, if, unwillingly.
Variel would then go to travel much of the land, working as a mercenary often, and even taking a brief stay with the Pathfinders guild to learn about alchemy from the master alchemists in it. Wherever he went, he tried to ignore the racism he received, always showing kindness, and helping when he could. He won over many people in his travels, and even earned a spot of respect in the Pathfinders should he ever want to return, but still many showed disgust, or anger towards him and many places shut their doors entirely, caring not of the stories told of the wandering chemists feats.
Purging an undead infested Crypt, and slaying the necromancer who resided there. Halting the spread of, and eventually creating a cure to a deadly disease that had almost claimed an entire city. Combating a red dragon in conjunction with heros from the Pathfinders guild, and leaping upon the beasts back to claw out it's eyes, and eventually land the final blow. To his displays of compassion by helping children when he can, feeding them, clothing them, teaching them. For awhile, he had a following. Children that lived on the streets, or that didn't know where their next meal would come from began to follow this kind green Man, until eventually there was made an orphanage for these children, Variel himself wrote books for them to read, and study. He sold potions he had made for the money to fund it. For two years he worked on this project, receiving unlooked for aid from those he met in his travels, and eventually, he was offered to have all the orphanage's expenses paid for by the Pathfinders guild. They said it was the least they could do for someone who had played such a pivotel role in slaying the ancient red dragon. He left the orphanage the week after, leaving behind several sprouting chemists, and years of happy memories. Once again, a quest called to him. Once again he was to be placed among the greatest heros of the lands in order to face a great evil. A lich of great power has shown himself, his undead armies ravaged the land, even now they marched towards their next target. Variel had offered to join a strike team centered on assualting the liches keep and cutting off the head. It was dangerous, most likely several thousands of undead stood in their way, being lead by graveknights, evil clerics or worse. Success was far from likely, it was a last ditch effort to avoid a costly war, to protect countless upon countless of lives and variel hadn't hesitated. Indeed, the mere thought of it chilled him, but he was excited, excited to battle again, and to once again hear the clairion call of purpose. To make a difference.
Now, after that, he leaves once again from his home town, on his way to the elf queen. A week long celebration had been thrown for him on his return and this time his sister had decided to accompany him as she was now considered an adult.
Appearance: the elf blood in Variel shows itself in his vibrant green eyes, his shoulder length, beautiful, black hair and his leaner, more human like build.
While his ork blood showed in the color of his skin, the tusks jutting ever so slightly from his bottom lip, his ears and several other small things. Years of his alchemy has began to change him still more towards his Elvish side, and he has concocted mixtures that indeed can change his appearance almost fully to that of an elf, or even a human. But often he decides against this. To show that his heritage does not decide his fate, to show that all others like him can do great things of good, that he develed character and humility from his heiritage and because he really doesn't care much about it anymore.
Personality: in the end, rather happy go lucky, variel is fairly non-serious most of the time. Even his studies often show him humming or tapping his foot. He loves life for what it is, and loves his alchemy even more. He won't hesitate to help someone else, especially if he gets to show off doing it. He is often reckless, and has been known to blow himself up in his lab. Lately his half-sister Mia and her friend have started to follow him around, both aiding his studies, yet distracting him from them. he loves to show off his mixtures but will often brush off praise. He truly wishes to be accepted for who he is, ork blood and all. Determined, driven, passionate and friendly.
Age: 25
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 245Lbs

Mia Elric (cohort):

Mia Elric
Elf magus (blade bound/Kensai) 12
Traits: magical lineage, fencer
Favored class bonus: 1/6th new Arcana
Dex:20 (24)
Con:12 (16)
Int:18 (24)
HP: 115
AC: 33 T: 25 FF: 20 (+5 armor +7dex, +7 Int, +2 natural armor)
Fort: +14
Ref: +15
Will: +14 (+2vs charm/compulsion)
Initiative: +14
Arcane pool: 13
Blade arcane pool: 4

Alderi dueling sword(19-20x2) +20/+15
Damage: 1d8+12/20

1- weapon focus alderi dueling sword, weapon finesse
3- slashing grace alderi dueling sword, alertness (conditional)
5- intensify spell, pihrana strike
7- weapon specialization alderi dueling sword
9- Craft Wondrous items
11- empower spell, Craft ring

Gear: 27000 + 42k from Variel +crafting
Ring of sustenance 1250
Pearl of power I x3 1500g
Headband of intelligence +4 8000g
Belt of physical might +4 20000g
Bag of holding I 1250
Cloak of resistance +4 8000g
Amulet of natural armor +2 4000g
bracers of armor +5 12000g
Ring of protection +2 4000g
Lesser rod of maximize 14000g
+3 black blade

Magus Arcana:
Arcane Accuracy
Spell shield
Flamboyant Arcana
Maximized magic

Skill: 4+Int (11/level)

Know. Arcana-10
Know. nature-10
Know. Religion-5
Know. Geography -5
Know. planes -10
know. Engineering -5
Know. Local-5
Know. Dungeoneering-5
Know. History-5
Spellcraft- 10
Acrobatics- 5
Stealth- 10
Perception- 10
Sleight of hand-5
Disable device-3
Craft rings- 7
Craft Wondrous items-10

1st 7/day
Shocking grasp-3
Mage armor-
Ray of enfeeblement-1
Long arm-1
Disguise self
Vanish -1
Feather fall-1

2nd 6/day
Cats grace
Bears endurance
Frigid touch-1
Ravens flight-1
Bladed bash-1
Owls wisdom

3rd 4/day
Vampiric touch-1
Gloomblind bolts-1
River whip
Monstrous physique-1

4th 4/day
Greater invisibility-2
Aggressive thundercloud
Force strike-1
Enlarge person mass-1
Monstrous physique II
Stone skin

Special abilities
black Blade Ability Descriptions
A black blade has special abilities (or imparts abilities to its wielder) depending on the wielder’s magus level. The abilities are cumulative. A black blade normally refuses to use any of its abilities when wielded by anyone other than its magus, and acts as a masterwork weapon of its type.
Alertness (Ex): While a magus is wielding his black blade, he gains the Alertness feat.
Black Blade Strike (Sp): As a free action, the magus can spend a point from the black blade’s arcane pool to grant the black blade a +1 bonus on damage rolls for 1 minute. For every four levels beyond 1st, this ability gives the black blade another +1 on damage rolls.
Telepathy (Su): While a magus is wielding or carrying his black blade, he can communicate telepathically with the blade in a language that the magus and the black blade share.
Unbreakable (Ex): As long as it has at least 1 point in its arcane pool, a black blade is immune to the broken condition. If broken, the black blade is unconscious and powerless until repaired. If destroyed, the black blade can be reforged 1 week later through a special ritual that costs 200 gp per magus level. The ritual takes 24 hours to complete.
Energy Attunement (Su): At 5th level, as a free action, a magus can spend a point of his black blade’s arcane pool to have it deal one of the following types of damage instead of weapon damage: cold, electricity, or fire. He can spend 2 points from the black blade’s arcane pool to deal sonic or force damage instead of weapon damage. This effect lasts until the start of the magus’s next turn.
Teleport Blade (Sp): As a standard action, a magus of 9th level or higher can expend an arcane point from his or his black blade’s arcane pool, and can call his black blade from as far as 1 mile away, causing it to instantaneously teleport to his hand.
Black Blade Basics
A black blade is bonded to a particular magus, much like a familiar, but in more of a partnership than a master-servant relationship.
Intelligence: This is the intelligence score of the black blade. It starts at 10 and increases by 1 for every two levels of the bladebound magus (at 3rd level, 5th level, and so on).
Wisdom and Charisma: As the bladebound magus increases in level, so do the Wisdom and Charisma of the black blade. These abilities start at 6 and increase by 1 for every two levels of magus.
Ego: A black blade starts with an ego of 5, and that ego increases as the blade becomes more powerful, as per Table: Black Blade Progression below. In cases where a wielder and the black blade come into conflict, like any intelligent item, a black blade can attempt to exert its dominance (see Intelligent Items). Due to its flexible and powerful nature, a black blade has a nonstandard ego progression.
Languages and Skills: A black blade starts with Common as a language. As the black blade increases in Intelligence, it manifests knowledge of languages and arcane lore. Upon reaching an Intelligence of 12, it gains a bonus language of the GM’s choice, and gains 1 rank in Knowledge (arcana). Each time the sword gains a bonus to Intelligence, it gains another language and another rank in Knowledge (arcana).
Senses: A black blade is aware of everything around it like a creature that can see and hear. It can be blinded and deafened as if it were a creature. It uses the saving throws of its magus, even if the magus is not currently wielding the black blade.
Black Blade Arcane Pool: A black blade has an arcane pool with a number of points equal to 1 + its Intelligence bonus.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
A kensai is proficient in simple weapons and in a single martial or exotic melee weapon of his choice. A kensai is not proficient with armor or shields and suffers normal arcane spell failure chance when casting magus spells while armored.
Diminished Spellcasting
A kensai may cast one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, he may cast spells of that level only if his Intelligence allows bonus spells of that level.
Canny Defense (Ex)
At 1st level, when a kensai is wielding his chosen weapon, he gains the canny defense ability. This is identical to the duelist prestige class ability of the same name, save that his chosen weapon may be of any type.
Weapon Focus (Ex)
At 1st level, a kensai gains Weapon Focus with his chosen weapon as a bonus feat.
Perfect Strike (Ex)
At 4th level, when a kensai hits with his chosen weapon, he can spend 1 point from his arcane pool in order to maximize his weapon damage. Don’t roll for damage—the weapon deals maximum damage. This affects only the weapon’s base damage dice, not additional damage from sneak attack, magical weapon properties, spellstrike, or critical hits. If the kensai confirms a critical hit, he can instead spend 2 points from his arcane pool to increase his weapon’s critical multiplier by 1.
This ability replaces spell recall.
Fighter Training (Ex)
Starting at 7th level, a kensai counts his magus level –3 as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats (if he has levels in fighter, these levels stack), but forfeits the benefit of such feats with weapons other than his favored weapon.
This ability replaces knowledge pool.
Iaijutsu (Ex)
At 7th level, a kensai applies his Intelligence modifier as well as his Dexterity modifier on initiative rolls (minimum 0). A kensai may make attacks of opportunity when flat-footed, and may draw his favored weapon as a free action as part of taking an attack of opportunity.
This ability replaces the medium armor ability.
Critical Perfection (Ex)
At 9th level, a kensai adds his Intelligence bonus (minimum 0) on critical hit confirmation rolls with his favored weapon. In addition, the kensai may use his magus levels in place of his base attack bonuses to qualify for Critical Focus and any feat for which it is a prerequisite; these feats apply only with a kensai’s favored weapon.
This ability replaces the magus arcana normally gained at 9th level.
Superior Reflexes (Ex)
At 11th level, kensai can make a number of attacks of opportunity in a round equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). This effect stacks with the Combat Reflexes feat.
This ability replaces improved spell recall.

And my 3rd level follower, and love interest for Variel ;) and whom I have no intention to play or use, for GM use/approval/etc.


Half-elf (human/elf) dual minded
3rd level Oracle.
Ability scores (used a 20pt buy)
Str: 08
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 10
Wis: 12
Cha: 18

Mystery- solar
1- astral caravan
3- Luminous form

Curse: Tongues (celestial)

Story behind Variel + Alaria.
Alaria is 4 years younger than Variel, but remembers when the young man was brought into the village, at first even after having heard how he had saved the children, and even Tariel, she feared him, his appearance showing his orc blood. But, during the years that he stayed with the elves, they slowly forged a friendship, Variel's determination and kindness slowly winning her over, (along with many others)
Eventually, as they aged into thier late teens she developed a fondness for him she couldn't explain, and she was the most struck at his announcement that he was leaving. Infact, it was partly for Alaria's behalf that Mia had so adamantly opposed Variel's leaving. (At this time Variel was 19, Alaria 15). She cried a whole day because she couldn't go with him. Fortunately, over the years she grew up, but she never let go of the fondness she had for Variel. She grew into an open, friendly woman, spunky, kind, and energetic. She had decided to make the most of each day she had, and slowly a wanderlust built up in her. Now, when Variel returned once again after defeating the Lich, she confronted him and forced him to let her go. (With a little help from Mia) gone was the timid, girl, replaced by one that has decided to chase her dreams with everything she has.

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um, thats a big N O on the weasel there buddy, Derick has a fantasy to ride into battle upon his battle moose screaming cries of THE RICHEST MOUSSE IN THE LAND! as he throws chocolates out from his left hand and coins from the other.

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