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Phaendar’s Market Festival draws a crowd from all over Nirmathas, many solely to hear Aubrin the Green—the retired Chernasardo Ranger-turned-Caydenite cleric—recount bawdy tales of adventure from her youth. Outside, the celebration continues, as raucous shouts carry on the night air. Warmed by the crackling hearth and firelight after a long day, any levity comes as a welcome reward to the rough, earthy souls of this riverside trade town. As you sit among the tavern, drinking, eating, or perhaps filching to your hearts content you notice a half-elven woman being pushed onto a makeshift stage near the bar. She carries an overflowing mug and swats away hands.

Alright! Alright! But my drinks are free tonight! She shouts before turning about to face the larger section of the building. She goes on to recount her tales, whether all the stories she tells are truly from her travels, or even true, you are not sure, yet they manage to bring an even more jovial mood the tavern. Many long time residents have heard most if not all of these stories before, but, seem to enjoy them nonetheless.

feel free to make introductions and RP any you like. I will be around until Friday afternoon, after which I likely won't be able to update until Sunday night.

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Please, everyone dot in here, I'll be going over character sheets more thoroughly in the coming days, so please make sure you are finished up with the minor details. Hopefully, we will start in the next couple of days.

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Greetings all, I will be trying my hand at running the Ironfang Invasion AP.

I will be accepting a total of 6 players, however 2 slots are spoken for, as they are two folk that requested a GM for the game to begin with.

So, a bit of brutal honesty up front. I cannot guarantee this game will be seen through to the end. I will certainly try, and do hope that it will be. However light happens, and I don't like making promises that I may not be able to keep.

The post rate will be, on the average, likely 1 post every other day. This may change every now and then with updates coming daily, and I will normally try to keep combats moving at a 24 hours/turn rate.

I reserve the right to change encounters as I see fit, through the at the very least the general idea and arc of the AP will remain the same.

IF you are still around, and the above is OK with you,

One to two paragraphs describing where your character comes from and their personalty.
1-2 goals your character has, short or long term
1-2 fears your character has.
If your character has any family/loved ones they are close to.
How you managed to end up in, or passing through, Pheandar.
a quirk or mannersim your character has ween stressed or frustrated.

here are the build rules-
Only paizo material please. No 3rd Party
Classes- All classes are open, except summoner and vigilante.
Races- I am very open here, just ask me, either with a link in this thread or Via PM. One of the 2 already selected players may be playing an awakened animal.
30pt buy, no stat above 20 at start, and only one stat may be 18 pre racial modifiers.
two traits, 1 additional trait, with a drawback that will be selected by me for your character based on his background.
HP- Max every odd level, half+1 every even level.
Elephant in the room feat tax rules are in use
You will gain one additional feat every even level, however it must be used on non-combat and non-spell enhancing feats. (such as skill focus, other skill based feats, "extra X" feats, any teamwork feats, etc) Examples are- hellcat steatlh, deceitful, fleet footwork, extra ki, extra rage, acrobatic step etc. If you are unsure if a feat qualifies, please ask me.
Max starting wealth for your class.

Gestalt rules-
You will be allowed to gestalt, however you must first pick your primary class, and then select your gestalt class from one of the following-

Your gestalt class cannot be modified, this means that if you wish to multiclass, or take a prestige class, you must use levels from your Primary class. Think of one of the above as "freebie" stuff.

houserules PLEASE READ:

Class specific houserules:
Fighters gain perception and acrobatics as a class skill.
Fighters gain good reflex saves.

Rogues gain Good will save progression
unchained Rogues may make use of core rogue talents
rogues gain the signature skill feat at level 5 (basically gaining two skills they excel at)
Rogues gain Either weapon focus, or a weapon proficiency in place of weapon finesse at level 1. (however, it must be in their chosen weapon for finesse training)

Barbarians gain good reflex saves.
core Barbarians rage Temp HP works like that of the unchained barbarian. (in other words, you lose the Temp HP first, however, you cannot gain more temp HP again from a rage until at least 1 minute has passed)

Sorcerers gain their bloodline spell immediately upon qualifying for the spell. In other words, you gain your 1st level bloodline spell at level 1. Your 2nd level bloodline spell at level 4, and etc, etc.
All races my choose to use the Human favored class bonus (+1 spell known of highest level you can cast -1)

All universal spells are treated as being an opposition school unless the wizard is of the universal school. (wizard discoveries such as opposition research may be used to remove this)
The universal wizard power "Hand of the apprentice" using Intelligence for both its to hit and damage modifier.

Rangers gain two favored enemies at first level.
Rangers gain Acrobatics as a class skill.

Unchained Monks:
Unmonks gain good progression in will saves

Feat changes and other houserules:
Vital strike works with charge actions, and with the spring attack feat.

A new feat, "Double Strike" Bonus: The character may make an attack with both his main hand and off-hand weapon as part of a standard attack action. (does not work with vital strike)
Prerequisites: Two weapon fighting, 15 Dex, BaB +1.

Endurance: Endurance now allows one to sleep in heavy armor as well. It also reduces the amount of sleep needed every night to a minimum of 5 hours instead of 8.

Additional Misc Changes:
All shields (except buckler) add +1 to their total shield bonus. (Lights give +2 AC, heavy shields give +3, tower shields +5)

you may make a charge action outside of the surprise round as a standard action, however, if you do so you are staggered the following round. ( you still only move up to your speed as with the normal standard action charge)

I believe I covered everything, however if I missed something, please, feel free to ask.

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Surtr. one hella THICC boi.

the basic premise is, he is totally LE/NE, SLOW, tough as adamantine, and hits hard, once.

Build rules- will use PF society rules for convenience, save I am unsure if the Orc butchering Axe is allowed, I will be using that weapon for now.

What I have so far, looking for ideas, or otherwise to fit the feel of a slow, hard hitting, walking tank.

Half-Orc (sacred tattoo's, shamans apprentice)
Traits: Fates Favored, ???
fighter 11/barbarian 1 (?)
1- Fighter
2- Fighter
3- Fighter
4- Fighter
5- Fighter
6- Figher....
12- Barbarian

Stats- 20 pt buy
Str: 19 +2 +1 at 4, 8, 12
Dex: 12
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 07

1- Power attack, Furious Focus
2- Weapon Focus
3- Iron will
4- Weapon specialization
5- Advanced weapon training
6- Vital Strike
7- Devastating Strike
8- Advanced Armor Training? (cornugon smash?)
9- Improved Iron will (hurtful?)
10- Advanced Weapon training
11- Improved Vital Strike

Advanced Armor Training: (2)
Armored Juggernaught- around level 7+
Armor Specialization

Advanced weapon training-
5- Armed Bravery
9- Warrior Spirit
10- Either Combat Maneuver Defense (for +4 to CMD), or Defensive Weapon Training (Ex) (for about a +3-4 to AC)

Items to Have-
minimum +1 Impact Butchering Axe, Gloves of Dueling (for +4/+4 weapon training) belt of physical Perfection (+2)?? cloak of res +2(?), amulet of NA +2, ring of prot +2.

Rough estimate of outcomes at mid point (level 7), and end point (level 11)

The Idea is always vital strike with furious focus. This nets a-
at level 7 (when things start to come together past, SMASH)
+15-16 to hit, and 6d6+19 damage (8d6+21 if enlarged) and AC of 23-24, HP of ~65 (assuming minimum of +1 weapon, and +1 armor)

at level 11 (assuming a minimum of +1 impact BA, and gloves of dueling)
~+24 to hit, and ~12d6+31 damage (18d6+32 damage if enlarged)
AC of ~30+, HP of ~115.

Any thoughts/ideas? I believe everything save maybe the butchering Axe is PF society legal. I hope the Axe is, otherwise I will be mildly disappointed in Paizo.

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Hey all, My IRL group just finished up a campaign, and one of my players wants to try running a feudal japan themed game with a couple twists.

anyway, I figured this might be a good time to play a dex based fencing fighter I had been pondering about since the advanced training options came out for fights, and wanted a little help with some feat and item selections, as I normally don't play dex focused characters that aren't sneak attackers, or using dex to damage.

The main goal is to really get a fencer feel for him, so I want him to be fairly tanky, but able to dish out at least modest damage.

We are using elephant in the room feat tax (thankfully), as well as a free additional non-combat feat at level 1.

He gave us a stat-array of-

I placed them as follows-
Str: 16
Dex: 18 (20)
Con: 14
Int: 14
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

with a humans +2 going into dex.

We are starting at level 3, and using WBL. At level 3, feats would look like-
Swashbuckler (inspired blade) 1/ Fighter 2
1- PA,DA,CE, weapon finesse (feat tax), Weapon focus (light blades), Deft Maneuvers, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will
2- Dodge
3- Shield Focus

giving a +10 to hit, and 1d6+3 damage base. (+9, 1d6+5 with piranha strike)
not great, yet, but not terrible either. Also gives an AC of 22 with studded leather and a heavy shield.

The planned progression at this point is-

1- PA,DA,CE, weapon finesse (feat tax), Weapon focus (light blades), Deft Maneuvers, Combat Reflexes,
2- Dodge
3- Shield Focus, Iron Will
4- weapon specialization (light blades)
5- Advanced weapon training (trained grace)
6- Shield spec? Vital strike? Advanced armor training?
7- Lunge
8- Greater Weapon focus
9- Advanced Weapon training
11 - Vital strike/improved vital strike?
12- Greater weapon specialization
13- Advanced weapon training
14- ???

Advanced weapon training pick ups-
5- trained grace (+5/+10 to hit and damage at level 13)
9- Warrior Spirit, Combat Maneuver Defense or Armed Bravery
13- Focused Weapon, ???? CMD or AB, whichever I didn't choose at 9.

Magic Items I will be going for-
belt of physical perfection (+2 or +4), +1 rapier, +1 shield, +1 mithral full plate after level 7 OR celestial armor, gloves of dueling. boots of striding and springing, cloak of res, and some way to gain access to flight.

Any input or ideas to help out are appreciated, however please realize I am NOT trying to get Dex to Damage, as the idea is to use the fighters trained grace feature with a shield.

so, objectives-
competitive damage
high AC/hard to hit
good saves
adequate skills. (one of the reasons for a swashbuckler dip)

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I run max HD for hp, (partly because it helps balance out "rocket tag", and partly to make the difference in HD more noticeable.)

The following is semi-custom race using the half-dragon template.
He is a level 20 gestalt enemy, the PCs will be level 19 for the fight, with free gestalt prestige classes at level 9.

The PCs have fought this guy once before, (before he was gifted the blood of dragons, and he nearly bested them in that fight)

He will fight with only one other NPC, and I want it to be one hell of a fight.

However, at this point, Caldir, the BBEG in question, is so prideful, he wagers he can best the group in a straight up fight with pure force. I'm looking for any way to improve on his damage/survivability that doesn't particularly make use of "tricks" and or any other thoughts in regards to this. I used the same 25pt buy for him as the PCs had. The group aren't munchkins, but they do make very powerful characters.

Did I go too overboard? Not overboard enough? This is for all purposes, the most powerful single enemy they have, and will encounter this campaign, and I want him to be terrifying, but, beatable. I want him focused more on martial prowess, with magic being a buff line mostly, a little bit of blast if needed, and comfort spells.

here is a link to the sheet I am using for him.
BBEG Sheet his AC is taking into account most buffs he can/will have not counting wish/limited wish.

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Greetings, I recently moved to a city where I can actively participate in weekly PFS games, after a lot of thought, I decided that I'd try a barbarian again, its been a bit since I've played PFS, but I think everything here is legal. Would like thoughts on it.

Human invulnerable rager
Ability scores:
Str: 16 +2 racial bonus +1 at 8/12
Dex: 12
Con: 15 +1 at 4
Int: 13
Wis: 12
Cha: 07

Traits: threatening defender, berserker ofnthr society

Combat expertise, Power attack
3-intimidating prowess
5-(level of unbreakable fighter) endurance, diehard, stalwart
7- hurtful
9- cornugoun smash
11- imrpoved stalwart

Rage powers:
2- intimidating glare
4- reckless abandon
7- superstitious
9- terrifying howl
11- eater of magic

At level 11 this nets me-
Total DR of 11/-
Free action intimidate on a hit, followed by swift action attack at full BaB
Option to attempt to panick ~2 different enemies every two turns

Items would be, a +1 furious keen falchion(18k) ring of freedom of movement(40k), belt of physical might(str/con +2) 10k, cloak of resistance +3(9k), either headband of havoc or headband of deathless devotion,

Other items I would consider are helm of intimidating mein, boots of striding and springing, cord of stubborn resolve(this would likely steer powers towards more 1/rage ones)

What are your thoughts on a ring of Fom? Its quite expensive for something that may or may not come up often. I'm unsure if its worth the 40k

Stats at 12 would be (roughly)

[While raging]

HP: 137 [167]
AC: non existent
DR13/- (dr5/- without combat expertise)
Saves: fort+16[+19](28 vs SLA&Su), ref +7(+15 vsSLA&Su), will+7(9vs ongoing effects and charm effects) [+15 vs SU/SLA, 17 if charm, or ongoing)
Rage/day: 33

To hits:
+20/15/10 [25/20/15]
2d4+10 [2d4+15]

To hit:
+13/8/3 [+22/17/12]
2d4+22 [2d4+28]

The other idea, was to just not worry about the DR stacking. Which would have feats and rage powers looking something like-

1-PA, intimidating prowess
3- furious focus
5- extra rage power
7- cornugoun smash
9- extra rage power
11- dreadful carnage

Rage powers:
2- intimidating glare
4- superstitious
5- witch hunter
6- strength surge
8- terrifying howl
9- spell sunder
10- eater of magic
12- powerful swing?

This build would make use of the chord of stubborn resolve s, so would be down 2 str and con compar
ed to the other one.

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Hello all, I'm making this post, both to discuss, and to advise/get advice about DMing enemy NPCs in combat. How to have them behave, and why. Now, let us assume this discussion involves games up to and including level 17, as most APs do not go higher than this.

My Primary question is as follows, should you as a GM, in a "normal" or "generic" fight, have enemies prioritize players, and if so by what prioritization should you do so?


Now, as a secondary question from the first, What constitutes a threatening/priority target character?

I have seen countless times on these boards people speaking of making yourself a threatening target, you have to be threatening in order to be a good frontliner... What constitutes threatening? Is it damage, the thing that actually kills you in game? Control, the thing that sets you up to be easier to damage? space occupation, the thing that keeps you from damaging whoever you want? Can a pure martial character, ever be more threatening than a caster? Can a pure caster, ever truly be more threatening than a pure martial? Is it based on levels? should enemies always have 100% information on the party and their abilities?

If the standard is damage, how much damage is needed? what is "threatening" in terms of damage? do you need to kill something in a hit or two to be threatening, or is it also threatening to be able to kill something in the course of 2-3 rounds? is it damage per hit? damage per turn? Is it not threatening enough to be the thing that actually kills you?

If control, how much control do you need to provide? Is one or two targets a round worthy of being a priority target, or do you need multiple AoE effects to be considered threatening in this regard? Are combat maneuvers enough control, or do you need control like web, entangle etc? Or is control by itself, or in majority, not threatening enough to constitute being a priority target. (which would mean, casters on average should be considered less dangerous off the bat)

is it a "total" combination of the two? If so, which is more "threatening"? Damage, or control?

Example- you think damage, the lifeblood of the game and the one thing that eats away at the life of all people in the world is the largest threat factor.

We have a Sword and board martial, lets say a paladin for full on defensive power that does not try for TWF, and focuses more on defense than offense. He is hard to hit, hard to damage, damn hard to kill or even to effect with most spells. he does "ok" damage via a decent strength score and power attack... Is this a threatening target? If no, should a GM make this player feel nigh useless, because he wanted to play an iconic SnB paladin? should enemies constantly avoid him solely because they don't deem him a worthy "threat", even though he does do damage, just not "enough"

What if the wizard is purely a control wizard and makes use of mostly control/buff/debuff spells? Would he still be a priority target?

Another example, you believe that battlefield control is the most dangerous in combat, and as such should be used to prioritize targets.

What happens to the paladin from the first example? Is he ignored even more now because he has little to no battlefield control, and only "ok" damage outside smite?

What if the wizard decided to focus on blasting because he wanted to throw fireballs, bolts of lightening etc around in fights?

What if a "turtle" character focuses on performing combat maneuvers, and leaves 1-2 enemies prone a turn, or drags them around the battlefield provoking AoOs? Do the enemies focus him now, and miss 9/10 attacks?

If you deem control AND damage necessary to be a threat, or if you deem them equally worthy of being a threat, how do you target players? Would you simply ignore the ones that are harder to hit at this point because "thats no fun" or "thats what the person would do"? Or would you allow the player that wants to be the tank, feel useful in that regard and have enemies fight him? Or would you simply have them target the closest?

And my final question is, Regarding the above, if you believe that yes, your NPCs should prioritize PCs purely on "threat", should we be okay with invalidating character concepts/designs because they don't work within said system?

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Hey all! Possibly going to be playing a tank barbarian for a game coming up, and wanted to make him as tanky as I could, with minimal loss in his offensive capacity, after some initial looking, I've come down two different approaches.

We are starting at level 1, with a 20 pt buy.

the first is an Invulnerable Rager archetyped barb, making use of Stalwart/imp. Stalwart and combat expertise. (making use of threatening defender trait)
the rough estimate of the level progression would be-
1-4 barb
level 5- unbreakable fighter, picking up stalwart as the level 5 feat
barb rest of the way.

At level 5, this gives me DR4/-, increased by 1 every 2 levels, with an additional +1 along the way due combat expertise.

at level 11, DR would jump to 13 (5 from barb levels, 6 from CE+Imp. Stalwart)

Note, this build still makes use of Power attack, whose negatives to hit are offset by reckless abandon.

The 2nd build involves using the unchained barbarian with armored hulk archetype, using all barb levels.

AC at level 4-6 would hopefully be around 25, give or take, if everything goes as planned, 10 armor, 1 def, 1 NA, 1 Dodge, 2 guarded stance, and possibly 2-3 from a shield, and or another 2 from combat expertise. Giving a total possible of 30 AC should going defensive be needed. However, this is at the cost of some damage (due to either not Power attacking, missing, and/or not two-handing)

This one feels like it scales slightly worse, quickly running out of ways to increase AC outside of Magic items/enhancements. The positive is that it may be stronger early on, and more survivable than the Invuln Rager who will likely be hit by anything more than a strong breeze during the mid levels.

Any thoughts or potentially other ideas (long as they don't deviate too much) are welcome.

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You awaken laying in the middle of a rocky room. The last thing you remember before this was signing up for some job on a document. A young, aristocratic man in a white and red top hat and coat proffering the deal to you. As you awake, you here a booming voice, amplified by magic. He stands on an outcropping balcony high above you and the room you now find yourself in. You also find yourself unable to speak, no matter how hard you try.

Welcome! To my gauntlet of fright and delight! I'm so happy you choose to partake in my little expedition! Today, yesterday, and tomorrow you will have faced and will face the most terrifying creatures in your world! To test yourselves, to test your mettle, and of course, for mine, and all the others amusements. Applause and cheers from a seemingly non existent crowd roar against your ears.

The man pats his hands and the cacophony quiets. You have one minute to prepare! And know, that once the gauntlet starts, it does not end until either you or it lay broken, battered and beaten! Your first opponent is... A ferocious white Dragon!

After less than a minute, you see a door open from sheer stone and a medium sized white dragon soars into the room and a cackling purple energy field coalesces to seal off the area from above.


1d3 ⇒ 2
fate: 1d8 ⇒ 8
dragnitative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

roll initiative for yourself, do no make an action in combat yet unless you beat a 26 initiative.

setting and mechanics, read this:

Can you all function with theater of the mind, or would you prefer maps? I would have to use roll20 for maps.

Okay, you each have 1 minute (10 rounds) to prepare however you wish, you are in a room with numerous small boulders(fill a 5ft space) every 60ft, quickly it begins to snow, and soon a soft coat of snow covers the floor supernaturally fast (causes no adverse effects at the moment)

for simplicity, unless you are attempting to stealth, You are in the center of the room, from the center, you can reach any wall via a straight line with 120ft of movement. the "ceiling" is 320ft up. The dragon is currently 180ft up, and 80ft away from you(vertically).

Please, place all your posts in spoilers and list your actions for the first minute (buffs, traps, etc you have knowledge of the enemy you are facing in the first round.) and roll your initiative, likely the dragon will be going first with his nat 20.

Also, please make sure to list any movement you make as follows.

PC moves 20ft north, 10ft east, (if not moving towards your enemy) If moving towards your enemy, merely specify how far you move. If you are flying, specify which axis you are moving. (I fly 20ft upward, and then another 40ft east , or 40ft towards X)

For the vertical plane, north is up, right is east, south is down, and west is left if it matters to you.

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This is where most OOC discussion can be made, you can discuss how each of you handled the gauntlet which fights you enjoyed, or ask me questions pertaining to the game.

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so, for those of you who made it this far, I've recently gotten the Idea to do a gauntlet game of sorts. That, by its very nature would consist of a bit of power gaming. Now Now, don't leave just yet! You haven't heard the juicy bits yet!

so, here is the hook. You will be starting out a a level 6 character, you will, for a deity's entertainment ( a certain god of chaos, discord, and mischief, named Malum, my own making) fight solo against creatures hand picked by me, to test your characters ability. you will fight, receiving no rests, until you win the gauntlet (and so a small reward!) or die. At which point, you will be resurrected, and forced into another gauntlet, after receiving a power boost.

now, more about the rules, regulations, and how it will function.
1. Each character will be given the exact same fights, in the same type of area.
2. Creatures will be chosen from CR's of your level +/- 1, so at level 6, you could face anything from CR5, to CR7.
3. the "arena" will be different at least every gauntlet, if not every fight.
4. You will have free reign of all official Paizo material, NO 3PP will be allowed.
5. You will go from level 6, to level 12, to level 16, and end at level 20. doing a gauntlet run for each. at level 20, creatures can be chosen from as high as CR 23.
6. You will be given WBL for your level at the start, and then awarded wealth enough to cover the difference for each advancement.
7. You will be allowed 2 rounds in between each fight, though you need not take them.
8. I would rather we stick with a single class, with perhaps a 1 or 2 level dip. PrCs however are fine.
9. I will only being taking 1 of a class, and will likely base this on a first come first serve basis.
10. You will be allowed to craft items. If you can make the DC, and afford it with the proper feats, you craft it.
11. The only houserules I will be using are those of the Elephant in the room feat tax rules and an automatic feat progression I wish to test out. The feat progression works as follows- If there is a chain of feats (X, Improved X, Greater X) once you take feat X, you gain the improved/greater versions for free as soon as you meet all of their prerequisites.
12. If you have ever been itching to test out a build, or just let your inner munchkin out, this is the time to do so.
13. You will keep the same character throughout, and advance them normally.

Now then, if you are still here, the following are the build Rules.
Level 6
25 pt buy, no min or max stat limiyd
Races: Core + aasimar, teifling, tengu, Oread, Undyne, Slyph, Ifrit,
HP: max 1st, half HD+1 for the rest.
traits: 2, no drawback
Feat tax rules in effect.
no 3pp.
weatlh: WBL
Crafting: Allowed, you must have the feats, and be able to meet the DCs with an 11+modifier.
Archetypes are allowed.
At most, only two of the same class will be accepted, and that is still highly unlikely.
the First person to finish a character, gets first dibs on the class. So, it player A finishes his Fighter before player B, Player A will have priority over Player B.
I WILL play the creatures I pick in a mix of two spirits, 1, in the spirit of the creature, and 2, with an intent to kill you. (In a friendly, for fun kinda way)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

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Hey all, looking for some advice on houserules for the fighter. I've been thinking about how to give the fighter class a bit more of a boost so it does better both in its role as the main "fighter" of the party, but also a little better when fighting something is not the best approach. In other words, I'm focusing one making the fighter, stand out more in combat, while not allowing him to overshadow other martial completely in it, but also let other martial's keep their more "out of combat" shtick over the fighter.

Now, the advanced training options have done wonders to help with this, buuuut, I feel like it still wasn't -quite- enough. So I did a bit of tinkering and came up with the following, some stuff has been seen before, but, other bits, I think may help as well that I haven't seen.

1. 4+int mod, and perception/acrobatics as class skills. Simple, easy, been done, but effective.

2. (EX) Intensive training-
Let the fighter gain access to full feat chains from one feat investment as long as he meets other prerequisites. IE, instead of having to take vital strike 1, 2 and 3, he takes vital strike, and gains access to the later versions for free once his BaB meets the requirement. this would work for only combat feat chains, (IE cleave chain, any style feats etc), however if this is too much, we could limit it to a specific amount of feat chains, and attach it scaling, like, at level 5, a fighter can choose one feat chain, he gains access to those feat chains. IE, at level 5, he could take vital strike as his chosen feat chain, he would then gain the vital strike feat at level 6. Or some variation of this. It simply allows the fighter to get MORE out of a single feat than other classes can. (in a better way than combat stamina IMO) I would REALLY like your thoughts on this idea, as it was my most recent, and I haven't sat down to think through the best way to implement it.

3. (EX). Spell Sundering Weapons-
Add the option for the fighter to sunder spells like a barbarian as an advanced weapon training. It would function just as a barbarians rage ability, save that the fighter can use it only when wielding a weapon from one of his chosen weapon groups for his weapon training ability, and only a number of times per day equal either half his fighter level, or double his weapon training bonus. When he gains the weapon mastery ability, he can instead sunder freely with his chosen weapon/weapon group. (finally, no longer stopped by silly walls!)

4.EX. *Insert name here*-
Have any weapon in a fighters chosen weapon group from weapon training count as magic for the purpose of overcoming DR/magic when wielded by the fighter. simple, but nice.

5. Add the weapon equivalent of Master Armorer to advanced weapon training options, call it Master Weaponsmith?

6. Allow weapon focus/spec to apply to weapon groups, instead of a specific weapon.

I'm mostly looking for thoughts on my ideas, but if you had/have ideas of your own feel free to list them out!

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Hey all! I think our group has recently lost our GM for giantslayer sadly. It was going well, and the group was pretty well set in both the setting and the RP part. So, we are looking for some brave and heroic soul to pick up the mantle of GM for our game.

two things,

1. I have the PDF's for giantslayer, and I am willing to share them with anyone that would like to GM it should they need them.

2. Here is the original game thread for you too look over and see if you like our group.

Game-play thread

if anyone is intersted in picking the game up, please feel free to reply here, or PM me any questions, concerns, thoughts, etc at any time.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey guys, I wanted some help planing a dwarven Tower shield specialist for giant-slayer. I've heard that the AP starts out fairly difficult, and only gets more difficult. So, While I'll be make a few sub-par choices for flavor/RP I still want to "not die".

We are using the alternate crafting rules. (I understand I could use shield bracer, and get reach, but, doesn't fit thematically.)

here are the stats- (at level 1 after racial adjustments)
Str: 17 +3 (4/8/12) level boosts
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 12
Wis: 14
Cha: 05
Traits: Glory of Old, Roll with it,

Feat lay out-
1- Toughness, Steel soul
2- Endurance (because, dwarf sleeping in heavy armor in wild surrounded by giants.)
3- Weapon focus (warhammer)
4- Weapon spec. (warhammer)
5- Master Crafter (Flavor here)
6- Craft Magical Arm and Armor (flavor that may come in handy a little bit here)
7- Dodge (for touch, since I am getting full shield bonus to it as well)
8- Greater Weapon focus.
9- Iron will?? mobility?
10- Advanced armor training (Armor specialization)
11- Shield focus
12- Penetrating Strike
13- Greater weapon Spec.
14- Greater Shield focus
(at this level, I feel like it won't much matter)
15- ????(lightning reflexes?)
16- Greater penetrating Strike

Armor training-
3- normal
7- normal
10- Armor specialization
11- Armored Juggernaut
15- normal or steel headbutt

Priority items- I would like to know, Will I have possible access too-
+5 weapon (warhammer, I can potentially craft this if needed)
+5 adamantine full plate(again, if needed, can craft)
+5 Mithral Tower shield (craftable?)

Cloak of resistance, while not as needed for other fighters (thanks to dwarven stubborness) more save bonuses are nice.
Ring of protection +5 (deflection is always nice)
at least a belt of +6/+6, if possible, a belt of +6/6/6 but, not counting on that.
ring of freedom of movement.
amulet of natural armor?

Any other items I have missed/forgotten that could prove useful. Remember, I am asking if I am going to have access to any of these, or potential access. I don't want to base an end build around items I'll never get or have the chance to get.

break down every 5 levels with 0 magic items and assuming no magical enhancements or buffs

Level one-[vs giant subtypes]
HP: 18
AC: 22[24] T:12 [16], FF: 21 [25]
Fort: +6 (+4)
Ref: +3 (+4)
Will: +3 (+4)

Warhammer/Dwarven waraxe
+4[+5] to hit, 1d8+3[+4] or 1d10+3[+4]

Level six-
HP: 57
AC: 25 [29] T: 12[16] FF: 23[27]
Fort: +10(+4)
Ref: +7 (+4)
Will: +5 (+4)
War-hammer: +12[+13]/+7[+8]
damage: 1d8+6[+7]

level eleven-
HP: 123
AC: 30[34] T:13 [17] FF: 28[32]
DR6/- (3 is DR3/adamantium)
Fort:+12 (+4)
Ref: +10 (+4)
Will: +8 (+4)

Warhammer: +19[+20]/+14[+15]/+9[+10]
Damage: 1d8+6[+7] (yeesh, lets hope for a magic weapon)

After this point, looking at stats without magic items is basically pointless I think, so. Can my character survive, and still provide use to the party?

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Hey all, this is an interest check for a way of the wicked game.

We will be using Discord (text based) and have actual sessions between 4-6 hours depending on schedules and availability (again, text based) with the opportunity of continuing in a PbP format throughout the week.

I'll list most of the house-rules and house feats I use here-
Feat-tax rules will be in use. (mounted combat is a free feat as long as a character has at least 1 rank in the ride skill)
Background skills will be in use, in addition, you gain 1 additional skill point per level on top of your normal skill points per level.
If a spell is of the universalist school, you MUST be a universalist wizard to cast that spell.
Every PC may select a variant Multi-class without giving up feats, (in other words, pick a VMC, you gain those abilities for free, this is what I call a "half-gestalt")
All full BaB classes gain endurance for free (if your class gave you endurance as a feat, you instead gain Diehard, you do not gain this benefit if it is an "option" such as the half-orc option to gain endurance.)
A homebrew feat, "doublestrike", benefit: you may strike with both of your weapons as a standard action. Prerequisites: TWF, Dex 15
Spell focus- Applies to all schools you cast UNLESS they are your opposition schools This counts as if you had taken spell focus for each school. Greater spell focus must have a chosen school and only affects that school.
Every PC gains an additional feat to be used on a NON-COMBAT feat at level 1
Double-slice is gone. Two-weapon fighting now grants you full ability damage on your off-hand weapon.
Fighters gain perception as a class skill
Fighters gain good (full) reflex saves
Sorcerers gain Diplomacy as a class skill
Tower shields can be planted in the ground, and used as cover to fire ranged weapons from.
Bloodline spells are gained Immediately upon gaining the proper spell level to use them.
Hand of the apprentice uses its beta-testing rules, and replaces both to hit and damage with Int. (as does any ability based on or functions as hand of the apprentice)
Evocation school power now grants additional damage based on full character level (instead of half) and deals the same damage type as the spell used.

The build rules-
22 point buy non-graduated.
Max HP per level (bad guys get all the goodies)
0 starting wealth
no stat above 18 pre-racial, and no stat below 08 preracial. Only 1 stat may be 20 post racials.
4 traits, 1 drawback (non-optional)
Classes- All but occult, kinectist are the only exception.
Races- core and featured, no uncommon or monstrous races.
No templates, though these may be rewarded or acquired in-game
At least 2 paragraphs detailing your characters origin, and 1 paragraph for his personality. Minimum.
no CE characters. LN characters may be applicable.
Note the above section of house-rules, all of them will be in use.
VERY LIMITED 3PP, for maybe an archetype that has a lot of flavor (an example of this is the Lord of Darkness archetype for the anti-paladin) just for my sake. This is the first time I've run through the way of the wicked (ever) so this makes it easier on me.

if you are interested, and or have any questions, please ask!
also please do -not- post submissions in this thread or make aliases here as they will not be used. This is only to check for interest in the game with the above rules in place.

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a GM to help me out with a bit of homebrew for starfinder. Mostly Races to be exact.

Basically, I'm looking for a GM willing to run starfinder by the book, except the only races available are the ones I've listed below. For those of you who have played the game Faster than Light, I'm sure you will recognize some races, possibly with a few minor adjustments. The races are likely more "powerful" than most generic starfinder races at the moment, that was planned. However, I want to make sure they are not completely over powered. As such, I'd like most of the races to be used if possible in the game. While I would run the game myself, I'm not particularly great at GMing PbP, nor am I comfortable enough with the starfinder system to attempt doing so. I know its a bit of a strange thing to ask, but I hope someone would be willing to help!

If any of you have questions, I'll be glad to answer, or if any of you have any suggestions for the races I'd be glad to hear that as well. This is a work in progress, and I am hoping to get some actual in-game feedback.


Though their current home planetary systems are well documented, the true origins of the emotionless Engi are a mystery; it is known that the majority of their bodies are made from trillions of nanomachines, which give the illusion of a silvery 'skin' with a metallic sheen, and they can adopt different shapes to better cope with their environment, although they generally maintain a humanoid form, which most other races are habitually more comfortable with. The Engi also wield powerful knowledge of machinery, and are generally natural mechanics - especially when they're only expected to service and repair comparatively primitive human technology. While the Engi are extremely intelligent, their primarily robotic body composition is very fragile. The delicate and very technical inner workings of an Engi are not nearly as rugged as regular organic material, like that found in humans. As a result, Engi usually make poor fighters; however, their immaculate knowledge of mechanics coupled with their immunity to most diseases as a result of their cybernetic bodies can make them excellent allies. Engi have no genders.
*Race traits:
Ability score Modifiers: +4 Intelligence, -2 con,

Natural Engineers: gain a +2 bonus on Computers and Engineering checks, at character level 10, these bonuses increase to +4. This bonus is doubled when attempting to remove damage from a starship via the patch action or attempting a "hold it together" check.

Darkvision: Engi can see in areas of complete darkness perfectly fine.

Nanoforming: An Engi can assume the form of a bipedal or aquatic creature doing so requires 1 minute.
*In Bipedal form an Engi doubles his base move speed and gains a natural attack that can deal 1d6+str mod. *In aquatic form an Engi can breathe underwater and gains a swim speed of 50ft.
Or, he may choose to extend or shorten aspects of his form, He can extend his arms by 5ft as a move and or swift action a number of times equal to his level x2. (so a level 4 engi character could extend his arms up to 40ft, or could reach something 45ft away) if an Engi uses this to make a melee attack he receives a -2 to the attack roll for each 5ft increment.

Engi are immune to all poisons and diseases, but are vulnerable to specifically engineered or highly advanced computer viruses


Rockmen (Vect)
Race Description:
The Vect, or Rockmen, as they have been nicknamed by humans, are called so because of their unique skin which according to scientific experiments can be nearly as hard and rugged as solid rock. Additionally, the Rockmen are extremely well conditioned and physically strong to compensate for their thick rock-like skin, giving them an astounding resilience. As a result of their physical attributes, the Rockmen have evolved throughout their race's existence into a warrior race which values personal strength and martial prowess over nearly everything else. While the Rockmen are generally not an adventurous race, and can only be consistently located within their own territories' borders, the Rockmen are liable to open fire on any ship they encounter that they aren't familiar with. Still, there are always exceptions to the rule, and having Rockmen crew can be very beneficial. Also, from random occurrences, some Rockmen seem to be quite religious.
Race Traits: Rockmen are hardy, strong, and slow. As such Rockmen characters receive the following bonuses from their race type.
Rockmen are medium sized, but some can rise as tall as 8 feet.
A favorite quote of rockmen warriors is: "I'm gonna bring the rockslide"
*Race Traits:
Ability score Modifiers: +2 str, +2 con, -2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2Int

Slow N’ Steady: 20ft movement speed.

Poison resistance: Rockmen gain a +5 bonus to resist poison and diseases

Rock Hard: Rockmen’s skin is as hard and solid as stone, as such they gain a +2 armor bonus to their AC. Additionally, Gain 1 DR at game start, this increases to 2 at level 10, and 3 at level 16.

Fire resistance: gain energy resistance (fire) 10, this increases to 15 at level 5, and further increase to 20 at level 10. At level 15 you become completely immune to all normal, non-magical fires and reduce all fire based damage by half before adding your fire resistance.

Boulder Fisted: Rockmen can deal lethal damage with their unarmed strikes, and their unarmed strikes deal 1d4+str mod (P)

Tough: Vect gain the thoughness feat at level 1.

The Zoltan are a race whose bodies are primarily composed of pure, harnessable, energy given physical form. Whilst a deeply officious and obtuse people, they generally favor diplomacy over acts of aggression and are known for being fair and just in their dealings with others. Due to their alliance with the Engi, Zoltans often appear in Engi Homeworlds or the various Engi-Controlled Sectors of space, although they inhabit their own home systems as well. Being ingenious experts of technology, the Zoltan race pioneered a unique ship-based shielding technology which can be found on nearly every Zoltan vessel. Many Zoltan Weapons are created with their bodily composition in mind, and so often are not build with a power source, instead, the user provides the power for the weapon. There are however limits, and while a Zoltan could power a rifle or two, or even an entire room, their bodies seem to have built in defense mechanisms that shut off all “current” when a task requires an amount of energy that would render the Zoltan unconscious, or dead. It has been discovered that Zoltan can consciously remove this limiter and thus attempt the task, however this discovery came at a deadly cost. The Zoltan’s forms do not make for particularly exceptional fighters, nor can their physical bodies withstand much punishment. Some Zoltan claim they have a “connection” to the universe, and while other races have such members in their ranks, none have close to the number of Zoltans. These “religious fanatics” as many of the other Zoltans deem them are more ready to resort to violence than other of their kin in order to “keep the order of the universe”.

Race Traits
Zoltan prefer diplomatic recourse to violence to solve disputes and follow strict codes and laws due to this. Because of this, few Zoltan train for combat, and fewer still can find jobs in these fields and the Zoltan have a very small military presence. They attempt to remain neutral in most matters in regards to other races and galactic empires. Relying on their technology and natural connection to the universe should the worst come to pass.

Ability Modifiers: Zoltan are agile, learned, and diplomatic; however, their bodies are much weaker than those of other races.
They gain the following Modifiers:+2 dex, +2 cha +2 Int, -2 con, -2 Str

Power manifest: Zoltan can choose to provide the power requirement needed to fire energy-based weaponry. However, there are limits, a Zoltan can only provide power to a weapon of a level equal to their total level+2. If a Zoltan attempts to power a weapon high than this, they must take damage equal to the difference between their level and the level of the weapon -2, this damage ignores stamina. Zoltan may also provide power to select starship systems for a limited amount of time, however to do so they must be in room using the power. (Example: To provide power to starship Shields they must be present in the Shield generator room) at level 5, a Zoltan may add 2 points of additional damage of the same type to any energy weapon she is using. At level 10, this becomes 1d6+1 At level 20 this bonus becomes an additional 2d6+2. (this additional damage works for melee or ranged weaponry. However, this only applies to starship weaponry if the “power surge” ability is used on the weapons systems.)

Power Surge: A Zoltan can use this ability once per day. At character level 12 they may use this ability twice per day. They can use it in one of the following ways.
(for all abilities involving a starship, you must be within the room that the system you are boosting is in)
1. A Zoltan can use this ability to overcharge the starships shield generator for a number of SP(shield points) equal to 10 times her total level. They may distribute these shield points into any quadrant they desire, however they cannot increase a single quadrant’s SP above the shields total amount of SP granted. Any SP overcharge is lost. A Zoltan can choose to double this effect; however, if they do so they take damage equal to their level x3. This damage ignores stamina and cannot be healed except by natural healing (IE, a long rest). The boost to shields lasts a number of rounds equal to the Zoltan’s total level x2. After the effect ends, the shield generator goes into the wrecked critical condition unless the Zoltan can succeed on a computer check with a DC =10+(2×the starship’s level). If they succeed on this check, the generator instead gains the malfunctioning critical condition.

2. You may boost the starships weapon systems. You can either fire all the starsips weapons at no penalty to hit, or you may overcharge the weapons and targeting system, allowing them to be fire a second time this round, however with an additional -5. This penalty is in addition to any other penalties, including the “fire at will” and “broadside” negatives. If the latter option is chosen the weapon systems boosted gain the glitching quality and the Zoltan takes damage equal to his level.

3. You can boost the starships engines. If you choose this option you grant a bonus on any pilot checks equal to your total level. You also double the movement of the starship for a number of rounds equal to half your Total level (minimum 1).

4. You spend a full round action to focus and detonate the energy within you. You deal electricity damage equal to 1d10 for every two levels you have in a 50ft burst. For each 10ft away from you the damage lessens by 1d10 starting with the highest roll. You take half the damage of this blast. You can instead overcharge this ability, dealing 1d10+1 for every character level you have in a 50ft radius, this damage is not reduced like the other option. You still take half of the damage from this blast and then immediately fall unconscious for a number of rounds equal to half your total character level(minimum1).


Vessik (or Mantis)
The violent and hostile Mantis resemble man-sized Praying Mantises, although they are much more aggressive than their namesakes. Whereas praying mantises kill prey merely to survive, the much larger and more intelligent Mantis race kill remorselessly to suit their own personal agendas- usually without survival as a concern, making for a pitiless and brutal insectoid warrior species. While humans and most other species have manufactured handheld weaponry to utilize in combat, the Mantis usually default to their agility, and sharpened exoskeletal appendages to tear through their enemies, and their skill as warriors goes almost unchallenged in 1v1 combat even against the rock species. The Mantis also possess extremely acidic saliva which can burn through flesh and melt most metal alloys. While Mantis excel at combat, especially personal combat, they are the least adept of all the races at technical repairs. They have overcome this problem by frequently taking Engi slaves. Engi slaves can be found on a majority of their bases and ships. Though some individual Mantises have been known to adopt more “civilized” lives and eventually become accepted in normal communities. Many Mantis offer their services as mercenaries or pirates. Many of the more civilized Vessik within other nations are highly sought after as personal security or as members of the military. The Vessik Empire is currently at war with the Human Federation and the Engi Directorate. Other races are officially neutral, however often aid one or both sides. The Vessik as a race hold no respect for any other race save maybe the Vect or Rockmen. The vect also begrudgingly acknowledge and respect the Mantis for their martial prowess in personal combat. Due to this nature, Many Vessik ships are outfitted with weaponry to disable or slow enemy ships and then teleport a boarding party onto the enemy ship. Preferring to capture enemy crews to use as slaves and food and keep valuable enemy weaponry and systems in prime condition for reselling or refitting. The Vessik have taken the name Mantis in stride, often times referring to their blood red ships with this name. The Vessik Empire maintain a unit of Elite Vessik warriors who channel the very destructive energy of the universe.
Racial Traits:
Ability Modifiers: The Vessik, or mantis, gain the following ability modifiers.
+2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Int,

Fast: Vessik have 4 legs, and make good use of them. Vessik have a move speed of 40ft.

Don’t need no Thumbs: The Vessik are one of the few races that have no opposable thumbs, or indeed even hand like appendages at all. Vessick receive a -20 to operate anything not specifically built or designed for their use and must make DC 15 checks to use any object normally requiring opposable thumbs to use properly. In addition, fine work is hard for them even when using items built for their use, they receive a -5 penalty on any mechanic skill check(in addition to the -20 received for using equipment or items not designed for them).

Natural Attacks: Vessik have scythe like arms much like the preying Mantis, as such they are always armed. A vessik’s Scythes deal damage equal to 1d6+Str mod. Vessik have created weapon suits for their claws as well, allowing them to deal damage equal to the weapon suit on top of their normal damage. (this functions basically as an additional 1d6 damage as weapon suits are merely melee weapons formed into a gauntlet and attached to any armor worn by the Vessik). A vessik may instead attach a ranged weapon to his claws, in this case the weapon may be used without a check and the Vessik may still make melee attacks using his normal damage for his claws. This does not let him wield two two-handed weapons.

Falling with style: A vessik may use their bug like wings to slow any type of fall to a glide. At level 8 They may fly for a number of minutes per day equal to their total level. Their flight speed is equal to their base land speed

Armored exoskeleton: Vessik receive a +1 bonus to their AC

Thermographic vision: Vessik may use thermographic vision, allowing them to see in the infrared spectrum.

Acid Spit: A vessik can make a ranged attack (energy, 30ft) against a target, this attack deals 1d6 acid damage for every 3 levels the Vessik has. This ability deals additional damage on the following turn equal to half the original damage. This damage ignores hardness. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his character level.


The Sesh, or “slugs” as called by the humans, due them looking like man-sized slugs save they have human like arms, are a telepathic race that live within areas of space engulfed in enormous purple nebulae, which is what lead to them evolving unique psychic abilities in order to overcome the general lack of visibility. As a result, Sesh ships are rarely built with sensors; the psychic powers of the crew are just as effective, if not more so, than any electronic system. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage outside nebulae however, so that even within their controlled sectors they are almost never seen outside the concealing clouds. While not as aggressive as the Mantis, Slugs are both greedy and deceitful. They prey upon ships that wander into their home systems, often leading them into traps, as well as resort to piracy in other systems. Little is known about Sesh culture, as they keep to themselves and are untrusted by most other races. Some rather avid Sesh haters say the Sesh have developed a type of mind control, and shouldn’t be trusted in any form but nothing has come of it yet. Sesh prefer to stay at range, using their mental prowess and technology to keep their slug like bodies away from danger.
Race Traits:
Ability Score Modifiers: -2 dex, -2 str, +4 wis, +2 cha

I can sense you: Sesh can sense the mind of anyone within 1000ft per level. They can choose to turn this off or on as a free action if they wish. They cannot determine the species unless they spend a round focusing, and then only up to a number of creatures equal to their level x5

Telepathy: Sesh can communicate with each other completely via thoughts, the range on this ability is 500ft per level. Sech can instead form telepathic bonds with a number of creatures equal to their level+2, they can always communicate with these creatures. However, if they ever move further away than 1 mile per level, the Sesh must spend one full round concentrating, and must continue to concentrate as a full round action each round there after to maintain the communication. Sesh can use this ability to project thoughts to other creatures, but other non-telepathic creatures must communicate normally.

My mind a fortress: Sesh gain a +4 bonus to resist all magical mind-affecting effects.

Sluggish: sesh are rather slow due to their slug-like body, they have a move speed of 20ft.

Read em’ like a book: A Sesh can attempt to read the surface thoughts of any sentient creature. The DC to resist this ability is equal to 10+half the Sesh’s level +the Sesh’s charisma or wisdom modifier, whichever is high. This ability can be used on a creature once per day and function like the detect thoughts spell with the following changes.
* If a creature fails their save, this ability lasts until the Sesh breaks the connection, the target leaves the Sesh’s sight for more than 1 minute, or when the Sesh uses this ability on a different individual. Also Sesh can attempt to pry further into the mind of any creature that has failed the first save. In this case, the creature receives an additional will save with a +4 bonus. If the creature fails the Sesh can freely access any memories the target has. And can even implant suggestions, which the creature will interpret as his own idea.


Hailing from Earth, Humans are one of the most common races in the galaxy. They have a diverse culture and vary greatly from person to person. Some of the most renowned and praised people are humans, as it was they who formed the galactic federation and brought cooperation and peace to most of the galaxy. At the same time however, some of the most hated and infamous pirates and outlaws are humans as well, having commit atrocities even a Vessik would blush at.

Racial Traits:
Ability Score Modifiers: humans are versatile, but don’t particularly excel at anything by nature. They gain the following ability score modifiers: +2 to any two ability scores (this bonus cannot be stacked)

Skilled: Humans gain 1 bonus skill rank per level, and can choose one skill, they treat that skill as a favored skill.

Grand Feats: Humans gain one free feat at level 1.

Learned Aptitude: Humans can become master of their chosen craft, choose one favored skill, gain a +3 bonus to that skill.

Love of war: Select one type off weaponry (energy, Kinect, Melee, or Ranged) gain a +1 to hit and damage with the selected weapon group.


Shaatarrii (Crystal)
The Shaatarrii are crystal humanoids, likely related to the Vect(rockmen). They Look much like a human covered head to toe in a crystal substance, however they have no facial features save two piercing eyes, and a grinding mouth. This crystal coating however does not slow them like their rock cousins, but neither is it as durable. They come in a plethora of colors, from red, to blue, green, purple, and even platinum. They are extremely religious as whole with their leader being proclaimed a as divine ruler via a celestial mandate. Like rockmen, their lives span centuries. Little else is know about this race however as they are ever more reclusive than the Sesh. They are known for being resistant to energy-based weapon, particularly lasers. They have also proven to be shrewd diplomats and the rare occasion they converse with other races. However they are also known to take things extremely bluntly and at face value.
It is known that these beings can “sing” via vibrations. They resonate the crystalline structures of their body to create a melody. Few other races have heard this but those who have deem it music the likes a master musician would find hard to match. Indeed, this singing has a spiritual significance as well, and during religious meetings entire communities will harmonize together. The music produced is often a completely true reflection of a Shaatarrii’s truest emotions. The Shaatarrii can communicate with each other via these vibrations as well. The Shaatarrii’s physical make-up is different from that of the Vect in that little to no organic matter exits within them. Where a Vect does in fact have organic organs under their rock-like skin, a Shatarrii does not. They garner sustenance from minerals, crystals, and some say radiation. However, they cannot survive the vacuum of space entirely. Without at least minimal oxygen a Shaatarrii will slowly go into a stasis of sorts, and sleep until brought within an oxygen rich environment once again.

Shaatarrii gain the following racial traits:
Ability score modifiers: +2 cha, +2 str, +2 con, -2 int

Refraction: The crystal skin of Shaatarrii is known for dampening the effects of laser weaponry. Shaatarrii gain a +2 bonus to their EAC, and DR equal to ¼ their total level against laser based weaponry (min 1)

Crystalline form: A Shaatarrii can shift his arms and legs into blade like appendages for weapons. This requires a standard action and these new attacks deal damage equal to 1d8+str mod. At level 12 this damage increase to 2d8+str mod and requires only a move action, and at 17 it increases once more to 3d10 and needs only a swift action to change.

Crystal Core: a Shaatarrii is immune to all poisons and diseases.

Hard as Daimond: Shaatarrii gain +1 KAC, and their natural attacks can cut through any material based DR.

The Birnathii are a highly advanced humanoid. They stand half a foot taller than most humans and have more angular facial features than humans, including long pointed ears. Birnathii ships are second paraphs only to the Engi in technological prowess. A Co-founding race of the Galactic Federation the Birnathii are renowned diplomats, scientists and technicians. They are however weaker than their human cousins due to the lower gravity of their home planet. Birnathii are also renowned for using their guile and “natural” beauty to convince other races to do as they ask, or lull them into false security. They are also renowned marksmen, rivaled only by humans in this regard. Some of the most infamous assassins, rogue traders, and black-market dealers are of Birnathii Origin.

Birnathii gain the following Racial Traits:
+2 dex, +2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 str,
Ranged Finesse: Birnathii enjoy ranged combat, they gain +1 to hit with all ranged weapons.
Silver-tongued: Birnathii gain a +3 bonus on diplomacy and bluff skill checks. If these are favored skills, this bonus increases to +4.
Graceful Footwork: Birnathii start with the Nimble Moves feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites
Light of Step: Birnathii gain a +2 bonus on stealth and acrobatics checks
Energized metabolism: Birnathii only require half the normal amount of sleep (4 hours) to benefit form the effects of a long rest.

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Hey all, I am looking to run a higher level scenario. It will basically be me testing out the last encounter/dungeon for a campaign of mine I am running IRL and want to make memorable, both for the combat, and for the RP. The basic premise is, an Anti-paladin and a lich have teamed up and began covering the land in a dark mist that raises the dead, drains the living, and corrupts the land. The armies of the lands are held at bay by literal hordes of undead lead by terrors even paladins would tremble at the sight of. You, the players here, are the last hope for the land as you are by now considered the hero's, the best of the best. All coming from different walks, be it a cleric gifted immense power by their god to stem the dark tide, a soldier having survived and possible turned the tide of several battles. A ranger or druid having finally lost the battle for the forests against the unending tide of undead and corruption, maybe you are a simple man or woman, having lived by your wits, guile, and lies till now, but have come forward to aid in the final struggle, or some other such thing. Please, have fun with your background and feel free to have them accomplish deeds worthy of level 18 heros! Get invested in your character, and feel free to embellish on the world. If players wish to join their backgrounds feel free to. Make up battles! Make up cities! Create an Army for character to have fought with! Or a druid/Ranger circle they were a part of if you wish. The world is your Oyster or something like that.

If you are interested, this scenario will be a quick, but deadly one. due to its nature, it will be more combat heavy than RP, but RP will still be around and kicking as morale questions and the like will come up. This scenario will take you from level 18 to 20 before the last "boss" fight. SO! without further rambling on my part, here are the

creation rules:
27pt buy
starting level- 18
health- Max health every odd level, half+1 every even.
wealth- wealth by level, no tomes of stat boosting :P
traits- 2 traits no drawbacks
crafting- If you can take 10, have the necessary spells (YOU must have the spells) and meet all the requirements you may craft up to 2 items for their crafted value.
classes- all paizo material is open, you must use unchained versions of classes if they have it unless you have a compelling argument for it.
races- core and featured, if you take teifling or aasimar and wish to swap your SLA, you may roll 3 times and chose from the ones rolled.
No spheres of power, No path of War, if you have a 3pp you are just dieing to play, PM me, I will look over it, but don't get your hopes up.
Templates- I have a special plan for these, so, at the moment no templates are allowed.
variant multiclassing is allowed
fractional BaB is allowed
Background skills are allowed- special skill bonuses allowed only for rogues
Combat stamina is Allowed- Fighters only
Alignment- any
posting requirment, during combat encounters, you will have 24 hours before I bot you prefer 1-2 a day, but 1 is more than fine, when out of combat, I would prefer 1 a day, but will give leeway before advancing on.
Feats- Power attack, piranha strike, and deadly aim are all free feats for everyone.

Reasons to apply and enjoy this game:
-Enjoy a high level combat scenario with RP.
-Test out a end level build you have always wanted to try.
-Free reign to go wild with your backstory and be creative
-RP the Hero(or anti-hero) you always wanted to be!
-Help out a GM with fine-tuning his campaigns "final battle"
-Have free time to spare :P

If I forgot anything, or you have any further questions, Feel free to ask! Recruitment will go for about 2 weeks, hopefully allowing everyone enough time

It is late fall, the leaves that are changing colors are strikingly beautiful. The evergreens stark contrasts to most of the forest around the small grouping of tents that make up the living area for the tribe. You are gathered around the large bonfire at the center of camp awaiting the annual call for the Hunt by the village elder. The old man, with long grey hair, and even longer beard walks out of the largest tent leaning heavily upon his walking stick. He addresses those around him, including you, and some of the stronger warriors left in the tribe.

Today, starts the day of the annual hunting games. These are held for two reasons. The first, and most important one is two give us food for the coming winter. The other, to allow our warriors to show their strength and skill, in the amount of of food they bring back. This time, however, I have decided to give honor to those that, while not born into our tribe, have proven their worth and earned our trust. Arrack, you won last years hunt, you have the honor this year of sounding the hunting horn. Also, you will oversee these people in their first hunt Oh, and take sharptooth with you as well. Now then everyone, prepare what you need, and remember, do not return until you have gotten all that you can, or wish, to carry.

He hands Arrack the horn and instructs him to wait for a moment and then turns to walk back towards his tent.

feel free to converse and the like for a moment.

Dot in everyone!

Hello everyone! This will be a 5e campaign that should take the players from level 3 to possibly 9 by the end of it. A possibility of continuing on afterwards is there but that bridge will be crossed when we get to it. Now then, on the setting!

For this campaign there are, unfortunately, a slight number of restrictions as far as backgrounds go. Ahem, The PCs will start as members of a barbarian/wildland tribe in the northern mountainous region. Note that not all players must have been born of said tribe, however they must have proven themselves enough otherwise to become a part of it. I would also like for most of the applicants to create a wife/husband and at least one child to go along with their character.

That's most of it, I hope its not too restricting unfortunatly, because of this certain classes will have a hard time working around this, however don't let that discourage you, sometimes the best story is the strangest one.

We will start the campaign at dawn, with the PCs selected preparing for a games of sort.

All classes are allowed, although the Monk may need a bit of re-flavoring.
starting at level 3
Stats: either roll 7 4d6 drop the lowest (then drop one entire roll), or use 30 point buy.
HP: as book or roll, whichever is higher.
Everyone gets a free feat to do with as they please (any variant humans will therefore start with two).

if you have any questions, or if I forgot anything in my excitedness, please speak up!

hello folks, I've been out of the hobby for many a month now due to medical and personal reasons, however I am feeling much better, and itching to get back into the game. I received a new copy of the D&D 5E core book not so long ago and wanted to try it out as it looks simple and fun.

The Idea I have for this would be a short campagin that could lead into a broader one, however the idea would be to start around level 3 and continue up to about level 8 or 9 depending. of course this is assuming there is enough D&D 5e interest on these boards. Tally ho!

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So Assume you have to do a dungeon run of every single hard/PC killer dungeon made.

(Including, but not limited to, Rappan Athuk, Tomb of Horrors, flame Temple etc)

What would your 4-6 man fantasy party look like?

list 4- base line party size, pick 4 you think you would ALWAYS take.

5-6 then pick 2 other members that increase party effectiveness/power and why you would pick these 6 members.

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Well folks, Here is a guide I wrote for the unchained monk. It is the first one I've written so I hope its adequate.

I am still adding bits and bobs here and there, and will add new things as they come out. Also, any input and insight you here at Paizo can provide is welcome and appreciated!

Unchain yourself, Rorek55's Guide to the Monk, Unchained

Silver Crusade

Now understand... I made some flavor choices, not optimal ones ;)

Unchained Monk 20 (Qinggong archetype)

25pt Buy
FCB: +4 ki point, 4 skill points
Traits: Honored Fist of the Society, Iron Fist
Str: 30 +2 (levels)
Dex: 12 (18)
Con: 14 (20)
Int: 07
Wis: 30 +3(levels)
Cha: 16

HP: 240
AC: 39 T: 31 FF: 20 (44/31/25 with barkskin, 48/38/29with shield up as well)
Fort: +24 (12base+5con+5resistance +2 feat) 2 vs enchantments
Ref: +21 (12base+4dex+5resistance) 2 vs enchantments
Will: +23 (6base+10wis+5resistance+2feat) +2 vs enchantments
Senses: low light vision,
Ki: 30

Offense: ( I am fairly impressed with the new monk! this is without the new strikes/ki etc.)
Move Speed: 90ft

Unarmed Strike: +38/38/+35/+28/+25 FoB:(+38/+38/+38/38/+35/+28/+25)
Damage: 4d8+22 (20x2)

Unarmed Power attack: +32/+32/+29/+24/+19 FoB:+32/+32/+32/+32/+29/+24/+19
Damage: 4d8+40(20x2)

+2 for flanking whenever you spend ONE ki point to dimension door (up to 180ft!) then trip with Style Strikes/stun them for Medusa's wrath!

1- Weapon focus Unarmed, Iron will, toughness
3- Dragon Style, Deflect Arrow
5- Dragon Ferocity
7- Improved fortitude
9- Dimensional Agility
11- Dimensional Assault
10- Medusa's Wrath
13- Dimensional Dervish
14- Combat Reflexes
15- Dimensional Savant
17- Power attack
18- Improved Trip
19- Extra Ki

Ki Powers:
4- Qinggong Barkskin (his general toughness)
6- Ki Metabolism
8- Abundant Step (you know what this is for...)
10-High Jump (stupid prereqs >.>)
12-One Touch
14-Qinggong Blood Crow Strike (perfect to work as energy blasts)
16-Wind Jump (after all, they aren't flying, just jumping reaaaaaalllyyyy far!)
18-Diamond Resilience
20-Diamond Soul

Qinggong archetype: Tongue of son and moon for Heroic Recovery

Style Strikes:
5- Hammer Blow
9- Leg Sweep
13- Elbow Smash
17- Headbutt (the Iconic goku headbutt...)

Magical Gear: (nope, its not gear, its all Him!
Permanency: Greater Magic Fang 11000gp (+5!)
Belt of Physical Perfection +6 (144,000g)
Headband of Mental Prowess +6 (64,000g) (Cha/Wis)
Manual of Gainful Exercise +4 110,000g
Tome of Understanding +4 110,000g
Ring of Ki mastery 10,000g
Bracers of Armor +8 64,000g
Necklace of Ki Serenity 16,000g (net +2ki)
Cloak of - I mean training robes of Resistance +5 25,000g
Ring of Freedom of Movement 40,000g
Helm of Teleportation 73,000g (to represent Instantaneous transmission)
Gauntlets of Skilled Maneuver (trip)4000
Body Wrap of Mighty Strikes +7 (Impact, speed, Mimetic, Ghost touch) 147,000g
Quick Runners shirt 1000g
Winged Boots 12,000g
Eyes of Keen Sight 6000g

Ioun Stone:
Dusty Rose Prism 5000g (+1AC)
Cracked dusty rose Prism +1 Initiative 500g
Pale green Prism +1 comp. bonus on on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks 30,000g

Wand of shield (ugh, I know... I hate consumables) 750g
Wand of CLW x2 1500g

and some gold left Over that I am not going to worry about


4+int/level (3/level)
Perception: 20 (+40)
Sense Motive: 10 (+25)
Acrobatics: 10 (+20/+40)
Swim: 5 (+20)
Climb: 10 (+25)
Diplomacy: 10 (+15)
escape artist: 5 (+15)
Stealth: 5 (+15)

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Hey guys, I will potentially be playing in a CotCT game and I wanted to take advantage and make a sable co. ranger. I was wondering what you guys thought of this build?

15pt buy-
human (Dual Talented)
Class: Fighter (Dragoon) progressing into Ranger the rest of the way
Ability Scores:
Str: 16 +2
Dex: 16 +2
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 08

1- Mounted combat, skill focus Ride, Mounted Archery
3- Nature Spirit, Rapid Shot (Ranger feat)
5- Sable company Marine
7- Boon companion, Improved Precise shot (bonus feat)
9- Deadly aim
10- many shot
11- weapon focus Longbow

The idea is not to over specialize until later on, and not to have my character reliant on have the mount, merely able to adequately make use of it. Early levels he would function as a switch hitter (even into levels 6-7) Though he prefers to fire arrows from range.

do you guys think the dragoon fighter is a good pick up, or should I just go strait ranger?

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Heya folks, this is the official recruitment for a one-shot I wanted to do based on my own design. Its a one shot based off a full game I created.

what has happened:

The Continent of Azalia has been under siege, an undead legion from the north, and demon horde from the south lead simultaneous assaults against the land. The races, and kingdoms, long fractured and fueding fell. One by one great nations collapsed to the seemingly unstoppable assaults. Kings and rulers always sure in their own sbility, and that it was the other kingdoms own weakness for their fall. Finally, after 65% of the nation had fallen, The nations finally chose to stand together. However, it seems to be too late. Even the united efforts were pushed back, battle after battle was lost. Then, a group of hero's rose from the ranks leading them to victories, which only drew out great demons and undead generals, beasts of untold power and magic. Can the hero's lead their remaining people to victory? Or will they fall to horde.

There may yet be another hope, for it does not seem the two great hordes are working together....

You would be playing as these said hero's. The game starts with you defending the Last great Coastal City, and if you manage victory will have you assaulting the advance positions of each army to "cut off the head". Of course this leads to the idea that it is a heavy combat Oriented game, well yes, however it is likely that the keeps of each army will be trapped and protected, and of course the coalition members will always need inspiring and disputes always need settling, indeed if the coalition is to survive things need to be changed. Basically, don't make a pure combat machine, Lets get a little something invested eh?

brief overview of Races/nations/etc:

The Races in Azalia are limited. There are-

Many of the Races have developed a distrust, or plain Hatred for others.
Races that are disliked or hated: The following races are exceedingly rare

These races are looked at as nothing but trouble, and often were hunted down by humans/Halflings/Dwarves and each other. Even now as part of the coalition many of these feelings still show, with them getting front-line duty often, or forced into menial tasks. As such, Catfolk and Kitsune have no grand Kingdoms, instead forced to live in small villages on the skirts of normal society. Very few are left after the assualts and they are on the brink of disappearing completely. The orcs did have a mountain stronghold in the Northen Mountains, but their stronghold was one of the first to fall, and with their hated status they received little to no aid. These races still rely on more mystical practices, with little technology for themselves.

These people have come to a mutual understand of each other, and often choose to live together in their small villages, while many within their society hate the other races, save perhaps, Gnomes and Halflings, some choose to focus on one day being accepted by all. They see the Nation states of Oswell, who all but protect their kind when they can, as a start. Even if the populace at large in the nation still regard their kind with distrust and malice. This has lead to several close calls of fracturing, with half the folk of both races seeking to fight the others, and the other half wanting only to show kindness in hopes of one day walking the streets, should they ever desire, without pain of death. They live in clay/wooden/mud huts in swamps, mountains and forests to far in the wilds for most races to wander. The only race that treats them with a modicum of respect are the elves, for they see the same type of fey-like touch on them as they have themselves. However most of the intentions of the elves are not stemmed from kindness.

Aggressive by nature, and always following the rule of "might is right" they are seen by all other peoples as brutish, uncivilized, and warlike. Of course, they have a long history of their warrior culture, before even their line of rulers had their then enslaved half-orcs build their fortress. They follow a code of honor, crude as it may be.

Elves see themselves as the rightful masters of Azalia, their long lived lives giving a sense of superiority over other races. While good-hearted they often seem aloof to others, with schemes reaching forward and back for decades. They found the Kingdom of Elsehien in the southern forests. Using Magic and tech to reshape the trees therein into their homes. Magical by nature, their society relies heavily on magic to survive. They get along well enough with humans and Halflings, however their megalomania causes many problems and they view other races as untrustworthy and uncivilized or crude.

The dwarves have carved out Mountain homes across the continent. The northen mountains, where they fought often with the orcs, the Southern Fringes, where the Coastal mountains roll across the land, and the heart of Azalia, where mountains larger than life rise high into the clouded mists. Dwarves see themselves as The only useful race aside from Gnomes, with perhaps a fleeting hope for humans. They are perhaps, the least magical race on Azalia. Their cities built from technology, hardwork, and gadgets. All dwarven metal is of quality and work surpassing even the best smiths of other races. (They will get a bonus here.) Any magic they do implement is that gifted by their gods to the priests, or extremely rare, eccentric dwarf wizard who is often seen as a fool and potential problem. Their cities are built with several wonders of engineering and are a marvel to behold. However, they are very stagnant in their mind set of "if its not broke, don't fix it". And little innovation happens lately. They despise elves, orcs, catfolk, kitsune, and have both a curiosity, and worry for humans and halflings. They get along very well with gnomes.

Gnomes are, at best, Eccentric, at worst, insane. They have no great kingdoms, or lands, but instead, have several Gnome Metropolises set up about the land. Their Home City of of Steamclock nestled in the central mountains. A peculiar lot, they are the most technologically advanced. Their cities run of gadgets and innovation aplenty. Their guards, steam golems, clockwork creations, and constructs. Both magical and mechanical in nature. They are 1 of only 3 races that utilize and craft airships. (Others being dwarves and humans) and were the first to invent them (however it was humans that first had the idea). They are exceptionally friendly, and have a hard time hating any of the other races, seeing the good, and the bad, in all of them save orcs. Gnomes hatred for orcs stems deeper than even that of dwarves because of the great burning of the Gnome city in the north. The orcs pillaged and burned it to the ground over a century ago, killing all inside. Only a few escaped. They haven't returned that far north sense. Their cities are useful, and they provide many new works, even if 1/4 of them backfire, malfunction or explode. They are friendly with Dwarves, humans and halflings, viewing them as curious, yet frustrating. They view elves as strange for their love of the land and seemingly refusal to use the technology they see as making their lives easier and more interesting. They have a passing fancy of cat folk and kitsune, often providing them with the most friendly atmosphere but they have a fair distrust for both races.

The halflings are peaceful, and simple, for the most part. They enjoy tending their fields, gardens, homes, or forests, and live happy, easy going lives across the land save The Kingdom of Razeria. Welcomed by most other races, and viewed as lucky charms they are often not drafted into the military, and their homes are often spared the horrors of war. Some Halflings however, are born with a thirst for adventure and thrills. These often become spies, scouts, traveling minstrels or some other trade that allows them to travel the world. These have begun to give halflings an air of slight distrust, and while still treated good-naturedly by most, often times humans will keep their coins closer when they know some half-folk are around. They have no kingdoms of their own, save a comfy small, bastion nestled in the foothills just south of the central mountains, where all are made welcome to visit.

Half elves, and Half orcs.
The offspring of inter-race love such as these are viewed negatively. Half-orcs are often shunned and hated by other races as much as Orcs are. With sayings of you can't trust them, or never know when they'll go wild. While some Cities and a couple of the Great kingdoms accept half-orcs as citizens, they are relegated to poor districts and often have to make a living as thieves, bandits, thugs, physical laborers or soldiers. Only adding fire to the rumors of their war-like ancestry. Half-elves receive a different kind of hate. They are often viewed at with jealousy for their centuries long life-spans and their natural beauty inherited from their elven blood. While generally more accepted than their half-orc counter parts they are often treated distantly, many having few to no friends. Dwarves, who see the elf in all half-elves show almost as much hatred to them as they do pureblood orcs and elves. Elves tend to treat half-elves as lesser beings, only slightly better than the other races, and as such, while not out-right hostile to them, often work to keep their presence in their society low, and out of higher ranked offices. However, the Empire of Belthouse, and the Sovereign states of Oswell are perhaps, the most accepting of both, seeing potential in their blood, with both nations seeking to one day unite the lands. (though, one wishes to rule, the other seeks a diplomatic solution.

Hummans are a strange bunch. The most numerous, but perhaps the most divided amongst themselves. There are 4 main kingdoms with several smaller ones comprise the human legacy.

Kingdom of Aloran To the North, the kingdom of Aloran(a-lor-en), (heavily influenced by medieval Europe) lead by a long running family of kings. The kingdom, the smallest of the great 4, is perhaps one of the better ones. The kings have long lead the country benevolently, and fairly. Though their warrior like culture gives many an unease, they are a noble, proud people and while they do enjoy war to an extent, their poets and bards are renowned across the continent, even the elves, who claim a better grasp of these things than any other race admit to their beauty. Alas, it was the first of the 4 great kingdoms to fall under the undead boots of the Dread necromancer Morzath. And the first time other kingdoms began to worry slightly at the horde. Aloran was perhaps one of the more mystical kingdoms, with exceedingly few airships, few luxuries, and no real electricity or other experimental things.

Empire of Belthouse To the south, the Empire of Belthouse(bell-thoose, as in moose), The largest, and arguably most powerful of the Great 4, centered on the Central Southern plains, the Home city of Espero shines as a beacon of light even still. A metropolis of over 3 million inhabitants, it ranges from the rich, semi-wealthy-poor-and homeless. Its lower streets becoming dens to thieves, guilds, and cults despite the best efforts of the empire and the city watch. The empire makes the most use of technology, arguably more so than the dwarves, with airships seemingly traveling between the cities endlessly, automatons guarding the gates and keeps of the town and running water (sort of, think, aqueducts but, more advanced, with piping to take water to housing) and power for the wealthier districts, and even a sewer system and water for the poorest. The empire is lead by an emperor crowned by a vote of the city barons, Lately, the same line of family has been placed in power for generations though this has actually lessened the power of the emperor, and strengthened that of the barons, who all but rule as an oligarchy, though the kingdom has prospered either way. Armies of Belthouse make use of firearms more than any other race or peoples in Azalia, with over 75% of their military trained in their usage and maintenance, they use siege weaponry and clockwork constructs as well. Due to this reliance on tech their magical academies are growing smaller. The Belthouse Empire has the lowest amount of wizards and arcane practitioners of any human kingdom, but they do have a great academy of alchemy. They also have almost no divine magic users, believing instead to not follow any deities as a whole.

Kingdom of Razeria in the East, Perhaps the kingdom the elves get along with the most, and the one that dwarves and gnomes view uneasily. This kingdom uses little to no tech, even less than Aloran but, has more arcane magic than the rest combined. The great capital is built from arcane energies, floating citadels, endless water, and forced obedience. The kingdom of Razeria is ruled with an Arcane fist by an oligarchy of mages centered at the mages guild in the Center of the capital Kazethi'k (Ka-zay-thii-ik). The most aggressive of the human kingdoms despite its magical heritage. They see mastery of the Arcane as the only true path, and they believe that a forced, obedient society is the path to the future. The guild and academies always via for more power and dominance, and the measure of a man is the amount of arcane energy he can generate and while corrupt, the guilds will always recognize powerful people, as long as they use that power to sustain the status quo. Due to this view, there are only two groups the people of Razeria fall under, those that practice, and are gifted with magical abilities, and the serf work-force that are not, who are all but slaves in name. As such their armies are small, but the destruction they can wreak have kept other nations from attempting to do anything about their aggressiveness. There was a rebellion within the kingdom, or so it is said, lead by a group of powerful mages that wished to change the country, no other word has been heard though, and most believe it was crushed. They view anyone not learned in the arcane arts as lesser, and believe themselves to be the true leaders, the only ones fit to rule the continent.

The Sovereign states of Oswell,(which, Oswell being the largest republic kingdom and the original state) leads the union. It is a confederation of smaller kingdoms, city-states, and empires and is hardly a kingdom itself, but more of a coalition of petty states protecting themselves from the others. They are, in a way, a democracy, with overarching laws all members of the union must follow, that are voted on, and decided in meetings held thrice a year in which all leaders of the member lands meet, debate, and vote. While disputes arise endlessly, (as, empires, kingdoms, and republics views clash) few things get done timely, however in this mass of differences comes strength. They are perhaps, the most diverse of all the 4 kingdoms in that they use technology, arcane and divine magic equally. While one kingdom may see technology as bad, they are forced, by the regulations of the union, to learn of it, and on more than occasion, this has caused other states to accept the practice. Empires (that is, small states lead by an emperor) that abhorred magic, now have Imperial wizards, city-states that detested technology, now use air ships. Problems are tackled from several different perspectives, and the union grows continuously as smaller states and petty kingdoms join every year. Sure, there is deception, and corruption among the leaders, but it has been kept to a minimum. Issues of state and jealousy are nipped wherever found, forcing the parties to meet and "talk it out". That said wars within the union are not unheard of, and while often the council meetings attempt to avoid them, they are sometimes the only recourse. They are a mixing pot, and all types can be found within their nations borders. Perhaps they are best known for their grand alchemy school, boasting the most individuals that are determined to mix science and magic. Surprisingly, even due to the nature of this, and the ensuing explosions and destructive qualities that can come from it, the building has never been shut down once, though many rooms have been remodeled countless times.

character application and story:

What I want in your background is-
-Nation you are from,
-Your thoughts of your home nation (for races other than human, its fairly simple as they are united for the most part, if you want to be from a specific faction PM me and I will get you more info on sub-factions)
-Your characters thoughts on the other nations/races before the great war
-Your characters thoughts on them now.
(these don't need to be wholly specific, and it's mostly to help you interact with other races/nationalities)
-What your character did before the war/draft
-What your character did to become recognized during battle
-A couple feats he preformed to garner his renown/power
- Goals, what does you character want to accomplish?
(IE, save and unite everyone, form a religion around themselves if they manage to drive back the hordes, or perhaps rule as tyrant themselves in the end?)
-What drives you.

10 min. backgrounds may help your process.

Character Creation:

level 15 Gestalt.

LE is as far down as you go, NE/CE are out. All the others are fair game.

20pt buy on a 1-1 ratio (10-11 is, 1pt, 17-18 is 1pt). you may lower one score by 2 to an 8 to gain 2 points. No ability score under 7 AFTER racial adjustments (no cha 5/6 dwarves), no ability score over 20 AFTER racial adjustments

Or, you may choose to use focus Foible, with one of the following-
pick a focus for an 18, pick a foible for an 8, use 16pts to determine other attributes on a scaling of 1-1, or roll 1d10+7. If you roll you are stuck with your rolls.

Max HP first level and for the following 6 levels, half+1 for the other 6. (last 6 characters levels are half+1, first seven levels are full HD)

250,000 gold to spend on items, crafting allowed, but you MUST have the spells required, and the CL required, you may only save up to 55,000 gold in your crafting. (giving you the equivalent of 305,000 gold to spend) no more than 50% of your wealth spent on one item without my approval.

Races: only use the races I have listed and described above.

Classes: all paizo classes except summoner, unchained is in use as are unchained skills, signature skill will remain unchanged.

3pp: warlord/stalker/warden from path of war, DragonRider, and Machinesmith, oh and Master Chemist is allowed. Others may be allowed if you can provide a link for me.

Not allowed: Psionics, as they don't particularly fit with my world, and the new occult stuff as I don't have the rules for them.

2 traits, 1 drawback for an additional trait if desired.

No templates. Its just too much of a hassle in my opinion and can add elements that break things.

Dieties: Eberron and Galorian deities can be used, however their importance is lessened in this world. Well, at least it would be at the start of the entire game, for now people would likely be turning back to them.

If you have any questions are want more information on a race or nation please just ask. I am also fine with you creating your own city/town/extremely small kingdom as I can work them into the game easily.

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Hey folks! I'm looking to see if there is any interest in a one shot homebrew I made.

Small background to peek interest::

The Continent of Azalia has been under siege, an undead legion from the north, and demon horde from the south lead simultaneous assaults against the land. The races, and kingdoms, long fractured and fueding fell. One by one great nations collapsed to the seemingly unstoppable assaults. Kings and rulers always sure in their own sbility, and that it was the other kingdoms own weakness for their fall. Finally, after 65% of the nation had fallen, The nations finally chose to stand together. However, it seems to be too late. Even the united efforts were pushed back, battle after battle was lost. Then, a group of hero's rose from the ranks leading them to victories, which only drew out great demons and undead generals, beasts of untold power and magic. Can the hero's lead their remaining people to victory? Or will they fall to horde.

There may yet be another hope, for it does not seem the two great hordes are working together....

Just checking interest so no real character rules, save it will be a gestalt game starting around level 15, and could see a level up or two. Oh, no psioncs unfortunately, and no occult as I don't have the rules for them.

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Hey all, very simple question here, just want to know the amount of interest there would be for a level 12 one shot using the Iconic characters.

Silver Crusade

Hey guys, I have a new player that was looking for a "storm lord" of sorts someone that controls the weather and uses it to smite his enemies. Almost akin to Storm from X-men. I looked around a bit and decided that the Druid would best serve this. (wizards/sorcerers lacking flavor and a lot of spells, with clerics only getting access to them 1/day)

SO, because this will be his first game, I made up the following character and would like some insight on it. The players I play with are fairly powerful. (Ok, REALLY powerful) so I don't want him to feel "useless"

We are at level 13, with slightly above average wealth for him (couple of players have the craft items feats)

27 pt buy- (after level increases)
Reactionary, Magical Lineage
Str: 12
Dex: 16 (20)
Con: 14 (18)
Int: 12
Wis: 22 (28)
Cha: 07

HP: 160 (using full HD)
AC: 28 T: 19 FF: 21
Fort: + 17
Ref: + 14
Will: + 22
Initiative: +7

1- Improved Initiative, Spell focus Evocation
3- spell penetration
5- Natural spell
7- Greater spell penetration
9- Dodge
11- Empower spell
13- Greater spell focus Evocation

Domains: Weather, Air

Permanency Spells: Dark vision, see invisibility, Arcane Sight, Aura Sight (20k)

Equipment: (Gave him 190k to spend on items, some of this he requested.)
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6 36k
Belt of Physical Might +4 40k
Bracers of Armor +6 36k
Amulet of Natural armor +2 8k
Ring of Sustenance 2500
Ring of Protection +3
Cloak of Resistance +5 25k

Spell DC's:X/Y (y= spell focus spells)
1st- 20/22
2nd- 21/23
3rd- 22/24
4th- 23/25
5th- 24/26
6th- 25/27
7th- 26/28


Silver Crusade

Okay. So for fun, after finishing a campaign. We are doing a level 20, full power gauntlet run. We were told its a one off, where we make the strongest level 20 characters we can make. And they run a gauntlet of continuous combats until they are dead, only one is left standing, or they run out of monsters to fight.

Stipulations- no spells involving divine intervention, no wish spells, no 3pp, no occultists.

I wanted to make a Mr. Hyde for this, edit: clarification, alchemist+mutagen so. How should I go about it? Show me the best builds you guys can muster!

25pt buy. Core+featured races only.

1 round of rest after defeating each monster/monsters

Silver Crusade

Here is the build- questions I had were what would a good class be for the cohort, and the 3rd level follower. Also if I read correctly, monstrous physique stacks with mutagen, so I could activate MPII down my mutagen, morph into a Girtabilu and have the following attacks
Bite, claw, claw, (mutagen) pincer, pincer, tail. I would get grab from MP, and for my beastmorph selections, pounce, rake, and whatever other two were best in the situation. (Flight most likely) and. With str. Bonuses I would gain +10 (6 mutagen, 4 PMII).

Seems pretty scary. Any suggestions on which potions should be used/when? I'm going for a potion hoarder as well.


Half orc alchemist (mind chemist/beastmorph) alt racial- sacred Tatoo, shamans apprentance
Ability scores after racials and level bonuses stats in ( ) are after other modifiers
Str 20 (24)
Dex 14 (18)
Con 12 (16)
Int 18 (22)
Wis 12 (16)
Cha 08
traits: fates favored, accelerated drinker
1- throw anything, die hard, Iron will
3- additional discovery
5- Power attack
7- additional discovery
9- additional discovery
11- additional discovery
13- additional discovery
15- leadership
2- mutagen
3- feral mutagen
4- spontaneous healing
6- wings
7- breath weapon bomb
8- fast bombs
9- blinding bomb
10- enhance potion
11- force bombs
12- greater mutagen
14- extend potion
HP: 145 AC:22/28 (32/38) T:15 (20)FF:18 (24/30) (7 armor, 4 dex, 1 deflection)
saves: (assuming Orchid drop is up)
Fort: +21
Ref: +23
Will: +20
Bomb(22/day): +18 Vs touch
Damage: 8d6+8
Bite: +25/+22
Damage: 1d8+17/26
Claw: +25/+22
Damage: 1d6+12/20
Magic gear (205k)
Amulet of mighty fists (+3) 36000g
Belt of physical perfection +4 64000g
headband mental prowess +4 (Int/Wis) 40000g
Cloak of resistance +5 25000g
Vest of stable muttation 20000g
+3 chain shirt 9000g
Ring of protection +1 2000g
Ring of sustenance 2500g
Hibyrdization vial
Bag of holding III -7500
(first time I have created my own potions, if I read correctly I only pay half the base cost of the Potion, but can set it at my caster level for no extra charge )
Potion of barkskin (+5) x2 1200g
Potion of enlarge person x2 100g
Potion of undetectable alignment x2 300g
Potion of cure serious wounds x10 3250g
Potion of Fly x2 1500g
Potion of invisibility x2 1200g
Potion of see invisibility x2 300g
Potion of water breathing x2 1200g
Potion of Shield x2 50g
Potion of invisibility alarm x2 50g
Potion of detect secret doors x2 50g
Potion of endure elements x4 100g
Potion of heightened awareness x2 50g
Potion of keen senses x4 100g
Potion of detect thoughts x2 1200g
Potion of enshroud thoughts x2 1200g
Potion of blur x2 1200g
Potion of greater magic fang x2 2250g
Potion of delay disease x2 300g
Potion of lesser restoration x6 900g
Potion of amplify elixer x4 3000g
Potion of magical sight x2 750g
Potion of endure elements communal x2 750g
Potion of Haste x1 -750g
Potion of non detection x2 750g
Potion of remove curse x2 2250g
Potion of remove disease x2-2250g
Potion of Tongues x2 750g
Potion of ant hual x3 150g
Potion of magic fangx 2 50g
Potion of stoneskin x2 1250g
Potion of thorn skin x2 750
(Still a Work in progress )
Total cost as of right now: 25k
Skills: 4+int/level (10/level)
Perception- 15
Craft alchemy- 10
Know. Arcana-5
Know. nature-8
Know. Religion-8
Know. Geography -8
Know. planes -8
know. Engineering -5
Know. Local-8
Know. Dungeoneering-8
Know. History-8
Spellcraft- 10
Sleight of hand-10
Sense motive-14
Ride -5
1st Level 7/day
Long arm
Ant haul
Heightened awareness
Keen senses
Cure light wounds
Enlarge person
Magic fang
Detect secret doors
Endure elements
Alchemist bomb admixture
2nd level 7/day
alchemic allocation
Enshroud thought
3rd level 7/day
amplify elixir
Orchids drop
Cure serious wounds
Greater magic fang
Magical sight
Remove curse
Remove disease
Water breathing Fly
Thorn skin
4th level 5/day
Greater invisibility
Universal formula
Monstrous physique II
Caustic blood
5th level 4/day
Delayed consumption
Spell resistance
Monstrous physique III
Planar adaptation
Scrolls read (scribe cost 950g) (total: 5000g)
Delay disease -150g
Remove Curse- 375g
Lesser restoration -25g
Fly- 375g
Tongues- 150
Nondetection- 150g
Resist energy - 150g
water breathing- 375g
Detect thoughts- 150g
Magical sight- 375g
Tongues- 375g
Greater magical fang- 375g
Caustic blood -700g
Stoneskin- 700g
Planar adaptation-700g

Silver Crusade

So, my last character died in a heoric sacrifice, and I am allowed to make a new character at -1 level (11) the party has most of the main roles covered so I decided I wanted to try an alchemist, and I made him very much a secondary everything. He can mix it up in melee, be a ranged threat, or even work as a buffer/healer. Here's the build

Alchemist, mind chemist/internal alchemist

Level 11

Elf, lightbringer, dark vision alt. Racials.
Stats after racial mods and level increases
Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 20
Wis: 12
Cha: 07

1- throw anything
3- additional discovery
5- additional discovery
7- additional discovery
9- additional discovery
11- additional discovery

2- Mutagen
3- feral mutagen
4- healing bombs
5- precise bombs
6- wings
7- fast bombs
8- combine extracts
9- breath bombs
10- explosive bombs
11- force bombs

At 12 I will be taking the greater mutagen.

Thoughts on this? The idea is for him to always contribute in fights, (easily done here) and to always have something useful for 'skill' challenges. And out of / after combat situation's.

The main stay here is Int, followed by Str/dex for melee oriented combat. Bumping con is a need to.

Silver Crusade

Hey guys, I'm pretty stumped here, I really want to make this guy, (with slight revisions) a "side" BBEG in my campaign. Prob around a CR19-20 encounter on his own is my hope.

Here is the main idea -


So quite literally an undead, insane, sadistic jailer with a chain fetish.

Now, things I think would work well with the concept-

Illusion magic-, this could work well with his 'driving souls mad' shtick

Summoning- of course, him summoning the souls that he has broken over the centuries to fight for/with him would be awesome.

Martial prowess- he needs at least moderate martial power, enough to wield a chained kama and be able to smack/trip/pull people around.

Is there an item in pathfinder that could collect souls? I know i could make one, but if there is on already...

What class should I make him? I will be using the graveknight template, and probably the advanced template on him after I finish him to represent his death.

Dont let me down guys! I want the strongest, sickest, most twisted ideas/builds you can throw at me.

Silver Crusade

Hey all! I had an idea for a character that resembles two fictional characters I know of, with my own little personal twist.

The characters are
BRAUM, from the moba leauge of legends

And of course, you all know and love him,

Armstrong! From full metal alchemist!.

Now, I want to capture the essence and spirit of them not just in RP, but mechaniclly as well, my first thought was a monk, and, if I was basing the character purely off Armstrong, a tetori monk would I make. However, because I want to encorparate a shield into the character (eventually nicknamed unbreakable) I had to look elsewhere, and what did I find?

Sacred shield, not only that, but it meshes so well with the idea of the character willingly taking hits that would fell most other party members for them but he just keeps chugging. I like coupling this with warrior of the holy light as well.

So, we have a character, that not only provides his shield bonus to others, (and smacks enemies around with said shield) but can provide a pure, flat -50% damage to everyone withing 5/10/20ft (at specific levels, also, note this works on any damage, AoE, etc...) Plus, he gives large bonuses to some.of the more disruptive save or suck spell

Sure, this isnt the paladin that is smiting the big bad, hes the one protecting his friends from the big bad.(while still doing considarible amounts of shield bashing, not to mentions you can pick up TWF if you wish.)

Does anyone else (useing non-3rd party sources) have any ideas for an effective tank/support character.

Silver Crusade

Hey all! I wanted to make Kenichi and need help! the rules-

starting from level 1 all the way through 20. Would you mutliclass?

25pt buy

I was thinking either monk or Brawler but am unsure.

Silver Crusade

Hey folks! Here to ask for some input and thoughts on figuring out what I want to do with this monk.

Race- Orc or half orc. Those are the limits, 25pt buy.

What I have narrowed it down to- half-orc , orphaned by giants and "adopted" by a shaman, to everyone's surprise he still lives, and while his strength is somewhat less than his half-brothers, he uses his wisdom and insight to survive and thrive in the tribe.

Want to emphasis the premise of showing his "orc" by literally beating down his opponents bare-handed. So I'd ask to stick with unarmed strikes/maneuvers.

Martial artist with possibility of brawler 3- what DR?

Maneuver Master (judo master)- Tripping god, can trip/throw giants with relative ease. Dirty trick as secondary maneuver.

Master of many styles 2/brawler X- full on beat down?

Far strike monk- While nor "unarmed" I am curious to this archetype and will consider it. Specifically due to the fact that giants have... quite a bit of reach.

Silver Crusade

Hey folks, I was wondering if anything like this has been done.

I want to make a ranking system of the biggest, baddest, strongest/scariest monsters in the bestiary using paizo and any other official/3pp (non deity level) monsters, and straight from the book CR.

obvious contenders are-
Pit fiend

but my bestiary knowledge is limited and so I seek others!

atm, I just want a good top 10-15 of the scariest monsters in the book (mechanically speaking)

maybe one day we will make a list of the top 10 strongest monsters in the beastiary for each CR, (or at least, a range of CRs) but for now, let's just focus on the baddest of the bad :p

To do this I would like to set up monster battles, as of now.

we have the above monsters, they need to battle it out in a series of 1v1s to determine their ranking.

Ravener vs Solar
Ravener vs Tarrasque
Ravener vs Pit Fiend

Pit fiend vs Solar
Pit Fiend vs Tarrasque

Solar Vs Tarrasque

Silver Crusade

As stated, a friend of mine from a game wants to play a bard based on the whip and maneuvers, Its a pirate setting and we start at level 3 luckily.

Lots of ship time on the water, and urban environments, Probably low end amount of dungeons, I am taking a guess but I imagine a tropical Island to be in the setting as well.

archetype thoughts? (he is looking over sea singer) personally I've never been to fond of whip users, (be they pirate, drow priestess or otherwise) so I've not got much insight for him.

Silver Crusade

Hey all!

stats are-
18, 17, 17, 16, 14, 08

level 3, however, we don't start out full gestalt. (an in game occurrence will make us gestalt full) so, I will be 1/2 (swash(inspired blade)/bard)

I want to be a frontliner, and have placed my stats as such-
Thinking human for +1 spell per level(sooooo gooooood)

str:08, Dex: 20(18+2), con: 16, Int: 17, wis: 14, Cha: 17

now my question is, which archetype for bard would be better,

Archeologist (only downside is losing ALL performance, and only 7 rounds of the luck bonus a day, (10 with maestro of the society) and lingering performance helps with it. ) and net gain is 1 less than normal performance.

Arcane duelist- some free feats, some good, others meh. nifty performance to replace ones I've never really used or seen used.

thoughts? (note, the dervish of dawn is out, as even though it doubles the performance bonuses, I'd rather not play another "faith" character)

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

After a large discussion with some RL friends of mine about the bard, they seemed to reach a consensus that it is an insanely powerful class if for no other reason than its customizability

Save perhaps a cleric/druid/wizard I feel like the bard is one of the strongest/best classes to choose from.

The customization offered to the bard through archetypes and other things can lead to some very powerful characters.

Even compared to a full wizard a bard can hold his own IMO.

What are some of your thoughts on the bard? Is it true, does the bard prance around singing "anything you can do I can do better" (particularly to Martial classes)

Or is the class overhyped?

Silver Crusade

can a handful of brave men and women stop an army???...

Hey folks, I'm making a character for a homebrew game, and while I normally don't do this, I would like to ask what you folks think about this characters background/personality, and if you had any suggestions to help tighten it up so to speak. I'm not quite finished adding bits, but I thought I'd go ahead and see if I could get any responses. Its all in this Alias.

Silver Crusade

Ok, so I am creating a ninja, (applicant to a game)due to certain flavor aspects. I can be a fletchling so I thought I'd try the class out.

our stats were rolled for us, and got to choose, I chose


Any thoughts on how to help me build a guy from that? I've never made a ninja before.

Silver Crusade

Is there a feat that gives you charisma to will saves?

Silver Crusade

What would a better archetype be for a caster/blaster druid in a heavy elemental setting?

Silver Crusade

Does Intensify spell work will call lightning? if so, how does it?

Silver Crusade

What would the best archetype be for a primary focused Blaster druid?

Stormlord? mooncaller? Base druid? Tempest druid?

my stats are-(rolled, and boy, did I roll)
Pre race modifier
Str: 16
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 18
Cha: 09

I know I will be good at just about whatever I want here... but.. lets focus on the "caster" part.

summoning/blasting and some shape-shifting every so often for fun.

The only dislike I see with the storm druid is they trade away A thousand faces.

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