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tikiwaka wrote:

I just recently purchased the pathfinder adventure card game core set along with the curse of the crimson throne expansion. While playing I’m running into a few problems that some cards to specify too clearly what they mean.

Kobold horde says “if not defeated by at least 4, suffer 1 ranged combat damage.” Does this mean I have to beat it by 4 over the required combat check? Or that if my roll is 4 lower than the required combat check I take the damage?

Kobold sorcerer says “if the check to defeat does not have the attack trait, and you succeed, re roll.” I don’t have a clue what an attack trait is, I couldn’t find it listed on any card or the rule book. As such if I don’t have an attack trait on the check do I just constantly re roll until I fail or does his power only happen once?

Lastly, I’m on the adventure welcome to Belhaim: Scenario 1C: The wizard’s estate. I’m informed that at the end of my move step I need to encounter a random eldritch story bane depending on my roll. I looked all through my story bane cards and could not find any of them with a eldritch label on it. Am I possibly missing cards at all?

You try to defeat the Kobold horde like normal. Then you see if you not only defeated it, but defeated it by at least 4 more. So if your check was like just 2 over, then the card is still defeated, but you take 1 ranged combat damage.

Attack trait appears on certain spells like Lightning Touch. If your using a weapon, for instance, and make the check to defeat, then reroll once and take the new result.
Look on the back of one of the wildcards for the list of Eldritch banes.

I stand corrected.

Alex319 wrote:
My copy of the Core Set seems to be missing the Drained scourge. Can anyone tell me what it does?

On your checks, subtract 1 for each die rolled. At the end of your turn, you may bury a Divine boon to remove this scourge.

Not nice.

If your Diplomacy is Charisma +2, then a Diplomacy check is also a Charisma check.

Alex319 wrote:
Suppose that I use a Spyglass to examine the top two cards of my location, and one of them is the "Evidence" story bane, which gets encountered when examined. Suppose that I fail the check against this bane so it gets shuffled back in. Does it get shuffled in before I resolve the "put the two cards back on top in any order" on Spyglass (so I will get to retrieve the Evidence from wherever it got shuffled in and put it back on top?) Or do I resolve the rest of the Spyglass first (in which case the Evidence will end up shuffled into the deck?) Or does the Spyglass "lose track" of the Evidence when it gets shuffled in so I can't replace it (but will still replace the other card?)

I think the rule is “finish what you’re doing.” So, finish the encounter and shuffle Evidence in and then examine your second card, which is now the top card.

Seem to recall this question was answered before in Mummy’s Mask.

jimthegray wrote:

while i have had the game for a while an upcoming con cruise is about to give me the chance to play at least a few games with people other them me for a change & i was wondering what characters work well for a new player

i own the wraith of the rightious
and picked up on sale so far the following expansions
the evil deck 2
goblins burn

though have no issue picking up others.


I guess I would say that magic users, particularly ones that rely on magic for combat, can be tricky to play at first. The main thing though is that players find the character that speaks to them.

You picked probably the set that is most difficult to win scenarios so maybe check some of the threads that explain how to adjust for that.

Zhayne wrote:
I've been thinking about favored card types lately, and mostly ... why they're there. To date, I can't recall anybody feeling pleased if their opening hand doesn't include a weapon or spell. Is it intended as a drawback to have armor, item, ally, or blessing as your favored card? Or is it just for theme enforcement?

I think Lini would be unhappy without an Animal ally in her hand.

We have occasionally tried 7 players. We didn't add locations; instead we shuffled a random monster into each location to balance for having more resources.

Another thought I had was to divide the 8 locations for 6 players into 2 groups. pick a location from each group to be part of a "gate" that you have to go through to get to any location in the other group. Then flip two blessings each turn and have a player in each location take their turn at the same time. Maybe restrict helping at another location to your half of the locations (maybe the gate locations are adjacent too). Villains could still escape anywhere (they're fiendish like that). Dunno, but it's an idea to cut time waiting for your turn.

Ummm... what's Seelah's built in healing?

I think another important question to consider is: how is the blessings deck looking and do we have to start taking chances? I tend to play a little conservative in the beginning, maybe asking for a blessing to bump my chances up to smash that bane. Later in the scenario, especially if my character has a healthy deck, I know we have to keep cards for more explores.

Allies that I could recharge to help with a combat or discard to explore are good examples of this. Early on, I will maybe recharge that Saber-toothed Tiger to get a d6. Maybe I will get to use it again later. But as time runs short, a recharge can mean almost the same as a discard, so I maybe better hold back that card to explore again.

zeroth_hour2 wrote:

I'm interested in the expanding the PbP community as well. Have the people in BGG ever been interested in PbP Organized Play?

I guess I'm a person in BGG and would be interested in PbP organized play. I didn't sign up for this because I'm travelling the week it starts. Cartmanbeck, color me interested for the next time.

Vic Wertz wrote:

MM 6 shipped in March 2017, so even though we don't have a firm release date for the next set right now, I *can* definitively say there will not be a new AP box before March 2018.

I see a glimmer there that there is some planning for a "next set." Maybe, pretty please, we can keep getting some crumbs about the next AP, even if it doesn't release until maybe summer 2018.

Peter Garnett wrote:
So which path will be next after MM please?

Pretty sure that you won't get that kind of news dropped into a forum thread. It's always been saved for PaizoCon. But we can speculate all we like!

Longshot11 wrote:

I'm curious - is there a character that actually uses Fortitude for combat? In any of the CDs maybe?

A while back, I helped someone playtest a homebrew geomancer that used Fortitude for combat checks. Pretty soon, we figured out that she really wanted the Amulet of Fortitude.

You typically don't have to use player powers. But it doesn't say "you may add," so, unless there's a problem of it not fitting in the space, I would say yes, add the Perception every time.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


If it's an add-on to a closed location then it could be something like Letter of Marque in Skull and Shackles. Our Ranzak player loved that card ...

James McKendrew wrote:

I didn't figure it'd be a location, since you can't just shuffle those in and use them in any game... You'd have to use it for homebrew scenarios.

Since hypogeum is an underground temple, maybe it's a location *inside* a location; an optional side trip that you shuffle into another location and build it if you get to it.

Maybe since it doesn't say "you may immediately examine," that means that you can finish the encounter and then examine. Pretty sure that the intent wouldn't be to examine the card that you are already encountering!

Just to tag on to this post, could it be possible to get miniatures of some kind for Amhotep, Channa Ti, Drelm, and Simoun? Ordered the Reaper miniatures for Estra, Mavaro, and Yoon and have the nice Iconic Heroes for Alahazra, Damiel, Ezren, and Zadim.

And playmats would be nice, but maybe they don't sell fast?

Oof, in this thread, I argued that Alahazra could keep examining the same card over and over. Then, reading Hawkmoon's reasoning and listening to people I play with, it seemed like a card can only get scouted over and over if something else is happening in between. Now I'm not sure ...

First World Bard wrote:

Without comment on Mavaro, I will say that Adowyn has this ability with Leryn in Wrath, more or less.

So you're saying Adowyn can examine the same card over and over, just to recharge her hand? I don't know ...

Longshot11 wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Nah, 2d8 is enough."
Famous last words. *Especially* in the app...

2d8 is enough maybe if you have armor/Ring of Protection/Sihedron Medallion, etc. Having the ability to absorb the inevitable awful roll makes it easier for me to play less conservatively on kill vs. overkill.

Is this music?

Earlier in the thread, Vic gave us this:

Rulebook wrote:


Some cards require you to shuffle your character token into a location deck. You shouldn’t know where your token card is while you are shuffling. When your token is examined, encountered, or would be returned to the box or removed from the game, remove it from the location deck and place it at that location. While your token is in a location deck, you may explore, encounter cards, and play cards; you cannot move, and you must evade any banes you encounter.

So you don't lose your turn, but you can't move and you apparently just shuffle monsters and barriers that you encounter back into the location. Until you or another player encounter your token card. And NO PEEKING while you shuffle.

ryric wrote:

Theoretically, you could have a barrier with no text at all that would simply shuffle back into the deck if undefeated, wasting your explore. That would be kind of boring and a little confusing so I doubt we'll ever see such a barrier.

True, there are no barriers that are just blank. But there are barriers that have no specific penalty when undefeated, eg. Monster in the Closet.

Also, we haven't seen a monster with no text.

Hi, can you cancel my subscription for the Adventure Card Game please? thank you

KS_brkfst wrote:
Am I missing something about Yoon? No melee, ranged, arcane, or divine skill that helps her in combat. I guess she is just adding her first power (recharge a blessing to add fortitude and fire to combat check) to strength or dexterity rolls? I feel like I'm not getting the whole story on this character

If she has something like a Light Crossbow, she can reveal it to use her Dexterity plus a d8. Then recharge a Blessing and she gets another d10 + 2. So 2d8 + d10 + 2. Not too shabby, especially since it adds the Fire trait which could get you even more dice against some monsters. And if she needs to, she can even discard more cards to get more oomph.

James McKendrew wrote:
Theryon Stormrune wrote:
jones314 wrote:
With all the nasty triggers, will there be any added incentives to examine cards or is it just nerfing oracles, spyglasses, etc.?
Luckily, it only includes nerfing.
I may not be understanding the initial question, but I would point out that some cards (like the Blessing of Bastet, for example), rather than giving you a straight-forward explore, give you a Shalelu-like ability to examine the top card of the deck, and then (with varying degrees of "optional") encounter it. This will, indeed, trigger triggers.

I guess my original question was this: this set now has disincentives for scouting with the triggers (mostly bad, but not all bad, kinda like barriers). So are there counterbalancing benefits to examining? Are there more rewards to scouting to match the new risk?

I notice that Zadim has a very strong scouting ability, recharging any card.

Yeah, it seems that maybe since your token card gets shuffled into the location deck that in effect, your character is in there. So you can't move until your character or another character explores and finds your token card? Crazy.

I am really excited to get this. My group is already talking about it. With all the nasty triggers, will there be any added incentives to examine cards or is it just nerfing oracles, spyglasses, etc.?

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Googam wrote:

Oloch's first power seems very good if I'm reading it right.

A character at oloch's location fights some horrorbeastie but fails the check, they then discard to evade before any damage would be taken, yeah? Then oloch greatswords it into little chunks of horrorbeastie meat.

I am not sure they avoid the damage. It basically lets them evade in the resolve the encounter step, which is after you take damage for failing the check to defeat.

Really hate to disagree with Hawkmoon but "would fail to defeat" means that actually the monster could still be defeated. Seems to me that you take damage if the monster is undefeated and that's not the case yet. But a clarification would help, for sure.

You'd be surprised by what kinds of useful things you can find in a decent set of thieves' tools. A crowbar has also been known to be useful against the Merchant's Daughter. Don't worry if it doesn't make thematic sense; better to try to come up with imaginative reasons why the cards work as they do.

Orbis Orboros wrote:
Rita's hand size feats on her Runaway Bride role go directly from [ ]7 to []9, skipping 8. Is this a typo?

"Runaway" hand size.

Cubert Farnsworth wrote:
And just to make sure that I have a perfect understanding for this for example the henchman poison trap check to defeat is dexterity disable if I have Harsk using his dexterity he can only use the d8 not his ranged +3 bonus is that correct

Skills derived from other skills, like Harsk's Dexterity +3 for Ranged, are separate skills. So it's irrelevant that Harsk has a Ranged skill when he is trying to defeat a Poison Trap. His options are Dexterity or Disable. Since he doesn't have the Disable skill, if he chose that, he would only get a d4. Probably Harsk wants to use his Dexterity and get a d8. But maybe he has a card like Masterwork Tools that adds to his Disable checks, then he might use Disable. But not Ranged.

Cubert Farnsworth wrote:
The location Apothecary says to close it you have to succeed at an intelligence or craft 6 check. Ezren has a D12 intelligence, but cannot he not use his Arcane Intelligence bonus +2 or does it specifically have to say Arcane as part of the checks.

He only gets his Arcane bonus when it's an Arcane check.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
If you're permanently closing, then just the character closing. If you're temp closing, then each character at the location gets a chance to temp close.

Just to be picky, that's until someone succeeds. For instance, at the Manor House if someone succeeds, the other characters don't get to try and acquire a random ally.

Sanctum wrote:
When Closing: Banish a card that has the Corrupted trait.

This is the way the large majority of locations are worded. Only the character doing the closing has to do the requirement.

Gray Garrison wrote:
When Closing: Each character at this location must summon and defeat the henchman Cultist of Deskari

A few locations are like this where it's explicitly stated "each character at this location."

Torture Chamber wrote:
When Closing: Each character is dealt 1 Mental damage that may not be reduced.

And here it means all characters anywhere.

Since you have Skull & Shackles, another fun accessory would be to pick up on Ebay a little ship figure to use as the active player marker (or to mark where the ship is anchored in those scenarios). There was a constructible ship game a few years back so a lot of those are available.

Our group doesn't do a lot of RP, but the key thing, I think, is to roll with what the cards give you. And if you're not sure what to do, ask "what would [insert character] do?" Sometimes the less than optimal choice is the more fun choice.

Good luck!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
This thread is also falling under the Website Feedback forum instead of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game General Discussion forum for some reason.

More goblin mischief, no doubt.

You may only attempt to close the location that the henchman came from. Summoned henchmen come from the box, so defeating them doesn't let you try to close the location you're at.

If you use the Rapier card to determine what skill you will use, then it automatically adds all its traits to the check. Other cards you might use to influence the check don't add their traits. So you would add a d4 to your check. Adding to the check makes it easier (when you assemble your dice, add a d4). Some cards make checks more difficult by saying "add to the difficulty."

In the latest adventure path, Wrath of the Righteous, a rule was added to make it impossible to automatically defeat a villain (I think). Probably someone will explain that shortly.

edit: ninja'd!

danglading wrote:

Does discarding an animal card to activate Lini's 2nd power (use a d12 for Str or Dex) count as discarding it for its power, and therefore triggers her 1st power to allow you to shuffle that card back into her deck instead of discarding it?

I assume the answer is 'no', and that her first power only triggers when you use the animal ally for one of the powers printed on that particular card, but I'm not positive.

You assume correctly. Lini is really good, but not that good.

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Mike Selinker wrote:

We had so much fun working on the goblin not-quite-class decks that it made some sense to take some time and figure out what new and interesting things we can do. Now that we're almost done with Mummy's Mask, we'll be brainstorming new ideas for PACG Real Soon Now™.

Just throwing this out there, since you will be thinking up ideas, how about a not-quite-class deck with playable Orik, Ameiko, and Shalelu? You could put in cards that the Bard, Fighter, Ranger decks need to make the original class decks more viable. Even though you would need other decks to play one of these characters in organized play, I think that such a deck would sell and maybe make some people give those original class decks another look.

1. Yes, Bruthazmus should have the Goblin trait, there's an FAQ on that, I think.

2. Not sure about that.

3. Seoni doesn't have to reset her hand after the villain is defeated and has no place to go. The rule book spells out the steps which end with doing the when permanently closed bit on the location. Only if the location said something like discard the top card of your deck would you have to worry about defeating the villain and then dying.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Huh. I can see the image both in the blog and via the link even when not signed in or when incognito.

C'mon, you think the Paizo computers don't always know you're Hawkmoon?

Another thing about starting locations: some locations have unwanted effects if you move there. Like the Temple says you have to discard a card. But if you start there, you haven't moved there, so you don't have to discard a card. We usually try to look at all the locations before we start to see if there are any like that where it would be good for the party if we put somebody there to start.

Iammars wrote:
I agree that Gom-Gom should be a card.

Maybe, a cohort, I hope the trend started in Wrath continues.

Tyler Michael wrote:

Sorry about that. I am still learning it is overwhelming my first card game and trying it by myself. Lots of characters I was playing with to try to learn what they do.


I'm sure James was just making a friendly correction. The people on this board are nearly uniformly nice and most seem to like answering rules questions.

Welcome and good luck!

Irgy wrote:

As a corollary, if you've only got one blessing it's often better to spend it on the "close a location" check than the "defeat the henchman" check ;)

So long as you're wearing good armour anyway...

I might agree, if the henchman is the last or maybe next to last card. Because, of course, if you don't defeat the henchman, you don't get a chance to close early. And even if the henchman is the last card, somebody has to defeat him to empty the deck so that you can try to close.

I like the flavor of this character, especially the first power. The power to recharge to reduce damage seems pretty strong. Combine that with the ability to add a d12 to Strength and Constitution checks and maybe there's a balance issue (since Melee for this character is Strength-based, you could drop that). Maybe playtest it a bit to see.

I don't understand the move ability of the Wanderer of the North. Since the move phase is right before your first exploration, what's the point of another chance to move? The barrier evading thing seems overworked. Maybe just say that you can discard a card to evade a barrier.

The Executioner role seems straightforward, although the last two powers could possibly be toned down.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Feral wrote:
Does Obsidian plan on releasing a PC/Mac version?
I am also curious about this. After Tuesday's blog, I really want to buy the game. But I just decided to buy a house. I can't justify spending $200+ on a tablet for one game.

I just bought an Android 9" tablet for $80 just for the game and it works great. I have also seen similar for as little as $55. Some might consider even that too much, though if you already have the game.

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