What Are Your Favorite Sorcerer(and Bloodrager) Bloodlines?

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what are your favorite sorcerer and/or bloodrager bloodlines?

I really like aquatic, celestial, draconic, fey, phoenix, unicorn, and verdant.

Sovereign Court

For Sorcerer:
Marid for damage conversion to cold and an unlimited use level 9 that deals damage and blinds.
Orc for flat damage, inherent bonus to Str, and Immunity to fear.
Ghoul for claws that paralyze and burrow.

For Bloodrager:
Arcane for all the buffs.
Aberrant for reach and immunity to sickened/nauseated (see this flawed ioun stone for rage cycling).

Scarab Sages

Arcane: The descriptive text is my favorite.
Unicorn: Healing spells.
Imperious: Partially the flavour text, partially the no need to eat, sleep and immunity to level drain.
Elemental: Immunity to crit/precision damage for a mythic being.

I have a fondness for Draconic and Fey both with Demonic/Abyssal a close third. More for the character background ideas that come to my head than the mechanics involved.

Sorcerer Bloodlines:
Phoenix - Healing with Fire spells is just fun, and very amusing.
Orc - An excellent bloodline to pick up on any Martial focused character via Eldritch Heritage... not quite as good for the Sorcerer themselves though...
Elemental - Lots of fun abilities... immunities, immunity bypassing, improved mobility, ability to make any elemental spell your element... what's not to like about this one?
Arcane - The perfect fall-back bloodline for any sorcerer without a specific theme in mind.

Bloodrager Bloodlines:
Abyssal - Free enlarge person on bloodrage and a stronger bloodrage? Sign me up
Hag - Improved bloodrage bonuses... worth a crossblooded dip...
Fey - Confusion on Crit, Charging through difficult terrain, Blur when moving, automatic Haste, Bane... this bloodline is just full of delicious goodies.

Draconic - Who doesn't enjoy the Draconic Bloodline?

Arcane & Shadow - I got to take that as a Crossblooded dip for my Pact Exploiter Wizard, who had the Bloodline Development Exploit. One true master of illusion and shadow Magic was born that day

For bloodrager I really like the medusa and sphinx bloodlines. Also like draconic, wish there was a giant bloodline. I bet a lot of you guys wish this one got the orc bloodline as well.

For sorc: arcane, draconic, sage, empyrial, abyssal or orc for that extra str, psychic.

Dragon78 wrote:
I bet a lot of you guys wish this one got the orc bloodline as well.

You have no idea how much I wish they had included the Orc bloodline for Bloodragers... I ended up picking it up through Eldritch heritage on my Bloodrager because it’s just that good for a martial... and being in a mythic campaign meant I could take Mythic Eldritch Heritage to forego the rest of the feat chain...

Never read mythic heritage but then again my party never uses those rules.

Well it is a shame that bloodrager and sorcerer had all the same bloodlines.

Dragon78 wrote:
Well it is a shame that bloodrager and sorcerer had all the same bloodlines.

Something of a pain in the ass that they don't, given that if they multiclass they have to pick the same bloodline.

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Sorry, meant to say "...it is a shame that bloodrager and sorcerer didn't have all the same bloodlines."

I love Unicorn and Phoenix, but my little ratfolk Arcane Trickster will be using Eldritch Heritage: Shadow to get Shadow Well. So sweet.

Scarab Sages

Sadly I normally play arcanists so I don't get the spells with unicorn and I can't select crossblooded for arcane/elemental or Imperious/Elemental. Though to be fair the abilities I want for elemental/imperious are both at the same lvl so I'd need to pick one or other. Maybe get a genrous GM who gives me all the powers as I don't get the spells.

Dragon78 wrote:
Sorry, meant to say "...it is a shame that bloodrager and sorcerer didn't have all the same bloodlines."

So I noticed when Bloodrager first came out -- what's up with that, anyway?

For Sorcerer Bloodlines (including those picked up using Eldritch Heritage), I like this guide, even though it's out of date, so that I can pick whatever is most appropriate for the application.

For Bloodrager Bloodlines, I like Aberrant for Reach (and it works better for this than the Sorcerer version, which doesn't let you take Attacks of Opportunity at the extra distance).

I really enjoyed playing an Impossible Bloodline sorcerer in Iron Gods.

I would enjoy playing in Iron Gods in general but convincing our DM will be the issue. He is not a fan of the Sci-Fi stuff in D&D/Pathfinder.

The Impossible bloodline does fit, but the Nanite one really fits that AP.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Sorry, meant to say "...it is a shame that bloodrager and sorcerer didn't have all the same bloodlines."
So I noticed when Bloodrager first came out -- what's up with that, anyway?

Best guess is that during the playtest, which had the same default bloodlines, you couldn't multiclass between hybrid classes and their parent classes. This meant "If the bloodrager takes levels in another class that grants a bloodline, the bloodlines must be the same type" wasn't very likely to come up (if it was even in the playtest version) so there was no incentive to ensure multiclassing between Bloodrager and Sorcerer was easy.

Past the initial Bloodrager bloodlines, it seems largely a case of Sorcerer being more popular and thus better supported than its parent. Only Black Blood and Sphinx (and technically Hag, but Accursed is the same thing just with a different name) are Bloodrager only.

The Medusa bloodline is also Bloodrager only.

And then you have weird pairs like Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer (which should have been an archetype but is described as a normal Bloodline) and Id Rager Bloodrager (which is described as an archetype).

Technically bloodlines are archetypes and the only archetypes I want for sorcerers.

^In 1st Edition, not really -- they are more like Cleric Domains (standard class features leave a big INSERT PLUGIN HERE space) . . . except that the Wildblooded Bloodlines are described as being archetypes after all, which makes for a horrible mess.

Liberty's Edge

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Sylvan sorcerer for an animal companion with mirror image, animal growth, and all those delicious personal polymorph spells like Beast Shape and Form of the Dragon.

The Salamander bloodline is extremely flavorful and very underrated.

^How did I miss that one? If you want to lead an army with the best equipment, this is for you. Unfortunately, Dwarves don't make very good Sorcerers except by using the Empyreal Bloodline, which due to being Wildblooded is incompatible with this one (Cross-Blooded won't let you do it).

This one would also be pretty good to take with Eldritch Heritage and Improved Eldritch Heritage, since the 1st and 3rd level Bloodline Powers are actually the good ones (unlike most Sorcerer Bloodlines).

Of course, this one is too new for Magic in the Blood to have it.

There are a lot bloodlines all over the place, a lot them deserved to get printed in a hardcover book...or at least a compilation in a softcover book or something.

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I wish they would have done a Sorcerer Unchained -- not so much to fix the Sorcerer chassis, but to reorganize and balance the Bloodlines.

I would have liked to have an unchained sorcerer as well...along with several other classes.

So anyone have a favorite bloodline arcana? Any specific bloodline power(s)?

Anyone actually play as a 20th level as a sorcerer to take advantage of the 20 cap bloodline power (or at least 16th with the robe of arcane heritage)?

^Quite a number of decent Bloodline Arcana to choose from, but I'm afraid if I rated one as tops, I would be missing something. Not easy to get through all of them.

For Bloodline Powers, Salamander is uncommon for having both of its first two powers actually be good if Crafting is what you're into. Ghoul is uncommon for having a "Claws"-series 1st level power that is actually good (although it would normally be better on a martial or semi-martial type with Eldritch Heritage than on an actual Sorcerer), and its accompanying 3rd level power is not terrible.

If you want to be a combat Sorcerer, the 9th level Bloodline Powers of Abyssal, Brutal, and Orc are awesome, but unfortunately the Sorcerer archetype (Eldritch Scrapper) that would otherwise be best equipped to take advantage out of these trades out the 9th level Bloodline Power. Booooo!

Scarab Sages

For a sorcerer (or other class that gets the spells) I do like unicorn which gives you a bunch of healing magic.

Senko, I also love that Unicorn bloodline gives you healing spells and a healing based arcana.

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