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Higher level versions of Second Skin.
Higher level version of Reconfigurable Clothing that can become any non-armored clothing desired. Something between it and the various illusion/hologram disguise options.

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One option is to pair the trilogy APs with more experimental APs of concepts that wouldn't necessarily support a full 1-20 campaign.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Is the plane Infinite, though? I know in 3.x and 4e settings they were, but I was under the impression that planes were not Infinite in PF (though arbitrarily large, relatively speaking, so it may kind of be a moot point for most).

"effectively limitless" is how Planar Adventures described it.

Diamonds are renewable in the real world, you can make them from the extremely common carbon, though the tech is a fair bit beyond what PF normally has.

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Well True Creation, Create Armaments and Limited Wish/Wish (which I forgot to list) are supposed to do that turning diamonds into whatever thing. With planar travel, diamonds are infinite in PF: The Plane of Earth is "effectively limitless" and filled with gems (The whole being infinite thing makes one question how they have value, but PF and economics don't mix).

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True Creation and Create Armaments can both turn diamonds into anything.

Fabricate, Create Armaments, or Pellet Blast with False Focus can create adamantine (or any material for the first two) from nothing.

Freehold DM wrote: poop is a valued item now?
Doctor Zoidberg wrote:
I've been making fine jewelry for years, apparently.

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Council of Thieves and Ruins of Azlant both had distinct parts and could have befitted from a split into two APs.

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Hexblade is a 3.5 class that, being from the same book that gave us the awful Samurai class, is only useful as a dip or prestige class entry. Duskblade is a much later class that did what Hexblade was trying to do but competently. Hexblade is also a 5E Warlock subclass.

Iron Collar of the Unbound Coven is another item that lets one form covens.

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PFSFG wrote:
Within the Repository’s walls, 66 tongueless criminals purchased from Absalom’s courts labor constantly under powerful geases to transcribe and illuminate approved reports from Pathfinders to produce new editions of the Pathfinder Chronicles for distribution around the world.

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Well it would be more underwater.

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Waterdeep is about ~9000 feet east to west and and ~15000 north to south and has water on both south and west (with south being the docks). Absalom is ~27600 w/e and ~23000 n/s, and that's not even counting the areas beyond the walls, and only has water directly to the south. Assuming they're swapped in a way both still have their docks, Absalom would be underwater.

Making it work geographically, you've got to answer how cross planar divine classes work.

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The only thing he really does that's unique is his mutation of sorcerers.

One thing they could do with him is have him die of old age, and for many False Dmitrys Razmirs to pop up taking advantage of the fact that nobody knows what he looks like. Could even add the wrinkle that one (or more) is a clone of Razmir.

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Adam Daigle wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
Will Aroden's edicts, and anathemas (from when he was alive) be listed?


While it might be something interesting for folks to know, it's not useful since he's dead and can't grant spells.

A shame. Hopefully they will be included in Legacy of the Lost God or The Dead God's Hand since both look like they'll be focused on him.

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Alter Self can't mimic specific forms. That should include forms you've already taken. This shortcoming is why the False Face spell exists.

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Will Aroden's edicts, and anathemas (from when he was alive) be listed?

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300+GP: Masterwork Weapon
25GP: Alchemical Silver Light mace (enough things have DR bypassed by silver or bludgeoning you want this)
4GP: Cold Iron Dagger (Enough things have DR bypassed by cold iron you want this. Also certain effects like entangle and swallow whole can be bypassed with a light slashing weapon)
203GP: Darkwood Buckler (no ACP shield bonus)
1000gp: Cloak of Resistance (Everyone should have it, and your class is tied with Rogue for worst saving throws in the game)
750GP: Wand of Cure Light Wounds or Infernal Healing (get party to split cost)
50GP: Oil of Bless Weapon (keep outsiders from ruining your day)
50Gp: Oil of Magic Weapon (keeps DR bypassed by magic from ruining your day before you get a magic weapon)
20GP: Alchemist Fire (Never know when you need to set something on fire, especially when swarms exist)
80GP: Scroll of diagnose disease+healer's kit+antiplague (disease is horrible, especially on a low fort save character. Combine these items and you can get a +7 to make a save vs. disease)
75GP+: Some kind of hands free item hit with continual flame. Easy options are ioun torch and some kind of necklace/bracelet chain.
175 Masterwork Studded Leather

That's 2732, plus the cost of weapon you're making masterwork. Add from the following.
Lots of lamp oil rigged as bombs (swarms).
Some kind of ranged weapon (Even a sling with bullets helps a lot, but if you're going to be a dex based character get a proper longbow).
Extra clothes
25/150GP Scroll of Lesser Restoration (or split the cost of a wand of it made by a Paladin with the party)
52GP Air Bubble potion in Potion Sponge (Saves you from drowning)
17GP Waterproof bullseye lantern
.5GP Waterproof bag
.5GP Poncho (You did mention bad weather...)
50GP Masterwork Backpack (Carrying stuff is less important when you have a ship, but still useful on a dex character)
Bedroll, Waterskin

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Will all deities included have Edicts and Anathema listed? That alone would greatly expand a lot of under developed deities (The Tian Xia pantheon...)

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Inner Sea Gods wrote:
[Milani] was a saint serving Aroden for thousands of years
The church [of Iomedae] is known for its many saints, all of them dead mortals granted power and sometimes a new form in the afterlife. In many cases, these saints are the patrons of particular churches or military orders, and may only be known to locals or religious scholars.
[Infernal Dukes are sometimes treated as] honored as saintlike patron beings among Asmodeus’s faithful.

(It's also used to mean "very Good person" and )

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This has actually been answered in first edition. Problem is the source is very obscure: The PFS sanctioning document for Iron Gods

Casandalee is a neutral goddess who grants the Artifice, Charm, Knowledge, and Void domains (and the Construct, Love, Memory, and Stars subdomains). All one-handed technological firearms (such as laser pistols and zero pistols) are considered her favored weapon, and a cleric (or other character who would gain proficiency in her favored weapons as a result of worshipping her) can fire a timeworn one-handed technological firearm once per day without expending a charge or triggering a glitch

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The classics! Vampire, (Advanced) Flesh Golem (With creator), Mummy and Werewolf.

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There's multiple PFS scenarios in Rahadoum. Presumably they have information about how they function (is any religion a death sentence?), though I've not played any of them so they might not.

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She's god of Paladins. How many Paladins aren't full of themselves?

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If you have a Wizard, make them cast Obsidian Flow. The 40 foot diameter circle of obsidian it makes is instantaneous. That's an entire room of the Horn that's covered in sharp, slippery obsidian that needs to be painstakenly de-glassed before it can be used again. If you really want to have fun, give them a Widening Emerald to double that size. 80 feet is enough to get even the large rooms and corridors (Just a quick look shows E9, 3-5, 3-9, 2-16, 2-20, and 1-27 can make use of this) covered.

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How to make a Hellknight magus work?

Roll Profession, or use the downtime system from Ultimate Campaign.

Jokes aside, being a member of the organization without being of the class is the best way.

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In Eberron the answer was that elementals are thoroughly alien minds with desires that don't truly make sense to humans: The fire elemental just wishes to burn, not caring about who/what burns.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

If only Sorcerer had an archetype that got Skald's Spell Kenning . . . .

Philippe Lam wrote:
WagnerSika wrote:
Hell Knight Signifier in Hells Rebels? I am not very familiar with that AP but rebelling against the State does not sound like something the Hell Knights would approve of.

Ultimately, Hellknights are loyal to the concept of law as a whole, not specifically to a country or an individual. They view any chaotic act as crap in nature, but there's justifying Kintargo could use another kind of governance. If an order decides to attack the empire, they would still be fine with their own code even if the majority would disagree. They don't especially like much the queen creating a shadow order of Hellknights without approval of their leadership, either (the Glyph).

{. . .}

Also, ** spoiler omitted **

Non-spoilers from Player's Guide

Hellknight (The Inner Sea World Guide) or Hellknight Signifer (Paths of Prestige): While on the surface this might seem an inappropriate choice for Hell’s Rebels, the development of the rebellion in Kintargo actually does set up opportunities for a Hellknight PC to take part. You should speak to your GM about this option if you wish to play a Hellknight hopeful, as he or she will have advice on what orders would be best to join. In any event, you should avoid focusing your character on the more infernal or diabolic options available for the class.

Less blatantly...

Order of the Torrent: Kintargo’s own Hellknight order has been strangely quiet since martial law was enacted, and its leader, Lictor Octavio Sabinus, has been missing entirely.

Your interest in one of Kintargo’s celebrities could be completely benign, with the NPC acting as a muse, inspiration, or role model for you that you used to guide many life choices leading you to this day.

all five of the local legends listed below have been rumored to have ties to the Silver Ravens
Octavio Sabinus (male human; Strength): The Lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Torrent might seem an odd choice for admiration, but Octavio’s physical stature certainly lent him all the support he needed to command a room

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For Norgorber, it's established him and Aroden are enemies.

Norgorber represents the darkest urges of humanity, the murderous, self-destructing impulses that keep the race unable to escape its worst depravities. That the villain managed to coax divinity from the very Starstone that Aroden had raised from the ocean depths made Norgorber—and his debased followers—sworn enemies of Arodenites everywhere.

If he did it, at least (according to Starfinder), he'll get what he deserves, being devoured by Lao Shu Po (and even if he didn't, he's still an evil god that deserves it).

Achaekek seems like a good candidate.

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Dead God's Hand Description wrote:
Based on Pathfinder Publisher Erik Mona's multi-year, multi-group office Pathfinder campaign, The Dead God's Hand takes new players and Game Masters on a deadly adventure filled with dungeon exploration, ancient mysteries, and phantasmagoric tests that see them reliving events from the life of Aroden, the dead god of humanity whose murder triggered the beginning of the current age!

(On a side note with Dead God's Hand and the descriptions of the second 2E AP, it looks like we'll learn more about Aroden. Neat.)

Who do you think did it? Why then?

Aroden had a lot of deities who would benefit from his death and many enemies of deity power. Asmodeus gained the most from his death. The Aboleth still have a grudge against Azlant as far as I know. Do they have a deity?

For why then, I think it's just that a god could be literally anywhere, but this time they knew where Aroden would be.

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If the Extinction Curse PCs run a circus, are they still murder hobos?

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Idealist (Cleric):
Best case: Power: +2 Versatility: +2
Worst case: Power +0 Versatility +1

Planar Bond is a straight upgrade, giving extra spells as spontaneous options for no cost. The real big star here is Invoke Realm. Invoke Realm's power is highly variable with plane selection, which is very setting dependent if you aren't using Golarion. Regardless, it's pretty easy to bust.

Note the bolded part in it "Within the radius of the idealist’s channeling, all alignment and magic planar traits are suppressed and replaced with the traits of the plane that matches the idealist’s planar bond. This includes alignment, gravity, and magic traits (see pages 58–63 for information on planar traits.)". It includes those effect, not is limited to them.

This means, depending on your plane, you can render flightless creatures unable to move, give some kind of pseudo flight, make the ground sapient, make objects impervious to everything, create an area of water, make people save or be blinded as well as save or explode if they're at full HP, stop magic, give everyone (including yourself) +2 CL, and everything time trait can do. Remember: the only spell that even slightly fiddles with time, Time Stop, is a 9th level spell for a very good reason, and one could argue that only speeds you up.

Even if Invoke Realm did nothing and just cost Channel Energy, for several planes the extra spells are worth what is normally just a battery of extra healing.

Sunsinger (Skald)
Power -1 Versatility -2
An archetype replacing Spell Kenning, a classmaking source of tremendous versatility for a Skald, needs to have a damn good ability to make it worthwhile. Channel energy but slightly better against sun hating creatures is a horrible trade.

Invigorator (Paladin)
Power -2 Versatility -2
You get to give (not that much) damage reduction a very limited number of times per day in exchange for smite? That's giving up most of your offensive for very little defense.

Sword Devil (Ranger)
Power -2 Versatility -2
In exchange for pretty much anything class defining (other than combat style), you get a random assortment of swashbuckler levels, including strictly worse weapon finesse at level 4, three levels after you want to start hitting things with dexterity.

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Fighter can used Advanced Weapon/Armor Training's item mastery to mimic casting a few impressive effects. There's a guide to it. The Conduit Feats from Planar Adventures also add some SLA abilities to Fighter.

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The Runelords were also mythic. Razmir is not, yet as a Wizard capable of casting 9th level spells can easily be mistaken for one.

I'd go with just really powerful important people unless they have Divine Source.

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I posted 3 Oracle archetypes that aren't yet included in the document back on page 22.

Ocean's Echo
Power +1 Versatility -0
For the low price of three revelations, you gain all the useful Bardic Performance abilities at full power with no restrictions. Only one of the spells (Sound Burst) is already on the cleric list, and it's not a bad one. Not getting any revelation till 7th level (and thus not being able to take Extra Revelation) hurts a bit, but not enough to cost versatility.

Planar Oracle
Power -1 Versatility -1
This archetype swaps out the bonus spells for a bunch of spells already on the Cleric list (Shadow Walk aside), and they aren't even good ones to have every day. It also swaps out the third revelation with one that's actually strictly worse than one 4/6 of the recommended mysteries get. The final revelation also doesn't understand how Native Outsider works. This archetype isn't cripplingly bad, but it's terrible in the sense that archetypeless is better than this at literally everything.

Power -0 Versatility +0
This archetype is just one weird (but useful) revelation, some decent bonus spells and some OK skills. Immediate action free augury or free commune is worth a revelation, and might even be worth Abundant Revelations.

River Soul
Power -1 Versatility -2 (-1 in water campaign)
Whoever wrote the replacement curse missed that Oracle curses are a class feature and are, at worst, supposed to be a hindrance in exchange for a greater boon and instead wrote something that has a pure, crippling, negative. The wording means even if you have a backup vial you're screwed when one is destroyed. This could be forgiven if the rest of the archetype was awesome, but it isn't. The first revelation could be useful if it was always on, but with a duration measured in rounds it's useless. The 11th revelation is almost never usable (water campaigns tend to be based on oceans/seas, not rivers), is very unclear what it does if usable (the author seems to have forgotten how big rivers are), and pretty useless even in the best case scenario (you can hide in a single point of a river for an hour). Some of the spells are OK I guess.

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I know about the article, but it's almost all about Aroden's history and his present influence. This is to the point the "Dogma and Worshipers" section has nothing about his dogma!

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Note that Wall of Fire is a valid target for Permanency. Not damaging objects has some interesting implications. You can't make steam by putting a decanter of endless water over it.

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Trial of the Apprentice if third party APs count.

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Lord Fyre wrote:

I think the real problems end up being:
3 - Poor balancing of the later material.

I keep seeing this idea thrown around. There's no basis, unless one is referring to material so poorly written it's useless (Shifter).

The most broken stuff in 3.5 and PF is in the core book(s). Wizard, Cleric, Druid and Sorcerer are all core classes. Most of the staple broken spells from Grease to Wish are all core spells. The two handed power attacker everything's damage is compared to? Core. Even past core most of the really good things are variants of core stuff (Burst of Radiance is a really good spell, but it's a variant Glitterdust, Oracle is a variant Sorcerer.).

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Asmodeus' Demon Hunters.

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Franz Lunzer wrote:

English isn't my first language, but that does read strange:

Age of Ashes Player's Guide wrote:
...the PCs will negotiate deadly dungeons, interact with colorful NPCs in stressful social encounters, ...
Other than that: Love the "Befriend a local" Downtime activity

As mentioned, it's an unusual but valid use. I would however like to see an adventure where the PCs negotiate with a giant mimic that takes the form of a dungeon.

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One of the loading screen tips in Kingmaker states Asmodeus, unlike the other evil gods who worship in cults, is worshiped openly with no mention of this being Cheliax specific. In the Varnhold's Lot DLC, Varn (Neutral Good) has a close companions and ally that is an open worshiper (within his first three lines he says "Asmodeus preserve me" in a conversation with Varn) and the two have worked together for years.

There could be some place where he might be reduced to cults, even outside of those where faith is always illegal or only one deity is allowed, but I don't think it's the majority (at least on the side of the Crown of the World where he's actually worshiped).

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I'd prefer 1E conversions over D&D5E conversions.

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Most classes (read: Not Monk, those literally poor fools) have 70-175 GP to spend on starting gear. What do you typically take beyond basic armor (studded leather or scale mail, 25/50 GP), and your main weapon (0-15 GP)? You've got at least 70 GP leftover, so what do you get?

The obvious answers for most campaigns (ones that start urban can skip the bedroll, tent and blanket) are backpack, bedroll, blanket, torches, (half a medium) tent, waterskin and rations. Assuming 5 torches and 5 days of rations that's 19 GP+a few coppers for the torches. I like to add a .5 GP poncho and .4 GP waterproof bag add some weather resistance. Past that I like an extra pair of clothes (~1 GP) and a grooming kit (1 GP, maybe some coppers for more soap) so you don't look like the hobo part of murder hobo. Someone will need the Spark cantrip or flint+steel (.25 GP split).

For any character that isn't a low BAB pure caster, an alchemical silver light mace and dagger at 27 GP. A sling and small pouch of ammo is only .1 GP and adds a ranged option and combined with the Light cantrip it's an effective signal at night. I really like having a bunch of lantern oil (.1 GP each) at low levels. Not necessarily to feed a lantern, but because it's the only effective way to kill swarms. Prerig it for throwing if the GM lets you.

Splitting an 8 GP donkey and 5 GP pack saddle with the party lets you carry 225 pounds of stuff back to sell. Replacing the pack with a cart costs 10 extra GP (5.75 four ways) but can increase capacity to 1125 pounds. That can quickly return its investment if you're facing humanoids, who typically wear armor with very poor gp/weight ratio at low levels that you wouldn't otherwise take. It's slower but still quick against many other foes.

All that is ~53.4 GP. There's still ~20 GP left for goods. A bunch of different colored chalk and sacks of flour have near neglibible cost but help with dungeoneering and invisible foes (plus you can eat the flour if desperate), but past that I'm not sure what to add. Maybe a 12 GP hooded waterproof lantern.

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Having had a big temple to Aroden in it, I'd imagine there's a decent number of people in the city with some old dead guy's Arodenite vestments in an attic somewhere that see this as a chance to use it for something, then learning their clever idea was thought of by about a dozen other people. This can tie in with the next book.

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Loved: Customization.
Wanted: A Rogue archetype that trades shortsword+rapier for handaxe, light pick and light hammer. Support for undersupported classes.
Hated: As mentioned above, stuff that was useless. Biggest problem was excessively harsh restrictions and unneeded once per day.
Miss: Everything except the problems.

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Cats that are simultaneously dead and alive.

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Leap years exist in our world because the time around the sun is closer to 365.25 than 365, so logically Golarion having one every eight would mean the number of days it takes to fully revolve around the sun revolution ends with a ~.125. That won't meaningfully effect the cycle of seasons.

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Is there a list of all the ways to live forever without the GM handing it to you (i.e., artifacts, mythic)? Undead don't count. Ones I know of

Immortality: Take Wizard all the way to 20 and pick this as your final bonus feat. Easy.
Eternal Youth: Alchemist Grand Discovery that's largely the same. Can be obtained ECL 15 via Natural Alchemist.
Forced Reincarnation: Resets you to Young Adult, but randomizes your body and carries negative levels. Wish or Miracle could restore your body, but neither is on the Witch list. You could use the Arch-Familiar as your capstone to get a familiar with once per day Wish/Miracle SLA (no components needed). Can be taken at level 18.
Contingency+(Cyclic) Reincarnation: Largely the same as the above, but requires finding some way to get them both on the same list (none come to mind).
Many Lives: From Reincarnated Druid. Earliest by far at level 5.
Immortal Legend: The 20th level bloodline ability for the Imperious Bloodline. Can be obtained as early as level 16 with Robes of Arcane Heritage.

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VerBeeker wrote:
I also noticed that it appears Cannons have become widespread looking at the ships heading away/toward the city.

It's like the universe realized the official naval combat rules were too slow in 1E and needed to be sped up.

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I'm not sure if the Secure Paypack's increased hardness was acknowledging that rule or not.

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In updating the setting for the Age of Lost Omens World Guide, we looked at scores of sources that fleshed out the vast city, incorporating events, locations, and personalities that grew organically over the last 12 years. Many of these sources were Pathfinder Society Scenarios, and players of the largest Pathfinder campaign in the world will notice a lot of their efforts represented in the current state of the city. Slavery has been abolished

Was the bolded bit in a PFS scenario? If not, where from?

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Yeah, transmutation and conjuration being the best schools of magic has been unquestioned since the 3.5 days. Their abilities are too versatile for them not to be.

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