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Game Master cmlobue


Please provide the following information about your character:

1) Character Name
2) PFS Number
3) Faction
4) Class and Level
5) Day Job/Downtime
6) Notes

You can list your boons now, but feel free to wait until after the briefing.

I would love to join in.

Character Name: Kat5e
SFS Number: 2362267-701
Faction: Aquisitives
Class & Level: Exocortex Mechanic 5

I have to bring Kat to Level 5, and will roll day job with boons if that's ok.


1) Character Name: Azara Thenason
2) PFS Number: 143948-714
3) Faction: Wayfinders
4) Class and Level: Solarian 8
5) Day Job/Downtime: Profession (Poet): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (9) + 15 = 24
6) Notes: I expect to have my chronicle sheet for my last adventure soon. It will bring me to 8th level. I'll go ahead and start leveling up.

Well this backfired on me, I must pull my name, as this character was selected for another table. Best of luck with this scenario!

Heya cmlobue! Count me in! I currently have several options:
- lvl 6 ranged soldier
- lvl 8 envoy
- lvl 7 melee soldier

I may pull one of them into a different game - I'll see. But otherwise, I'll wait to see what other players will bring before deciding.

Thank you!

But with Azara's solarion on board, perhaps I won't bring my melee soldier - leaving either of these available to join:
- lvl 6 ranged soldier
- lvl 8 envoy

Hey there!

You all still looking for more players?

If so, I have a lvl 6 hit-and-run soldier interested in joining the crew.

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