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the best AC is enough face smashing power that they don't hit you anymore.

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Nearyn wrote:
Is there a rule that clearly state that you do not gain dex AC against an opponent you cannot see?
The closest thing to that would be the rules on armor class which state
Sometimes you can't use your Dexterity bonus (if you have one). If you can't react to a blow, you can't use your Dexterity bonus to AC. If you don't have a Dexterity bonus, your AC does not change.

which i consider RAW saying you get no dex bonus to attacks you cannot perceive (eg the first attack from a stealthed opponent).


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the only time i saw a bbeg coup de grace a player was because the bbeg was stuck to the ground and couldn't move, and had no range abilities. so because he had nothing to do with his turn he just stabbed the person on the ground.

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it opens its own theme park in central florida, and calls itself 'figment'.


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i think permanents should be allowed. my hair is too stringy i want it curly and full of life like those girls i see in pathfinder chronicle advertisements.

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Vincent The Dark wrote:
Have you guys seen the Tattooed sorcerer? She does not need to ever remove the tattoo that is her familiar. Would you say that 100% qualifies her as having the feat for the Detective's requirement?

the black raven is correct, you just need alertness when you first take the prestige class. having a familiar counts for the alertness feat. regardless of how you get it, you qualify for the prestige class.

(all this time i was assuming it was an archetype)

ignore the people saying anything about 'permanent' and 'temporary' bonuses. those rules only apply to ability scores. unless the class explicitly states that you lose abilities if you no longer meet the prerequisites, you can continue in that class. classes like paladin and antipaladin state in their descriptions that happens, but nothing in the description of sleepless detective says that, so you will be fine.


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you should all just worship me. of course i don't give powers to non gnomes, but i'm still a better choice than any other gods.

and to gnomes i grant


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unfortunately you have to use the games definition of emanation, not a dictionary.

burst, emanation, or spread


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buy enough dragonhide armor and you can count as having half a dragon!

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denying me bacon is still an evil act.


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i would like to point out any familiar that can use an improvised reach weapon can flank.
my faerie dragon uses the minute hand he broke off of a clock tower to hit people while yelling in his high pitched voice 'time to die!'. then he misses because even with the bab of a level 12 rogue (i have the rogue talent) he still only has +6 with it. it's funny though, and he can flank with me.

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The fact that an invisible, completely undetected creature can flank, and an illusion (that you fail the save for and absolutely believe is real) cannot flank.

(i know about threatening illusion feat, but just the fact that this can happen bugs me)

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Explain how a fighter can have an edilion please.

Kobold Quarterly #21

Seraphic Cohort (Fighter)
Some warriors are so pious a deity sends a heavenly emissary to aid and protect the favored individual. These men and women are called seraphic cohorts, and they form a bond with a celestial outsider.
Alignment: A seraphic cohort must have a good alignment.
Angelic Protector: At 1st level, the seraphic cohort gains an angelic protector. The seraphic cohort can summon an eidolon as if he were a summoner equal to his fighter level. Variables, such as caster level and evolution points, are determined using the seraphic cohort’s fighter level. The seraphic cohort also gains, at the appropriate level, all summoner abilities related to the eidolon except bond senses, aspect, and greater aspect. The eidolon must take the angel form described in Ultimate Magic and must select all available primary and secondary evolutions listed under the angel model (or the new evolutions below) before selecting additional evolutions. This replaces all fighter bonus feats for this character.
Rejuvenate Eidolon (Sp): Three times per day at 3rd level, the seraphic cohort may cast lesser rejuvenate eidolon on his angelic protector as a spell-like ability. This becomes rejuvenate eidolon at 8th level, and greater rejuvenate eidolon at 13th level. At 10th level, the seraphic cohort may sacrifice all his uses of this spell-like ability to instead cast purified calling. This replaces armor training 1, 2, and 3.
Code of Behavior: A seraphic cohort earns the loyalty of a good outsider through his adherence to a strict code of moral behavior. A seraphic cohort who does not champion the cause of good and righteousness in all his actions or who willingly or who knowingly performs an evil act instantly loses the ability to summon his angelic protector. The GM decides how and if this occurs and what the seraphic cohort must do to regain his outsider companion’s loyalty. Gray areas are few: the code of the seraphic consort is strict.

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"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
Thats the Familiar I was thinking off, too. I cant make a new character to get it now and Im already level 5 or 6.

it will take your cleric 3 feats (skill focus, eldritch heritage, improved familiar) but you can get him eventually. but level 9 is when you would qualify. (he requires level 7 and eldritch heritage is character level minus 2)

not sure of any other way to get him within PFS rules (i don't think clerics are allowed the frog/monkey domains druids get, unless there is some god out there im not familiar with)


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Wraith235 wrote:

so we all know that in order to use a Feat / trait ect from additional resources you must own the book

My question stems from the moving of Boon Companion from Seeker of Secrets to the Animal Archive

as I have yet to get my hands on the Animal Archive I must rely on the SRD for definitions ect.

the Wording between the 2 books is Minuscule

Seeker of Secrets - "to a maximum Bonus equal to your character level"

Animal Archive (Via SRD) - "to a maximum effective druid level equal to your character level"

I understand that nothing in Archive is legal for PFS until this coming week...

I also well understand that the most recent printing of a feat, trait ect. supersedes the previous but for those of us who may have bought seeker just for boon companion suddenly those peoples cost raises by 1/3rd for something they already had that was legal

my question is if we already own Seeker of Secrets ... will ownership of this book suffice for legality to use Boon Companion ?

I am not at all in any position to make an official stance, but this same issue applies to anything in ultimate equipment that existed before. It has not come up for that book, so i don't think it would come up with this one either.

So yes owning the old copy counts as having a source in order to legally use it, but you must use the wording of boon companion in animal archive in order to use it. that is what i think the official stance would be.

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mdt wrote:
Sheesh, talk about making a judgement without knowing what the heck i going on.

only going on what you told us.

mdt wrote:
The bandersnatch that was napping there
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Try to stay on topic please.

my apologies sir

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Tiago Oliveira wrote:
kmal2t wrote:
....really? You think the writers of spells would think to specify by RAW about whether or not you could f*uck animals? Not sure if srs.

I think that a spell or ability by RAW should specify all that it does. If it is not listed, the person that developed the ability originally in the fictional universe (and the designers in the real world) have not included the possibility. So, you have the form, but you are a humanoid yet.

Probably, during the use of wild shape, it's possible to fertilizer a humanoid, because all things that leave your body should return to the original race at last in the ability end.

Polymorph subschool: a polymorph spell transforms your physical body to take on the shape of another creature. While these spells make you appear to be the creature, granting you a +10 bonus on Disguise skill checks, they do not grant you all of the abilities and powers of the creature. Each polymorph spell allows you to assume the form of a creature of a specific type, granting you a number of bonuses to your ability scores and a bonus to your natural armor. In addition, each polymorph spell can grant you a number of other benefits, including movement types, resistances, and senses. If the form you choose grants these benefits, or a greater ability of the same type, you gain the listed benefit.

As the ability doesn't list the reproduction benefits, so by RAW you don't have it.

it does list that you get the natural attacks of the form. that would just be another natural attack, so it should apply.


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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
asthyril wrote:
does this include improved versions? because a faerie dragon with the right equipment is hard to beat.

This absolutely included improved familiars.

What equipment?

a faerie dragon is the only familiar (allowed in pfs anyway, not sure about others) with an actual class (unlike others who just have spell like abilities). this means that you can buy it pages of spell knowledge to increase its spells known, and a ring of wizardry to double its number of 1st level spells. also items that help skills are nice too if you happen to have good skills on your character. (my rogue has a 20 int so he has tons of skills, all of which get passed to the familiar, which is nice because he has the dragon skill list, which is a good one)

currently in PFS i have a level 12 rogue who at level 10 took the advanced rogue talent to get a familiar, and at level 11 took improved familiar to get a faerie dragon. he currently has the following gear, most of which is secondary gear for my rogue,excepting the spellcaster only items:

- hat of disguise (he can change himself into any dragon between 6 inches and 2 feet,6 inches according to the spell)
- +1 silken ceremonial armor with shadow (because of how tiny armor works he only gets 1 ac total from the armor but its mainly for +5 to stealth)
- heavyload belt and muleback cords (even with the penalty for tiny creatures encumbrance he can still FLY with 129LBS! meaning he can actually fly my rogue around (hes a skinny elf))
- ring of wizardry 1 (doubles 1st level spells per day to 12 a day)
- pages of spell knowledge (shield, feather fall, enlarge person, animate rope, floating disc, magic missile, vanish, detect charm, comprehend languages, liberating command, arcane lock, summon monster 1) these are in addition to silent image, grease, sleep that he stars with.
- cracked orange prism ioun stone (to give detect magic as a 0 level spell known)
- eyes of the eagle (he has a better wisdom therefore can find traps better)
- staff of minor arcana (so he can cast caster level 8 magic missile 5 times a day)
- trapspringer gloves, bracers of steadiness (combined will let him take 20 on opening a lock and get a 50 DC)

he can use silent image to make a wall between you and some enemies, then telepathically tell you and all your allies that its an illusion giving you a free save with a +4 so that you aren't affected by it. that makes a wall that you and your allies can see through (providing you make the DC 16 save with a +4 bonus), but none of your enemies can see through it until they interact with it (spend an action of some sort to get a save)

note this use will let a melee character who can make the save get an attack off against an opponent who cannot see them.

also a combination of grease as a standard action on one of your allies who is grappled and liberating command as a swift action on your turn will in one turn allow said grappled character make a free escape artist check to get out with a +16 to the roll (+10 grease +6 liberating command from a 3rd level caster)

that is just some of the tricks you can do with him, i'm still finding ways that it is incredibly useful to have a 3rd level caster with another standard action per turn along with your own.

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i would recommend UMD as a class skill highly, there are a lot of level 1 wands that are useful in PFS. i would drop bless and protection from evil as your chosen spells and replace them with wands. go with spells where level(or casting time) actually matters. i suggest liberating command instead, it is incredibly useful when it comes up, and is immediate casting time. also burning disarm is good(because something bad happens even if they make their save), and forbid action is nice. shield of faith would get better as you level also (unlike protection from evil)

with UMD i suggest wands of touch of the sea, infernal healing, protection from evil, bless, longstrider, magic missile, keep watch. all very useful level 1 spells. remember in PFS you will likely gain 2 prestige every adventure, and buying almost any level 1 wand is only 2 prestige. wouldn't take you that long to accumulate a few useful wands without having to spend any gold at all.

for loremaster spells: offense/defense (depending on what youre going for)
lvl 2 slot:magic missile/vanish
lvl 3 slot:glitterdust/invisibility(if youre just support) or mirror image (for offensive actions)
lvl 4 slot:aqueous orb/haste
lvl 5 slot:black tentacles/stoneskin

depending on what youre going for there may be better spells, but all of these are decent.


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Not everyone who goes on a mission, is a pathfinder agent. i'm pretty sure those characters that own slaves and bring them along, those slaves are not actual pathfinders.

the same thing can be said about a hired cook.

and as far as factions are concerned, i don't see sczarni being all too picky about anyone necessarily being a pathfinder or not, as long as said person has access to, and can complete, their missions.

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So a discussion on one of the PFS forums inspired me to make a somewhat goofy build for a character that is forced to fight sometimes even though he doesn't want to.

I have yet to decide on the actual background of why this character is the way he is. It will either be A) an ex soldier who excelled at his job but really just wanted to be a cook (eg. steven seigal in 'under siege') or B) a guy who was in pathfinder training, who had the capacity to succeed but failed just due to his own cowardice, and therefore has to make a living being a cook-for-hire for pathfinders.

Either way the character would be a fighter, who keeps a cooking skill maxed.

I'm not looking for complete optimization, I would just like people to take a look at the build i have come up with, and maybe give some advice on feats that might fit the theme of the character. as you can see i couldn't even think of anything for the 10th level combat feat.

Going with the idea of the coward, I went with the cad archetype.
Human, choosing two +2 stat bumps instead of the extra feat
str18 dex16 con14 int13 wis11 cha7

Traits:rough and ready and armor expert

Level Feat (* = fighter bonus)
1 *two weapon fighting
1 combat expertise
2 *improved dirty trick
3 two weapon defense
3 BONUS cad archetype : catch off guard
4 *double slice
5 toughness
6 *improved two weapon fighting
7 greater dirty trick
8 *improvised weapon mastery
9 iron will
10 *???
11 two weapon rend

So the idea is that the rough and ready trait will let me hit people with a large heavy skillet (equivalent 1d8) and a ladle or something (equivalent 1d4) in my off hand. I will blind/whatever with dirty trick when i can, and beat people with my cooking utensils when i have to. I will have eventually a mithral cauldron as a two handed weapon if necessary.

Having the rather decent skill set of the cad, plus 4 skill points per level (favored class bonus always used for skill points) means he would actually be useful out of combat, and using mithral breastplate and armor expert means i can still use a decent medium armor.

As always thanks for any advice/help you can give. This seems like it will be a very fun character to play.

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there has been no change in the rules on making unusual armor from mithral/adamantine in the conversion from 3.5 to pathfinder. It was clarified in the 3.5 FAQ that the cost of the base material is multiplied along with the cost of the armor itself. but what i had forgotten is you subtract the cost of masterwork from the material before multiplying. that is not included in pathfinder rules for unusual armor.

3.5 FAQ wrote:

On page 217 of the DMG, it states that “the cost of the

masterwork quality and any magical enhancement remains
the same” regardless of a creature’s unusual size or shape.
Adamantine and mithral both state that items made from
such material are masterwork quality and the masterwork
cost is part of the material cost listed. How much would a
set of mithral chainmail barding for my warhorse cost?
A strict reading of the rules indicates that in such a case the
masterwork cost for armor should be subtracted from the
special material price before applying the multiplier for any
unusual size or shape of the intended wearer.
For example, according to the Armor for Unusual Creatures
chart on page 123 of the PH, a set of chainmail barding for a
warhorse (a Large nonhumanoid creature) would normally cost
600 gp (four times the normal cost of 150 gp). A set of mithral
chainmail barding would cost 16,000 gp: 600 gp for the
chainmail barding plus 15,400 gp (the cost of mithral medium
armor [4,000 gp], minus the masterwork cost for armor [150
gp], times 4).

so the cost for mithral is still multiplied, hence 4400g

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or just use the dr. evil line for those not powerful enough to ping detect evil:

You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You're the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.


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Michael Brock wrote:
Thanks for the reminder. I will get it taken care of when. Return to work next week.



thank you sir

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Djelai wrote:
For a 2nd-level spell slot, I'd rather prepare Invisibility, for a duration of 50 rounds...

well if youre a spontaneous caster and already have the extend feat (because it is generally useful) you can save yourself a 2nd level spell choice by just casting an extended vanish. especially if you just cast it in combat and are going to break it in the same combat.

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both you and your GM should read these.
all about illusions part 1
all about illusions part 2
all about illusions part 3
all about illusions part 4

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Name a single spell that would fall under both of the below categories:

A) The spells target is "You"
B) The spell can only target a certain type of creature type

The answer : None

Your interpretation of the ability that it requires both A and B to be true means that the ability is completely useless to have the sentence

A summoner may cast spells on his eidolon even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the eidolon's type (outsider)

in it at all.

Why have that sentence in there is it can never ever be applied because of the previous sentence?

Therefore I submit that your interpretation is incorrect, and that it is EITHER not BOTH A and B that can be used.

Hence you can cast enlarge person on your eidolon.

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hopefully this will be an easy question, but is it possible to wield a spiked gauntlet and a dagger in the same hand? i'm not talking about wielding them both at the same time. my question stems from what i'd like my rogue to do, which is use (twf) daggers in melee combat, but before combat have a spiked gauntlet or cestus enchanted with dueling just to get +4 initiative bonus.

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get the advanced race guide and be a stonelord paladin. charisma isn't anywhere near as important so the -2 to cha isn't a big deal. all you really lose is more lay on hands.

i have a stonelord paladin in pfs with a 5 cha, just because i could. i have tons of fun, his physical stats are awesome, and all he really loses is the ability to lay on hands until level 8 :) hasn't been an issue with as many hp and high armor class though.

and even if you aren't silly like me and still keep an ok cha (10 imo is perfectly ok) your mercy you get at 6th level can cure fatigue, so you can use your defensive stance multiple times per encounter.


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i took the lionfish and renamed it. its crew was dead anyway :)


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Lily Orlovsky wrote:
I as a member of Shadow Lodge would just like to express my extreme displeasure for having to default to the vile Cheliax faction for older missions. -.-

the paracountess enjoys your displeasure.


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unless youre healed by my rogue with a ridiculously good bluff.

'that wand i just UMDed on you was a healing wand. a new kind they just invented. it's a stick how could it possibly be evil?'

assuming the paladin has no ranks in spellcraft. might want to put a point into it :)

regardless my stonelord paladin makes it a point to hunt down and kill devils so he has more blood component to heal himself so he cant hunt down more devils. that didn't start until i first played him though.

because that stupid damned (ha!) imp of the paracountess in first steps REALLY pissed him off

he always carries a 'special' wand with markings on it so he can only be healed with that one. which was made from the blood of that in the spoiler.


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harpies appear far too often in scenarios. i have a level 9 sorcerer who has bought magic items specifically to fight them because his first time it almost killed his entire party, and the next scenario after that also featured a harpy fight.

if he bought magic items specifically for those monsters i don't see how you can say he doesn't know about them at the beginning of an adventure (boy i have a lot of earplugs and scrolls of silence in this bag i bought yesterday. i wonder why i did that?) regardless of what other people say, he knows about harpies.

how do you define ranger favored enemy bonuses unless he/she actually knows about those creatures?


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thank you.

i'm glad my glands will be handed correctly >:)


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exactly the same number as how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

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gnome illusionist

feats: spell focus:illusion, threatening illusion, effortless trickery, persistent spell(or a lesser rod of it)

say with magic items you have a 24 spellcasting stat.

when you wake up in the morning and memorize spells, you use a 4th level spell slot to memorize a threatening(metamagic feat above) major image. you immediately cast it using the metamagic rod, making something scary only 1 square big. you then spend a swift action for the rest of the day maintaining it(effortless trickery). any time you come across bad guys you can place the illusion in a spot to flank, and they have to succeed at 2 DC 22 will saves(persistent) or be threatened by the illusion. you still have your move and standard action every round.

shadow gambit is a feat that lets you destroy one of your ongoing illusions to do real damage to people.

placing an illusionary wall spell to recreate a floor over a pit trap is a permanent spell and unlikely to be noticed since illusions have to be interacted with to get a save, and once you interact with the illusion youre probably falling into the pit(or an active perception check would grant a save also if PCs are actively looking)

I would also recommend the 3.5 description of illusions all about illusions part 1 which is a series explaining how do deal with illusions. pathfinder has never made one but i think it is very good read for everyone who has to deal with illusions, as player or GM.
all about illusions part 2
all about illusions part 3
all about illusions part 4

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herolab makes lots of mistakes

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technically you can move through opponents squares with a successful acrobatics roll. i would force an acrobatics check, if he succeeds he gets to pass through, but up to the GM if he notices anything (i would argue he would notice brushing up against something). if he fails his movement ends but provokes an aoo from the invisible guy. i would give the invisible guy the option to have the character automatically succeed the acrobatics check to get by if he wishes.

i think this is as close as you can get to RAW, but someone correct me if i missed something. obviously there is some gm fiat in there too but i tried to get as close as possible to RAW.

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i think you should just be a normal druid, because with the exception of between level 4 and level 8 the archetype is just worse than a druid.

there are only 39 plants (from normal pathfinder sources)you can turn in to that range between small and huge.
Fungus Leshy
Mindslaver Mold
Fungus Leshy
Gourd Leshy
Leaf Leshy
Seaweed Leshy

Living Topiary
Melfesh Monster
Violet Fungus
Yellow Musk Creeper
Cerebric Fungus
Phantom Fungus

Assassin Vine
Shambling Mound
Viper Vine
Sargassum Fiend

Canopy Creeper
Elder Nirento
Giant Flytrap
Hangman Tree

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prd wrote:
A dying creature is unconscious and near death.

wait does death need to be actually adjacent? what if i took a 5ft step as my last action? does death have reach?

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Psion-Psycho wrote:



-Stats (25 point buy)-
STR 14
DEX 16 (+2 racial) = 18
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 10
CHA 10

AC 22
Touch 15
Flat-Footed 17

Hit d20+4
Damage d6+2

01 Dodge, Shield Focus, Weapon Finesse

Heavy Steel Shield
Chain Shirt

For the mid maxing 20 str characters with weapon focus still have to roll a 16+ on a d20 and the raging barbarian needs to roll a 14+. Also those characters usually dont have much ac so ya lol.

i will give you automatic hits for slightly higher damage than normal(1d6+2=5.5 average) for 3 rounds = 18 damage, barbarian is still not dead.

barbarian has a 30%chance to hit you, 40% on a charge, and you die in 1 hit from minimum damage (15) with your max hp+con+favored class bonus of 13hp. odds are i will hit you in one of those 3 rounds, even if you hit me every attack, which you probably won't given that his ac would be around 13 while raging(12 dex + chain shirt).

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Gignere wrote:
c873788 wrote:
Aaron Miller 335 wrote:
The 1st level "flying gnome" is a fun play. Lets them do stuff no one in the party can.
Ok, I'll bite. How does a 1st level gnome fly?
Ant Haul on familiar and reduce person on yourself I think.

you would have to enlarge the familiar also,it has to be small not tiny. thats 3 spells as a lvl 1 caster if youre going that route.

gnome druid with roc animal companion would do it

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Anyone remember the old 1st Ed. AD&D dragon magazine article (also in 'best of dragon' for that year) that had a class description for all 7 alignments not previously covered by paladin/anti-paladin?

i think it would be nice to have some paladin archetypes that would simulate this. after all, if the dwarven stonelord from ARG can completely gut the paladin class and basically make another class(all class features are changed except for detect evil and lay on hands) why not do the same thing for paladins of other alignments?

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Gignere wrote:
asthyril wrote:
ah, i am doing something similar with a tiefling cleric of zon-kuthon with the darkness and death domains. but can't normally cast arcane mark and deeper darkness without multiclassing or something.
Just pay for it, if you are a cleric of Zon-Kuthon one of your fellow wizard within your church will likely have arcane mark and the umbral + Shadow Grasp metamagic. 150 gps and you will have it permanently.

it's PFS, can't do that :)

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i would like to thank everyone in this thread for spurring my imagination for finally deciding what feats my large cat animal companion on my PFS sylvan sorcerer will take:

Power attack
weapon focus: claws
improved unarmed strike
feral combat training: claws
dragon style
stunning fist
dragon ferocity

i just giggle now thinking of a pounce with 4 claws(rake) doing 1d6+22+2d6+(2d6 if evil)** each, with maybe a stun thrown in for good measure :) not to mention the lesser bite(because it doesn't qualify for the unarmed strike feats)

**(has a vicious holy AoMF)

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gnome sorcerer of any bloodline that floats your boat
trait: magical lineage - ghost sound
1: spell focus: illusion
3: threatening illusion (now your ghost sound can threaten and still be a 0 level spell!)
5: effortless trickery (cast your silent image modified by threatening illusion, and use a swift action every round to maintain it forever, you always have a flank buddy for your allies!(assuming failed will saves))
7: shadow gambit (destroy your ongoing figments for real damage, 7 types of damage to choose from!(remember mirror image is a figment you can do this with too))
9: reach spell (at level 10 you can cast a reach telekinetic charge to put an ally anywhere within 200 feet of you AND give him a free attack, not only a free attack but a free attack in a flank with the aforementioned flanking illusion! yay!)

obviously focus on illusions but you can fireball/glitterdust too, take the usually good sorcerer spells to go with it, plus its not dependent on a bloodline so you can have a familiar or animal companion to help with your trickery(although if someone knows of a good illusionist bloodline i would very much like to know of it)

flesh out the stats and spells how you like, it's a VERY fun character to play. (mine is only lvl 7 so i haven't thought much about what to take lvl 10+)

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if you are using a spell to do sneak attack damage, the extra damage is the same type as the spell does, acid for acid splash or acid arrow, fire for scorching ray. spells that do not do actual damage (eg enervation) do extra damage based on the spell (so enervation sneak attack would do negative energy damage, HP DAMAGE, not extra level drain.)

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I know this may be late for you, but after reading the various suggestions i figured i would add my 2 cents worth since i currently have a level 7 gnome sorcerer (anarchy bloodline for story reasons) but who specializes in illusions.

3 points i would like to make:

1) taking the trait 'magical lineage' is a good idea, but what i did with it is to choose ghost sound. the reason for this is that you can add the metamagic feat 'threatening illusion' to it and still have it be a 0 level spell you can cast whenever, helps for letting rogues get sneak attack, or if you win initiative maybe let some people charge into a flank by putting it on the opposite side of the bad guys. really not bad for a spell that doesn't cost anything but a standard action.

2) effortless trickery let you maintain an illusion spell as a swift action instead of a standard. what i like to do is cast major image when i wake up in the morning, and have it shaped as something weird (ie no knowledge check would work on it, because of my bloodline i call it a chaos elemental named bob :) ). This is just a nice little thing to have around, maintain it all day (basically giving up all your swift actions) to have it enter rooms to possibly set off ambushes, create giant glowing arrows above peoples heads to draw attention to them, or anything you can think to make it do. i once was in a area of silence with possibly aggressive people and used it to make a glowing sign in the air to communicate that we came in peace. plus once you can cast 4th level spells you can add threatening illusion to it too to have a constant flanker for people (with level 4 spells you can also indefinitely maintain a shadow conjuration 'rain of frogs', which is just funny). plus it gives another ongoing illusion to use in the point below.

3) the feat 'shadow gambit' fits well in that it allows you to do 'real' damage(not a lot, only 1d6 per level of the spell, but its real) with your figment illusions. as a standard action you can destroy one of your ongoing illusions to do damage to someone. the neat thing is you choose what damage it does based on what you make the illusion do. turn it into a bunch of swords that rush at your enemy (doing a ranged touch attack that does slashing damage) or make it turn into a bucket of acid that pours on their head (and have them take acid damage with a reflex save for half). i have a lot of fun coming up with imaginative ways to make enemies take damage, plus its very versatile for doing the type of damage you need to do (ie fire/acid vs trolls or whatever). also note that its any figment illusion it works on. your mirror image spell down to its last image? turn that image of you into a version of you that spits fire, making them take 2d6 fire (save for half) or make that image of you suddenly throw a ton of daggers making a ranged touch for piercing damage. then you can cast another mirror image if necessary and do it again when it gets low. not super powerful but very fun.

also id like to concur with the 'trickster' trait, it comes in handy

hope this helps.