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So, I'm introducing a friend to PFS. He wanted to play an alchemist. He was very studious and read through the PFS Roleplaying Guild Guide. He then showed me his character, and asked how he gets his discount items when using "Brew Potion". I told him that feat wasn't legal for PFS, and that he should take "Extra Bombs" instead. He asked me where it said that in the rules. A perfectly reasonable question. I searched through the guide, first by eye, then by text search... nothing.

Then I went down the rabbit hole...

It is mentioned numerous times on the forums, but nowhere officially. It's not on the FAQ (though the bit about crafting alchemical items is), neither is it in Additional Resources.

I finally found it in my old version 7.0 (year of the serpent) Guild Guide, under character creation Step 3: "Race and Class":

PFS RPG Guild Guide Version 7.0 wrote:
Alchemist: Alchemists receive the Extra Bombs feat at 1st level instead of Brew Potion.

So I checked version 10.0 (curent), under the same section:

PFS RPG Guild Guide Version 10.0 wrote:
For classes outside the Core Rulebook and for all archetypes, see the Additional Resources document regarding which are legal for play within the Roleplaying Guild, as well as the Campaign Clarifications document ( for alterations.

So, I went there (after manually typing the link, because the PDF has a broken link). It's not there either. Many, many Google searches with different parameters later and I can only conclude that the information has dropped off a cliff. An alchemist absolutely can't have Brew Potion, and for balance the feat needs to be replaced.

What hope does a new player have? Any chance this can be corrected on the website (and fix the link in the PDF)? I'm sure there are other omissions, too.

Male Australian

Discussion thread if the gameplay thread is too crowded.

Male Australian

Checks to identify the items in the box (using the technomancy spell):

Engineering (strange clothing): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13
Engineering (orange and white cylinder): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
Engineering (all-white cylinder): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
Engineering (brown and white cylinder): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21
Engineering (pistol): 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

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Hey all, just thought I'd start up a bit of a blog from the very first HypoCon, here in Michigan!

Day 1 has been an absolute blast. After we arrived in the accommodations - which are amazing - we received our T-Shirts and settled in to a game of Star Wars d20 (run by me). The boys ate it up, and in the end the Vault of Daritha Xim was looted and the crew was being chased by the vicious gangster, Ostain the Hutt!

Then it was time for dinner. The lasagna was incredible, as was the Hoth Bread (cheese bread) and Tatooine Bread (garlic bread) - not to mention the Alderan Bread (left over crumbs)... and the Sweetwater Death Star Donuts to follow were huge enough to destroy us all. The Force was not with us and the meal won.

This was followed up by Chris's fantastic Call of Cthulhu game, set in 1921 Detroit of all places! We've managed to begin an investigation into the death of a strange professor, and have restored the car that he crashed. One should always bring a good mechanic along!

A special shout out goes to John, who we wish could be here. We miss you buddy.

Bring on HypoCon Day 2! Looking forward to some old school AD&D, the brewery tour, a catered dinner and Ryan's Pathfinder game - set in his very own Ravenloft PF conversion. Man... loving, loving, loving HypoCon!

Male LG Aasimar Paladin 5 / Expert (Swindler) 1 | HP: 51/61 | AC: 23 (12 Tch, 22 Fl) | CMB: +9, CMD: 21 | F: +11, R: +8, W: +11 (& resistances) | Init: +1 | Perc: +7 (darkvision), SM: +4 | Speed 20ft | Smite Evil: 0/2, Lay on Hands: 3/6, Divine Bond: 0/1 | Action points: 12, Reroll: 1/1 | Active conditions: Smite evil, divine bond (keen).

Ability score generation below!

Method I: Roll 4d6 6 times, adding the best 3 results. Arrange as desired.
Method II: Roll 3d6 12 times, take the best 6 scores. Arrange as desired.
Method III: Roll 3d6 6 times for each ability, in order (so roll 3d6 36 times, 6 times each for STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON & CHA in that order). Take the best roll of each of the 6 rolls.

Male LG Aasimar Paladin 5 / Expert (Swindler) 1 | HP: 51/61 | AC: 23 (12 Tch, 22 Fl) | CMB: +9, CMD: 21 | F: +11, R: +8, W: +11 (& resistances) | Init: +1 | Perc: +7 (darkvision), SM: +4 | Speed 20ft | Smite Evil: 0/2, Lay on Hands: 3/6, Divine Bond: 0/1 | Action points: 12, Reroll: 1/1 | Active conditions: Smite evil, divine bond (keen).

Ability score generation below!

Method I: Roll 4d6 6 times, adding the best 3 results. Arrange as desired.
Method II: Roll 3d6 12 times, take the best 6 scores. Arrange as desired.
Method III: Roll 3d6 6 times for each ability, in order (so roll 3d6 36 times, 6 times each for STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON & CHA in that order). Take the best roll of each of the 6 rolls.

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Hey boys, this is for Ishbaad and Kheycear. Chime in as and when you like, I won't be keeping this daily (necessarily) and you shouldn't bother either.

Ishbaad, if you would like to keep your cavalier levels, then we can talk about getting you a true dragon mount. Otherwise, a dragonkin will be your mount. We will have to modify the cavalier class a bit, but suffice it to say that your mount will be more powerful than a regular cavalier mount - and to balance things with the other PCs, also more powerful than a dragonkin mount.

Oh, and yes, this is why I figured keeping levels in cavalier would be awesome.

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

Hey boys, this is for Ishbaad and Kheycear. Chime in as and when you like, I won't be keeping this daily (necessarily) and you shouldn't bother either.

Ishbaad, if you would like to keep your cavalier levels, then we can talk about getting you a true dragon mount. Otherwise, a dragonkin will be your mount. We will have to modify the cavalier class a bit, but suffice it to say that your mount will be more powerful than a regular cavalier mount - and to balance things with the other PCs, also more powerful than a dragonkin mount.

Oh, and yes, this is why I figured keeping levels in cavalier would be awesome.

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

The citadel of Spurhorn is a cold place... but more borne from no need for heat rather than the cruel, unforgiving chill of Irrisen. The companions have been well received by Commander Pharamol and the council in general. The commander has even consented to give away his prized two-headed eagle - a cauldron key to their next destination - provided the companions take out Malesinder and join in a raid on Ivoryglass (where the second key, a bearskin rug, is located). The companions agreed, and were told that they must take to the skies if they were to be effective in combat.

The revelation that some of the slightly humanoid dragonkin are willing to take on humanoid form has been astounding, to say the least. Two dragonkin stepped forward, willing to be bonded with aliens from Golarion. Talsune, a literally huge copper dragonkin wielding a greatsword gruffly challenged Eoferwick to ride him, if he could... and the two went off to train. Aoife found kinship with Nevra, the female blue dragonkin who greeted them upon their arrival at spurhorn. She wields the traditional glaive, and the two young females seem to be getting along famously.

Marcos himself finds training with Calissus, a female white dragonkin summoner who teaches him how to grow his eidolon's wings. Redwood meanwhile is given a pair of winged boots and trains himself in their use.

Kheycear was stunned by the revelation that he is this 'Promised One' a prophesied 'Traveller from Beyond the Stars' who was to restore the Skyfire Mandate as the one true power on Triaxus. What this meant, he did not know, but Marlen - a robed white dragonkin and high priest of Apsu - stepped forwards and collected him from the council meeting. The two now go to the chapel at the northern edge of the underground complex of Spurhorn. --> Marked on the map

"Is it true?" Marlen asks Kheycear, "Have you come from beyond the stars to restore the Dragon Legion as the caretakers of Triaxus? Will you be the one to tip the balance against the Draklanders and allow us to rule once more?"

Ishbaad seems at a loss at first. His companions are taken away and paired off or given some other means of flight. The light-furred Commander Pharamol approaches him with a smile on his lips. "Have you a means of flight?" he asks the beleaguered inquisitor.

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Wilmannator's PbP Tips #1: The Leave Off

To help improve our community of PbPers out there, I thought I'd start up a series of 'snack-sized' tips and tricks for making the most out of your PbP games.

First one is based on Painlord's principle of "Always Be Pushing" (keeping things moving) and it is a little something that I call The Leave Off. This is an out of character comment that you put at the end of your post, summarizing what you want to do next. It really helps the GM and other players out, and is more in line with what you might say at a tabletop game when the GM calls for your "next move".

Sometimes, your in character post gives your GM and other players no real indication of what you would like to do next, or even what you would be prepared to do. It can slow things down when they have to wait for you to post again after the GM requests the next action - and it gives players little opportunity to follow where you're going.


"Ha!" cries Brandywine, "You elves sure have a way of sticking your ears into everyone else's business. Well, if you want to get yerself killed, then go ahead."

Brandywine crosses his arms over his chest and glowers at Hollister the Elf.

An okay post, but does Brandywine wish to continue or just stand there staring?

Adding this clarifies matters and allows players (and the GM) to move along.

Brandywine will follow, at a distance, if Hollister (or anyone else) decides we should go into the trap-filled maze. If we want to stay in town, my vote is for the Inn.

Depending upon Hollister's next post (and the posts of others), the GM can now determine if the group is happy to go into the maze or the inn without any further input from Brandywine.

You can also use the leave off for other things: a good GM can use them to make the next decision point clear to players, and you could even use it for things like distinguishing between an antagonistic in-character post, and your feelings on the matter as a player (helping put the other players more at ease, like Deussu did with his abrasive character Targath here).

More good examples of the leave off in action:

  • In this post, Pooka lets the GM know that he is happy to move on - provided there is nothing further to do - despite his companion receiving a beating. His in character post responds to the previous post, but they are trying to preserve their cover so 'saying' what he's doing isn't quite appropriate. Great time for a leave off.
  • GM Leave Off: Here, the GM needed a big 'reveal' post, but uses the leave off to make it clear what specific action is required of the players. It allows everyone to enjoy the read, and then move on in a coordinated fashion.

Important note: I touched on this before a little, but I want to be explicit: The preference is for you to make your in-character post clear on what your PC does next (maybe with an in-character Leave Off) but if for RP reasons it isn't, that's the time for an 'ooc' Leave Off. Even if your in-character post is explicit, an 'ooc' Leave Off can still be a good idea if your post was a long one (it helps the GM a lot when s/he goes back up for a second read to figure out the party's overall direction).

So, next time it's unclear what you want to do next - consider putting in an 'ooc' leave off to help your fellow PbPers along.

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It has been hotly contested in one of our PbP Games (and at other times) as to whether or not an animated object continues to have the properties of an object (in addition to the construct traits that it gains). Specifically, objects take half damage from most energy attacks (and then apply hardness) and are immune to critical hits, whereas constructs are not (construct traits are here).

In the bestiary, an animated object is called out as a construct, here. Constructs have a series of their own traits.

However, our GM (and others), notably in PFS have ruled that they are also treated as objects and have inanimate object properties as described in the Core Rules, here under 'Smashing an Object'.

It should be noted also that, while animated objects do get a mention in the above section, that mention also says not to treat animated objects as inanimate objects (but leaves it ambiguous as to whether it is for just AC purposes):

PRD wrote:
Animated Objects: Animated objects count as creatures for purposes of determining their Armor Class (do not treat them as inanimate objects).

Bold formatting added by me.

My feeling is that the above section and rules for objects are for smashing a regular inanimate object (it is called 'smashing an object' after all), and that animated objects cease to become objects upon creation and become constructs (per the spell animate objects). Otherwise, animated objects are far too powerful.

Since animated objects can be made using craft construct, it is reasonable to assume that they are constructs only and no longer objects, right? Otherwise, perhaps you could break an animated object with a strength check... or give them the 'broken' condition. It doesn't seem to fit.

Suffice it to say, it is currently ambiguous based on the rules I have found, and I'd like to know for sure.


So, can anyone help? I'm looking for Rules as Written or some kind of clarification (perhaps an FAQ?) to clarify this point for the future... especially in PFS where one has to stick to RAW and not the GM's ruling.

Please do not say that because the name is "animated object" it is an object, because a boreal wolf is not an animal (like a "wolf" is), it is a magical beast. Things that affect only the animal type (like ranger's favored enemies) should not affect the boreal wolf. The names of things don't seem to make a difference in Pathfinder, so I'm after only Rules As Written. I'm also not interested in the standard PFS "expect table variation" fob off either: I know that I need to expect variation, but I really do want to get to the bottom of this.

So, please respond with RAW if you have it. Not to be indelicate, but unless you are a developer, your opinion doesn't matter to me . Please point me to the rules if you have some that shed light on the matter... or hit the "FAQ" link to mark this as an FAQ candidate if you agree that you'd also like an official ruling.


So, this game is for players who are new to play-by-post!

If you are new to Play-by-Post and would like to get into a game, I have decided to run one specifically for new players. Please feel free to have a read of my recruitment thread and, if you're interested, give it a go.

The Confirmation Recruitment

Please post on the above recruitment thread rather than replying here (I won't be monitoring this thread).

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The Confirmation Recruitment

For those of you who are new to PbP and who are enthusiastic about telling a story while they roleplay, this is the game for you! I'm an experienced PbP GM and would like to help some people who are new to PbP to get into it. To achieve this, I will be running the Confirmation for PbP Gameday 4.

Application is simple, but not easy. I want to see you enthusiastic enough about this game and this format to take the time to read up on how to do it properly, and to do at least one in character post (when everything else is ready). If you can manage that, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together.

If you have any questions, please do ask. I'm not expecting you to know everything - so I am happy to help out however I can.


If you would like to play in this game, you must meet the following requirements:

  • This must be your first or second PbP game ever. I want to help new people find a game, not play with folk who are already gavin no trouble finding one.
  • You must read the guide on my profile and agree to abide by my rules and conventions. If you don't, that's fine. Just move along and I wish you best of luck finding another game.
  • You must create (or have created) a PFS character for this game with a full character sheet on the profile page and the tag line properly filled out with your vital statistics. I understand this can be tricky for newcomers, so I am more than happy to help out. Please just ask. It will not affect your application to this game in any way.
  • You must agree to post at least once every 24 hours during weekdays, and at least once over the weekend.

Get Recruited

In order to get recruited for this game, you need to do four things:

  • Read over and meet the above requirements.
  • Post here (using your PC's alias), on the recruitment thread, a little about yourself (especially your roleplaying experience) and why you want to play-by-post. Your recruitment post must also include the following text (copy-paste is fine):

    I agree to post daily, or notify the GM if I am temporarily unable to do so. I promise to respect others and to allow everyone - myself included - to have fun playing.

  • Post on the discussion thread (using your PC's alias), telling us about your PC. More details on what to post are on my first post in that thread.
  • Post in the gameplay thread in-character. Your in-character post must include the following elements:

    "Some spoken words,", Your character's internal thoughts, an out of character comment, A dice roll of your choosing: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (16) + 5 = 21 (make it a knowledge check if you're stuck for ideas) and...

    A spoiler for the GM:

I plan to close recruitment and select my players (6 of them) on Monday, September 28th. I plan to begin playing on Thursday, October 1st. I estimate that the game will go for about 4-5 weeks (finishing by early November), but please do note that the GameDay is until the 20th of December, so be prepared to commit to playing until then.

Note: Depending upon the quality and quantity of responses, the above start dates may vary. Also, since we are playing with a group of intentionally new players - the end date could well creep out until the end of GameDay. I will, however, do my best to help us finish in early November.

Character Creation

This is a PFS, non-core (regular ongoing campaign) game, and as such character creation is governed by the rules of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. I would prefer level 1 characters, but level 2 characters are also fine (this scenario is tier 1-2). Pathfinder Society resources can be found here. If you are new to PFS and need help getting set up, please do let me know.

Please note that if you have already played The Confirmation at level 2, you may only play again at level 1.

Why The Confirmation?

Thematically, I like it for a first play-by-post. It fits well with the pacing and there are some challenges in there that reveal some Golarion lore. I think it can get a bit lost when played in real life (because just reading out block text isn't usually that fun for GMs). It's perfect for PbP though!

Finally, there are a lot of players out there who have played through quite a few PFS modules but haven't done any PbP. I wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to get started on PbP could play... so an evergreen (infinitely replayable) scenario like this one was a perfect fit.

About Me

I love roleplaying, and have been doing it for over 20 years now. My main profile has got a lot about me on it, but the essence is I love to roleplay and I've got much time to post, little time to game in person.

I started play-by-post a little over a year ago and I've really gotten into it in a big way... 5,000+ in character posts since then!

If you'd like to read over some of the PFS games I've run, you can get a list of them from my campaign listing or click on some below (warning: spoilers, of course):

1st Ed D&D Campaign Manifesto

When you have a character, please introduce your PC in an out of character post here on the discussion thread. Just some details about your character's motivations and why they joined the Pathfinder Society will be more than fine. If you want to post a background, that's great, but please either include it on the profile for your character alias, or put it in a [spoiler].

Either before or after that, make sure you go to the gameplay thread and make an in-character post also!

Please do post on recruitment first, and read my instructions on that thread thoroughly and make sure you really do want to play before posting on any thread.

This game will start, assuming we have finished recruitment by then, on October 1st.

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1st Ed D&D Campaign Manifesto

The invitation delivered last night was remarkably simple, especially given the importance of the occasion: “Start where it all began. Meet us at the Pig’s Paunch one hour before dawn."

Of course, it wasn't as simple as it seemed. The Pig's Paunch was only referred to as such by veteran members of the society - including certain potted plants - but the actual name of the tavern was the "Wounded Wisp". Still, the smart ones managed to find their way...


The taproom of the Wounded Wisp tavern is abuzz with activity. The most recent round of Pathfinders have just finished all three classes (Scrolls, Swords and Spells) and are ready to start their Confirmation together. The conversation inevitably drifts towards who will be selected to go first. Which group of Pathfinders will be selected to face the final trial and become the next full Pathfinder Field Agents? What task will be asked of them?

"Settle down, settle down!" shouts Heryn Gale, the barkeep, "One at a time! Orders pleas. Oh and no tabs tonight! Cash up front." These are the new recruits? Iomedae save us. They get greener every year...

Just chatting.

Please dot in if you have been invited. The insanity will start on September 19. Yaargh.

(GM Damo) | Main Map | Big Map | Tactical | The Audacious | Loot

Feel free to chat about your characters here, ask any campaign questions and so on. Also, if you've been invited and need convincing to do this thing, here's the place to chat about it.

Also, I know this alias may be a bit weird, but just refer to me as "Damo", "GM" or "GM Damo", I'm fine with any of those. I think though, overall, it will give a nice feel as the island itself describes to you what is going on. If you prefer a regular "GM BLAH" alias, let me know. You've got 7 more posts fro me before I can't change it.

(GM Damo) | Main Map | Big Map | Tactical | The Audacious | Loot

The Isle of Dread

Welcome, intrepid explorers. For you select few who are bold or foolhardy enough to reach for ancient glories despite the terrible danger that faces you, the fabled Isle of Dread awaits!

See campaign tab for more info... dot in (preferably with an in character introduction) if you've been invited! If you don't have a character concept yet, a simple 'dot' will suffice.

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

The musty but familiar odor of the Grand Lodge is a welcome relief to the companions' nostrils. The colds they all developed while in Irrisen and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings have finally subsided. Lort decided to stay a while longer to visit old friends and relatives, but the rest could not wait to get back to warmer climes.

The next mission is not far around the corner, but for now it is time to drink.

Please dot in when ready.

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Hey all, please reply with the following to this thread so I can get the chronicles all lined up and ready to go!

PFS #:
Chronicle #:
Day Job Roll:

Also, if you could pre-emptively level up to level 6 (have the copy-paste text ready to go - don't change your profile and interrupt From Under Ice!), that'd be great. You'll have time to retroactively make purchases between games.

For faction reward cards, if you want me to sign the chronicle sheet and you know what the reward will be (eg. adventure in Absalom) we can do that now, otherwise we'll sort it out at the end. I don't think I need to sign anything, though, so the honor system totally works for me (since we all play these characters together anyway).

Thanks in advance for helping us to hit the ground running on this one!

Hi there. I'm just wondering when to expect the Pathfinder Unchained rules on the PRD. I'd like to introduce it in my game, but it's not fair on the players who don't want to buy it yet to introduce it before it makes the reference document. No rush (I know it was only just publicly released today), but I'd just like to give my players a timeline.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but I've been unable to find a similar question elsewhere. If anyone knows of a better place to post this question, please do let me know.

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Reign of Winter relevant stuff taken from the Zedroom.

Character Building Rules

We get to make our own deal here. I have always been a massive fan of high fantasy. Unless we have strong objections, we will be using a 25-point buy for all your characters. Take max gold for your class (eg. if you get 3d6 x 10, take 180). It makes it consistent (ie. no random), fair, and your GP values will be eclipsed by the first few treasure hauls anyway. Max HP at first level, and then PFS HP afterwards (I love removing random from character advancement). d6 = 4, d8 = 5, d10 = 6, d12 = 7.

No evil characters are allowed.

Any other rules, just ask me!

You do not need a copy of the relevant rules to take an item, race, class, etc. ALL Paizo source books are available to you, if you should desire (except other APs' exclusive rules). Material from other publishers' books will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and only if the rules are OGL and available for free somewhere (unless you think you can convince me to buy the sourcebook myself!).

Everyone will need to (at some point) grab a copy of the Reign of Winter Player's Guide to begin creating (or retrofitting) their character.

Jyri (or anyone!) if you'd like to play a witch, there's a Winter Witch archetype in there.

I would like each of you to select one of the available campaign traits. If none suit you, we can work together to modify the flavor of another trait to help tie you in to the AP.

For emphasis, character advice from the Players Guide:

During this Adventure Path, the PCs will visit a number of interesting and exotic places, but humans can go unnoticed in most of these locations. Members of more unusual races might have a harder time blending in at first. However, as the PCs progress through the Adventure Path, they will find themselves farther away from home and what is considered normal. Because the PCs will all be foreigners in strange lands, this campaign might be a good chance for players to try uncommon races.

Character options with winter themes are available to PCs, and while having protections against cold will be very helpful, remember that it is likely your character will be fighting creatures that are acclimated to the cold and resistant to the cold energy type.

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This adventure begins in the sleepy Taldan village of Heldren.

The sleepy village of Heldren has rarely seen so much excitement or concern. Hunters from the nearby Border Wood speak of unnaturally cold weather at the height of summer that descended on the forest just days ago. Heavy snow followed, and those who returned spoke of an uneasy presence in the woods, as well as new, dangerous predators. No one knows what this event means, but the town’s soothsayer, Old Mother Theodora, claims dark times lie ahead.

As if in proof of that dire prophecy, a badly wounded mercenary arrived in town yesterday, claiming to be a bodyguard of Lady Argentea Malassene. He told the village council that the noblewoman’s escort came under attack by bandits and strange, wintry creatures near the edge of the Border Wood. He alone escaped, and Lady Argentea was dragged away into the forest. Now the townsfolk cast fearful eyes toward the snowy forest, worried what else might emerge to threaten their peaceful village.

But this was many weeks later. Perhaps we should begin at the beginning. Fate has deigned that a group of six adventurers - unlikely companions all - should all find themselves in Heldren on this fateful day. Their paths may have crossed before, others may have been strangers before today, but what follows are their tales. These are the where, how and why they are here - on today of all days.

Okay! That should be ample preamble for you back stories! Have some fun with it, meet up if you like. Feel free to tear off chunks of the world and make them your own. Most importantly, take your time with all this. There is absolutely no rush. You don't even need to finalize your characters... just post along and massage those stats right up until the time we begin!

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

Ready when you are! Keep chatting on the gameplay thread, dot in, whatever. Feel free to share purchases you've made here, or just keep them on your ITS.

Everyone, please update your taglines as well as your main statblocks before saying "ready". Thanks!

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The Pathfinders have quite some time to spend in Nantambu while they wait for Aya Allehe to call them with news of Nieford Sharrowsmith.

As ever, while they await a summons to Sharrowsmith Exports (the subtle front for the local Pathfinder Lodge) they find themselves sitting around a table at a tavern. This one is the Mermaid's Tale, though where the nautical reference came from so far inland, no-one knows - not even the new proprietor, a dwarf named Hemming Longbottle.

Feel free to chat amongst yourselves. Head over to discussion and let me know when your character is ready, geared up and/or leveled up.

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

Here we are! Get into the gameplay thread and start things up. You'll have time to level up (if needed) before any action starts. Have some fun.

CLW: 0 charges left (0 wands), CMW: 43 charges left (2 wands) | Tactical | Portraits | Loot | Wiki

The Pathfinder Society was only just recovering from its massive, systemic restructure when the group we know so wee was called to the city of Nantumbu on the Mwangi Expanse. Mission briefings are typically given by the Venture-Captain on location, but even so, they were kept very much in the dark as to the nature of their mission.

Unfortunately, there was only one way to travel that far south of the Inner Sea Region: ship. By the time the rolling waves a sudden storm hits the ship, everyone is thoroughly seasick, including the captain. Putting in at Sothis in Osirion proves a dangerous proposition, and the vessel the Pathfinders travelled on is heavily taking on water by the time the captain docks. Repairs will be needed.

Rather than take the usual boat down the River Sphinx, everyone elects to walk instead. It proves a welcome relief from the sea travel, despite the arid landscape and the mountainous areas the Pathfinders are forced to climb before arriving in the jungle. There, they reluctantly charter a river barge - much more stable than the sea vessel - and navigate the Mwangi Expanse's river ways and lakes, docking at last in Nantumbu.

* * * * * * *

The sun bears down oppressively through the jungle’s humidity, causing the air to shimmer and lending an even greater feeling of otherworldliness to the Mwangi city of Nantambu. Aya Allehe enters the sweltering room in the local Pathfinder Lodge with a worn and harried look in her eyes. “Thank you for agreeing to meet here on such short notice,” she begins, “As you may already know, the venture-captain of this lodge, Nieford Sharrowsmith, has been away for several weeks heading an expedition into the interior of the expanse. A week ago, I received a letter addressed to Sharrowsmith from our agent working in the Aspis Consortium-controlled city of Bloodcove, Malika Fenn. The letter appeared to be a routine report, though I recognized that it hid an encoded message that describes an impending Consortium expedition up the Vanji River, planned to depart within the week.

“Malika additionally informed us that this expedition’s aims are of great concern to the Pathfinder Society. She has collected substantial intelligence to this effect but is unable to get the information out of the city for fear that the Consortium will detect and intercept it. To make matters worse, Venture- Captain Sharrowsmith has failed to check in with any other Pathfinder contacts in the region or send back any messages during his own expedition. The timing of these two events is too convenient for my liking, so even though I am only overseeing this lodge in Sharrowsmith’s absence, I ask that you travel into the lion’s den to retrieve the information that Malika has gathered on this expedition so that we can find out if it is connected to Sharrowsmith’s disappearance. Malika has indicated that she left a message for us in the Witchlight Inn that will help us find her information, so head there first.

“Though these are grim circumstances, they also present us with an opportunity. Once you have infiltrated the city, try to sabotage the Consortium’s preparations for the expedition. You won’t be able to stop it completely, but you can at least buy us some time to determine its nature and formulate a response. I also want you to make some inroads for the Society in the city. Gaining the ability to move agents and supplies through Bloodcove more easily would be a massive boon for our operations in the Expanse. I have some information on some disenfranchised citizens of Bloodcove who may be up to the task. Finally, gather some intelligence of your own. Talk to the people of Bloodcove and see how complete the Aspis’s control over the populace is. Report to me any groups or people of influence who may be sympathetic to our cause and support us in future moves against the Consortium. Once you’re done, get out of the city. Leaving in a different way than you arrived tends to be best.”

Take your time to absorb this wall of text. Ask any questions you like and dot in at your leisure!

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I’ve been musing over Painlord’s fantastic Guide to PbP GMing. If you haven’t read it, please do so. You don’t need to read it before reading this, but if you want to be a PbP GM I doubt that there is any resource on the web that is better for it. When I started, all I had to go on was Doomed Hero’s Guide To Play by Post gaming and Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post guide. Both are great resources, but if I’d read the later released GM guide before starting, I’d have been able to do a much better job from much earlier on.

So, Painlord’s guide touches on recruitment, but I would like to contribute some more detailed thoughts on how to do it successfully for PbP (apologies for any repetition). Most of this, admittedly, is from what I’ve seen rather than done - but when it came to put these ideas into action, I ended up with an absolutely stellar group of players in my PbP games. I would strongly recommend you see what you like from the below guide, and use it as you see fit for your own recruitment. My ideas won’t be for everyone, and your feedback is more than welcome in comments - after all, it’s why I’m posting it! Hopefully together we can make this whole process easier, and easier to get right.

For this, I’m going to adopt Painlord's formatting as best I can.


PbP Recruitment

Recruitment is something that I firmly believe can make or break a game. Get the right players, and you can constantly inspire each other to do great things, both as roleplayers and as PbPers. Get the wrong players and everyone can become demotivated. “Wrong players" doesn't even have to mean “bad players" - sometimes good players don't mix with other good players. Attitudes and posting styles can clash even amongst the best of players.

For those interested, this is the recruitment thread where I managed to recruit what has to be the best group of PbPers ever (certainly feels like it to me). While I don’t use all the techniques I list here in that post, it does cover the main points. Many of these points are things I’ve picked up later down the track from reading others’ recruitment threads and discussions like Painlord’s GM guide (linked above).

1. The Golden Rule: You are aiming to have fun:
This might look silly, but some people who roleplay seem to forget this. PbP players are no exception. When you recruit players, more than anything, try to recruit players who you believe you will have fun with - and who will have fun with your other players. Always, always, always keep that in mind when recruiting (and while playing!).

Importantly, post recruitment: If it's not fun, fix it. If you can't fix it, end it (politely). This is a game, and you really want to be having fun. If you’re not having fun, why are you bothering to play at all? Also, if you’re not enjoying things as a GM, chances are your players aren’t enjoying it either. This isn’t a reason for you to just pack up and leave as soon as you stop enjoying yourself, but you do need to take steps to correct things. If all else fails, though, do stop playing rather than wasting your time in an activity you don’t enjoy.

For more advice, especially on how to fix things, see Painlord's Guide to PbP GMing and section 1.4 on Training, Bad Players and Trimming Deadweight. If you get recruitment right, though, you’ll hopefully never have to worry about it!

2. Introduce and promote:
The first thing on your recruitment post needs to be an introduction to the game you are running. It should cover the public adventure summary, setting (as appropriate) and other salient details about the game you will run. Make it sound enjoyable, too. You really want to draw good players in. Promote the game as much as possible and get players excited about playing.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself, also! It’s just as important for players to know what to expect from you as it is the adventure content. This is a social game and this is your first social interaction. Make an impression.

While you’re introducing the game, also include your game’s character creation guidelines - after all, you want them to submit their character as well as themselves for your game. For PFS games, this is almost always just level requirements, PFS #, chronicle sheets and inventory tracking sheets. For APs or other games, you’ll want to include:

  • Starting level;
  • Starting wealth;
  • Ability generation system (eg. dice roll, point buy, etc);
  • Hit point generation system (eg. roll ‘em here, PFS-style);
  • Alignment restrictions;
  • Number / type of traits allowed;
  • Resources characters have access to;
  • Source material restrictions;
  • Any other custom rules or restrictions you’re introducing (eg. no technology, must be elven); and / or
  • Anything else essential creating a character in your game.

Consider this post from Robert Brookes for his game. The introduction is beautifully laid out and goes into much detail about what flavor to expect in his game, character generation rules, and what he wants from his players. Heck, I’d be excited at the prospect of playing (where was I when this was posted?), and just look at the number of responses he got! He also does a pretty good job of setting character creation guidelines, and he links to obscure rules where appropriate.

Robert Brookes also got everyone to participate in the gameplay thread as a bit of an audition. It’s a very interesting idea (and especially useful for first timers), but I think a truer test would be stalking them (see below). After all, they’ll be more on their guard on the audition thread and it doesn’t say much for their longevity or posting consistency as players.

3. Invite players you like to come back:
Played a game with someone you enjoyed playing with? Ask them if they want to join your new game. You already know you enjoy playing with them, and asking them personally is so easy. Don’t by shy: you may be pleasantly surprised by the results - most often players will rather play with an existing acquaintance than an unknown. If do they say "no", don't worry - ask others you know and like, or just use the other techniques to recruit unknowns.

These players offer your absolute best chance of getting a good group together. After all, they were great in that other game you played, there's no reason they won't be great in this game.

4. Be selective:
Do not, under any circumstances*, recruit on a first come first served basis. There are some real fools out there. First responders are rarely the ones who have put in the most thought and effort into joining your game. Also, the players who reply first may simply just not fit your style.

Take Painlord's advice and get them to follow some instructions to recommend themselves to you. If they can't do that, then what kind of player will they be? Not likely one you want around.

Things to ask potential recruits to do (I would recommend asking for all of these things):

  • Introduce themselves (who are they, what do they enjoy about roleplaying, etc);
  • Read a guide (like Painlord’s or your own guide) and answer a question in a PM about that guide;
  • Create a character background;
  • Post about themselves (nothing personal, roleplaying preferences, PbP experience, etc);
  • Put their character stats in their profile; and/or
  • Just some simple stuff like PFS number or timezone.

Each answer (or lack of), even how they format their answers, gives you a glimpse into how that person will be as a PbPer. Be choosy!

* Okay, so maybe under some circumstances you can do first come first served - but make sure they meet your requirements! If someone says "dot" or "I'm in", they are not "first in". They have just expressed interest. Wait for them to answer your recruitment questions before putting them in "the" line. Be clear that this is what you'll do in your first post, too. That way it's all fair and above board.

5. Stalk your applicants:
Most PbPers play on the same forums you are recruiting on. Check their games out. See if they post often, respect others and most importantly: check to make sure that you actually like their posts! It is such a simple thing to do. Yes, it can be time consuming, but it is far, far better to spend that time up front in reading over PbP games than in fixing your own one because the players don't fit your style (or are just plain bad).

Also a very important thing to do: go to the end of the gaming threads they are involved in and find out if they finished the game. You want players who are good posters, sure, but you also want players who will see your game through to completion.

Oh, and if you can't find their games (ie. because they are on another message board) just ask them to link to them for you and tell you their character name. If they won't tell you, then it's probably a red flag. Why wouldn't someone who had nothing to hide point you to their game? Private forums is the only acceptable answer I can think of, but most are public.

6. Recruit first timers:
I wholeheartedly believe that we need to give first timers a chance. We were all there before. I strongly encourage GMs to allow one or two into their game (but would caution against more). The big thing with first timers is this, though: they simply must go through more hoops to impress you. It's just their lot (sorry first time folks). They haven't got any previous posts for you to refer to (it's like having a blank resume for a job interview), so they need to tick all of your other boxes. First timers who are worth your time will realize this and have no trouble doing it in return for your genuine consideration.

Make it clear that you will be accepting first timers and how many you will accept. Don't get hopes up, but do let them know they have a chance.

The first timer we have included has made me laugh and enjoy PbP more than any other player in the group. He's just that funny and fun. Big props to TheBobJones for stepping up in a big way. So happy we gave him a shot. I mean, just look at this guy’s post for standing up from prone with his uncoordinated and haunted nagaji. Literally had me laughing out loud.

7. Tell your players when you will start:
If you set a start date, players will know when they will need to set aside their character for (especially important for PbP). This helps to make sure that, when it comes time to say "you're in" they haven't decided to play something else instead.

While you're at it, also tell players when you hope to finish. If nothing else, this will help to set something of a deadline for you. For my first ever PbP game as GM I aimed for 6-8 weeks, but because the group I recruited (which included 5 complete strangers) was so good, we finished in under 2!

8. Party composition:
In short, I prefer not to recruit based on character build. Why? Because that might artificially exclude a player who otherwise would have been fun to play with. I'd rather have a fun group than an optimal group any day. With the right players, you can have a great time creatively overcoming any perceived lack in party balance. In the long run, player skill and party cohesion more than make up for a lack of any given character class.

You might be saying, “but what can be more fun than playing with a character who makes it a well-built party?” Easy to answer: it’s more fun playing with someone who is enthusiastic about roleplaying, who is good at roleplaying, who is sociable, who posts often and well, who keeps things moving and, in general, makes it a joy to read their posts. Also don’t forget that much fun can be had from inventively getting around tricky problems.

If you are truly worried about party composition, consider asking the players you like to roll a different character rather than be excluded. This is a trickier ask for PFS legal play, since they can’t just “roll up” a character unless it’s 1st level. Remember, however, you're recruiting players not characters.

Consider also the situation about table size (and my thanks to Silbeg for this awesome contribution). Many GMs want to recruit a “full” table (especially in PFS play). Sometimes, however, you might not have a full table (let’s say 6) of players who you would enjoy playing with. You’ve got more potential recruits, but none are of the right caliber. What to do? Just play with fewer players. So long as you have a legal table (4+) for PFS, you can always adjust for level… and again, you’re aiming to have fun not blast through things as easily as possible.

Fictitious Example: you've got a group of five players ready to go, and a sixth posts to your recruitment thread. His character, Bob the Basher is a barbarian, and your group is currently sadly lacking in melee power. However, when you read a thread that Bob has played on, you see him often berating players, and using his overpowering build to dominate all combat. He also demands that other players pay for his healing (Bob runs around with an AC8 while raging since he's wearing nothing but a loin cloth... all of his points went into STR and CON). You don't care for his play style, so decide not to invite him. Sometimes it is better to do without than to ruin people's fun.

9. Keep the thread alive:
Make sure your recruitment thread sees regular activity by posting to it yourself (hopefully with something useful) even if no-one else is. It doesn't take much for a thread to get lost beneath the vast number of forum posts. Make it stand out by having at least one post at least once per day, and make it at a time when you want your players to be posting (since people who see it, by default are able to post at that time of day).

Just as important is answering players’ questions quickly. You want to make sure they check back often, and you want good players to see that you’re the kind of GM who answers their questions promptly, politely and comprehensively.

While posting, be sure to tell players when you like something that they’ve posted (eg. “great background!”) or simply hit the like button. This will help get them excited about being recruited as well as showing others what you expect (or even just enjoy) from a potential recruit.

An interesting suggestion I’ve had from Painlord was to ask potential players to “like” other players’ posts, in a similar fashion to a voting system. It would have to be non-binding (the GM’s opinion matters most) but would be an interesting way to help players to decide who they would have fun with, allow an extra way to provide feedback and also encourage applicants to really put that extra bit off effort into their application. It might not be for everyone, but if ever I need to recruit again, I’m doing it! Thanks yet again, Painlord.

10. Put in restrictions (if you like):
It is nice to be inclusive, but it is even better to have fun. If you prefer to play with players closer to your own age (or above a certain age) then there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to do so. If you like to play with people close to the same timezone as you? Great. Want a group of players who all speak German as well as English? Warum nicht? Only want players who have seen the Schwarzenegger version of Conan the Barbarian? Strange, but fine. Want players who can promise to post every night at least once between 8pm and 10pm EST? That’s your prerogative.

Remember, these might be Paizo’s forums, but it is effectively going to be your table. Don’t be afraid to ask (and require) what you want for your table.

11. Start small:
Pathfinder scenarios or modules are ideal ways to start PbP. It is a good chance to test the water as a PbP GM before leaping in to something bigger. You may find that it is far too much effort for you to keep going on a regular basis, and it is much better to find this out during a module than an adventure path!

From a recruitment standpoint, it's very similar. If you end up with a bad group, it's at least only for a short time. If you end up with a great group who all have fun, invite them to play again! If you find just a few good players, invite just them back and recruit again for the remaining spots.

12. PM players when they're recruited:
This is a minor thing, but if you send a player a PM to tell them they are recruited before posting it on the thread, it gives you a chance to double check that they are available. Make sure you also put a response time limit on the PM (same time as your required posting frequency seems reasonable). This way, you don't send players who didn't make the cut away prematurely.

After your players have confirmed, post a list of those who are and aren't successful in the thread.

Appendix A: Recruitment from a player's perspective:
Players can use these techniques too! Stalk your prospective GM online, find out if this GM posts often, finishes games, has a style that suits you and follows Painlord's advice! Also, is that GM being picky about the players? If it is first come first served, avoid it unless you really need to get a PbP game under your belt so you can be recruited in another game. Otherwise, the GM just isn't taking enough care to ensure your fellow players will be good ones.

As a prospective player, the absolute best thing you can do for your PbP gaming career is to read Doomed Hero’s Guide To Play by Post gaming, which also contains a very detailed section on the best way to join a game, and Painlord's Advanced Play-by-Post guide. Both of these guides are essential reading for anyone who wants to be a better than average play by poster. While some things might seem obvious to some players on the face of it, please don’t dismiss them as such: there are many key insights littered throughout these guides. There is a reason they still have people posting responses and “thank you” messages to these guides 2+ years after they were written! If you survey the PbP games currently running, you’ll note that most (if not all) of the best PbPers out there conform to the conventions laid out in these guides.

Appendix B: Where to post for recruitment:
If you need to know where to post to recruit for your games, perhaps you’re not ready to run your own game just yet. Then again, maybe you're new to the Paizo forums. In any case, for the sake of completeness, here’s where to post your recruitment topic if you want to recruit for PbP on Paizo:

  • Online campaigns forums: This is the standard place to recruit. Once you have a recruitment thread going, you can easily add in the gameplay thread, discussion thread and start your game. Don’t forget to fill out the Campaign info tab so that people know about what you’ll be running.
  • Grand Lodge for online play: For Pathfinder Society (PFS) games only, ie. PFS scenarios and any module or adventure path you’ll be running and reporting under PFS play. I would put a post in the online campaign forums first, and then post about it here with a link to your recruitment thread. That way, you get the most exposure. Please make sure to conform to the standardized subject line (sticky post).
  • The Grand Lodge (above) will also from time to time link to an Online PbP Gameday (also only for PFS games). These typically run for about 3 months and will have their own recruitment mechanism. In past events, this involved posting your game to the Gameday game list and linking that to your recruitment thread (which can be the online campaign forum thread above). For an example, see PbP Gameday 3.


Thanks for reading! As with anything I put out there, your constructive comments and opinions are more than welcome. Let’s help get this difficult and important aspect of PbP gaming done right. I hope it helps you to recruit better players and to have more fun in your games! Best of luck.

I’d also like to give special thanks to my PbP Superstars (alphabetically: Acre, -Karma-. Lufien “Silvertongue” Loamin, Papasteve08, Silbeg and TheBobJones) as well as Painlord for providing me with invaluable input and feedback on this guide. You guys rule.

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The companions find themselves once more in the familiar taproom of the Grand Lodge in Absalom. The journey was a long one by land, but all agreed that they'd rather not get on a ship again until they absolutely had to.

It was only when they arrived at the Lodge that they realised what time of year it was: Turkey Day! A holiday where everyone in Absalom pays homage to the lost empire of Azlant by eating copious amounts of roasted bird and mashed root vegetables while drinking strangely flavored drinks that they would never consume any other time of year, before passing out from either over-eating or excessive drinking.

The taproom is filled with traditional Turkey Day decorations, and delicious smells emanate from the nearby kitchen.

Dot in when you're ready!

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This table already has a full complement of players. Please do not submit to this discussion thread unless you are one of my pre-recruited PCs. There will be no recruitment thread.

Adventure description from the scenario page:

Rumors of a lost shrine in the Segang Jungle draw the Pathfinder Society’s attention, but the prohibitive cost of sending a team into the wilds of Jalmeray threatens to shut down the expedition before it even begins. Fortunately, a wealthy patron has offered to fund the PCs travel expenses in return for their help in his decades-old quest. Can the Pathfinders balance this new obligation with their exploration of the archaeological site?

This game is part of the Official Pathfinder Society PbP Game Day. For more information please visit:

Didn't realize (but should have realized) that you needed to dot into gameplay to have it on your campaign list. It appeared on mine - but I created the campaign (so of course it would). D'oh. All good now. Just dot here and then head back to discussion.

My plan was to have epilogue (and prologue) posts appear here.

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Male Australian

Hey all! This is our new discussion thread. Any discussion not related to one of our games (like discussing the possibility of running an AP) can go here. Let me know if you object, and I'll shut it down. Otherwise, I'll try my best to keep this clean (no need for a gameplay thread as yet) and I'm happy to modify it anyway you like!

So, first up, it's called the "Zedroom" because of the alphabet. Starting with a "Z" means it will most likely be last on our campaign listings pages, until we play a module / scenario called "Zombie Smash" (or similar). "Zed" is how we Australians say "Z", so it made sense to me. Sounds cooler than "Zeeroom" in my opinion. Oddly enough I prefer the sound of "Zed Four" for the BMW Z4 but "Zed Zed Top" for a rock band just sounds weird.

Now for the juicy one: an adventure path. Based on everyone's comments so far, this would be my suggestion:

1. Only one GM. Multiple would be nice so we can rotate the chair a little, but spoilers, spoilers, spoilers - and I think there is a lot to be said for having a consistent cast of characters with a consistent vision.
2. Start after Thorrnkeep. That way those who are at the limit of there PbP don't get an additional game.
3. Silbeg has expressed an interest in GMing, but only after Thornkeep. This would seem to be the ideal option to me - finish Thornkeep and then move on to a full Adventure Path. That way I keep GMing PFS scenarios for our original group (and if anyone wants to take over GMing that group for a scenario or module, they can) and I get to play in an AP (my preferred option).

So, assuming everyone is happy to play after Thornkeep and Silbeg is happy to run it, the real next question is: what do we play?

Finally, what does everyone think about using real names for this? I've got mine on an alias that I'm happy to use. We have two Chris's, though, could get confusing. ;-)

For my part, you can call me Damo, Damien, Wilmannator, Lort, Arturo, Mr. Girl or whatever else you like.

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Smoke and merriment fills the air of the Pathfinder Lodge today. There are excited mutterings about a group returned from Riddleport - having recently solved the murder of a certain elven ambassador. Discussions still continue with the Mordant Spire Elves regarding the opening of the ancient ruins of Azlant.

Though a rather boisterous half-orc is currently off exploring his roots, some of the very same group of pathfinders have decided to meet here at this lodge on this day to reminisce.

The taproom is full and crowded, but a watchful person would catch a glimpse of a familiar feline tail swaying to and fro as drinks appear swiftly and gracefully in front of the Lodge's patrons. A reserved table sits off to the side somewhat, but still near enough to the bar and kitchens. The sign on the table, written in alluring catlike scrawl, reads:

Cyrus the Flea, Party of Six

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This table already has a full complement of players. Please do not submit to this discussion thread unless you are one of my pre-recruited PCs. There will be no recruitment thread.

Adventure description from the scenario page:

Shrouded in thick fog, the shifting Gloomspires north of the Shackles have long frustrated explorers. However, a recent discovery by the Pathfinder Society has revealed a brief opportunity to navigate the columns safely and search for the lost treasure of the legendary pirate Eightfingers. The only problem is that the Pathfinders are not the only visitors to the Gloomspires.

This game is part of the Official Pathfinder Society PbP Game Day. For more information please visit:

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Dot in when you have a character alias created! I'll set the scene when I have a little more time.

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Hi all! Starting up a new thread for Crypt of the Everflame. Let's move all "group 2" discussion over here.

First discussion - party composition! Man, I love character generation. I get the bonus of making the 7th character - the one that will replace Silbeg's character - so I'll stay out of this one for now and swoop in with my GM toon (for Thornkeep) when it's all said and done.

I'm happy to start this as soon as all the characters are in. I know people work best with a deadline, though, so let's say Friday. I don't need a full set of stats for the opening part of the adventure, but stuff happens pretty soon in. So, if you can't get a name and a class together by Friday, followed by a full character sheet over the weekend, please let me know!

As a suggestion, let's just open up the discussion with your preferred class (or classes). If we need to adjust, we can. I'll let GM Silbeg weigh in on whether or not we need a different party mix, too, since he will (after all) be taking over this group for Thornkeep and onwards!

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About a month after the success in the Red Redoubt of Karamoss, the intrepid pathfinders have all gathered at the Grand Lodge to swap stories and make merry. The taproom is very crowded, but they have reserved a table suitable for six hearty adventurers and have just begun to arrive.

Just before the first pathfinder sits down, the lithe catwoman called Sheeba gently puts down two written notes next to the "reserved" sign.

First note:

Jaender, it appears, is otherwise occupied. He sends instead his friends, Ibid. Oxley Abel and Cyrus the Flea, in his stead. They have just parted ways with their old adventuring buddies, and he believes they will have some interesting stories of their own to swap.

Second note:

After an incident some weeks back where he saved Amaranti's life, Trapper Mors has left Absalom to find adventure elsewhere. He wishes the group all the best and hopes to some day find his way back to face new challenges with you some time in the future.

Dot in and arrive in order. Feel free to "play" with Sheeba's character - or add in some more of your own. Take it easy, enjoy the drinks, and when the adventure is released, I'll move us on to that.

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Starting the discussion thread for our next PFS game! Please feel free to discuss whatever you like here, and dot in to the gameplay thread when you're ready.

Again, the release date is set for the 24th, so I'll start in earnest then (reading it fully as we get started). I've got some new Pathfinder books coming, including the technology guide, so I'm looking forward to getting into the meat of season 6 a bit more.

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Technically this is a flashback, since the adventure assumes you all meet on location. I'd like you to introduce yourselves first, though, and this seems a nice spot to do it. I'll flash back to the "present" when everyone's submitted an introduction and / or set of chronicle sheets.

It is a fine Spring morning as you all find yourselves relaxing at the Grand Lodge. The late afternoon sun sends spears of light through the shutters on the western side of the building, occasionally sparkling through your refreshments. You are seated separately, most likely having never met one another before, but each of you is tended by the same waitress.

Sheeba tends tables with more grace than almost any other waitress in the Lodge. She is quick and efficient, gliding through the tables on her long, lithe legs. Her black velvety fur brushes flirtatiously against some patrons' arms as she serves their orders. When she laughs, her whiskers wave alluringly up and down and her ears twitch ever so slightly after each mirthful outburst.

It is from her slim paws that you each receive the following note:

Player Handout #1

"You may meet in the Sable Rrroom," Sheeba purrs, "Venture Captain Valsin rrregrrrets that he will not be able to join you. Once yourrr fellow pathfinderrrs have arrrrived, you arrre to make yourrr prrreparrrations and leave no laterrr than the day afterrr tomorrrrow."

The Sable Room is more of a partitioned booth at the lodge. A thin divider decorated with scenes from the Society's adventures separates the large, horseshoe shaped booth from the general lodge area. Sheeba will show each of you to the Sable Room when you are ready, and continue to serve you food and drinks while you are there.

The note is repeated below for ease of access:

Idle Pathfinders are Pathfinders needing work. Having a bit of downtime is no excuse to sit around and let our skills lapse! So I have come up with a training exercise for you and a few others waiting around the Grand Lodge for a job. I trust you are familiar with the Red Redoubt? If not, for shame! It’s an important part of Absalom’s history. You might want to spend a few minutes researching it before heading out. While it is technically a “cleared” ruin, it’s a perfect location to test your skills.

Another team has spent the last few days practicing their own dungeoneering skills by establishing an obstacle course in the Redoubt’s upper levels. Now it’s up to you to go and see how well they’ve done. The course follows a specific path—if you come across a symbol of three red dots inside a triangle, that means “do not enter.” Don’t go wandering—I do not want to send a third team to find you if you get lost. Otherwise, your response to the challenge is up to you. Bring your own gear, make your own plans, solve the puzzles, and bypass the traps. You’ll know when you reach the finish line. I’d wish you good luck, but skilled Pathfinders don’t need luck.

I trust you’ll impress us,

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

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Please post here if you have any useful suggestions. I'm all ears! When the scenario starts, this thread will just be for my players.


Hi, I'm running the first season 6 Pathfinder Society scenario using subtier 1-2. If you are interested, please read my recruitment thread here and reply!

See also my campaign info thread on what I think of the negative reviews... most of which were from GenCon (where the tables are random and the play can be dicey - unless, like me, you were extremely lucky). Make up your own mind, but it should be a pretty decent scenario for anyone interested in season 6!

Please read below and then post here if you are interested in playing! I will aim to start this scenario some time in the first week of September. If I get a lot of responses, I am more than happy to start early. Please do let me know in your recruitment reply if you have any time constraints.

While I have GMed a lot in real life and played both PFS and PbP, this will be both my first time as a PbP GM and a PFS GM. I will be running this as sub-tier 1-2.

Please read the play guide on my profile before asking to join up. If you don't like it, please find another game. That said, constructive comments are welcome. Please post those in the discussion thread for this game.

Maps will be handled via Google Drawings. If you do not have and do not wish to create a Google account, please find another game.

This game will be run quickly. Please be ready to post at least every 24 hours. Players that regularly don't post within this timeframe when it is their turn will be asked to improve or leave. I will assume actions where necessary to move the game along. I'm hoping to have it finished in 6-8 weeks, but please be prepared to play for up to 12 weeks (I can't control players' post frequency).

For my part, I will endeavor to be able to post at least twice in any given 24 hour period, as required.

If you would like to play, please post as your character here with:

  • PFS#
  • Faction
  • Link to character sheet (this should be in BBCode on your character alias's profile, or you will need to send me a PDF of the full sheet).
  • Link to your character background - preference will be given to those with a better background. Please don't post your background in the reply unless you use a spoiler tag.
  • About you and your PbP experience. First time Play-by-Post gamers are welcome, but experienced PbPers will generally be given preference over inexperienced ones. Provide a link to your PbP threads if they were not on the Paizo forums.

You are welcome to play as a pregenerated level 1 character if you would prefer to leave your real life characters free for other games. This will not affect recruitment in any way. Pregenerated characters are just as welcome as custom characters. You will, however, still need to provide a character background (see above).
Download pregenerated characters here.