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Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

Short, high level Warhammer World adventure using Pathfinder rules.

Nebten's The Harrowing

Throne of Night (Drow Conqueror Side) Campaign

Shadow of Ascanor

Hammer to Fall [Homebrew Pseudo-fantasy Post-apocalypse Campaign] Recruiting Through 8 / 7

Interest Check for Alice in Wonderland Rules Light Campaign

PFS with GMsui! Scenario #55: The Infernal Vault

Horror game~ Recruitment

Kingmaker Recruitment

Trail of Cthulhu Recruitment

[D&D 5e] Princes of the Apocalypse - DM Asmodeus

Champions of the Era Recruitment (Closed Recruitment)

Fear the Wild - Closed Recuitment

Play-by-Post Apocalypse - Occult and Technology

Looking for players for online Iron Gods using Fantasy Grounds

Dummy Recruitment for Extra Kingmaker Thread

[5e] Secrets of Kreshire (recruitment / interest check)

Spire City

[GURPS / PbP] Infinite Worlds: Quantium

Solo Pulp Game Recruitment / / Build Your Own Campaign (within restrictions)

Pathfinder Single Encounters

DundjinnMasta's "Red Hand of Doom 5E" Recruitment

Astrexos: World of Rust Recruitment (Fantasy / Sci-Fi Campaign)

Player looking for PbP beginning pathfinder campaigns.

(LFP) [roll20 / G+] PFS ONLINE, The "Family Out of Town" Event PFS: 4 Scenarios - -Thu, Aug 6

Pathfinder: Evil Lurks Beneath The Sea

Another Gestalt Way of the Wicked!!! LETS BE EVIL {\\_ / / }

As The Shadows Draw Near

Giants Reign

The Red Mantis are recruiting again!

Dwarves vs. Giants! All Dwarven party for Giantslayer AP...

Torn Tapestry [Homebrew Campaign / World] [E8 Gestalt Emerging Magic]

Interest Check for "The Broken Age" Campaign

The Broken Age - [Homebrew Campaign] - [5 to 8 players needed.] - [Recruitment / Interest Check]

Player looking for anyone willing to run Jade Regent OR Jade Empires campaign

New Reign of Winter Campaign. Seeking Two Players - DM Twilight

PFS Interest Checks: Offering to GM and / or seeking to play.

Horde of the Dragon Queen Adventurers League Play 5E

Primeval Thule adventures

Wrath of the Righteous - 1 Replacement

Darkmoon Vale - Hollow's Last Hope plus more.

Star Trek officer's log recruitment

your first time

Valne City

Living Labyrinths Recruitment

CaveToad's Monster Mashup - Home Brew (Gestalt, Monster races, Bonus Goodies)

GM Edwin's Maztica Campaign recuitment

Serial Module (by level) PF Campaign

Reverse Recruitment - Pin the tail on the halfling rogue! - GM's come and get me!

Recruiting two people for Agents of The Fist, @ Woldiangames.

The Harrowing: Web of the Spider Princess

Kingmaker re-boot (closed recruitment)

[PFS] DM Kludde Low level PFS ongoing recruitment

In Desperate Need of Two or Three “Special” Monster Character Players

The death of Magic. [A Psionic Game]

Group looking for replacement GM for Wrath of the Righteous

DM-Camris' Iron Gods fast recruitment

Heroes of Legend vs. Mythic

Gestalt Campaign with Unique Elements, PCs Wanted

Interest check - Skyrim with Pathfinder House Rules

GM Rednal's Gestalt [Legandary Planet] AP - Recruiting Through 7 / 27

[PFS] The Citadel of Flame - Tier 1-2 - looking for 4-5 players


[PFS] 00-02 The Hydra Fang Incident (Core)

God-Kings of Valdis

[Interest Check] 5eing an Adventure Path

Player-Driven Space Western Recruitment

your first time

Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! [Super Secret Ultra Power Gestalt]

Interest Check: Pathfinder + Fire Emblem

Ruby Phoenix Tournament Interest Check (Houserules)

Mangroves in the Desert

Princes of the Apocalypse (D&D 5e)

PFS Core 0-7 Among the Living

Broken Nation: Dragonflyer1243's Galt-Based Homebrew(Rebels)

Broken Nation: Dragonflyer1243's Galt-Based Homebrew(Council)

Iron Gods (private recruitment)

DM Fflash's Shattered Star Campaign Recruitment

GM WhtKnt's Giantslayer

RoW game in need of healer

Constant GM looking to play

IC Modified PF game. Custom setting.

Hell Knight, Winter Witch, Dhampir and a Drow walk into a bar...

Kingmaker (Interest Check)

Lil"Eschie The Emerald Spire

Way of the Wicked (Closed Recruitment)

TechnoDM's PFS Core Campaign Season 2

GM Soul's Crypt of the Everflame

Servants of the Yellow King: Alternate Way of the Wicked Recruitment

Ravenloft Campaign Recruitment.

Carnival of Tears and Eldritch Trilogy, Guns everywhere, Arcanaless game

Freedom...but at what cost

DM-Camris' CARRION CROWN Chapter 2: Trial of the Beast Recruitment

[Fantasy AGE] Steam Age

Corsario's The Birth of Taldan's Defenders

Superheroes in Golarion interest check

GM Soul Dragon's Rise of the Runelords Recruitment

It's here. Bigger. Badder. Deadlier. Gygax's Monster. The Tomb of Horrors. Bring spare characters.

Soul Chronicles O.R.E (One Roll Engine) Game

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