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Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

Recruitment: Many Modules Campaign : One group, many adventures.

Cherished Zero's Custom Setting Gestalt Spheres of Power Campaign.

Recruitment for Cthulhupunk Shadowrun

PbP Gameday V New Character? No Problem! Confirmation! Recruitment

DM Snider The Confirmation Recruitment

[PFS] The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate! (ongoing PFS recruitment)

Freeing the Asylum Stone- A Solo Kaer Maga Game

PFS Gameday V Beyond Azlant Ridge

GM Shady's Early Society Recruitment [ CLOSED ]

The skinner box dungeon crawl

Gm Grog's Skull and Shackles: Yar there be sharks in the Water

[PFS][PBP][Gameday V] Phantom Phenomena Unchained!

Recruitment: Legendary Planets AP PbP

A Kin To Danger Recruitment

[Recruitment] - Point buy class building in a sandbox-like game.

Wrath - Closed Recruitment

[PFS PbP Gameday V] - #7-17 Thralls of the Shattered God Recruitment

Loup Blanc's Super Special Interest Thread

DM Erk's Giantslayer re-recruitment

[5E] Maze of the Blue Medusa - Interest Check / Recruitment

Honor´s Echo Core for PBP V Recruitment

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: Thralls of the Shattered God Recruitment

Seeking two new investigators for Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

PFS Gameday V Emerald Spire Floor 1

[5e pbem] Curse of Strahd recruitment

[PFS] #7-07 Trouble in Tamran (SubT4–5) Gameday V — GM Crucible Recruitment

[PFS - PbP Gameday 5] GM Yasumoto's #7-22: Bid for Alabastrine (Tier 1-5) Recruitment

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: The Sky Key Solution Recruitment

[PFS] PbP Gameday 5 - Scenario 7-00: The Sky Key Solution Recruitment

Eberron - Echoes of the Past Recruitment (Closed)

[PBP Game Day V] GM Z..D.. To Judge a Soul part 1: The Lost Legacy

HERO System 'Alien Invasion / Superhero Battle High School'

Black Tom's Strange Aeons

[PbP Gameday V] [PFS] We Be Goblins Free! (starts 27-08-2016) (lvl 4 pregens)

[PFS 7-00] Gameday 5: The Sky Key Solution [Tier 5-6]

CaveToad's Monster Mashup - Home Brew (Gestalt, Monster races, Bonus Goodies)

[PFS - PBP Gameday V!] 7 -12 The Twisted Circle

[PFS - PbP Gameday 5] GM Skipper's #4-04 The Kortos Envoy (tier 7-11), Recruitment

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #7-00 The Sky Key Solution CORE (Tier 5-6)

Game Day V: Jester Fraud (subtier 6-7)

[Interest check] - Point buy class building in a sandbox-like game.

GM Fuzzfoot's #3 Murder on the Silken Caravan [1-5] (CORE) Recruitment

DDEX 1-2: Secrets of Sokol Keep [5e Adventurers League]

[PBP GameDay V] GM Ragged's 2-01 The Bloodcove Disguise (Tier 3-4)

DM B's PFS GD5 PbP: Portent's Peril Recruitment CLOSED

GM Zoomba's Sky Key Solution 7-00 Tier 5-6 [PFS PbP Gameday V]

[PFS] Eyes of the Ten

VTT game starting in a couple of hours! Wanna play?

[PFS - PbP Gameday 5] GM Skipper's #3-04 The Kortos Envoy (tier 7-11)

[PFS] PbP Gameday V: #7–00: The Sky Key Solution (Tier 1-2)

Legacy of Fire

GAMEDAY V: 7-00 Skykey Solution

[PFS][PBP][GD5] #7–17: Thralls of the Shattered God

[PFS Gameday V] 7:00 Sky Key Solution [Tier 3-4]

[PFS 7-10]Gameday V: Fromper's Consortium Compact

PFS Gameday V Ward Asunder

PFS PbP Gameday V - #7-00 The Sky Key Solution (tier 1-2 OR 3-4) Recruitment

GM ShadowLord's PFS #7–00: The Sky Key Solution Recruitment [Tier 1-2]

GM Silbeg's #28: Lyrics of Extinction (PbP Game Day V)

WR Murk Water Heroes (Dungeon World)

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #8-02 Ward Asunder (tier 3-7) by Fiddlersgreen

Wizard's Duel (5e)

GM Shady recruitment thread

[PbP Gameday V][PFS]GM Zoomba's 4-6 The Green Market (Tier 5-9)

[PFS] Gameday 5, The Frostfur Captives Tier 1-2

Oykiv´s Frozen Fingers of Midnight subtier 3-4 Recruitment (COMPLETED)

[PFS] GM Lithrac's Abducted in Aether (#7-23) Recruitment

PFS Gameday V We Be Goblins Too!

GameDay 5: Dungeon Master S's Orders from the Gate [CORE]

[PFS][PBP][GD5] #7–13: Captive in Crystal

Another Honor´s Echo for PbP day V - Core and regular

[Shattered Star] What do YOU want to be able to do? Today [PF-inspired homebrew]

[PFS Gameday V] 7:22 Bid for Alabastrine [Tier 1-5]

Looking to get Ahead: Hydra Campaign re-recruitment!

[PF pbem] Sunless Citadel, Forge of Fury, Red Hand of Doom

DM Grey's Strange Aeons.

Interest Check --> Talanor, the Bright Tower (Homebrew Campaign)

Midnight Mirror PBP (PFRPG)

Chaosorbit's PFS PbP Gameday V - #6–23: The Darkest Abduction

GM Fuzzfoot's 7-00 The Sky Key Solution CORE Tier1-11 Recruitment

Interest for a homebrew Pathfinder game

[GD5] GM Lari's Serpents RISE (Standard / Core)

[PBP GameDay V] GM Ragged's 2-02 Rescue at Azlant Ridge (Tier 3-4)

[PFS] PbP Gameday 5 - GM Woran's 7-00 The Sky Key Solution (tier 3-4)

[PBP Gameday V] GM Zinou's Sky Key Solution [TIER 1-2]

PbP Gameday V - 6-98 Serpent's Rise

Looking for a replacement Melee character for a Skull & Shackles campaign

GM Choon's (Gestalt) War of Dragonfires v.1.1 (rules update re-threading)

Against the Cycle, Ch. 1: Funfair - Pathfinder-style adventure at... a funfair

[PFS Gameday V] Master of the Fallen Fortress.

GM Foxy's Carrion Crown Recruitment

[Interest Check][Technoir][Eberron] Campaign Set in Homebrewed Eberron

[PFS PbP Gameday V] #1-35 Voice in the Void CORE (Tier 1-7) #2

[CLOSED] Pirates Be We, On the Open Sea!

Pathfinder Very Active Play-By-Post Spheres of Power Gestalt campaign

Replacement player for Dragon's demand.

[GD5] GM Lari's #5-08 Confirmation for Newcomers

Call of Cthulhu: Return of the Tatters of the King

The Many-Faced GM's Rise of the Runelords Recruitment

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