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The Paizo office will be closed in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24.
We will reopen on Monday, November 27.


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[PFS] The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate! (ongoing PFS recruitment)

Castamir's Flaxseed Station Recruitment

Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

5e, Homebrew Setting, Heavy Narrative Focus, Frequent Posting Standards

Blades in the Dark

Gestalt Jade Regent without Brinewall Legacy

GM Rednal's Northlands Saga Complete (Spheres of Power)

Falcon's Hollow Mini-AP Another Round

[PF] Bloodborne - Prior of Darkbeasts

DM Kaavek’s Scales of War

Looking for a replacement to join 'The Ire of the Storm'

One shot boss fight

L5R in sickness and obscurity.

Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution Re-Recruitment

Storyteller Shadow's Multi-Game Recruitment VII

Zoey's Strawberry Commencement

Tides of the Accord: Underwater Version of AEG Warlords of the Accordlands Campaign

[5e] Escape from the Underdark

[SFS] Sanctioned AP: Incident at Absalom Station (1-2)

Giants of Autumn Twilight (a Giantslayer AP)

GM Cwethan's The Cost of Enlightenment

Mummy's Mask: The Sand Scarabs Recruitment (Looking for replacement players)

Underhive Adventures Recruitment

LFG ROLL20 Absalom Based Campign

Tomb of Annhilation game plus expansion Adventures League

Interest Check -- Even Longer Ago In That Galaxy Far, Far Away [Homebrew SWEU / SoP / 3940s BBY]

Starfinder PbP: Non-SFS Campaign based on SFS scenarios

Let us gather in the dying light... and tell terrible tales of 'The Blight'.

PFS 07-14,16,18 Start Date 11 / 10

PBP looking for a GM for a Legendary Planet game

[PbP] [Closed]Rune Lords

WANTED: GM for King Maker (Gestalt)

Sunless Citadel Interest Check

Gromwell's Angels

Seeking new GM for Dragon Mountain

Interest Check ~ Scales of War PF Conversion

GM Aest's Victorian Strange Aeons, Round Three

Emerald Spire level 1 (PFS)

SFS 1-05: The First Mandate Recruitment!

[SFS] Quests 2- Into The Unknown 2- GM Ewok Recruitment

Ironfang Invasion for redeemed monsters

Interest Check- The Wheel of Time

[PF] Age of Worms in Greyhawk

STARFINDER: The Triune System interest check

Solstice Scar GM Thread (II) - Aid Tokens

For the Selfish - THE BLIGHT Solo Campaign

HK´s PFS Recruitment PBP

The CSB Recruitment

Runequest Quickstart: The Broken Tower

[SFS] Quests- Into The Unknown - GM Ewok Recruitment

Lastguard: A level 20 one-shot

GM Lorenzo's #5-99 The Paths We Choose (Subtier 3-4) - Redelia's PbP GM Mentorship Program Recruitment

SFS 1-04 Cries from the Drift! Recruitment

[5E] The Wanderer’s Plight: An Adventure inside The World Without Skies

[Roll20][Discord][24 / 7][Online][Pathfinder] Planet Triaxus LW

[SFS] Quests- Into The Unknown - GM Ewok Recruitment

Strange Aeon's Recruitment

GM Cwethan's Fugitive on the Red Planet (SFS)

Recruitment - Carrion Crown AP (set in Old' West)

Return of the Silver Shields

GM Batpony PFS PBP Devil We Know Pt III & IV

[SFS] GM defiNately - Quest: Into the Unknown *CLOSED*

PPB[PFS] #5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade

[ADVENTURE CARD GUILD] Season of the Goblins Adventure 2B-1: We Be Goblins!

How Broken? An interest check / recruitment (short term, Mythic P6)

Interest Check Boku No Hero Academia (M&M 3rd Ed)

PFS 07-14,16,18 Start Date 11 / 10

PFS 07-14,16,18 Start Date 11 / 10 TABLE 1 Recruitment

The Dark Trilogy through Starfinder

FF Time Travel Recruitment

At War: 1-on-1 Risk-esque Cooperative Campaign

DDEX 01-08: Tales Trees Tell [5e Adventurers League]

Old School Greyhawk Campaign Super Module [Seeking DM and Players]

Interest Check: Scarred Lands Spiragos Cycle in 5E

DM Púca's Ironfang Invasion (Closed)

Dark Heresy - Forgotten Gods Recruitment

(Dungeon World) Monstrous Races campaign - Revenge on the Adventurers

Scion: Ragnarok

Tomb of Annihilation for 1 Player only

A Ronin's Path- Intrest Check FF L5R RPG Beta

INTEREST CHECK: Mega Greyhawk campaign

Something stranger this way comes. (Kids on Bikes)

Thrawn's Gallows of Madness (PFSRPG) Recruitment

Solo Exchange, Pathfinder w / SoP / M

[Traveller] Recruitment for a Traveller Game

Eberron - Echoes of the Past Recruitment (Closed)

Looking for 4 more players to replace crew on multi-system Space Opera game

[PFS] [CLOSED] GM Supersuperlative's Master of the Fallen Fortress

Interest Check: SFS scenarios run as a non-SFS campaign

The SeaOwl's Gambit

[PFS]DM Elanmorin's Shades of Ice, part II: The Exiles of Winter

Supplementary Recruitment Thread ; Homebrew Settlement-Building

Iron Kingdoms interest check

GM Phntm888's Way of the Wicked

[Name Redacted] Cheliax House Politics Quest

(Imtrest Check) Ignite your spark! A Pathfinder Champaign based around plainwalkers

[PFS] ShieldBug's The Silverhex Chronicles Recruitment

Castaways campaign recruitment

Interest Check Boku No Hero Academia (M&M 3rd Ed)

Looking for Starfinder DM & queer group to do RP podcast

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