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Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

The Temple of Elemental Evil

Let's play: We be Goblins!

The 7 seasoned pathfinders - Closed Recruitment

DM Greg's Red Hand of Doom Recruitment looking for Final player

Gestalt Wrath of the Righteous Recruitment

Corsario's Murder's Mark Module for Veteran Players

CaveToad's Monster Mashup - Home Brew (Gestalt, Monster races, Bonus Goodies)

The Fulcrum of Ages - Custom Campaign Recruitment

[PFS CORE] #6-12, #6-14, #6-16 Scions of the Sky Key

Any interest out there for a Sword and Sorcery Campaign?

Citizens of Absalom

Lil"Eschie The Emerald Spire

Homebrew interest check, [b] When the Dragons Ruled[ / b]

The Seven Seasoned Pathfinders (Core) CLOSED PbP RECRUITMENT

Mangroves in the Desert

Pathfinder Single Encounters

Dark Heresy High level 40k game (interest check)

medlii's Curse of the Crimson Throne

Ustalav introduction campaign Re-recruitment

Corsario's Murder's Mark Module for Novice Players

[Interest Check] Old School Revival: S&WE, ACKS, DCC, or AD&D

Reign of Winter Presented by GM Jammin'

The Dungeon Maestro's Reign of Winter Campaign Re-Recruitment (2 Open)

GiantSlayer gestalt Roll20 game. looking for 3-5 players on Wednesday nights

Play By Post: Star Wars d6 - Black Ice module

Dark Ages Vampire - Bloodlines Recruitment

Looking for players to start a late Saturday morning (CDT) d20Pro / Skype game

Mangroves in the Desert. -- open call for additional 1 -2 players

Second Darkness Recruitment For Replacement Player

Rappan Athuk Old Style Game

Medieval Europe PbP campaign

Homebrew, Player-Focused Re-recruitment, 1-4 Players Needed

A House of Cards: Recruitment for Paizo's 'The Harrowing' Module

[PFS PbP] CORE #0-04 Frozen Finger of Midnight - GM Deussu

5E: Ravenloft?

Chtonian Chronicles: Carrion Hill

Let's Try Something New! [Nightlight RPG]

[PFS CORE] The Seven Seasoned Pathfinders - Closed Recruitment

[Roll20 / Google Hangouts] Golarion One Shot - 6 / 1 @ 8PM PST

[Interest check] FFG Star Wars (EotE / AoR / FaD)

DM B's Scions of the Sky Key PFS PbP HIGH Tier Campaign Recruitment

[Play-By-Post] Fellowship of the Dice

Strange days have found us.

Fallen Heroes: Finding The Fall

New Homebrew Campaign: Allence's Last Hope

Lords of Taldor: Ascending Majesty Recruitment

Midnight RPG: The Godseed Chronicles

Player needed urgently for Evil Rise of the Runelords Skype game

(Thunderscape Homebrew mini-Campaign) Part 1 The Hassashar Trade Route


DundjinnMasta's "Herald of the Eternal Night" (Age of Worms in Sword & Wizardry) Recruitment

[PFS] DM Kludde Low level PFS ongoing recruitment

DM Shadowbloodmoon's Curse of the Crimson Throne (Reserved)

The Darkness Within: A Carrion Crown Adventure Path

GM Baerlie's PFS / PbP Recruitment Thread

Looking for players to start a late Sunday morning (CDT) d20Pro / Skype game

Roll 20 gmt 1pm Homebrew Pathfinder sundays

PFS: The Midnight Mirror

Deathwatch Endless recruitment / missions

Age of Worms Recruitment (Pathfinder Rules; Greyhawk Setting)

Reign of Winter - Sun 6:30 pm pst weekly - Need 1 player - Near end of Book 1 of 6

(5e) Princes of the Apocalypse Retruitment

Giantslayer AP Recruitment - Fast-Paced, Retro and Dwarf-focused

Looking for a GM for WotR

[PFS Core] #0-04: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight [Tier 1-5] GM Rutseg

Interest Check: Dragonlance DL1 Dragons of Despair under D&D 5e rules

DM B's Scions of the Sky Key PFS PbP LOW Tier Campaign Recruitment

Recruiting for Second Darkness Campaign by Lunar Sloth

Song of Ice and Fire: Dragons at War

GM Niles' 5E Experiment Recruitment

The Eye of Eons- homebrew campaign recruitment

Council of Thieves-LFM

Interest Check: Comic Book Fantasy using Pathfinder

(5e) The Wrecking Crew: A Castle Caldwell and Beyond Adventure

Calling all Dwarves for a Giantslayer campain!

PFS / PbP #6–11: The Slave Master's Mirror - Subtier 3-4

[Interest Check] Age of Worms OSR

Mutant City Blues Investigations

PFS / PbP: Destiny of the Sands III - Sanctum of the Sages (#5-16), Subtier 3-4

DM rel20's "Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands" Recruitment

Not enough kobolds!

Interest Check - Fallen heroes

Co-GM to develop sandbox campaign. Lost Lands (FGG)

The Family Business

PFS / PbP #5-12, 15, 16 Destiny of the Sands Parts 1-3 (Tier 1-5)

Running Carrion Crown on Roll20!

Black Crusade: The Corruption of Hive Spire Auebensheim

Dungeon World Zelda Rerecruitment (Super Easy, Player Centric)

DM_Pyroman's Firefly Campaign: Tales From the Black Recruitment

Articles of Faith Recruitment-a Golarion-based, mythic homebrew campaign

Recruiting 1-2 replacements - Carrion Crown pbp

Private Shadowrun Recruitment

Recruiting for a 5e of DL1: Dragons of Despair pbp

Dead men walking- homebrew recruitment

New to pbp training center

Trapped Beyond Time - The Mythic Gestalt Dungeoncrawl Returns

Giants of Autumn Twilight (a Giantslayer AP)

Old-school gaming using (modified) 5th Edition rules.

kingmaker RPG game

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