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Well, there is always the squeezing rules. The character would take up half the space they normally do (so a 2x1 rectangle) and they get a -4 on attack rolls and AC. I think each square counts as two for movement as well.

A Mantle of Immortality might work. Depends on if you think death is a negative effect of aging. ;)

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Thank you all so much for your advice! I'll admit, I probably has some kind of internalized bias against the fighter, but I really shouldn't because wow! That is so much better than anything I was thinking of!
Another question however, would the Drill Sergeant fighter archetype (what can I say, I have a weakness for archetypes) be worth it for the Tactician ability (assuming the player wants it)? Tactician and another teamwork feat definitely seem worth it in exchange for bravery, and besides bravery, they don't really lose anything for our purposes until really high (19th!) levels.
Otherwise, thank you so much for the tips! I'll make sure to show the player that build and make sure they like it!

Isabelle Lee wrote:
I wrote the sanguine angel...

I just wanted to say I love literally everything you write, especially the Sanguine Angel! Thank you so much!

Klorox wrote:
where's that system from? I might want to add that book to my library.

Of all things, I believe it's from the 5th book of Reign of Winter: Rasputin Must Die!

A player of mine wants to make a Grey Maiden who goes into Sanguine Angel and I suggested the Cavalier archetype Sister-In-Arms, but besides that I don't really have that much advice for them. Help?

The only thing that is certain is that they want to twf with a long sword and shield and use Sisterhood Style. Assume human for the bonus feat.

My dog had to be put down two days ago and I wanted to make her in Pathfinder as a way to memorialize her.

I wanted to make her a blink dog companion with magus levels using this feat, but everything I've seen about it is that it's a bad feat. Are there any changes that could be made to it to make it more balanced? This would be used in a three person party, so it would be alright if it was a bit strong, but I would prefer something that is balanced for a normal party so it could be used in the future as well.

Any suggestions?

FedoraFerret wrote:

Natural 1.

He rolls his Fort save.

Natural 1.

I give all of my players one free reroll of a d20 every session, and Shree still had his, so he used it.

Natural 1.

He then failed his Will save against Scarwall, and is now trapped. And that is the story of how Shree died.

Jeez. Literally a 0.0125% chance for that to happen. And an even lower chance for also failing that last will save. Honestly, at that point, the universe really didn't want this character to be played anymore.

Greater Eldritch Heritage with the Elemental (Fire) bloodline could eke out a bonus 10ft to base speed then the 4 Fleet feats you'd be giving up for it, although you wouldn't gain any bonus at all until 17th level.

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I have an album on my phone entitled Character Pictures that I save to any artwork I find online that piques my interest or that I just like and want to make a character for. It has over 500 pictures.

Well, aasimar are commonly born from humans, but specifically, this character was born from the union of a Jadwiga and a half-celestial. I won't get into the specifics, but I trust the player and I like the interaction with their backstory and the nods to Tashanna's history and current status, which according to the AP is different from that of her sisters, but I don't believe there are specifics besides that. Also Elvanna is using Tashanna's journal and I'm interested in how the character will react when they find out.

The character is a an oracle with a homebrew curse, similar to the 3rd party Aged curse. In short, gifted with immortality but cursed to be frail and feeble, as the body is immortal but continues to age. (I enjoy the contrast of having Dear Grandmother choose to grow old, wise, and immortal while this character was given no choice and their body deteriorates.)

Plus, I've always liked having Aasimar live incredibly long lives, but that's besides the point.

Specifically, the character in question is an Aasimar and is the granddaughter of Queen Tashanna.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on incorporating this background into the AP since, as far as I can tell, there aren't any notes in the AP itself.

Would people such as the Black Rider recognize the character's heritage? Some denizens of the hut seem to react to other kin of Baba Yaga (Anastasia), so would they react similarly to the PC?

It is very thematic to play in witch in Reign of Winter, whether a White Witch or otherwise.

Hmm. Wouldn't many transmutation spells violate the first Law then, as they make organisms bigger, smaller, or even into other organisms, therefore creating/destroying mass/energy?

I thought about this question while reading the last book of Reign of Winter, The Witch Queens Revenge.

Reign of Winter Spoilers:
In the "Continuing the Campaign" section, it talks about Dear Grandmother's Winter Collectors, what they do, where they are, etc.

I was wondering precisely how they "leeched cold energy" considering, assuming scientific principles are the same, the absence of energy makes something cold. While the answer is probably going to be "Yes, but magic," I was wondering there was some other, more logical explanation. Maybe something akin to a quantum air conditioner lol

Mike J wrote:
i agree the player would literally just be better off taking like 5 levels gunslinger then paladin x or 3-5 levels trench fighter and paladin x

I helped a player in the Shattered Star campaign do this. She took 5 levels of Mysterious Stranger/Musket Master Gunslinger (which, while they don't stack, I allowed and let her have Musket Master's level 5 ability) and the rest Divine Hunter Paladin. I believe it was like Gunslinger 1/Paladin 2/Gunslinger 5/ Paladin x.

I personally really wish the Scrollmaster archetype for wizards was better. Being able to use scrolls as swords and shields seems so cool! But, the wizard is 1/2 BAB and d6 HD class, along with the fact that they can't wear armor AND the scrolls break after only a few hits. Really terrible.

I also wish the classes that let you have more than one animal companion or eidolon. Broodmaster Summoner, Beast Master Ranger, and the Pack Lord Druid, specifically. If there was just a decreased rate of growth these archetypes could be much better! But, they force you to split feats, HD, and pretty much everything else between your multiple companions, making them all significantly weaker.

My CotCT group can really get on my nerves. I just had a talk with them about this at our last session actually. They tend to play more like it's a video game and they can do whatever they want. Which they can do, to some extent. But it's almost like they think their actions won't have consequences.

CotCT Example:
For example, during the execution scene at the end of Book 1, one of the characters attempted to direct the riot towards Castle Korvosa to take down the monarchy. When he was level 4.
It just really pisses me off when they do things I explicitly told them not to do. Before the campaign, I told everyone basically "you have to be amenable with the Guard. You don't necessarily have to like them, but you have to be willing to work with them for the greater good." And everyone acted like they understood. And the main problem player made, more or less, an anarcho communist. Which, I don't have a problem with and it doesn't even necessarily violate what I asked of them. But he takes it much too far, very often. Although, I did call his character out on not really being a communist and more of a capitalist considering the group literally said that they are "loyal to the coin."

I'm just... annoyed.

Also, the magus never uses spellstrike. Literally, not once. They are level 4. Although, that's much less annoying, just kinda strange considering how much he thought being a Magus was cool and how they can channel spells through their weapon and stuff.

Honestly though, even just making a post like this calms me down a bit lol.

Pei Zin Oracle of Life would make an effective single class 'oradin,' along with the ability to be effective in combat as a cleric and has full spellcasting progression. You really only need two feats to make the healing effective: Selective Channel and Quick Channel. Besides that, you can build yourself to be basically whatever you want. Maybe a Vital Strike Build would be effective since you often will have just a standard action?

Note: And, unlike a regular oradin, there are no pesky alignment restrictions on the oracle, so you can be Evil with a capital E.

Context: CotCT, first session, just barged into a building for story reasons and had animal companions rip apart a dude.

Magus, having just remembered that the person they were after uses child slaves: Wait... Are we going to have to kill children?!

Perhaps the Church of Pharasma could be involved? Either the merchant themself could be a member of the Church and recognizes it or, before it reforms, a member of the Church recognizes it and takes it to a local church to be destroyed , only for it to reform and attack the church and its inhabitants.

Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:

Though do be mindful of Milani and Sarenrae's rather tense relationship, since Sarenrae's followers don't actively oppose slavery in some countries where they are the largest religion following, and so Milani is outright furious about that. How your character comes to terms with that should be a fairly important aspect of their development. It will be even trickier to decide between Sarenrae's fairly gentle approach to redemption and Milani's fairly unforgiving nature towards oppressors, and particularly those who facilitate, benefit or jsut enable their behaviour (*cough*cult of the dawnflower*cough*).

Hmm. I didn't realize that slavery thing... That's kinda a wrinkle in the character. Although, I feel many oppressors often fall under the umbrella of 'irredeemable evil,' at least for the fact that the person needs to, at least somewhat, want to be redeemed. If a situation came up where it would be far more beneficial to redeem or kill, I think it would cause a reexamination of beliefs and prayer. Perhaps, as a result of Milani, she could believe oppressive structures and people to be irredeemable until evidence is shown otherwise?

But, besides that, thank you so much for the feats/spells! I win run Good Hope by the DM, but as he let me have Flame Blade like a cleric, I don't think it will be a problem. I will probably relegate Celestial Obedience to level 15 or 17 or earlier if I have space, just so I could fit in the other feats as early as possible.

For a friend's campaign, I'm making a character who worships a trio of gods, namely Arshea, Sarenrae, and Milani. I already cleared it with my DM and he rules that I can take anything that requires the worship of any of the three.

Are there any specific feats, traits, or otherwise that would be good to look into, maybe with synergy from the different gods abilities? The character is a Pei Zin Practitioner Oracle of Life to function as a single-classed oradin type character. Note: I plan on having her take Dervish Dance and Flame Blade Dervish, so a few feats are taken up.

Sorry, I should have been more specific, the main reason I said Staff-like Wand was for the ability to use the caster level of the character instead of the caster level of the wand.

One of my player is playing a magus who really likes using Wands of Magic Missile. I was thinking of making a Magus Arcana that essentially copies the Staff-like Wand Arcane Discovery.

Would just copying the details and prerequisites, changing the wizard level into magus level, be a good idea or does it need changes?

Note: The player wouldn't abuse this, if there is a way to. And if he does, it wouldn't be an issue for me to restrict the ability.

I would also recommend Shattered Star. It's a very simple concept that would allow for most characters. It also makes the party go to a variety of locations and areas, which may help gauge what you want in the future. It does technically have spoilers for Rise of the Runelords, Second Darkness, and Curse of the Crimson Throne. It's very broad things, but you still may want to look into it. There are a lot of references though too that they wouldn't get without playing those campaigns.

I tend to only fudge rolls if it would result in the death of a PC and then only if it only happened because of the massive swing a d20 provides. Like, if a minor enemy can only hit the tank with a twenty, and somehow I roll three twenties in a row (which all the games I've played in houserule as if it was a coup de grace), I would probably only treat it as a critical with no chance for instant death. Although, I also don't really care for the fact that everyone always has at least a 5% chance to hit someone. Like, I doubt that a enemy who has trouble hitting the wizard with 14AC could somehow actually damage the paladin with 25AC. But, that's a discussion for another time.

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An issue I had with my group was that one player in particular had big issues in working for the guard, even though I explicitly told him prior to starting the campaign that I wanted characters that were open to that kind of thing. He also tried to incite riots during the more intense anarchy scenes, such as right after they emerged from Gaedren's den and during Trinia's execution. So, I would watch out for that kind of thing unless you specifically prepare for it, unlike me.

Having just run the end of Book One and the beginning of Book Two, my group has suspected Vencarlo, but, surprisingly, immediately dropped their questioning when Vencarlo treated it as something ridiculous.

I am running CotCT right now and the party included an Elven Witch with the spell Urban Grace which all but made her instantly succeed at some of the lower checks and make the higher ones much easier.

While they are not proficient with shields, the Juggler Bard can start "wielding" three weapons or items at a time starting at 2nd level and the number of weapons increases as they level up.