Great-Granddaughter of Baba Yaga? (DM Advice)

Reign of Winter

Specifically, the character in question is an Aasimar and is the granddaughter of Queen Tashanna.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on incorporating this background into the AP since, as far as I can tell, there aren't any notes in the AP itself.

Would people such as the Black Rider recognize the character's heritage? Some denizens of the hut seem to react to other kin of Baba Yaga (Anastasia), so would they react similarly to the PC?

What kind of explanation has your player given to being an Aasimar and a Jadwiga? Because that seems like it would have to come with an excelent backstory.

Make sure that you aren't giving this character too much spotlight or making him seem like he is more special than the other PCs.

Having some characters react to him can be interesting, and that can be something good or bad: some might recognize his blood and be nicer to him, some might want to kill him because of his blood. Make sure that you compensate this reactions so they are a big advantage nor a hindrance to the PC, and keep them sparce enough so they feel special each time it happens and other players don't get tired of this one getting attention.

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I'd need to know why the character is an aasimar instead of a human. Otherwise, no, I don't think that Jadwiga (all of which are of Baba Yaga's lineage) would get much in the way of instant recognition by Baba Yaga's minions. They are only human, after all.

None of her minions know the PCs are the Black Rider, and that's an explicit magical connection to Baba Yaga.

Does the player realize that her character would need be more than 500 years old to be born while Tashanna reigned? Unless you've decided that Tashanna was exiled, and the character was somehow transported to Golarion much more recently, this is a little old, even for the original printing of the ARG.

Well, aasimar are commonly born from humans, but specifically, this character was born from the union of a Jadwiga and a half-celestial. I won't get into the specifics, but I trust the player and I like the interaction with their backstory and the nods to Tashanna's history and current status, which according to the AP is different from that of her sisters, but I don't believe there are specifics besides that. Also Elvanna is using Tashanna's journal and I'm interested in how the character will react when they find out.

The character is a an oracle with a homebrew curse, similar to the 3rd party Aged curse. In short, gifted with immortality but cursed to be frail and feeble, as the body is immortal but continues to age. (I enjoy the contrast of having Dear Grandmother choose to grow old, wise, and immortal while this character was given no choice and their body deteriorates.)

Plus, I've always liked having Aasimar live incredibly long lives, but that's besides the point.

You could go for a "sealed in ice" type option too, if you don't want the aasimar to be so old. If the celestial found out about BY's plans to murder her lineage then that could explain how she was able to get away.

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Interesting concepts.

No, I don't see any reason for any of Baba Yaga's minions to call attention to the fact that she's a Jadwiga. Perhaps the Black Rider might, in a passing comment, since his purpose is specifically to judge Jadwiga.

Baba Yaga's daughters and granddaughters are the only ones she takes away at the time of an Irriseni regime change; perhaps her great-granddaughter bloodlines are too diluted to matter. This may be why Anastasia gets special attention.

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If you want to see why Tashanna is different, read Witch War Legacy. It has details about the fate of Tashanna.

What makes it even more interesting is that - if the (unofficial) nod to previous editions holds true - "Tashanna" could still be alive (and making demon lords tremble). I'm sure that I have those STap stats for her around here somewhere ...

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