A Trox in need of reducing


Hey, everyone I’m, an amateur DM (2-3years only really got serious about a year and a half ago) and I currently have a little problem

Currently I’m running a very lose game, players can pretty much choose whatever race or class they want to play as long as they can spin a decent enough story reason for being these things. So currently I have a Trox Barbarian (titan mauler) in my group (he’s the only player that wanted to play something out side of the core races), and I’m not really worried about him playing this because he ultimately became a big glass cannon but he is facing some difficulty right now.

Since the Trox are considered Monstrous humanoids he can’t be affected by spells like enlarge person, or more importantly reduce person, so he is now constantly stuck with the problem that all large creatures face, not being able to fit through small areas that the rest of the party can and spells like reduce person can’t help him

Two solutions have been proposed to solve this issue, the first one is simply researching a remake of reduce person that targets monstrous humanoids, which I think is ok because he now becomes the burden of the spell casters and they’ll have to waste slots to make sure he can get around. The other solution is to make a magic item that allows you to change the target of a spell from one creature type to another, so humanoids can change to monstrous humanoids or undead. The item would increase the casting time of any spell to a full-round action, but reduce person would now affect the bug man

So my question are these are there any other solutions to this problem or do these look like adequate solutions? Which should I encourage more an item or a spell? How would I price the item? What level should the spell be?

Note: I’ve already given him the offer of just switching his race if he wants to make it easier on himself but he’s elected to stay trox just because it’ll be a little more interesting.

Occultists can get the Size Alteration Transmutation Focus Power that works on any type of creature. It's one of the many reasons why every party should have an Occultist. ;)

Well, there is always the squeezing rules. The character would take up half the space they normally do (so a 2x1 rectangle) and they get a -4 on attack rolls and AC. I think each square counts as two for movement as well.

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