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One of my player is playing a magus who really likes using Wands of Magic Missile. I was thinking of making a Magus Arcana that essentially copies the Staff-like Wand Arcane Discovery.

Would just copying the details and prerequisites, changing the wizard level into magus level, be a good idea or does it need changes?

Note: The player wouldn't abuse this, if there is a way to. And if he does, it wouldn't be an issue for me to restrict the ability.

I believe that there is a magus arcana that specifically does that. It is called Wand Mastery. -arcana/wand-mastery-su

If your player really likes wands their is also another magus arcana called wand wielder that allows them to use staffs and wands with the magus spell combat ability. Both of these arcana have no prerequisites.

Sorry, I should have been more specific, the main reason I said Staff-like Wand was for the ability to use the caster level of the character instead of the caster level of the wand.

I would say it should be fine. I would set the magus level at 12 instead of 11. Since there is not a magus arcana at level 11, and there is at level 12.

moonshiner1313 wrote:

I believe that there is a magus arcana that specifically does that. It is called Wand Mastery. -arcana/wand-mastery-su

Linkified. This only does part of the job -- it doesn't get you Magus level to replace the wand's caster level, which is what Staff-Like Wand does, but the latter seems to be Wizard-only. Having a Magus Arcana that does the same thing, with Wand Mastery as a prerequisite instead of Craft Staff, would be a reasonable house rule.

One way to get Staff-Like Wand as a Magus without using house rules would be to go Magus VMC Wizard, and then choose Staff-Like Wand as your Arcane Discovery; however, having to spend half your character feats on VMC Wizard and then another feat on Craft Staff is really harsh, and it takes forever to get online (even though you can get good stuff out of VMC Wizard before that point).

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Offer a 12th level magus arcana that uses Wand Mastery as a prerequisite and allows the magus to use their caster level in place of the wand's caster level.

That sounds about right as magus arcana are typically weaker than wizard arcane discoveries.

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